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Profile Headline: all that jelly... and no toast.
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Username: Kendra
Gender: Female
Body Type: Large
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 28
Sexual Preference: Straight
About Me:
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Can't think of a time in my life where I've been more happy & at ease!! Thank you guys for being such a big part of it!
Happy Halloween! xo

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Tags: crazy
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Kendra, I'm sure you dont remember 8 months ago hell I don't remember yesterday half the time, but 8 months ago I was in a bad place in my life started drinking again and wasn't who people remember. I had gotten on MFC one night and was looking for females to talk to and no one would give me the time of day, wouldn't talk unless I had tokens to give them. Well I was just about ready to get off and decided I'm would look for one more person to talk to, now mind you I've always had everything I ever wanted cause I work hard for it well I lost everything almost in a divorce several years ago and it's taken a lot to get things back just a lot of issues in between but non the less I was not wanting to burden my kids or my family anymore, then I laid my eyes on an angel!!!!! She was feeling sick that night but was still doing her very best to make the guys or girls lol in her room laugh and I thought what would it hurt. So I said hi how are you, and your reply to this day still gets me... you said I'm good how are you. You see that you out of all the models on here asked me was wondering about me! I told you it had been a tough last few months you said it will get better it always does, now if someone were to say that to me I would have blown them off but when u said it I believed it. Long story short you helped me in a dark time in my life and I cant give you gold or tokens or even gifts I'm still getting me back. But what I can give you is an undying friendship that will last until I'm gone. I wanted you to know the impact you have on people whether you think so or not you impress upon many people here me included. I can say that you are the funniest, by far sexiest, most intelligent, and down right out best model to ever grace MFC.... so THANK YOU for saving my life that day. You are loved (not stalkerish like) and held with the utmost respect. If I can ever repay your kindness please do not hesitate to ask. I'm your humble servant. Sincerely Tim B. AKA- BIGbaldsavage
Your fake angry face is literally the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I miss it very much. And I fall for the smile every single time too. But DAMN that ass tho...
This lady is so AWSOME
The sweetest, most fun, down to earth people I have ever seen. And absolutely beautiful to top it off! K, stau just as you are.
sexiest girl and funny
Glad to have you back and have missed you soon as they get my house repaired from the flood will give my love and support again
I like the new profile, but it needs a lot more of your pretty face...and big hair!
Love the new profile.
what do you think of my new profile? Tell me here! <3
I miss you! You are incredibly sweet and stunningly beautiful. You were the reason I was on MFC at all Plus, you're a fellow Canadian! Happy Canada Day Kendra. I hope you decide to come back one day If not, all the best! And have a happy life filled with love
Attica smells like feet
she is just the best !
You're continuous verbal abuse towards myself and NL is what make me come back for more. I wish you nothing but the best. Jk You're worst. <3
When I see her, my whole body knows it
The best, always have a good time in her room! Thanks K
absolutely perfect!!!!
thanks guys!! Love ya always ! xoox
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