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Profile Headline: "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"~Dr. Seuss
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Username: I_Am_Iris
CamScore: 4580
Gender: Female
Age: 77
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
About Me: My Twitter

Open bobs, bb!!

Here, on the Island of Misfit Toys...

Welcome to Irisnation, your new favorite vacation. (Rhyming completely unintentional, but impressive anyway.) For those times when your boss is an overpaid dumbass and life throws you one problem after another, you can find solace here. Kick your shoes off, grab a beer, and share a few laughs.

You might notice that we do things a little differently around here. Everyone's welcome as long as you are respectful to my regulars and me. Laughing at our jokes is not demanded (but let's face it, we're hilarious). However, it will earn you brownie points. And because I don't like chocolate, those brownie points are useless. :) I do not sell friends list adds, because I don't think that you can put a price on friendship. (Sidenote: my landlord made me change this. So if you tip 33,333 tokies, you CAN buy your way onto the list. I don't think it's worth it, but at least it'll shut the ol' biddy up.)

Please do not let a lack of tokies stop you from hanging out. In Irisnation, you are not expected to tip every day or even every month, although it's always authentically appreciated. I cam because I genuinely love chatting with such amazing, altruistic people who I could not have met otherwise. It breaks my heart to hear about guys' tipping habits hindering them from paying bills or buying groceries. Don't let me be the reason you're living off of Ramen noodles. This brings up another thing - I know what it's like to work at a minimum-wage job, living paycheck-to-paycheck. And I also understand that to most people, money doesn't grow on trees. For this reason, I truly cherish every tip regardless of its size, because we (as viewers) never know what kind of situation the tipper might be in. I just hope it shows that every time we hang out (whether you tip or not) feels like a good day to me.

So quit stressing and have some fun!

Let's Make the World Better!
You all know that I don't worry about the MissMFC rank or camscore stuff, but there are some new awesome perks if we ever DO reach high ranks! If I ever end the month in the top 100, I will add up all your tips for the month and divide by 100. You will get that many tickets into a donation raffle! There will be 3 winners chosen, and each winner gets to choose the foundation to which we donate the money! The prizes are as follows:

If we end Top 100:
First winner gets $500 to donate!
Second winner gets $250 to donate!
Third gets $100 to donate!

If we end Top 50:
1st: $750
2nd: $500
3rd: $250

If we end Top 20:
1st: $1000
2nd: $750
3rd: $500

On the off chance that we ever finish Top 5, I will personally donate $1000 to 10 foundations while dressed in costume (winner's choice on costume)!!!

I just want to thank you all for everything you do, and show just how much I appreciate each and every one of you!!!

Tags: tattoo, piercing, punk, emo, gamer, iris, dork, geek, alternative, rock, acf
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Five Things I Can't Live Without:

The Breast Witch Project

Filmed during Camgirls Take Orlando. Featuring 10 other models.
Over 6 minutes. 150 tokies.


Drunk Iris

VERY RARELY do I get on cam whilst inebriated.
This is one of those times. Laughs guaranteed.
100 tokies.

Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:

Spidey - 30,100
Spidey - 18,000
Spidey - 15,555
Erbee - 11,111

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