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Profile Headline: My nickname is Gillette because I'm the best a man can get. Also, I will cut you.
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About Me
Username: AspenRae
Gender: Female
Body Type: Muscular
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 120 pounds
Height: 65 inches
Age: 26
City: Usually somewhere in California, other times in Colorado.
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Non Drinker
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Professional Masturbator, Smut Maker, Helicopter Flying, Figure Competitor!
School: Psychology Degree
Favorite Food: sushiiiii and donuts. Hell, I'll even have them at the same time.
Automobile: T-55 Russian Tank & R-22 Helicopter
About Me:
Hey Guys and Girls! I'm Aspen, and welcome to my profile!

I have a lot of info on my profile, and I thank you for taking the time to check it out. I like to go to the gym every once in a while, and fly around in helicopters (yes, Im the pilot baby!) :)

I have a lot of info on my profile, and you'll finally be able to tell what the hell I'm talking about when I say "I want a GOAT". Take a peek and get to know me a little better!

I'm a little bit crazy...
What's New
Outfits As Seen In...
All Girl Massage - Darcie
Bra from my All Girl Massage phooto shoot "Clit Massage Lesson" with Darcie Dolce
I Kiss Girls - Car Troubles
Dress from my I Kiss Girls photo shoot "Car Troubles" with Shae Snow
Twisty's - Young & Wet
Lacey Long Sleeve Top from my Twisty's photo shoot "Young & Wet"
Twisty's - In These Eyes - Bra
Yellow poka dot bra from my Twisty's photo shoot "In These Eyes"
Twisty's - Lolli Poppin - Socks
Candy socks from my Twisty's photo shoot "Lolli Poppin"
GF Films - Roommate Situation
Bra and panties set from my Girlfriend Films photo shoot "Roommate Situation" with Vanessa Veracruz
Twisty's Who Says Brunettes..
Bra, panties, and garter belt from my Twisty's photoshoot title "Who Says Brunettes Aren't Fun"
Miss Howard TV Set 1
Bra and panties set from my photoshoot for being Miss Howard TV of the Year!!!
Miss Howard TV Set 2
Bra and panties set from my photoshoot for being Miss Howard TV of the Year!!!
Twisty's Feeling Naughty
Bra and panties set from my Twisty's photoshoot title "Feeling Naughty, Being Naughty"
Twisty's Self Bangin' in Bed
Bra from my Twisty's photoshoot title "Self Bangin' in Bed"
Twisty's Welcome Home
Dress from my Twisty's photoshoot title "Welcome Home"
Video & Photo Packages
Summer Craze, Complete Series
  • Summer Craze, Part 1 - 21:17 Minutes
  • Summer Craze, Part 2 - 15:21 Minutes
  • Summer Craze, Part 3 - 8:48 Minutes
  • Summer Craze, Part 4 - 11:06 Minutes
Fitness Package
  • Muscular JOI & Creamy Fuck - 20:20 Minutes
  • Muscular Pole Fuck - 17:47 Minutes
  • Muscular Balcony Fuck - 18:24 Minutes
  • Flex N Fuck - 18:52 Minutes
Bikini Athlete Package
  • Becoming a Bikini Athlete - 9:22 Minutes
  • Exclusive Workout Video - 12:08 Minutes
  • 2015 NPC Bikini Competition - 27 Photos
  • Sexy Fit - 28 Photos
3's Company
Aspen with Georgia Jones and Uma Jolie
  • 720 HD Video - 28:53 Minutes
  • Hi-Res Photo Set - 118 Photos
Shae Snow & Aspen
  • Car Troubles 20:15 Minutes
  • Car Troubles Photoset 91 Photos
  • Maths are Hard 24:04 Minutes
  • Maths are Hard Photoset 104 Photos
Ginny & Aspen
  • Sybian Surprise - Ginny 22:26 Minutes
  • Sybian Surprise - Aspen 26:07 Minutes
  • Double Ended Dildo 24:04 Minutes
  • Ginny & Aspen JOI 12:31 Minutes
  • Strap-On Shenanigans 23:01 Minutes
  • Afternoon Distraction 65 Photos
Jalyn & Aspen
  • 69'ing With A View 10:41 Minutes
  • Jenga Winner 11:42 Minutes
  • Strap-on Squirter 12:49 Minutes
  • Fireplace Romance 25:19 Minutes
  • Bubble Bath 6:27 Minutes
  • The Private 20:34 Minutes
Kennedy & Aspen
  • Kennedy's Got the Moves 20:21 Minutes
  • Aspen Meets Kennedy Leigh 138 Photos
Cum Hither Princess
  • 720 HD Video - 17:17 Minutes
  • Hi-Res Photo Set - 155 Photos
Niki & Aspen in Vegas
  • 69'ing With Niki - 11:31 Minutes
  • Niki's Sex Slave - 12:07 Minutes
  • Foosball Table Fuck - 8:43 Minutes
  • Shower Time with Niki - 7:57 Minutes
Lena & Aspen
  • Aspen & Lena 69 - 7:05 Minutes
  • Aspen Pays it Forward - 7:40 Minutes
  • Lena Takes Advantage - 7:10 Minutes
  • Late Night Dip - 16:22 Minutes
  • Naughty in the Sheets - 90 Photos
Niki & Aspen
  • Making Niki Cum - 9:47 Minutes
  • Niki Strap-on - 11:54 Minutes
  • Dual Hitachi - 14:88 Minutes
  • Hitachi Cum Race - 11:50 Minutes
Kiera Winters & Aspen
  • A Softer Side - 59 Photos
  • Where It Gets XXX - 151 Photos
  • What Are Friends For? - 17:30 Minutes
Naughty Hiking
  • Hiking Squirt - 14:15 Minutes
  • Lakeside Masturbation - 11:54 Minutes
  • Naked Backpacking - 51 Photos
Solo Videos
My Sugar High
Sugar is a big no-no when I'm so close to a competition, but that doesnt stop me from playing in all the candy I can get my hands on! Watch me strip, flex my extremely lean muscular body and then play with all the lollypops and skittles in the naughtiest way i know how to!
Small Dick Humiliation
The truth about your tiny pecker. I sweetly laugh while being brutally honest about your small dick. I feel sorry for you. How embarrassing! At least you keep me entertained and laughing the entire time!!
Morning Delight
We wake up together in my big comfy bed. I walk to the window and let the soft morning light pour over my hard body and newly enhanced breasts. After letting my hands wonder all over I make myself cum putting me back into the dreamlike state I woke up in.
Muscular JOI & Creamy Fuck
What started off as a JOI, turned into something much more! I had ofigionally planned on me telling you how I wanted it, but lo and behold, I couldnt resist myself. Watch this muscular girl tell you what to do, flex, oil up, and cream all over my dildo
Stocking Stuffer
Watch me stuff my little pussy and pleasure myself until I cum. Such a unique and erotic orgasm!
Muscular Pole Fuck
Feeling light as a feather and strong as an ox I take to my pole and dance on my pole to put every muscle to work... then I decide its time to get even naughtier and attach my dildo to the pole and fuck it with everything I've got! And you know me, it wouldn't be a "muscular video" without some super hot flexing every now and again ;)
Muscular Balcony Fuck
I'm ready for my second body building show! But first, I want to get in another oily hot orgasm during the peak of my physical condition! I expose myself for all of rush hour traffic to see just how much more conditioned and stronger I am than my last competition!
Becoming a Bikini Athlete
After 15 weeks of blood sweat and tears, I can finally consider myself a Bikini Athlete. This video showcases the amount of work it takes to become stage ready. Workouts from the months leading up to the show, as well as some BTS of fitness oriented photoshoots. Finally, you'll see me take the stage done up to the nines!
Flex N Fuck
I'm in the best shape of my life and I want to show it off! Watch me do a mini work out routine before I lather on the baby oil and ride a big cock until every muscle contracts!
**Warning: Do NOT buy this video if you are turned off by muscular women and flexing!
Russian JOI
Can you handle this sexy (funny) Russian accent? I fulfill all your wishes by being transformed into a sexy Russian temptress and instruct you every step of the way.
Where Are My Dildos
Watch your queen of masturbation, breaker of hearts, mother of dildos - take what she wants.

Comes with photoset password!!!
I Love My ASSpen
Watch as I get adventurous with my tight little booty. First time any anal has been professionally shot!

Add an addition 150 tokens to get the matching photo set!!
Squirting With a View
I take masturbating to a whole new height! 40 floors above the streets of Hong Kong, I make myself cum for anyone with a pair of binoculars in any of the thousands of possible windows. Oh yeah, and guess who squirted?
Ferrari Fornication
Ferrari: An Italian word, which means, roughly translated into English: 'Yes, I will have sex with you.' Watch me show you what I can do when I take to the drivers seat.
Girls Gone Gyno
Ever wonder what REALLY goes on at the gynecologists' office? I give you a little peek first hand at what it means really "get the annual". It's a very hands on experience, to say the least.
Club Slut
What do club sluts wear under those little dresses? Answer: Nothing. Let me show you.
Bronze Beauty
Bronze and beautiful. I'm done up to the 9's and want to show it all off!
Sleep or Fuck?
To sleep or not to sleep? Fuck is the answer.
Cumming For You
Nothing makes me happier than fucking one of my toys in the middle of a lavish living room :)
Sex Swing / Pole Fuck
You've heard about it! Maybe even seen it live! Now have it all to yourself in during one of my favorite extreme fuck shows!
Stairway to Orgasm
I strip down as the light shines on my little body and make myself cum right in the stairwell.
An Afternoon Pleasure
After an afternoon of laying by the pool I decide to take it to my bed where I remembered I hid a little toy beneath my pillow. I took advantage of my alone time and pleasured my little pussy into pure bliss!
Attack of the Machine
This was my very FIRST time using the fuck machine. I didn't know what to expect at first, but once I relaxed and let the machine take over I was in for an amazing orgasm!
Butt Plug Pleasure
I'll admit.. I like a little bit of anal pleasure every now and again. I am able to please myself so well with this plug while I grind my clit on the hitachi, it leaves me gasping and breathless for more!
Earning the "A"
How did I get through college? Lets just say I was a very naughty school girl. I take my spot on the teachers desk and give him the show of his life with my fuck-machine going in full action!
Foot Fetish
This one if for all the foot lovers! Watch me slip out of my sexy thigh high fishnets, and begin to tease your cock with my perfectly manicured toes.
Girls Watch Porn Too
After a long day out on the town, sometimes I just want to curl up to a nice porn like the rest of us. I watch a super sexy scene and pleasure myself while fantasizing being in that porno myself!
Poolside Slut
I had the luxury of laying out by a beautiful pool while I was housesitting for some friends. I always like a new location to pleasure myself so I decided to give it a go at the neighbors house, hopefully the pool boy wasn't too close-by!
Welcome Home
I have been waiting for you all day to get home so I can strip out of my sexy lingerie and give you a show! Having naughty fantasies all day, I am finally able to show you just how I like to be pleasured!
Hiking Squirt
Squirting is only natural! That's right, I was feeling extra naughty and pulled out my favorite dildo to fuck myself good and hard... next thing I know, Im squirting all over the rock!
Lakeside Masturbation
We all can use a little alone time every now and again. I took full advantage of the peace and quiet while i pleasured myself in a remote breathtaking location.
Girl/Girl Videos
Do As I Say
Watch me take total control over two beautiful girls as I dominate them with my strap-on. Both of their pussys are mine and I take what I want and how I want it! Being in charge feels good.
The Fortune Teller
Darcie Dolce comes to me a bit troubled and uncertain where life is taking her. The fantastic fortune teller I am is able to read her fortune and it tells me that she MUST get intimate with me as soon as possible or her world will collide! WARNING: Hilarious Romanian accent may or may not take place in this video ;)
My Sweet Cherie Pie
Riley Reid and I have been eyeing our new MILF neighbor Cherie DeVille. We invite her over for some coffee and pie, but end up with so much more!
New Toy Surprise
I meet up with fellow January Penthouse Pet - Naomi Woods and she had a surprise for me! She pulls out a "realdo" and fucks me with it! It felt so realistic, I forgot I was having sex with another girl! Coulda fooled me ;)
Fuck the Lesbian Out
Everybody knows I'm a GG performer, and really enjoy the ladies. Riley Reid attempts to teach me how to be a naughty cock hungry slut and leaves me begging for more dick! She shows me just how good a plastic cock can feel. "Now imagine if it were a real one", she says.
My Pervy Trainer
This is why I can't get a job at a real gym and have to stick to the home calls ;) Watch Harli Lotts in her first hardcore GG scene! I am honored to have popped this cherry. She was delicious!
Summer Craze, Part 4
What do you do when you're at a pool party with your current girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend, and her new very affectionate girlfriend? Well, you can watch and find out how I handle such a complicated situation.
Summer Craze, Part 3
Shortly after my ex-grilfriend, Elle, shows up to my pool party with her new girlfriend, Capri, they sneak off to have a little fun together.
Summer Craze, Part 2
My summer is really starting to heat up. It's almost time for my pool party. My girlfriend shows up a little earliy with a cool inflatable donut and is a little frisky. Later on, my ex-girlfirend shows up with a new girlfriend I didn't know she had...
Summer Craze, Part 1
While waiting at home for my girlfriend, I am plesantly surprise by a blast from my past.
Watching Porn
Watch Alex and I in mutual masturbation as we pleasure ourselves and cum to orgasm to a super sexy scene.
My Lovely Alex
Alex is blindfolded and instructed to lie on the bed as I strip her down worship her body. Teasing her with ice and feathers.
Your Private Strip Tease
Let us take you into the VIP room as we pole dance, strip and lap dance for each other. We drive each other absolutely wild!
Underwater Lovers
Too hot for words. If I've ever edited and record anything that would be considered "Art" this would be it.
New in Town
Are you a cute girl and need a place to crash? Plenty of space here.. only expectation is a little bit of sex.
The Roommate Situation
Roommates can be so inconsiderate! This wasn't the first time I caught Vanessa Veracruz causing quite the ruckus.. when I went in to ask her to quiet down, I couldn't help but join in all the commotion. Hey, if you can't beat em, join em!
A Friend In Need
My friend Uma Jolie is new to the industry, and she asked me to help her get some sexy new pictures for her to use for her portfolio. Being the good friend I am, I oblige... I also oblige in a few other naughty things you'll have to see for yourself ;)
How Dirty Girls Get Clean
I have been dying to get my hands on this sexy vixen for years now, and my dreams finally came true! Georgia Jones had my eyes rolled back within a matter of minutes! This girl really loves the ladies.
3's Company
Georgia and I show "the new girl, Uma" a thing or two. This hot GGG video is my first ever! We had an amazing time getting sultry and teaming up against the other girl, until she relinquished her cum!
Sexual Chemistry
Have you ever met someone and had an instant sexual attraction? This was my experience when i first laid eyes on Elle Alexandra. Gorgeous red head who really loves being with the ladies. We gave eachother body shaking orgasms again and again. I still can't get enough of this girl!
Car Troubles with Shae Snow
After I picked up a sexy hitchhiker, we run into a bit of car troubles as I drive her home. We pull over to find that it's not only the engine that can make some loud noises...
Maths are Hard with Shae Snow
Why did they have to start putting letters in our math? There was no way I was going to be able to study for this final with Shae sitting so pretty in front of me.. "Add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs", thats more like it!
Ginny & Aspen JOI
We take you to the bedroom and tease you and show you exactly how we want you to stroke off and cum for us. Just listen and do as your told.
Strap-On Shenanigans
I finally popped the cherry on my virgin bed! We take turns with the monster strap-on cock, and fuck eachother into bliss. Let me tell you, she's a screamer!!!
Sybian Surpise - Aspen
What happens when you're blindedfolded and left to the mercy of the chat room? Insane sybian pleasure! Ginny blindfolds me and teases me with her mouth, ice and vibrations off of the chat rooms commands.
Sybian Surpise - Ginny
We made Ginny cum so hard for her turn! After teasing her and driving her crazy, she finally gets to explode! (All while blindfolded of course)
Double Ended Dildo
I'll be honest, there isnt much i havnet done.. but this was a very new experience for me! Its amazingly kinky, yet romantic to share a dildo with another woman. Incredible!
69'ing With A View
Jalyn and I soak up the sun while enjoying each other's soaking wet pussies. We take turns pleasing each other on the hammock outside.
Jenga Winner
I finally win at a game of janga against Jalyn! My prize is an exploding orgasm with Jalyn's fingers deep inside me, and a hitachi on my clit.
Strap-on Squirter
I did it! I finally made another girl squirt! I was covered head to toe in delicious Jalyn juices after fucking her with my strap-on, in whatever position she demanded. I had never felt so accomplished after giving a girl an orgasm :)
Fireplace Romance
We take turns oiling down and massaging eachothers bodies, taking the time to appreciate every inch of skin. After, jalyn lays back while I take pleasure in tasting and making her sweet kitty cum.
Bubble Bath
Jalyn and I get cozy in the the bath tub and she caresses and soaps down my little body.
The Private
Peek in on our exclusive private where Jalyn and I take turns making the bed rock! She had to change the sheets after we took turns pleasing eachother with the strap-on.. again.. and again...
Kennedy's Got the Moves
For an 18 year old (my youngest I've ever shot with) Kennedy Leigh certainly showed me a thing or two as she seduced me in the bedroom.
Cum Hither Princess
This time I show Niki who is really in charge.
69'ing With Niki
Niki and I take turns eating each others hot Pussy.
Niki's Sex Slave
Niki makes me her little sex slave and rams my pussy hard with a strap-on.
Foosball Table Fuck
A game of foosball goes into very sexy overtime.
Shower Time With Niki
Niki and I get wet and naughty with some help of a little friend.
Aspen & Lena 69
Whats better than to please and be pleased? 69'ing is where its at!
Aspen Pays it Forward
Lena Nicole shows me exactly what she likes, where she likes it.
Lena Takes Advantage
My first Girl/Girl shoot on camera, Lena took good care of me and showed me the ropes.. among other things.
Late night Dip
After a day of goofing off, we wanted to sit in the hot tub and relax a bit.. but our sexual chemistry was too strong and we couldnt resist making this naughty dip into a full on orgasm frenzy! Even with close neighbors, we let it all out, with no apologies.
Making Niki Cum
Watch me eat out and finger Niki bringing her to two massive orgasms.
Niki Strap-on
Niki gives me the ride of my life with a huge strap on.
Dual Hitachi
Two girls, two hitachis, and a whole Lot of fun.
Hitachi Cum Race
To prepare for our first show together, Niki and I do a cam-to-cam cum race.
She Gets Me Wet
After spending all day together, Angela Sommers and I take it to the shower where we get eachother even wetter!
What Are Friends For?
Keira Winters and I couldn't keep our hands off each other from the moment we first met. It was lust at first sight! We please each other again and again until we can hardly move!
2 Girls, 1 Sybian
The sybian always gives me a good ride, when my sexy girlfriend Jalyn joined me, it make it even more orgasmic!
A Proper Rub Down
Set next to a beautiful fireplace I show off my erotic side as I give a full oil massage.. with the addition of a very sexy happy ending.
Best Friends
Its nice to have a good friend who's got your back.. and your front.. :)
Cream and Scream
Watch me take a strap-on deep inside my little pussy as my hair gets pulled and I cream all over the cock!
Giving 69
The only think I like more than licking pussy, is having mine licked while doing so! Watch me please and get pleased into orgasm bliss!
Owning the Sex Slave
Jalyn turns me into a begging little cock whore as she pins my nipples and beats my ass red.
Scissor Me Timbers
Nothing is hotter than two girls rubbing their hot little pussys together into orgasm bliss with a little help from the hitachi!
Strap-On Fucking
Have I ever mentioned how much I love taking the strap-on? Serenity gives me a hard fucking to moan over.
Vintage G.O.A.T. Videos
Outdoor Fun Continues
Watch me tackle the trails on my mountain bike. Of course it wouldn't be a proper trip to the outdoors without me sneaking off to someplace secluded to have some naughty fun with one of my favorite toys.
Adventures in Germany
Here's my first major stay in Germany and your chance to see how different Germany is from the USA. Don't worry, we have some naughty fun too. FYI - it doesn't involved that German sausage but something just as fun ;)
Aspen & the Kinder Eggs
During her quest to find more kinder eggs, our priness finds something a little more sensual.
2015 Summary
I had an EPIC 2015 filled with tons of clips from my various GG hook ups and encounters. Watch me go over the list as I determine weather or not I am on the naughty list.
How to be a cam girl
I give you the 101 on what it takes to be a cam girl with some funny monologue and look into my world! Ending naturally, with a stunning orgasm ;)
Who Wants to Bone!
Step into my gameshow as I interview three eligible contestants to bone me! One of my most hilarious (yet sexy) goat videos Ive made!
Cum like a Geisha
Watch me strip out of my beautiful Chinese dress and take a relaxing but orgasmic bath. It's amazing how much pleasure a water faucet can give.
Prepare for Liftoff
My flight to Hong Kong was long and boring. However, I found some very naughty things to do under the covers to pass the time and ease my boredom. It really turns me on when there's a chance of being caught.
My Trip to Italy
Here's your change to share my experience traveling around in Italy. This includes me being naught, sneeking up to the roof of the hotel to fulfill my exhibitionist desires.
True Life
My life has been tangled in the knots of masturbation. I've been addicted for as long as I can remember. My experience in porn was an overflown of the greedy sexual appetite that began in the simplest way. Next on True Life: I'm addicted to masturbating.
El Nombre Del Amor
"Like Sands through the hourglass so are the days of out lives..."
Love triangles are never easy, but in this Soap Opera themed goat video, they can be hilariously sexy!
The Workout
I wasn't always this ultrafit bikini model, but I've always loved working out late at night when I could have the gym all to myself for a little extra workout session.
The Hitchhiker
When a girl gets stranded and needs to hitchhike, sometimes she has to go the extra mile and put on a show for a ride home ;)
How Girls Shower
Have you ever wonder why us girls take so long in the shower to get ready? I'll give you a hint: it's not just to eat that apple you saw me sneak into the bathroom.
JOI, He's a Lady
You'll either LOVE or you HATE this goat video! Here is my take on my first JOI video.. warning, I may or may not jerk off to myself....
2013, a Year to Remember
2013 was such a memorable year for me. Here's a little compliation on some of the highlights plus some naughty little fun.
Aspen and the Trip to Europe
Layovers are always so boring. So I sneak off to the bathroom to find a more interesting way to pass the time while practicing speaking only in German.
No Cumming Yet Princess
I'm a good little slut and follow all the strict rules of masturbation as given out by my mistress.
Victoria Has a Naughty Secret
Here's your chance to see what kind of naughty fun I like to have when I go lingerie shopping. I can't say exactly what store I was shopping at but she knows how to keep a secret.
Jet Ski Playpen
Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places to visit. During the summer it's a great place to have a little fun on the water. My naughty outdoor time became a little difficult when I had to hide a little from a boat that decided to pass by.
The Ticket
With all the speeding tickets I've received lately, I really can't afford to get another one. Lucky for me, driving fast isn't my only talent.
The Fairy Tale
Dreams do come true for this maid as she is transformed into a lavish princess in a beautiful castle overlooking Miami Beach.
My Red Canoe
By now I'm sure you know how much I love the great outdoors. So it's probably no surprise that a simple ride in my red canoe would turn into something so naughty.
The Wedding Gift
After being left at the alter, my Fairy God-Mother helps me get my life back on track. Spending some time with a fuck machine was the perfect place to start.
Taking the Tram
Something about snow that just brings out the naugthy girl in me. I had some alone time on the gondola and I just couldn't help myself.
3 Blind Dates
Richard our most eligible bachelor has blind dates with these three women. how will it turn out?
Snow Play
Here's your chance to see what kind of fun I like to have in the snow!! **Warning** Lots of cream ahead!!!
Ho Ho Ho!
As Santa and I reminiscence about the past year, he reminds me that I have been a very naughty elf.. only one way to get off the naughty list!
Weapons of Masturbation
Aspen Rae starring as Agent 777 faces her most challeging mission yet.

Agent 777: Do you expect me to talk?
Villian: No Ms Rae, I expect you to CUM!!!

Club Slut
We can all get a little TOO sloppy at the club from time to time. But hey, no slut shaming here. He had a perfect cock and I had no regrets.
Fuck For a Favor
While visiting an old friend I had a little too much wine. He was nice enough to give me a ride home. I just had to come up with an interesting way to repay the favor.
The Flight of Masturbation
Lets face it, flights can be long, boring and sometimes frustrating.. I find a way to entertain myself 30,000 feet up! I almost get caught by a few flight attendants. "Sorry, not sorry, Mr Air Marshal, Sir"
Machine vs. Machine
Being behind the wheel of 500 horse power gives me such a rush! But its nothing like the orgasm that the fuck machine gives me while I'm bent over the hood of my Shelby Cobra GT500
Tanning Salon
Sure tanning is bad for you, but it feels so good! Especially when you carry an 8 inch dong with you into the bed..
The First Goat out to Pasture
Birds chirping, smell of grass, cool spring air, and my orgasms echoing through the valley! Now thats enjoying mother nature! *First EVER G.O.A.T. video!*
Tags: wanderlust, brunette, athletic, big tits, sexy, bodybuilder, tattoo, american, educated, enhanced, fitness, booty, bisexual, muscular, long hair, fake tits, aspen, aspenrae, goofy, muscles
Password Protected Galleries
Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: 42
Five Things I Can't Live Without:
  1. Lap top + Webcam
  2. Passport
  3. Cell Phone (duh)
  4. Amazon Prime
  5. Protein Brah
  6. The little individual dental floss pieces with handles. I traveled somewhere and realized how shitty and unpleasant regular old floss was.
Favorite Books:
What I Like To Do For Fun:
  • I am NEVER home! I love to travel. Whether it bed down to LA for some shoots, with my family in Colorado, or a 2 month trip to Germany, I love being on the road.!
  • You might have noticed I might work out a little... or a lot.. So I'm never far from a gym
  • I also LOVE the winter! I have been skiing/snowboarding for 23 of the 25 years of my life.
  • Of course, I can't leave out MASTURBATING! I am after-all, a professional.. :)
Favorite Songs: I always get asked, what's your favorite band? I honestly have no single answer for this. If I had to narrow it down to a different band for every day of the week, it would be
  1. Puscifer
  2. Pink Floyd
  3. Rise Against
  4. Tool
  5. A Perfect Circle
  6. Die Antwoord
  7. NIN
  8. Bush
Favorite Movies:
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I fly helicopters.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: On a plane visiting loved ones around the world.
Or in the hair and make up chair, because that typically means I'm about to have some amazing sex with a beautiful girl ;)
  • Snowboarding and or Skiing
  • Flying Helicopters
  • Traveling
  • Working out
  • Eating
  • Riding Dirt Bikes
  • I can fly a helicopter and make it to the ground safely :)
Perfect Mate: I want a relationship like Nintendo 64 - classic, fun to spend hours with, and every issue can be easily fixed by blowing on it, then shoving it back in.
Perfect Date: Somewhere around Jan 15th. I love cold weather!
Turn Ons/Offs: This is so generic, I'll answer in my own way.

Unusual Turn Ons
I love watching someone who is focusing on something intently. Like, fixing a computer or playing game or something. I just want to jump all over you!
I love collarbones on a woman
Thunder & Lightning
Back Dimples
The way a man shaves. Something about it is wildly erotic!

Unusual Turn Offs
Someone unwilling to try new cuisine
Tickling.. seriously. Don't fucking tickle me. I will punch you really hard and then its just awkward.
Woo Girls
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
  • I've been on MFC for nearly SEVEN (yeah... thats right) AMAZING years!
  • I love to entertain and play with myself in front of thousands!
  • I can be a bit of a goof.. but hey, life is taken too seriously...
  • Find me online and see more for yourself!

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