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Profile Headline: Manic pixie dream switch, nicotine queen, prez of the popular sluts club and all-around good time.
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About Me
Username: Audrey_Simone
CamScore: 910
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 100 pounds
Height: 62 inches
Age: 24
City: Quim Queendom
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Heavy
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Experimented
Occupation/Major: Server/Bartender/Glitter Princess/Quim Queen
School: Some College
Favorite Food: Bagles & Lox
Pets: A cat named Luna
About Me: Follow me on Twitter! @audreysimoneee
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(If your tipping for a video/photoset/ect. don't forget to let me know which and how you want to receive it!)

I'm not spoiled quite rotten enough yet, so here's my wishlist -->
Audrey's Amazon Wishlist

Planning to dressup as a naughty nun for halloween, help me out by purchasing my costume in my amazon wishlist! Anyone who buys a part or all of it will get a sexy halloween photoset & video from me when I wear it!

Videos, Photosets, Panties, Fan Signs and lots more can also be found on my ManyVids Page

Below is some helpful info about me and my show. If it doesn't answer your questions, or you're just craving more of me, you can go to for a detialed bio, tons of free pics, a custom content order form, and links to all of my accounts and profile across cyberspace.

I'm a petite, thin blonde from Southern California, and when I'm not online I work as a server/bartender. I've only been web camming for six months or so, and the first site I modeled on was Chaturbate. I was swimming with some friends one day and one of them mentioned the site, telling us about an interesting a broadcast he had seen earlier that week. I had heard about camming and cam girls before, but had never considered doing it myself until then. A short time later a couple girlfriends and I got together and tried it out. We had a blast, and I was excited to try it again. The following week I was introduced to someone who was a full time cam model on M F C, and her and I quickly became close friends. It would still be a couple of months before I started camming often, but when she ended up joining Chaturbate as well the two of us would hang out and trade camming stories all the time, and eventually cammed together.

After I had learned the ropes on CB, I decided to try out M F C as well. For me, there are pros and cons to each, so as of today I cam regularly on both without really having a favorite between the two. Broadcasting on two very different sites helps keep things interesting and fun, and often times I'm broadcasting on both at once (I use two monitors so I can see each on its own separate screen). I now treat my webcam broadcasts as my second job and source of income, as well as a fun way to meet new people and explore my own sexuality in an exciting and unique setting.

I love to do smoking shows, so smoking fetish people are some of my favorites in all of internet land.

I have heels. I have lingerie. I have nylons, panty hoes, thigh highs, garter belts, leather & latex.I have A LOT of clothing/costumes. If you name it, I likely have it or something like it.

Tip Menu:

When tipping for an item below, please specify which in your tipnote! My regular pricing for requests is this:
Simple Request (flash/pose/say something aloud): 15tks
Advanced Request (finger pussy/finger ass/pinch nipples/ect): 20tks
Crop or Spank (ass/pussy/tits): 5tks each
Slap Face: 15tks each
Smoke Cigarette: 27tks
Suck Dildo: 30tks
Deepthroat Dildo: 45tks
Play w/ Any Toy, 5 Mins or More (choose as many as you'd like): 50tks per toy
(MY TOYS: 3 vibes, wand vibe, crop, XL dildo, small dildo, 6" butt plug, inflatable plug/dildo, anal beads, nipple/clit clamps, nipple/clit suction cups, gag, handcuffs, rope, chain, belt, body oil, fist toy, vibrating fist toy)
Inflatable Plug/Dildo: 150tks to start, 25tks per pump while its in!
Dom Me/GIve Tasks in Public Room: 50tks per task
Oil Tits/Ass/Pussy: 55tks/88tks for all three!
View Cam & Rate Cock: 75tks
Sexy Dance & Full Strip Tease (you can choose the song if you'd like): 111tks
Change clothes/wear heels/put on...: Ask Me (Varies by Complexity of Costume Change)
XXX Snap for Life: 175tks
Custom Pictures:25tks (or $1) each
Instacum: 666tks

View Cam + SPH/JOI/CEI (in public room): 150tks
View Cam + CBT/Give Tasks: 150tks + 25tks per task
Post Humiliating Screenshots of You on my Twitter/Website: 122tks per pic

My Room Rules:

*If you have a request, you will need to tip for it* If your request is not listed above, just ask! No Demands.

*Beggars will be ignored, and excessive begging/rudeness will get you kicked* If you don't want to tip, you're more than welcome to hang out and enjoy the show! Just don't be demanding or disruptive, please.

*If my room is busy, or if my hands are busy/lube covered/in bondage, I may not have time to answer your PMs by typing. I suggest having your sound on, as I will answer many PMs verbally to save time.* If you cannot hear me, let me know, and if I am able I will type my responses for you. However, if you have not tipped at all, do not expect to have a lengthy text discussion with me via PM, because my attention will be focused to the viewers who are tipping (also my nails are usually long and they make it difficult to type quickly). Non-tippers are welcome to enjoy the show, but of course do not expect my undivided attention

*I will not do ass to mouth.* Anything else (that complies with site's the rules) I am most likely okay with. If you're not sure how much to tip to see your request in the public chat, just ask me!

*I always accept private, true private & group show requests (group shows are my favorite!)* After beginning a private/group show, feel free to tell me what you want, with no need to tip extra (unless you reeeeally like me ;)

*Feel free to discuss your pvt show with me before we begin - I want to make sure you get the best show possible* Keep in mind, it's easy to tell he difference between someone who is actually interested in starting a private soon, and someone who is just trying to take up a lot of my time with no plans to ever pay for anything. If my room is busy, tipping a little will help grab my attention and you will get answers to your questions fast!

*I enjoy anal & anal toys, but my largest dildo cannot fit in my ass currently*I also enjoy DP, but it takes a bit of warm up before I can fully stuff both holes. Similar is true for squirting. Yes, I can do it, but no, it's not likely to happen in the first two to three minutes of play. If you want me to squirt, you must be patient.

*Do not begin our conversation by asking me to meet up IRL* Nothing makes you look creepier and lessens your chance of ever meeting me more than totally skipping over forming any sort of connection or rapport online with me and asking to meet me in person right away. Let's chat here and become friends before we open that dialogue.

*My Skype Policy*Whether or not I am accepting skype shows depends on the current activity in the room, how long ago my broadcast began, and whether or not I am able to/interested in doing the show you want at that time. These variables can also affect the pricing slightly, but typically my skype minimum is $50, meaning I don't want to stop what I'm doing and switch over to skype for anything less than that. Every single skype show must be paid for, in full, in advance. Always. No exceptions. You are not a special snowflake. If that doesn't work for you, I'm sorry, but this rule isn't negotiable, and I wish you best of luck finding another model who suits your needs.

*Tokens are the simplest, prefered form of payment* but at this time I do also accept Google Wallet & Amazon Gift Cards (NO Paypal!). I do not accept wishlist items purchased for me as payment, as until they arrive I can not guaranteed you have actually paid for them. If you do purchase me a gift, when it arrives I will send you some pics or a video of me enjoying/wearing it if you'd like.

*If you would like to order a custom video* prices are negotiable depending on length and content, so lets discuss it. I can make solo or B/G videos at this time.

*Thank you for reading & respecting my rules! Most importantly, enjoy yourselves!*

Videos for Sale:

*NEW* *ON SALE* Cig Smokin' N Deep Throatin' (5:52) - 50tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (50tks) Now

*NEW* *ON SALE* Darkside: Sex, Lies, and Cigarette Smoke (39:30) - 150tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (150tks) Now

*NEW* *ON SALE* Reverse Cowgirl Cock Ride (10:44) - 150tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (150tks) Now

*NEW* *ON SALE* Sexy Smoking Schoolgirl (2:10) - 50tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (50tks) Now

*NEW* *ON SALE* Audrey Archives Vol.1 (1:07:19) - 200tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (200tks) Now

*NEW* *ON SALE* XXXtra Credit for Professor Brad (22:00) - 150tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (150tks) Now

Can I Cum Now Daddy? (15:00) - 250tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (250tks) Now

Suck, Fuck & Cumshot (23:04) - 200tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (200tks) Now

Shower Voyeur (15:56) - 200tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (200tks) Now

Red Toenail Polish (5:32) - 100tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (100tks) Now

Smoking Topless (2:27) - 50tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (50tks) Now

Smoking Capri 100s (5:20) - 100tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (100tks) Now

Strip Tease (5:40) - 50tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (50tks) Now

Gothic Schoolgirl (6:41) - 100tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (100tks) Now

Hot Wax Torture (1:51) - 55ks Pay w/ Offline Tip (55tks) Now

Jack Off Instructions (4:28) - 100tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (100tks) Now

XXL Dildo DP Cum (7:22) - 150tks Pay w/ Offline Tip (150tks) Now

Please tip-note the title of the video you are tipping for, and let me know how you would like to receive it! Offline tips are fine too, as long as you include the title and your email address!
Previews of the above videos can be found on my manyvids account!

Thanks again for reading! Now lets have some fun together...

Tags: lush, femdom, findom, latex, leather, strap on, bdsm, kinky, fetish, lovense, bondage, cigarette smoker, smoking fetish, shaved, spanking, stockings, smoking fetish, ohmibod, squirt, CFNM, SPH, CEI, JOI, skype, deepthroat, gag, daddy, Anal, squirt, stilettos, butt plug
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:
If one day you happen to wake up & find yourself in an existential quandary full of loathing and self-doubt, wracked with the pain and isolation of your pitiful meaningless existence, at least you can take a small bit of comfort in knowing that somewhere out there in this crazy mixed-up universe of ours there's still a little place called the internet, full of people just like you ;)
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Glitter
High Heels
Favorite Books: Torture the Artist
Prince Of Tides
Your gfs diary
What I Like To Do For Fun: Play with photoshop/illustrator/html/myself.
Make thing out of other things.
Favorite Songs: I like something from almost every genre.
Also, I own a record player and collect vinyl.
Favorite records at the moment:
Sugar - Nancy Sinatra
(Dance) Tastes So Good - File 13
Lazaretto - Jack White
Honky Chteau - Elton John
Favorite Movies: Harold & Maude
Dr. Strangelove
Eyes Wide Shut
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I had sex in a bombshelter once... It was almost as crazy as the time I had sex while on a camping trip. Now that was fucking intense...
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: I'd be getting a massage, followed by a Manhattan, rocks. Bourbon, not rye, please.
Hobbies: Art n Craftin'
Gluing (usually shiny) shit to other shi
Touching myself
Bubble Bathing...
Talents: I know all 50 states in alphabetical order.
I can say my ABCs backwards.
Highly skilled with a glue gun.
Can (usually) use power tools without injuring myself.
Perfect Mate: Someone smart & witty, mercilessly sarcastic, with a dark & dry sense of humor who enjoys long (or short) walks to the fridge as much as I do...
Perfect Date:
Loud music and stiff drinks.
Then, if that goes well, softer music and a stiff dick.
Turn Ons/Offs:
Ons: Kink, bdsm, pain, bondage, tabacco smell, fabric softener, humiliating men (especially ones with tiny cocks), eating girls out, confidence, shiny things, really neat wrapping paper, the sound of the doorbell when I know its Amazon delivering my new toys...

Offs: Arrogance, unsolicited advice, people who ask to meet up offline during our very first conversation, uncomfortable small talk & this senario...

Dickless Ingrate: "Hi you're so hot. Do this thing I want you to do, for free, right now."

Me: "Thank you. I will not do that."

Dickless Ingrate: "OMG You're an ugly bitch anyway, I don't even want to seem dem tittys."

... *Rolls Eyes*

And this senerio:

Uber Creep: "Hi hru. Can I cum on your face?

Me: "Hi, I am well, would you like to go priva-"

Uber Creep: "No I mean like in real life. Do you meet up?"

Me: "Uh, I wouldn't even consider meeting up with anyone who hadn't bothered to get to know me on here before asking that."

Uber Creep: "So how much will you charge me to cum on your face?"


Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I'm hilarious, adorable & I own many funny hats.
Message Wall
Hey there...Just read your whole profile and I gotta say you are pretty awesome. From the short time that we chatted when we met and from reading this profile I can tell that you are prob really smart (which I find super hot) and fun to be around. And the fact that you love smoking fetish and are super cool and open about talking about it and answering all of my annoying questions with a smile on your face made my I look forward to our skype/cam2cam chain-smoking session in the near future, hopefully next week either wed or thu. I also have a Chaturebate account that has some good pics and a vid of me if you are ever interested in checking it out Fuckinstarboy6969 is my profile name. Smokey Kisses, Jeff
Rated you 5*****'s
Thank you so much for the CBT instructions. You were incredible! Any sub out there looking for a great dom experience, look no farther...
Absolute perfection pure class x
Hello let me be the first one to welcome you to MFC. I rated you 5 stars and admired you. Good luck on this site

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