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Username: Kendra
Gender: Female
Body Type: Large
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 28
Sexual Preference: Straight
About Me:
It's April!

My, how the time flies.. Thank you all for a lovely month of March! Had a blasty blast as always. :) Congrats to Woody & Smooth for winning the secret raffle! I'm excited to put your packages together.. Good luck to the rest of you this month!
Here's what's going on in April!

-Easter Egg Hunt! Tip 333 for a small egg, 1875 for a large egg or collect THREE large eggs to collect a golden egg! Details and prizes below.

-Easter Sunday! I know most of you will be spending Easter Sunday with your families but since my family is all the way in Canada I will be online.. so if you don't have plans or you'd like to join me after dinner.. I'll be online! Gonna try to find some bunny ears to wear.

-During the last couple days of April, it is very important to me that you all show up to see me at some point as I will be gone for the first week of May.. NO K FOR 9 DAYS. So, I really want to have a relaxing week that week and spend some quality time with my Krue. Even though I'm going on vacation, I'm still gonna miss you guys a lot! :(

Love and Hugs and Kisses! xx K
Spoil Me
Amazon VS 4S
Please send e-giftcards to - thank you in advance if you do send something, Kendra
Mini Eggs
-BoBo x 2 -Eric -Kougsy -Jimmy -Freddie -Aqua -Hungy -Red -Count -Woody -Crew -AssPan -V -DG -Skurbs -Kray
Large Eggs
-BoBo -Hungy -Graci -Crew -Kougs -AssPan -Count -JR -Skurby
Gold Eggs
-BoBo -Hungy -Kougs -Count -JR -Woody -Eric
Krue Hdr
Krue & Mini Krue Statues will reset every January 1st. Krue dues (200 minimum tokens per month) will keep your name on the list!
All mini Krue members will get their name on my profile & be able to use the mini Krue fist (:mkfist).
All official Krue members will get their name on my profile, be able to use the mighty Krue fist (:kfist) & receive my Kik for the year!
Boyfriend Krue members will be able to use the boyfriend Krue fist (:bfk) and their name will remain on my profile for life!
Mini Official BFK
Hungy Skurbs V Zippy Swartzy Eliot Attica Gibbs Smoothykins Blankey GG Graci Kev Woody Fubs Aqua
Official Krue
Plat Red BoBo Hung Count Asa Kougs Skurbs Wolfy Aqua Kray V Houndy NL Zip Smoothykins Swartzy
Boyfriend Krue
  • Red
  • Smoothy
  • JR
  • AssPan
  • D
  • Swartzy
  • BoBo
  • Skurbs
  • Hellu
  • Kougs
  • Hungy
  • MrF
  • Eric
  • V
Kings HdrQueenK
Red (x2) Smoothy Hungy (x2) Skurbs
Grand Dukes
AssPan x 297 BoBo x 292
-Swartzy x 156
-V x 135
Kougs x 80 Zippy x 106 DG x 73 Count x 63 Asa x 60 Hungy (x3) x 83
Kray x 38
Attica x 21 Eric x 20 Aqua x 14 Plat x 15 Crew x 18 Skurbs (x2) x 16
Fisheater x 9 Dream x 6 Gibbs x 12 Woody x 13 Red (x3) x 7
GG x 1 Voyeur x 4 Graci x 2 JR x 1 Fubs x 2
Tags: crazy
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An arrogant stupid b-itch who has a super annoying voice.
she is just the best !
You're continuous verbal abuse towards myself and NL is what make me come back for more. I wish you nothing but the best. Jk You're worst. <3
When I see her, my whole body knows it
The best, always have a good time in her room! Thanks K
absolutely perfect!!!!
thanks guys!! Love ya always ! xoox
one of the most perfect females I have ever seen.
hi there ANGEL check the boxes !!! IF A GIRL COULD ??? 1 make me laugh 2 make me feel she realy cares 3 make me trust her 4 make me love you for her personality 5 make me feel proud about her 6 make me see its possible to be georgius both inside and out 7 make me feel happy just watching her smile 8 make me feel special 9 make me wanna be a better person 10 make me miss her like hell check 1 to 3 boxes ... i'm amazed check 3 to 5 boxes ... i know someone's lying to me check all 10 boxes ... bless me because i'v just probably died and met an angel
Hi there I'm looking at the page of samples of oathtaker. has this helped you with your career I'm thinking of getting one.
Amazing and fun!
I can't think of many things more attractive than a beautiful girl who's beauty isn't what actually attracts you...she's a splendid adventure!
Thank you for the wonderful comments! Love you guys :kfist xo
Hi I love your profile

she's graces awsome n beautifull
from the first time i seen you i was blown away and still to this day you get more and more beautiful every time i see you with much lov emazing
I miss you! =)
If beauty is power, your smile is the sword
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