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Profile Headline: I've never had a normal life and I'm not starting now.
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Username: Brielle
CamScore: 17751
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Age: 107
City: Hyrule
Sexual Preference: Straight
School: Bachelor's Degree
Pets: Mister Fish
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My name is Brielle (or Ellie as some like to call me). What do we do here? Simply put: HAVE FUN! My goal is to make you smile and give you a place to relax and forget about life's stresses. So come on in, pull up a chair and introduce yourself! I promise to show you a good time <3

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Speak up! Even if you can't always tip, say hello! I love meeting new people and getting to know each and every one of you. Please do not be afraid to chat, even if the room is moving fast. Just jump in! (Or tip 200 to private message me for the night while you get used to the chat!)

Tip when you can! I appreciate all tips of 1 to 999,999. A tip shows me that you enjoy what I am doing! Want me to keep dancing? Tip a few! Have a compliment? Send it in a private tip note! Moral of the story: if you visit and like what you see, it's amazing to show even just a little bit of support. Even tips of 1 token are awesome (and help keep countdowns moving along which means SHOWTIME baby! haha)

Join Dream Team for Private Shows. Occasionally I may offer a private show as a prize or schedule one with a Dream Team member but that time will be reserved for just chatting and getting to know each other without the distraction of the chatroom. I no longer do Skypes.

I am a non-explicit model. I love sensuality and the beauty of the female form however I am not an xxx-rated model. I go with the flow and some shows may be sexier than others, but please do not expect any sexual acts from me. I just like to have fun!

All in all, just have a good time here! I want you to have fun, make new friends, be entertained and keep coming back! You all bring me SO much joy and I just hope I can bring you even the slightest amount of happiness that you bring me.

June 30th
Crazy Gift Day! Ask me for me PO Box :)

Miss MyFreeCams Top 3 run! Can Team Ellie get a crown?!

November 18th
Brielle's Birthday!

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