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About Me
Username: WildestKitten
CamScore: 13280
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 58 kilos
Height: 174 centimeters
Age: 28
Country: Netherlands
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
About Me:
About Me
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Jan 1st - Feb 28th

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to win a dinner date with me!

Drawing will be held live on cam on Feb 28th 10PM EST (GMT-5:00)
First ticket drawn wins first prize, etc.
Maximum of one prize per participant
Everyone wins a prize

Ticket sales close in

Buy one ticket - 299 TOKENS

(Offline ticket purchases also count towards this raffle!)
Not into raffles? Claim a prize and it's all yours!



I rarely do date raffles, but I'm in the mood for some incredible food, so dine with me in The Netherlands's finest restaurant,
the Librije! It isn't just a restaurant, it's an hours long gastronomic experience.
Join me this coming summer for an evening of fun, exclusive food and wine.
Airfare and hotel expenses are yours, I'll take care of the rest!

Buy one ticket - 299 TOKENS
Claim prize - 121.212 TOKENS

• If I make MissMFC Top20 in both January & February I'll pay airfare and hotel too!
• This is a friendly, non-sexual date. If at any time I feel uncomfortable,
I'll end the date. Behave...the Librije is a former female prison! =)
Visit website
Impression video

As you know, I always take Mondays off, and I love to watch movies then, so let's watch one together!
We'll be comfy in our pajamas, make some popcorn, grab a drink, sit back and enjoy a great film..
And of course I'll make a romantic fire!
So, what will it be? An action film? Thriller? Drama? Comedy?

Buy one ticket - 299 TOKENS
Claim prize - 61.616 TOKENS

Ever wanted to direct your own sexy video? Start planning the script because you'll get to tell me what to do in this new solo video, and you'll get the first copy before it goes up for sale! (if it's not too hot to release!!)
We'll spend some time talking over Skype so you can give me all the details, including my outfit, lighting, requests regarding the content and location.
Then, I will record and edit the video right after our call. ♡

Buy one ticket - 299 TOKENS
Claim prize - 41.414 TOKENS


Normally there are more losers than winners in raffles, but not this one! As the consolation prize, all other entrants will get the hot new solo video I will be making with the direction of the 3rd Prize winner. So if you have bought at least one raffle ticket then you can expect Kitten Mail in early March!

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Think you know Johnnie?


My private collection

Johnnie Walker Red Label is the Pioneer Blend, the one that has introduced Johnnie's whisky to the world. Highly versatile and with universal appeal, it has a bold, characterful flavour that shines through even when mixed.
Buy me a Johnnie Red - 666 TOKENS
Created using only whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years from the four corners of Scotland, Johnnie Walker Black Label has an unmistakably smooth, deep, complex character.
Buy me a Johnnie Black - 666 TOKENS
Johnnie Walker Double Black is inspired by the iconic flavours of Johnnie Walker Black Label and turns them up to create a blend of unprecedented intensity. Strongly influenced by powerful West Coast and Island whiskies, Johnnie Walker Double Black is best enjoyed with water to unlock its complex layers of smouldering spice and smoke.
Buy me a Johnnie Double Black - 666 TOKENS
Crafted from a palette of Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Island malts and matured for at least 15 years, it delivers all the character of a single malt whisky, but with a greater depth of flavour. Johnnie Walker Green Label is a truly unique blend to savour whilst you sit-back and unwind.
Buy me a Johnnie Green - 777 TOKENS
Johnnie Walker Gold Label was blended to celebrate the first 100 years of the House of Walker in 1920. A well-kept secret, its only been available outside the company since the 1990s. It has a distinctly smooth, sweet and luxurious character, with a stylish elegance and refined quality.
Buy me a Johnnie Gold - 777 TOKENS
Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18 Year Old was inspired by the tradition of giving private blends to a close circle of family friends by John Walker & Sons. Blended from whiskies that have matured for at least 18 years, it combines sophisticated and contemporary tastes with classic Johnnie Walker flavours.
Buy me a Johnnie Platinum - 777 TOKENS
Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an unrivalled masterpiece. It is an exquisite blend made from some of Scotlands rarest and most exceptional whiskies. Only one in every ten thousand casks has the elusive quality, character and flavour to deliver the remarkable signature taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. An extraordinary whisky for extraordinary occasions.
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Very special releases

The Casks Edition of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is blended from a small number of specially selected casks and bottled at full strength. An extra powerful and intense version of this extra special blend with 55.8% alcohol.
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For only the most special of occasions

John Walker & Sons XR 21 was created to honour this very special occasion. Inspired by Sir Alexanders own hand-written notes, it is blended from the exclusive Johnnie Walker reserve of rare whiskies, all of which have been matured for a full 21 years.
Let me experience XR - 2777 TOKENS
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and the monthly top five will be listed on the wall of fame!
# of Furballs & rewards
2-3 - Snapchat for ever!
4-6 - Cards, calendar or panties
7-9 - BGG or a dozen videos
10-15 - VIP King video
Most - Skype date (1hr)
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Video Gallery
Solo video Package Thumbnail
Solo video Package 16 Videos - 2727 Tokens Buy
Drip it like it's hot Thumbnail
Drip it like it's hot
Sneak into my bedroom and have a closer look how I pleasure myself with a vibrating toy and watch me explode after some intense edging moments.
Drip it like it's hot 13:32 299 Buy
Oil Sensation Thumbnail
Oil Sensation
Watch how I rub lots of oil over my body as it drips down to my fresh shaven pussy while I seduce you with direct eye contact throughout the video!
Oil Sensation 13:39 299 Buy
Morning Orgasm Thumbnail
Morning Orgasm
Want to know what it'smlike to wake up next to me when I'm horny? Crawl under the sheets with me as I rub and finger myself to a deliciously wet orgasm!
Morning Orgasm 11:46 299 Buy
JOI & Encouragement  Thumbnail
JOI & Encouragement
Look into my eyes and lose yourself as I talk, tease and suck you along a journey of pure ecstasy. I wonder if you'll be able to last until the end...
JOI & Encouragement 20:40 299 Buy
Solo Video - Big Glass Toy
Big Glass Toy
Join me in bed and watch me as I play with my huge glass toy. I love the way it feels and sounds while sliding in and out of my dripping wet pussy!
Big Glass Toy 12:19 299 Buy
Solo Video - Foxy Lady
Foxy Lady
Watch me pleasure myself with my Hitachi while I play with a foxtail butt-plug! If you love doggie, toys, and POV, then this vid is for you!
Foxy Lady 19:32 299 Buy
Solo Video - Creamy cum with glass toy
Creamy cum with glass toy
Hear the sound of my wet pussy while I pleasure myself to a creamy climax with a big glass dildo.
Creamy cum with glass toy 7:25 199 Buy
Solo Video - Wild anal adventures
Wild anal adventures
Did Santa bring you a hot blonde girl who slides a big dildo into her ass? No? Then get this video and he will.
Wild anal adventures 25:25 299 Buy
Solo Video - Food fetish with anal
Food fetish with anal
An unique, exclusive video of me doing things youd never expect with fruit. If you like anal, and you like it a bit kinky, you need this video.
Food fetish with anal 17:54 299 Buy
Solo Video - Horny in my new house
Horny in my new house
Alone and horny in my new house, I needed a big cock. This dildo, a suction cup and a wall, and the rest is video history.
Horny in my new house 7:54 199 Buy
Solo Video - Getting dirty in the bathtub
Getting dirty in the tub
Splish! Splash! I was taking a bath but things got dirty instead! Very sexy solo finger play and water play in my bathtub.
Getting dirty in the tub 9:46 199 Buy
Solo Video - Chicago Shower
Chicago shower
I get so horny when I'm on holiday. Join me in the hotel shower as I get a little naughty.
Chicago shower 12:25 199 Buy
Solo Video - Craving for ultraviolets
Craving for ultraviolets
I get horny everywhere, even in the tanning bed. See what happens when the ultraviolet makes me want to touch my pussy and cum.
Craving for ultraviolets 10:58 199 Buy
Solo Video - Riding the Sybian fuck machine
Riding the Sybian
I climb on the sybian fuck machine and start slow. As I get closer and closer, I turn up the speed until it reaches 300 hits/minute and exploded with ecstasy.
Riding the Sybian 10:24 199 Buy
Solo Video - Fingerplay in the shower
Fingerplay in the shower
In my shower, I try to get clean, but cant resist touching my pussy and end up getting dirty. In the end, Im not sure what was wetter, me or the shower. Can you tell?
Fingerplay in the shower 7:01 199 Buy
Solo video - Join me in the bath
Join me in the bath
Ever dream about taking a bath with me? Then don't miss this. Lying in the tub, I feel the warm water on my skin and I had to play with my pussy.
Join me in the bath 8:30 199 Buy
Save over 30% and buy all 16 solo videos for 2727 tks
Girl Girl Video header image
Video Gallery
Girl/Girl video Package Thumbnail
Girl/Girl video Package 12 Videos - 3232 Tokens Buy
Girl/Girl video Roped & Tied Thumbnail
Roped & Tied
Watch as I blindfold and handcuff SB to my bed and drive her crazy with my hands & tongue, until she explodes in my mouth in a creamy orgasm.
Roped & Tied w/ Barbie 20:26 400 Buy
Girl/Girl video Sybian Domination Thumbnail
Sybian Domination
We start slowly, with SB licking and sucking my swollen pussy. Then she rides the Sybian while I straddle her mouth. We both explode in spasms of pleasure, sharing a wet kiss
Sybian Domination 12:14 400 Buy
Girl/Girl video 69 fun Thumbnail
69 Fun w/ Barbie
What starts out as some playfully sexy fun teasing turns into an intensely hot 69. After some intense licking and sucking, we give each other a hot, creamy sweet treat
69 Fun w/ Barbie 16:45 400 Buy
Girl/Girl Eating SensualBarbie out video
Eating Barbie out
In our first video together, I slowly finger Barbie's soft pussy until she gets wet and very excited. Then I start eating her out until she cums hard on my tongue
Eating Barbie out 11:40 350 Buy
Girl/Girl Double Trouble - SensualBarbie video
Double Trouble w/ Barbie
After cuddling for a little while, we start teasing each other and edge for a long time until we both cum very intensely.
Double Trouble w/ Barbie 18:33 350 Buy
Girl/Girl Two melting tongues with Thyme video
Two melting tongues
The morning after our first show together we tried to get up, we really did, but you know us... in no time we got extremely horny again..!
Two melting tongues 14:23 350 Buy
Girl/Girl Scissor sister Thyme video
Scissor sister Thyme
Before our first show we had to get to know eachother. Well there is only one way to do that right? Double-headed dildo fun.
Scissor sister Thyme 11:47 350 Buy
Girl/Girl Bathing or Bating with Thyme Video
Bathing or Bating w/ Thyme
Playing around with foam and Thyme is nice and sexy, but to please our heated minds we needed more. Cock!
Bathing or Bating w/ Thyme 11:04 350 Buy
Girl/Girl Scissoring with AngeliqueSage Video
Scissoring w/ Angelique
What should two sexy blondes do when it is time to get out of bed but there is a double-ended dildo lying around. Scissor themselves silly!
Scissoring w/ Angelique 7:30 350 Buy
Girl/Girl Squirt with AngeliqueSage Video
Squirt w/ Angelique
While trying to clean up after a long day, we find ourselves getting even messier! Watch as we finger each other to a very wet climax.
Squirt w/ Angelique 11:17 350 Buy
Girl/Girl Schoolgirl joi with AngeliqueSage video
Schoolgirl JOI
You caught me and AngeliqueSage in a not-so-innocent mood. Now we want to make you jerk-off for us.
Schoolgirl JOI 9:14 350 Buy
Girl/Girl Dildoplay with AngeliqueSage video
Dildoplay w/ AngeliqueSage
What's better that watching a sexy girl riding a cock? Two! Watch us bounce and grind on my bed on our way to multiple orgasms.
Dildoplay w/ AngeliqueSage 11:49 350 Buy
Save over 30% and buy all 12 Girl/Girl videos for 3232 tks
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Heroes video header image
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Thank you for having a look at my profile design section.
Unfortunately I do not design profile pages like mine for anyone else because I simply don't have time to do so.
No hard feelings, if you want good looking graphic works I highly recommend you to contact GreenBrick19.

GreenBrick19 offers the following serivce:
Animated banners
MFC profile pages
Photo & video editing
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