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Profile Headline: Hard to describe myself,you have to experience me!!!
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Name: Bellycia
CamScore: 2819
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 45 kilos
Age: 25
Country: Romania
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Occasional
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: cam girl..:P
School/College: college
Favorite Food: salads,yougurt,cereal biscuits...haha...
oh,i love junk food too-Mcdonalds:))
Pets: 4 :( and 1 dog..and few others:)))
Car: ford
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Tags: cute, brown
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:
'Everything that will happen belongs to the domain of the uncertain. Live now'
Five Things I Can't Live Without:
Yes i could say my friends(mfc),family and bullshit,but we all know that when we dont have family and friends we can as well i think i cant live without food,air,water..whatever my body needs to stay alive.
Favorite Books:
What I Like To Do For Fun:
My #1 fun in the last year was my MFC fun and all that involves.all the friends i made here so far are like my second u guys and thank u for good memories.aww
Favorite Songs:
Kiko Navarro-Sonando contigooooo,Right there-Nicole Sherzinger,I like that-Daniel Desnoyer,She's a star-Will i am....etc.
Favorite Movies:
127 hours,Cats and dogs,Sex and the city,Water for elephants,Rio,Tangled..and many others.i love watching movies.
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:
Lets say there is still time for more crazy moments to come.what i find normal for some might be crazy and the other way.i'm not a 'crazy' girl though.i like to think twice before i act,but i also have my moments when i get carried a dude said in a movie when he was asked this question..'craziest thing i've ever done was to fall in love'i dont remember the movie though:))
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:
i would be in NYc,245 E. 73rd St., between Park and Madison-exact adress.haha its where Carrie from Sex and the city i wanna be there writting books about relationships and my life as a single camgirl:)I'm only 22 though ill wait till i turn 35 to go there-to have more experience lol
Damn questions haha.If i say 'hmm watch tv and spending time on mfc' i'll sound like a boring person.So i like to masturbate 8 hours/day.hmm no?not a hobby?oh crap-i watch tv,and i am a movie freak and yes i like to spend time on mfc.there i said it.
i'm a proffesional headstander,i move around the pole like no one else,i oil my body better then a masseur,i am able to look sexy in the shower,i drive like a racing pilot and i can do semi-splits.WYES!
Perfect Mate:
If i knew the recipe i wont be single now,right?:))when i'll find HIM u will be the first to know.but i'm affraid both you and me will have to wait:P
Perfect Date:
YAY.How i love date.mlove.NOT!!!cant we just skip to 'u wanna met my parents?' part?seriously,i consider that when you have a thing for someone every moment spend together is precious,even if if u are in a fancy restaurant or in the car eating from mcdonalds.
Turn Ons/Offs:
tippers,true friends,sense of humor //beggars,drama queens
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
i have a nice body:)))at least this is what my mom said.
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kisses camperv
Posted by Maries_Ninja:
thanks for the add ^_^ btw.... - I caught you staring at my package
Posted by Bellycia:
haaa i missed posting on my profile!!! xoxo everyone
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MFC Richter scale
Posted by Bellycia:
awww my poor super B..whug..maybe this way you will stop sleeping in my room tsk tsk.)
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yay new emotes on my profile..gracias guys
Posted by Bellycia:
Damnnnn Bday eveeer!!!!love u alllll!!kisses :minlove haha
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OMG guysssssssssssssss!!!thank you for being next to me u loootssssssss
Posted by Bellycia:
Thank you u all for being there for me everyday.muah... | | My Profile | Profile Settings