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Username: WorthSqueezng
Gender: Male
Age: 112
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
About Me: [His] relationship with the female sex was governed by a gallimaufry of primal impulses, dim suppositions, deranged theories, overheard scraps of conversation, half-remembered pieces of bad advice, and fragments of no-doubt exaggerated anecdotes that amounted to rank superstition. Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age
Tags: Worth, Squeezing, heh
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Five Things I Can't Live Without: Sight, sound.
Scent. Touch...
Favorite Songs: Of the moment? Right now, I'm tryin'a stand down, in the crowd.
You know I wish I... you know I wish I...

Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Turned out pretty well.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: The poetry.

it's just a haiku / seven syllables go here / and then of course five

When particularly inspired, I update song lyrics as well.
To the tune of 88 Lines About 44 Women - The Nails:

This cam model just signed up to please us all on MyFreeCams.
That cam model just signed up to pull two weeks of Skyping scams.

This cam model signed up twice so she could keep a friend around.
That cam model signed up twice to pimp her own ass in the lounge.


This cam model imposed banners twice the size of her own head.
That cam model answered questions, saying things her profile said.

This cam model seemed astonished we would like to see her nude.
That cam model performed acts of shocking moral turpitude.


This cam model kept her sculptures viewable upon a shelf.
That cam model painted flowers, Pantone-perfect, on herself.

This cam model kept it muted, she was strictly visual.
That cam model played distorted album sides of Jethro Tull.


This cam model stayed in place as if she were kept under guard.
That cam model always tiptoed off to flash in her back yard.

This cam model only loosened buttons as she met each goal.
That cam model came out naked and revolving 'round a pole.


This cam model critiqued spelling like a debate championship.
That cam model knew no language - smiley emote - 'bb tip'

This cam model's wicked ink made one afraid she'd go berserk.
That cam model's angel face met lewd suggestions with a smirk.


This cam model got shut down for bleeding from a paper cut.
That cam model made a mint by shooting fireworks from her butt.

This cam model sucked a dildo, until tears ran down her cheeks.
That cam model sucked a penis, got suspended ninety weeks.
Uh uh, not penis.


This cam model blocked PMs 'cause she was tired of hearing it.
That cam model sent PMs to every guy who'd seen her tit.

This cam model's conversation entertained with wit and guile.
That cam model never spoke, just wriggled with a distant smile.


This cam model made a mess on daddy's mansion's carpeting.
That cam model's tiny shack was quite obsessively kept clean.

This cam model's energy would wear out countless eager boys.
That cam model fell asleep and even missed the tipping noise.


This cam model would commemorate each tipper on her board.
That cam model never said just what her countdown worked toward.

This cam model always showed up quite at ease and on her game.
That cam model always seemed self-conscious 'til four-twenty came.

This cam model went straight to the bathtub to rub out her sin.
That cam model wrote each name in watercolor on her skin.

This cam model was a mom who misbehaved with kids asleep.
That cam model was so young, her hymen tore when she went deep.

This cam model drinks away, think her vodka's from Perrier,
That cam model's friend won't play, now she tells us she's not gay,

This one's from a stu-di-o, she says she won't take a fist.
Inspiration, here's a kiss - I chose you to end this list.

88 Lines About 44 Models.

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Top of the New Year

You crazy bundle of messy

When is this rhyming?

Just a small hello....
Thanks for being my hero!!! XOXOX
I adore you!! You are truly one of a kind man and I am soooo lucky to have found you... thanks for an amazing evening! Amy xoxoxoxoxo
Miss you hope to see you really soon love xoxo
Disclosure: I do not appear in my main photo. The egg-chimes photo, though...
I thoroughly enjoy your main photo,mr worth...
Lmao at the haiku love 'em rated and admired! XD
stop it ur my squeezy face
I concur. We likely should... But let's not and say we did, ''heh''?

Thanks for the belly laugh elicited with one word today. You ARE good, but oh so delightfully bad!

ahhhh squeezy face i lubed id u === mmmmmm mmmm mmm mmm mmmmmmmm
You make me think so hard that my brow gets damp.
sending you love
Thanks for making my first time on cam pleasurable ^_~ Looking forward to seeing you again!
hey babes really enjoyed our chat today........ we Have to do it again xxxxxxxxxxxx
lovely to see you too xxx
Oh yeah
*tosses a pack of smokes!*

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