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About Me
Username: FloraBella_
CamScore: 9119
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 55 kilos
Height: 170 centimeters
Age: 33
City: Perv Street and Cumshow Avenue, Medellin
Country: Colombia
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Cam Hostess
School: Pervert University
Favorite Food: Always Hungry!!!
Pets: 3 cats (Juana, Lola y Gizmo)
Automobile: la burra
About Me:
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About Me

How can I talk about me? I can't really describe myself, so I will give short description about everything in my crazy life.

Flora is the Spanish word for flower. If you think about flowers, plants, nature, animals, earth, etc. all the meanings that relate to these words are a definition of who I am. I am an active woman who loves sports, being outside, animals (especially my cats!), plants, and genuinely good people. I never thought that my model name would become the definition of who I am, on cam and off cam, but it is true.

Believe it or not, I have a very quiet life when I am not on cam. I spend most of the time at home with my 3 cats, planting, reading, writing, listening to all kinds of music (except yodeling), cooking healthy food, and more. I have recently moved to Medellin. I love my new city and especially my new apartment!

When I am Online, I love to be sexy and playful, but I also love to talk, play games and make jokes with my friends. I'm not here looking for a boyfriend or a husband; just a good time. I am a very friendly person and I'm very open about my life. As you know I am Latina and for us family is first. I don't hide anything about myself, and maybe that is why I have all these crazy friends in my room. Some have known me for 6 years! I have become the person that I always wanted to be because of them. My friends have taught me to be strong, patient, funny, and mature, but they never had to teach me to be sexy on cam (jajaja). I always strip better than them looool.

So... that is me and my room. It is for people who want to have a good time and a good conversation before going to bed. I do my best to leave you with a smile to dreamland. After reading this, you will hopefully have a small idea about my world.

Room Rules
Videos: My Newest Videos!
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    The After Party

    I just got from seeing a seeing a show. The band was great, and Im feeling tipsy after all those drinks. Watch spanks, tongue play, soft fingering and a happy end cumming with the help of my lelo. I think my moan is very sexy in this video, wanna check it out?
    17:00 1080p 150 Tokens
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    Good Morning Starting

    I finished camming late last night, so I went to bed without any pajamas. I started my day with some green tea, but then I saw the camera and upsss, here goes my mind... contains dancing, erotic tease and a happy ending thanks to my fingers... ayyy
    16:00 1080p 150 Tokens
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    Get The After Party, Good Morning Starting AND a bonus set of snaps for the bargain price of 250 tokens. Wotta bargain!
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Videos: Flora Alone
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    Sensual Glass Dildo

    I take my time with this toy and really enjoy myself. Take a look, I think you will enjy it too.
    7:00 1080p 150 Tokens
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    Hot Squats

    It is finally here, due to popular demand. I choose 5 different outfits in which to perform some hot squats. Which outfit do you like the best? I'm thinking it will be outfit #5, but you tell me.
    5:18 1080p 119 Tokens
  • .

    G/G: Tropical Madness with Dulce Moon

    Dulce is my best friend. We try cooling each other off with ice, but we somehow both get hotter. So we then proceed to suck each other's tits and scissor each other. Finally, we share the Hitachi and enjoy mutual orgasms.
    7:18 1080p 199 Tokens
  • .

    Dildo on Red Chair

    I start out by slowly teasing you for a few minutes, showing off my amazing body. Then I sit on my red chair and pull out my newest dildo. I proceed to give myself a very good fucking with it.
    5:56 1080p 119 Tokens
  • .

    Fresas Fingering and Buttplug

    This video features 3 of my favorite activities. Eating strawberries, fingering my wet pussy, and using my shiny buttplug!
    9:10 1080p 149 Tokens
  • .

    Sex on my SeeThru Chair

    I bought a new chair that is completely see-through. I soon realized that it is a great place to have sex. After sitting on it and letting the camera linger on my open pussy, I take out my chocolate dildo and proceed to ride it to orgasm!
    5:56 1080p 119 Tokens
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    Three Vid Deal!

    Get 3 solo videos (Dildo on Red Chair, Fresas Fingering and Buttplug & Sex on my SeeThru Chair) in this set at a bargain price!
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    FoxTail Flora

    I enter my kitchen wearing a gray hoodie, see-thru bra and no panties. But the real surprise is revealed when I remove the hoodie. You can probably figure out the surprise from the title! Oh, and my LELO vibrator also makes an appearance.
    8:38 1080p 77 Tokens
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    Big Glass Dildo

    In this video, I introduce you to my European boyfriend (also known as my big glass dildo.) After slowly undressing and letting you see my entire body, I take out my glass dildo and begin to fuck myself. I enjoy it in several positions before cumming doggy style.
    9:47 1080p 77 Tokens
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    Sensual Eroticism

    Last night, I had the wildest dream. I dreamed that I was touching myself all over my body in a slow and sensuous way, until I came. I least I think it was only a dream.
    7:36 720p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Fun in My Kitchen

    Little known fact: Colombianas love to cook. We also love to get naked and play with ourselves on the kitchen counter while we wait for the pasta to boil.
    15:20 1080p 77 Tokens
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    Make a Wish

    Have you ever wanted your own personal genie to fulfill all your pervy wishes? Do you wish she would get naked, rub her pussy, and then fuck herself with a glass dildo until she cums? If so, then buy this video and all your wishes will come true!
    9:23 1080p 77 Tokens
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    Crotchless Panties

    Sometimes I get so horny that I don't have time to take my panties off before I start fingering myself. Luckily, I bought a pair of crotchless panties for just these occasions!
    7:48 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Make Love to Me

    Have you ever fantasized about making love to me? I look right at you as I slowly undress. Then I lay on my bed and spread my legs, inviting you to taste my wet pussy. I guide your hard cock into my pussy and we make passionate love. Was it as good for you as it was for me?
    25:02 1080p 77 Tokens
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    Behind the Scenes

    Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes during a supermodel photoshoot? Well, here you can see how my sister Paprika and I behave during our recent photo shoot in Medellin. Lots of giggling in this one.
    3:41 1080p 39 Tokens
  • .

    The Job Interview

    I really, really needed this job, so I did everything I could to make the boss like me. That included taking all my clothes off (oops! I forgot to wear panties!) sucking on his cock, and finally sitting on his cock and fucking his brains out. And guess what? I got the job!
    13:39 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Horny in High Heels

    A lot of you have requested that I do a video wearing high heels. This one is for you. First, I do a sexy dance. Then, I get naked on the sofa (except for my high heels) and finger my bald pussy. Finally, I pull out my glass dildo and give myself a good fucking with it.
    19:53 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Carribbean Fingering

    After drinking one too many Mojitos, I went back to my hotel room and got naked. After admiring my tanlines, I decided to use my fingers to make myself cum. It worked!
    15:49 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Creamy Cum

    For some reason, I get so horny when I am on vacation in the Caribbean. I decide to use my smallest vibrator on my clit, and it results in a creamy cum for me!
    8:34 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Chocolate Dildo Fun

    I was reading a book and eating una naranja on my Caribbean vacation when I decided I wanted the taste of chocolate. Good thing my chocolate dildo was nearby!
    10:35 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Fucking on a mirror

    I was worried that I would not be able to fit this giant dildo in my pussy.
    13:25 720p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Cum on couch

    Dildo fucking
    9:03 720p 77 Tokens
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    oily body ready to ride my dildo

    Sexy striptease, I need some oil to feel sexy all over my body. Then I get ready to ride a big dildo.
    12:43 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    My First Anal Video!

    Want to watch me lose my anal virginity? I never had this experience before, it was so incredible!!! I can't wait to try it again.
    11:40 720p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Naughty Schoolgirl

    I am in desperate need of a good grade in my class. I try my very best to convince my teacher that I deserve an A+.
    14:25 720p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Caribbean cum time

    Enjoying myself with my fingers. Check out my tanlines!
    9:02 ???p 77 Tokens
  • .

    My favorite dildo in the best position

    Intense cumming time on my living room couch. This lets me have fun and cum in my favorite position (doggy style!)
    12:44 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Fingering in my bedroom

    Fingering my bald pussy. I get so wet!
    8:29 720p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Anal Toy Plus Hitachi

    Do you know what is the only thing better than a glass dildo in my ass? Adding a Hitachi to my pussy.
    9:07 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Horny time alone

    I'm reading a book and the story turns me on so much that I can't stop touching myself all over. Lots of nice closeups here.
    11:22 720p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Flora the LELO Bunny

    I am dressed up in my black bunny costume, complete with long bunny ears. I slowly undress and then pull out my brand new LELO vibrator and use it on my bed. I think it might be even more enjoyable than my Hitachi!
    21:55 720p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Purple Dildo on the Bed

    Nothing like a lazy day in bed in which I pull out my purple dildo and slowly pleasure myself.
    11:49 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Shower Dildo Fuck

    There is nothing I like better than getting fucked doggystyle in the shower. How about you?
    11:03 1080p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Bathroom Dildo Fun

    If you love my ass, this is the video for you. I spend 9 minutes fucking myself doggiestyle with a dildo in front of the bathroom mirror.
    9:06 720p 77 Tokens
  • .

    Bathroom Anal Fun

    I got so horny in the bathroom that I had to put my glass toy up my ass. Add a vibrator for my pussy and that's enough to make me cum hard.
    8:17 720p 77 Tokens
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Videos with AlisOnFire
  • ..

    Cumming Together

    It's easy to tell when two ladies really feel comfortable together. Alice and I felt that way the moment we met. First, I use my Hitachi, my fingers, and then my mouth to help her cum. Then Alice returns the favor using the same methods. Oh, and we also laughed a lot!
    8:09 1080p 500 Tokens
  • ..

    Instant Lust

    Have you ever met someone and instantly wanted them? That's how I felt when I met AlisOnFire! This video includes plenty of kissing, tit-sucking, and of course, pussy licking. It also included lots of closeups and even some split-screen action.
    8:00 1080p 500 Tokens
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    Get the whole set

    Get both videos at one bargain price! Eeee!
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Videos: G/G with Dulcemoon
  • .

    Naughty lesbian sex on bed

    I finger and go down on my best friend Dulce. Ay dios!
    26:45 1080p 99 Tokens
  • .

    Whiskey and Pussy Taste Great!

    After taking some whisky shots, not only our throats was burning. My friend Dulce and I get naughty after getting borracha!
    23:46 1080p 99 Tokens
  • .

    Lesbian 69 Action

    my friend Dulce and I share some watermelon before enjoying a nice 69.
    25:16 1080p 99 Tokens
  • .

    erotic water game

    A fun sexy moment in the kitchen with my friend Dulce
    19:03 1080p 99 Tokens
  • .

    Getting messy in the kitchen

    Sticky, sweet erotic video with me and my friend Dulce making a chocolate mess in the kitchen. We end up licking the chocolate off of each other's bodies.
    14:49 1080p 99 Tokens
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Videos: G/G w/ DianaSpiice
  • .

    Lesbian Sex on the Couch

    My friend Diana and I get comfortable on the couch. Lots of kissing, sucking, and pussy-licking follows.
    20:37 1080p 99 Tokens
  • .

    Horny lesbian morning

    Wanna see how I lick Diana's ass? It tasted so good!
    17:58 1080p 99 Tokens
  • .

    Horny Lesbian Time in Bed

    My friend Diana was asking for some fun, so I had to oblige.
    15:26 1080p 99 Tokens
  • .

    Double dildo on bed

    Have you ever seen 2 beautiful women fucking each other with a double-headed dildo?
    19:47 1080p 99 Tokens
  • .

    Hitachi on the stairs

    My friend Diana and I tease each other, and then we both cum with the help of our dear Hitachi.
    20:34 1080p 99 Tokens
  • .

    Double Dildo Pleasure

    My friend Diana and I discover all the different ways we can fuck each other with our double-sided dildo. This video also has a lot of titty-sucking, as well as lots of talking between Diana and me.
    15:04 720p 99 Tokens
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Videos: G/G Others
  • .

    My First Lesbian Video

    Recorded during my first lesbian group show, with my friend Sara. We were so nervous! But once she put the strap-on on, then she gave me a good fucking in both the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions.
    17:35 720p 99 Tokens
  • .

    Getting Oily With My Sister

    My sister Paprika_MFC and I decide to get really oily in our apartment. We dance as we pour oil on each other and then rub it in.
    13:07 720p 149 Tokens

    Lesbian Squirt party in the sauna

    What happens when 4 horny ladies start playing with each other in the sauna? Lots of fingering and licking, climaxed by the most amazing squirt show you have ever seen.
    9:43 1080p 99 Tokens
My Friends

You guys mean a lot to me, I am here because of you, and it is thanks to you that I have become such an amazing woman. My friends rock!!!


The Smilers

A wall of those friends that aren't regulars but always bring me a smile


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Five Things I Can't Live Without: laughs XD Music [-_-] Family <3 Friends :) Love for myself <3 <3
Favorite Books: History books, Robinson Crusoe, Tom sawyer, Into the wild, fitness books, cooking books, photograph books are amazing to. I read news papers, I read a lot in the internet, about geography, history, about mountains, dinosaurs, past civilizations, plants, about food, exercises, etc. I'm not into a specific kind, I always have that feeling of hungry to know about everithing, I'm very interested to undesrtand how works the whole universe.
What I Like To Do For Fun: Learn to enjoy myself, in all the meaning of that word...
Favorite Songs: Ask to my friends in the chat XD They will answer better than me :P
Favorite Movies: Any movie without Steven Segal would be a good movie.
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: been a camgirl? nahhhh :p
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Next to the beach, somewhere in the caribean...
Hobbies: cooking, exercise, read.
Talents: To find a way to make a great dinner with a few ingredients... like when it's the end of the month and you don't have too much for cooking? like that, hahahaha
Perfect Mate: perfect doesnt exist in the matter of love
Turn Ons/Offs: Rude guys, and those stupid cock emotes, I don't jerk with that, I need moTIPvation, lol
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I hope I can touch your life in a positive way, that's my meaning of life, well, only if you are interested in know me better...
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Hi Flora, I sent you 550 tokens for the Flora Alone video pack 3 days ago and have not heard from you. When can you please send me the download link? Thanks.
Hi beautiful, hugs and kisses
Happy New Year sunshine. I wish you all the best for 2018
Wish you a Merry Christmas, sunshine. May all your Christmas wishes come thru
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