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Profile Headline: Come for the boobs, stay for the weirdness
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About Me
Name: emmadelight
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Weight: 135 pounds
Height: 65 inches
Age: 26
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Double majored in neuroscience & knitting
Favorite Food: chocolate chip bagels
Pets: 2 dogs, 1 bunny, 2 horses
About Me:

Hello and thanks for taking a moment to check out my profile and learn a little about me. My profile is where you will find everything you need to know about my current naughty adventures, videos, webcam silliness - all your general Emma needs. I have a B.S. in Neuroscience which I attained when I was 20 years old (I graduated HS early). I like being naked, pretending I have someone narrating my life, all kinds of tea and making questionable decisions.

In my cam room on any given day you can find me teasing, knitting, baking, cumming, doing naked yoga or just goofing off. I go with the flow and enjoy myself no matter what I'm doing so I hope you will too. If you have any questions that aren't answered on this profile please feel free to shoot me an MFC mail. In the meantime, enjoy this profile (I made it myself) and stop by my room sometime, you wont be disappointed. Unless you like anal fisting... then you might be :P

Do you Skype?

Yes, click here for skype details

Do you do anal?

Yes, but only in videos at this time. Do not request this in a private show, you will be turned down.

What do you do in private?

My private shows are catered to YOUR fantasies so please tell me what turns YOU on! I will not do age play, anal, rape/force fantasies, incest, or bathroom activities.

Are those pitties I see behind you?

Yes, the bigger one is Milton and the smaller one is Cupcake. Cupcake will happily perform tricks for tips ^_^ Currently Milton's only tricks are looking cute and eating things he isn't supposed to eat.

Do you view cams?

Yes, please tip 100 tokens and I will view your cam for as long as you like.

Do you sell panties?

Absolutely, click here for panty purchasing details. All panties listed for sale are available in a gallery on my profile.

Like all ladies, I do enjoy gifts! I like to show my appreciation with pictures or sometimes hand written thank you cards. Gifts are truly a special thing for me to be surprised with and its no exaggeration to say that it makes my day infinitely brighter if I get so lucky as to receive one! I only ask you tell me who sent it so I can properly thank you!

I ONLY trade gifts for content or raffle tickets if they are listed on my Video/Raffle Exchange list

Videos can also be purchased via tokens or on

My Anal Fantasy (HD)

I tell you one of my favorite fantasies in this explicit clip featuring a realistic toy and a very horny Emma. Listen while I beg you to take my anal virginity. I show you a realistic toy and beg you to fuck me in the ass. Stripping out of my tiny shorts and tank top, I show you just how ready I am for you to cum in my tight, virgin ass. Please oh please say yes? *There is no anal in this video but there are explicit shots of my pussy & asshole and LOTS of dirty talk*. 5+ min *150 tkns*

Crutching in A Cast (HD)

Emma crutches around her room with her leg in a cast in a cute sundress. She tries crutching barefoot, with Uggs and then will a super high heel. Lots of different views of her cast, legs and toes. 7+ min *200 tkns*

Cast Seduction JOI (HD)

You get a call from Emma telling you to come over, she needs you! You have other things to do today and you don't really feel like going over but she is a friend and she has a hurt ankle so you give in and head over to see what she needs. It turns out your "friend" Emma needs some help cumming and she wants you to help her... Emma begs to get you naked and then takes control, telling you exactly how and when to cum. You better not cum before she tells you to and *certainly* not before she does. 11+ min *350 tkns*

Daddy Teaches Me (HD)

Daddy told me he has a surprise for me today and I eagerly wait on my bed in my cute, striped dress for him to come give it to me. He won't tell me what my surprise is but tells me to use my vibrator and get as horny as I can without cumming. Once I'm dripping wet he tells me he wants to put something in my ass! I'm not sure I'll like it but I'm a good daddy's girl so I do what I'm told and put a big pink butt plug in my ass. Watch as Daddy takes away a little more of my innocence.... At the end he tells me that next time, we are putting something in BOTH my holes - omg Daddy! 10+ min *400 tkns*

Not Just a Friend (HD)

This was a custom video and the name Dan is used throughout. Dan and I have been very flirty friends for a long time and I can't keep hold myself back any longer. I confess that my "innocent" flirting isn't really innocent at all and beg Dan to jerk off in front of me. I seduce him by stripping down to a bikini while he starts to masturbate. I watch eagerly while he jerks off, touching myself and spreading my legs to encourage him. I finally can't take it any longer and I strip completely naked and plead for him to cum with me. 11+ min *300 tkns*

Do You Like My Cast? (HD)

I'm so happy to have a visitor while I'm laid up with my injured ankle! I notice you looking at my cast and playfully tease you about liking it - not thinking you are serious. When I find out you are more than a little turned on by my cast I can't help myself, I flirt and tease until I'm finally asking if you will please please please jerk off for me? I use a curved glass toy on myself while I watch you stroke your cock; slowly getting wetter and hotter until I can't contain myself any longer & I squirt all over my bed. Aren't you glad you came over to keep me company? 8+ min *350 tkns*

Pay Attention to Me (HD)

This is as real as it gets... your step-daughter pleading for your attention in the tiniest bikini you\'ve ever seen. Emma is eager, perky and ever so honest as she first begs for your attention and then asks ever-so-sweetly to cum while sitting on your lap. It\'s your perfect daddy-daughter fantasy, your sweet, tanned, bikini-clad daughter is begging to be played with and she can be VERY persuasive. 9+ min *350 tkns*

POV Ponytail Blowjob (HD)

Getting ready in the bathroom before work and your sweet naughty girlfriend begs to blow you before you leave. See what it's like to have Emma as your girlfriend as she gets on her knees and gives you the best blow job you've ever had. She gags, spits and titty fucks you until you can't help but blow your load in her mouth while she sucks every last drop of cum from your cock. Mmm, does that count as her breakfast? 7+ min *250 tkns*

Dad's Friend Part 1 (HD)

I'm upstairs in my room when you walk by & I invite you in. Come keep me company! I can think of something we can do together! *giggle* So what I'm your friend's daughter? Does that mean that we can't be friends too? Please stay, I promise you'll have a good time... Your every fantasy becomes a reality when Emma, your friend's sweet young daughter, seduces you at her family's football Sunday party. You try to resist at first but as soon as she starts begging to suck your cock, you can't hold out any longer. Watch Emma's luscious lips wrap around your hard cock and forget about going back to watch that game, you have more important things to do now. 9+ min *300 tkns*

Dad's Friend Part 2 (HD)

A continuation of what happens when a horny girl begs to get fucked by her dad's friend. Your cock is already hard and ready - why not give into sweet Emma and fuck her sweet tight pussy like she wants? 7+ min *350 tkns*

Professor Please (HD)

Oh professor, please don't fail me! What do you mean you have another extra credit assignment for me...? You know I'm a good girl! But... I really do want that A...

Good girl Emma gets corrupted by her professor & ends up enjoying it just as much as he does. Using her new glass dildo she cums hard for you, squirting multiple times on her office chair. 11+ min *300 tkns*

Distraction at Work (HD)

Just sent something to your work email that you need to open right away!!! *Hint* You might want to put on your headphones... I want to imagine you getting hard at work thinking of fucking my sweet pussy.. Watch me grind on my hitachi and slide a dildo inside myself while I tell you how I want to be fucked. Open my email... let's make your work day interesting. 10+ min *300 tkns*

I'll Play Nice If You Will (HD)

Sweet little blonde me goes from seductive and horny to manipulative and commanding in two seconds flat. Keep me happy and I'll give you everything you've ever wanted but don't test my patience; I have some pictures here that I don't think your wife would appreciate. Listen closely while I tell you exactly what I want and sweetly tease you into submission. You wouldn't want to cross me and ruin your perfect little life, would you? 10+ min *275 tkns*

Such a Brat Part 2 (HD)

Things are going so much better now that Daddy and I are seeing eye to eye. I can't exactly say that my attitude has improved but I secretly thinks he likes when I'm a little bratty. Now all I need is the keys to the convertible and I know just how to convince Daddy to give them to me. Let me just get down on my knees and show Daddy a very special talent I have... 6+ min *200 tkns*

Cum on Me (HD)

I'm glad you came over, I really need to ask you for a favor... I am so fucking horny and the only thing that is going to get me off is you standing over me jerking off and watching me play with myself. Pretty please will you do this for me? I'm absolutely begging you, please please? I need to cum so badly! Just imagine me telling you exactly what I want you to do while you watch me cum so hard my whole body shakes... 9+ min *250 tkns*

Such a Brat Part 1 (HD)

Daddy wants to keep me at home all night long! I have to find a way to get what I want! It's not long before I realize that throwing a tantrum won't get me anywhere. Luckily I realize Daddy has a weakness for pretty girls and me in particular. Oh Daddy, I think we are going to get along just fine... 6+ min *175 tkns*

Ass Worship (HD)

Ever imagined what it would be like for me to stand over you and wave my ass in your face? Be mesmerized by my perky, round ass while I dirty talk, telling you all the dirty things I want you to do to me. I pull my tiny thong to the side while I show you my pussy and I can't help but touch myself to the thought of what we might do together... 6+ min *150 tkns*

Cute Redhead Smokes (HD)

What a perfect way to relax at night, smoking an e-cigarette on my bed and teasing you! I blow smoke into the camera and look straight at you while I puff away. I tug off my very tight tshirt and bra, showing you my perky tits with my sweet, plump lips wrapped around my cigarette. *set to music* 4+ min *100 tkns*

Emma's Strip Show (HD)

I was feeling feisty when I made this naughty striptease. I pull off my tight white tank top and cute striped thong all while dancing and teasing to a perfect striptease song. I change angles and give you all sorts of close ups while smiling and looking straight into the camera. If you're looking for a sultry and sexy tease, this is for you. 6 min 150 tkns*

Anal Play (HD)

Using my favorite pink vibe and a thick glass toy I fuck my tight asshole for the first time! It feels so good I can't help but dirty talk and fantasize about what it would be like if I had a real dick in my ass! Mmmm, just the idea gets me wet. 10+min *250 tkns*

Hitachi Horniness (HD)

I'm so horny lately! I just want to fuck everyone I see! I'm hoping my hitachi can help me out or who knows what I might do... I pinch and play with my nipples while I use my hitachi in multiple positions until I cum. 6+min *150 tkns*

Secret Blowjob (HD)

We have to be quick! Our dinner guests are waiting downstairs! I suck you off and let my spit drip back onto your hard cock, all so my hubby (YOU!) will be taken care of before dinner. What a good little wife I am. Cum in my mouth please so you don't get any cum on my fancy dress! I'll swallow every last drop like the horny housewife I am? 5+min *150 tkns*

Emma's Sweet Lips (HD)

Watch my lips as I apply 2 different luscious colors to them right in front of your eyes. I tease you with my plump cute lips and talk dirty to you while you get harder and harder. Ready for a blow job yet? 8+min *150 tkns*

Naughty Neighbor Fantasy (HD)

I don't care that you're my neighbor or that you're married, I want you right now! Sending this video to you in hopes that you will change your mind and come fuck me. I'm home alone and the back door is unlocked so what are you waiting for? Don't make me beg any longer... *Includes lots of dirty talk, nude vibe play and heels* 7+ min *175 tkns*

Daddy, Please... w/ Emilylynne (HD)

What a naughty girl Emily has been! She has been dressing like a little slut so Emma tattles on her to Daddy! Daddy tells Emma how to dish out Emily's punishment and she doesn't hesitate to obey. Good girls always do what Daddy says! Daddy's slutty little girls get a little carried away though and soon the spanking turns into much more. Should Daddy let Emily cum after she has been such a bad girl? 8 min* 100 tkns*

Jerk Off Encouragement w/ Emilylynne (HD)

Ever imagined what it would be like to have two gorgeous and horny girls begging to see your cock? Nothing gets us wetter than watching you stroke it right in front of us. We can't help ourselves and start playing with each other's pussies and making out. Nothing is off limits as we get naughtier and naughtier, ending with us counting you down to completion. Please give it to us? We will be good girls and help you clean up after *giggle* 10+ min* 100 tkns*

Messy BJ (HD)

The teasing is over, I know you've been wanting me to get down on my knees for weeks now and I'm here to do it just for you. I bet you didn't know I liked to talk so dirty! Sweet little me wraps my lips around your cock and gives you the messy blow job you've been craving. I beg for your cum at the end, won't you please give it to me? You know I've earned it! 8+ min* 175 tkns*

Pretty Kitty (HD)

Don't let my innocent face fool you, I need it bad. I want you rock hard and fucking me but first... let me tease you with my lips, licking your shaft from base to tip. Think you want me now? Just wait till I hike up my skirt and shirt. Perky tits and a dripping wet pussy - I need you now! I make myself cum twice, once using a toy and the second time using a vibrator. I get so very creamy at the thought of you listening to me moan and cum... are you ready for me? 11+ min *275 tkns*

Sore & Horny (HD)

You left me SO SORE from last night! I cannot believe you were able to fuck me with that huge dick. Is it weird that all I want to do is get fucked by you all over again? Sending this video to you while you work, hope you don't get distracted. Please come back tonight! I want to be sore all over again! 6+ min*150 tkns*

Let Me Watch You (HD)

You know I have been wanting to watch you and I'm so glad you finally gave me the chance! I will do anything to help you cum right now just let me help, I'm VERY enthusiastic!!! 6+ min*150 tkns*

Bathtub Discoveries (HD)

What starts out as an innocent bath turns extremely naughty when I start to play with my tits, then my nipples, then work my way down my tight little body... I end up getting carried away enough to make myself cum in the bubbly water but not before giving you all sorts of views of my naughty bathtub discovery. 7+ min *250 tkns*

Foxy Tease (HD)

Be mesmerized by my long, fishnet-covered legs while I slide my hands all over my body, letting myself get carried away with touching myself and teasing you. I slip my panties to the side revealing my tight pussy and the fact that my tight ass is already full of a toy 0.0 I slide my foxy tail around and play with myself, pushing my excitement to the edge... Set to music 7+ min*250 tkns*

First Anal (HD)

Wearing all white and looking oh so innocent, I tease myself and dirty talk to you. Bet you didn't know I got this filthy ;) I work myself up until I beg for you to put it in my ass and make me cum. It's a whole new side of this sweet girl next door so don't miss out on this. 11+ min*450 tkns*

Interrupted Outdoor Cum (HD)

I was soaking up the summer sun reading a book when the mood hit me and I started to get really horny and touch myself. Pretty soon I was pulling aside my panties and pulling down my top, letting my tits pop out and finger fucking myself. I am so wet you can hear my fingers sliding in and out, giving myself SO much pleasure. All of the sudden I spot someone watching me! I quickly put my clothes back and run away - guess I don't get to cum today, at least I got to enjoy myself for a little while... 5+ min *150 tkns*

Tags: intelligent, sarcastic, knitting, smart, amazing ass, 34d, great smile, funny, neuroscience, witty, charming, freckles, cute, adorable, naughty, toys
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I'm a naughty little vixen that will blow your mind :) Not just with my body either - I'm a sexy smart nerd that likes RPGs, my d20, Star Wars, LOTR, and a good night at the pub with my friends. I love to chat and get to know you so stop by and let's start up something hot.
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you are a beautiful woman love <3
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how did you create your profile?
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very pretty sexy girl i love her tits
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You've got a very pretty expressive face. Even sweeter than your cookies.
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Watched your video "Let me watch you" today, its pretty hot. I liked it a lot.
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I want to move to Emma Land!
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Merry Christmas from country guy and the dogs.
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You have great videos Emma_D!
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absolutely lovely and friendly girl! extremely pretty as well! highly recommend!
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Absolutely wonderful private show. Responsive and enthusiastic.
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for the record.... Emma is the Gorgeousness (c) 2013
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Very stunning!!!
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finally! you were always my favorite over at mgf, emma. i found you and, well, looks like i am stalking you now
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I read a blog by another model that said some of her fans tip her to put her close on. Not because she is ugly ,but just to remind the mindless pervs that there is a more to a woman besides tits and ass ; my own paraphrase. Not a bad idea , i think I might implement. Anytime in your room and there is a moron. a gorgeous body gets me in a room ,but a personality and wit and charm keep me there.
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Wow! Stayed up until 4am after spending a couple of hours in public. Needless to say, Emma and Scarlett are awesome. Can't wait to get back on cam with this great duo and have some fun!
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beautiful and sweet
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True friends never go away.... set them free...they will come back .Never force n put condition ....dn't try to change them..Accept and Respect how they are...
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I got good at tv reference by watching tv and grading papers. Getting paid to watch tv is awesome!

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