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Profile Headline: Thank you my friends for great birthday :)
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Username: Carrolyna
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Age: 26
City: kingdom far away...
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
About Me: Hi to you, a guy or a girl who decided to take a look at my page;) You are welcome here and I will tell few words about myself. First of all I am a simple girl, from a simple family. I like beautiful dresses and fashionable things, but this will never become the sense of my life. I think the way one can enjoy the moment is something that really matters. No matter how much I will have I will always enjoy the life. My close friends and my family are the most important for me. They are people without whom my days would be not so bright. I think its a reason why I like mfc. This site is quite unique, because Its not all about sex. It is also about communication, having fun, laughing together in open (I ll never forget how once my cat came on and started to make love with a blanket on cam while I took a step away) and building real relations. Even though we are so far from each other, and some may say that internet love or friendship is not real, but anyhow the feeling of support, trust, excitement and great mood I have while being on cam are real. I met few really great friends here in myfreecams, such good friends that I never met here in real world. Thats why I thank my fortune for being on this site. In my free time I enjoy painting. Sometimes I look around and seems like the moment stops and I see the beauty of a tree or some old building.. And I cant help myself not to paint it. My other passion is psychotherapy. I had few difficult situations in my life that woke up interest to this science in me. It has been 2 years already, since I study gestalt-psychology. I plan to study more in this direction, coz psychology is something that can really help to change life, bring more fun and courage to it. I dream about going around the world, about learning to sing , about having own house in a quite and green place, about a dog, about staying young forever, about learning to ride a horse, about going on a ball, about living somewhere in always-summer-land, about perfect marriage with few nice kids So this is me and you are welcome at my room. I am online almost every day. Drop in ;)

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Tags: sexy, cute, young, fun, friendly
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kisses always , my friend
Thank you my dear friends for wonderful birthday wishes
Happy Birthday pretty girlxx Happy Birthday Comments Pictures
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Happy Birthday Comments Pictures
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Runn has this 1970's LP record... went to see her in concert in Australia; here she is singing the James Taylor written song.
I will always love you !!!!!!!
I am happy to have met you Carrolyna And I hope that I'll meet you again. In the short time we chatted I recognized that you Amongst women you're indeed the Champagne. You are thoughtful and caring and exceptional You deserve never ever to be alone. I hope and pray that one day very soon To some special man you'll become known. Carrolyna, you should never feel lonely; You should never even ever feel depressed. Your beauty and personality should help you To meet someone who will see you're the best. To some who only see your sexual attraction And that can command a large audience; Their eyes light up when they see you. You have captured their interest, that is obvious. Your sensuality and outer appeal are so evident But to me, your inner beauty outshines the external. One day, some fortunate man will befriend you And your love for each other will be eternal. So I'll drink to your future happiness. One sip as I think only of you And I hope that you will soon come to realise That we love you and never want to say adieu. A caring man.
Carrolyna is not just one of the sweetest and loveliest girls anyone could meet, she is obviously equally as beautiful on the inside. She is every guy's dream.
Maybe I sound like a phony when I say that I LOVE the so many other things of Carrolyna. I look at the face- very pretty - Check ! Lips and mouth- Check ! Hot as a a firecracker. But Guys, like me - isn't she one of the sweetest girls you could meet anywhere? That is what draws me to her. Thx. C..
darling.... your so beautiful........ and soo hot and sexy....
I am in love!
thank you dear ))
Polite,cute,naughty and ehats the word? so so so ....
Ur biggest fan Ricki ur naturally the mostest bestest prettyest super girl in the entire world
your main man from australia was hear and will show u what a good man does for nothing in return except your realisation that where do iget one of them time will open your eyes and suprises are a girls best friend now ive found you lyna i will put food in your tommy and cloths on your back and warm your house andbring light to any darkness i might be to old for you some might say but young boys arnt real men and a real man gives his girl security only a real man knows what a girl really wants n if i know that imagine what i know about love
Thank you
Mmmm...Sweet Dasha. Thank u for writing me an email! I will write back very soon. Just know that I miss you very,very much
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