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About Me
Username: GingerMFC
CamScore: 13468
Gender: Female
Body Type: Average
Hair: Red
Weight: 130 pounds
Height: 6 inches
Age: 25
Country: Canada
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Occupation/Major: Mexican
About Me:
***TOP 20***
Yep, thats right, but wait a second. The goal is to hold TOP 20 WITHOUT DROPPING FROM IT (thats the hard part) until Sat, 8th of July.
I will then have eye surgery & be absent until Friday the 14th.
The only way for this to be possible is to go REALLY hard in the first hours of the month, which falls during the night between this Friday & Saturday. I NEED YOU THERE at 00:01 EST on July 1st!!!
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This section is to recognize the people who support me day in, day out.
How can you get your name here?
Participate in the room over a considerable amount of time, mix in with the crew, distinguish yourself by doing something special, etc.
I need to get to know you to be able to assign you a title!
Thank you all supporters!
Top Tippers This Month
Top 5 Cumulative Tippers
  • Cakes
  • Jay
  • QT
  • Rosco
  • Wood
Highest Single Tips of the Month
  • 11,111 (Cakes)
  • 10,000 (Silly)
  • 7575 (Darfffy)
  • 5400 (Cartel)
  • 5001 (Cakes)
Videos Group A
New vids - Professionally edited
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  • VA1
  • VA2
  • VA3
  • VA4
  • VA5
  • VA6
  • VA7
  • VA8
Videos Group B
A mix of more recent vids + my first ever video
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  • BDSM


    BDSM recording with WhiskeyKitten

    47:00 Mins
  • Vegas Shower


    Soapy shower in Vegas

    0:00 Mins
  • Wet TShirt


    Oily wet t-shirt

    0:00 Mins
  • Squirt Video


    41 squirts in a row (my record)

    0:00 Mins
  • Ginger's 1st Video


    Gingers VERY FIRST video (2013)

    0:00 Mins
  • Red Polka Dots


    Red polka dot tease

    0:00 Mins
Videos Group C
All my public Mexico vids and more
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  • Beautiful Agony


    Watch me play with myself exactly as I do it every night before bed: watching porn, with fingers only. Pure heaven O face!

  • Eight Squirts


    This girl can squirt a LOT! 8 huge squirts in under 7 mins! Wet pleasure for sure.

  • One & Only BJ (toy)


    One of my personal favs! Watch me get really horny while sucking and slobbering on my toy! Great sight, trust me!

  • Make It Rain


    Filmed on a balcony by the sea in Mexico. My sexiest and most intense squirt video ever made.

  • Mexico Outtakes


    A peak behind the scenes of the different Mexico vids + some bloopers! I get caught in public and giggle a lot ;)

  • Reunion with Black


    Non sexual video. I get to see my Mexican puppies after 2 months away! Animals lovers, this is for you!

  • Drunk Squirt


    After many drinks, I decide to sneak away and play with myself on a small beach until I squirt!

  • Sandy Sunset


    Outside playtime by the sea with close ups and squirts! I enjoy the breeze and try to cum before someone catches me!

  • Close Up Finger Play


    Sensual, late night close up play with my very, very wet pussy!

Videos Group D
Older solo videos
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  • Creamy Lelo Cum

    15:00 Mins
  • Long DP with Lelo

    25:00 Mins
  • Riding & Sucking

    13:00 Mins
  • First Time Hitachi

    22:00 Mins
  • Lelo Double Cum

    28:00 Mins
  • Squirt Attempt

    12:00 Mins
  • A Little Bit of French

    7:00 Mins
  • Loudest Cum

    8:00 Mins
  • Panties to the Side

    7:00 Mins
  • My Proudest Moment

    13:00 Mins
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Cakes - 11,111
Silly - 10,000

Darfffy - 7575
CARTEL - 5400
Cakes - 5001
Brianmaner - 4600
SplitAces - 4200
QT_LuckyG - 3775
QT_LuckyG - 3500
Jay - 2665
Cakes - 2664
Kidhart - 2429
Brainmaner - 2350
Cakes - 2222
Jim - 2222
QT_LuckyG - 2000
HUB - 2000
Jay - 2000
Duke - 2000
Woodcraft - 2000
Rules for Ginger's Card Game
Rules: Every card is 51 tokens. Whenever my topic says we are playing the game (or ask before), tip 51 in the room. I will give you a card from my shuffled pack. Every one of them corresponds to something, wether its spanks, drinks or taking tokens off the count. A - sign means the corresponding amount will be deducted from the current room topic. A + sign means the tokens will be added to it (2 jokers in the pack).

Cards help to keep the room active and always make us reach goals faster! Play with us!

Here are the rules
  • Tease for next topic :)
  • Everything on tip menu (including vids) is 1/2 price for 2 mins
  • Ban power and song request
  • Ginger cant swear, touch hair or touch boobs for 5 mins (fail = -500 for topic)
  • Every new tipper who tips 10 = -100 for topic
  • Single tip of 1000 finishes current topic (except cumshow)
  • Spanks x 7
  • + 100 for topic
  • -200 for topic
  • Mute ginger (88 to unmute)
  • Half price on drinks
  • -300 for topic
  • Very next tip counts double for topic
  • +500 for topic
Tip Menu
  • 11 If you like my booty
  • 22 Show fridge bb
  • 51 Card! (see rules)
  • 88 Unmute
  • 111 If you really like my booty!
  • 123Nip clamps
  • 128 MUTE
  • 188 20 squats
  • 189 20 spanks
  • 199 Snap forever
  • 234 Ballgag
  • 300 Wine or beer
  • 400 Shot! (can vary)
  • 550 33 older vids
  • 666 Cancel drink (dont you dare)
  • 900 All vids made up to today (40+)
  • 1111 If my booty is the best thing evaaar!
  • 3456 Panties
Highest Tip Ever
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Things You Should Know
Tags: ginger, small tits, giggles, tall, skinny, redhead, sarcastic, shaved, bacon, smart, funny, pale skin, crazy, dance, french canadian, accent, nice ass, natural, landing strip
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