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Name: BellaLolita
CamScore: 1682
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 95 pounds
Height: 58 inches
Age: 39
City: nowher
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: fghdfg
School/College: asfsf
Favorite Food: asdfdf
Car: Love fast cars!
About Me: gcncvnvbn
Tags: brunette, Cute, Fun, Sexy, ass, pretty, shaved, eyes
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Posted by BareHugz:
its my duty to plz that booty
Posted by rolandfazio:
I miss you! long time no see
Posted by Hotrods8:
hi did u ban me? my comp froze during our prv the other day
Posted by BellaLolita:
Thank you templer! I would have commented on your profile, but I realize now you do not have one hehe
Posted by darktempler8:
Bella is easily one of the most enjoyable personalities on MFC, and at the same time, extremely seductive and fun.
Posted by Bili_V:
After the last entry, I just wanna say something really nice like I love spending time with you in your room,your 1 in a million xox <3
Posted by BellaLolita:
DEAR Lastdance, LOL DID NOT RIP YOU OFF. YOU DID NOT EVEN POST THE WHOLE CONVERSATION ON MY PROFILE..... HOW ABOUT POST THE WHOLE THING THEN TRY TO TELL PEOPLE I RIPPED YOU OFFFFFFFFFF 04:32:42 AM sexibella7: yeah its just 100 tokies more for skype sn 04:336 AM Lastdance: ok 04:00 AM sexibella7: but thats just for the sn just so you know babe :> 04:35 AM sexibella7: ok my sn is sexibella7 04:35:53 AM sexibella7: on skype 04:37:42 AM Lastdance: never used it b4 but seems ready 04:37:52 AM sexibella7: it works yes 04:38:02 AM sexibella7: but im working right now silly 04:382 AM Lastdance: when dear? 04:382 AM sexibella7: if you want a pvt for skype 15 mins is 500 tokies 1000 30 mins on skype 04:385 AM Lastdance: maam 04:38:43 AM Lastdance: aaaaaaaaaaaa; 04:39:07 AM Lastdance: ic 04:39:39 AM sexibella7: your welcome to im me and talk on there though when i am on 04:40:44 AM Lastdance: ummm 04:40 AM Lastdance: so 04:415 AM Lastdance: i cant watch a bit for the 40 dollars i ust spent? 04:41:46 AM sexibella7: 200 tokens is 20 dollars 04:41:52 AM sexibella7: for you 04:41:53 AM Lastdance: 20 04:41:55 AM sexibella7: 10 dollars for me 04:41 AM Lastdance: my bad 04:42:06 AM sexibella7: i told you that it was just a friend add 04:427 AM Lastdance: u lied 04:423 AM sexibella7: and you read my profile 04:426 AM Lastdance: i guess u hate us 04:42:42 AM Lastdance: it,s ok i nderstand 04:42:51 AM sexibella7: i made it clear to you 04:42 AM Lastdance: i just wannad to get to see 04:438 AM Lastdance: like that would be alot 04:43:32 AM Lastdance: i think it beauty 04:43:52 AM sexibella7: alright goodnight.. read my profile again if you do not understand 04:440 AM Lastdance: but i fear to wht guy s ae worthless and shuod go awasy 04:442 AM Lastdance: in ur mind 04:44:51 AM Lastdance: what the hell is it to give a poor slob a lil show 04:44:56 AM Lastdance: gnit 04:45:02 AM Lastdance: good night 04:457 AM Lastdan
Posted by WhooDude:
RIPPED ME OFF RIPPED ME OFF RIPPED ME OFF ON SKYP SHOW. HERE IS THE CONVERSATION: IN PM 04:37:42 AM Lastdance: never used it b4 but seems ready 04:37:52 AM sexibella7: it works yes 04:38:02 AM sexibella7: but im working right now silly
Posted by darktempler8:
Bella is soooo beautiful and sweet!
Posted by CamelNut:
I have no idea what to say that could describe how amazing you were tonight. Just the most incredible mix of 'super cute' and 'raging sexy' I've ever witnessed. I had no idea that what I was in store for was going to be the hottest form of pure desire I've ever witnessed. Thank you so much for the time you shared with me.
Posted by uk_dj:
So glad that I wondered into your room last night!!! WOW, what an amazing show, thank you!! Going shopping today, stay tuned!! Looking forward to many fun times ahead!! xxx
Posted by jbazz58:
great show and thank u
Posted by ChiTownShyGuy:
What can I say? Bella, you totally blew my f'n mind in your chat tonight!!! You are so amazing, on a beauty level and on a sweetness level! It was totally cool chillen with you and I totally hope I get to do that many more times with you in the future! You are definately one of the most amazing women that I have been in a long time, hands down!! You will definately be seeing me A LOT more often in your room!!! I may have to start paying rent, I will be there so much!! Have a great day, Beautiful Bella!! I will definately see you another time soon
Posted by whooboy:
Such a sexy, naughty girl...thanks for playing with me! xoxo
Posted by chucky_31:
You are absolutely gorgeous and an awesome girl! Thanks for an awesome show the other night!
Posted by FukMeKayenne:
Just the perfect size.
Posted by dogfire:
Your show was so hot! Luv ya Bella!
Posted by keg18641:
OMG i just whatch ur show after the tip game that was the sexiest thing ever im sorry i didnt have tokens to tip im broke rite now but as soon as i get money i am taking you prvt for an hr so we can have some real fun if you would be up for it that is
Posted by TheCheeks:
Posted by TheCheeks:
your so prettttyyyy my dear! YAY FOR 4'10 GIRLSS!!!

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