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Username: Kosplay_Keri
CamScore: 1137
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Always Different
Weight: 54 kilos
Height: 163 centimeters
Age: 30
Country: Canada
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Occupation/Major: Fembot
Favorite Food: McDicks!... but I get the McShits
Pets: Dog and plushies
About Me: Faster costumes!!! I'm trying my best to get awesome costumes, but remember, they don't just grow on trees- they cost money! If you would like me to get a specific costume message me on Facebook. Here are the costumes I am looking for direct funding right now.

Sailor Uranus $0/185.36

Sailor Neptune $0/147.89

Nurse Joy $8.00/160.00

Sybian $0/1500

WARNING!! Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile and/or pictures in any form or forum past, current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of our privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other! Any videos or galleries purchased are for your own personal use!

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Coming soon!

Resident Evil - G-Spot Virus

1. Batman: Gotham City Celebrity Confessional, 26:29 - 400 tokens - B/G

Batman confesses about his various sexual exploits with the most notable ladies of Gotham city! 3 in 1 story with Robin, Harley Quinn and Batgirl! Themes: Pinkerbell, Close up, Domination, Cream pie, Submissive, Shower, Cosplay, Roleplay, Oral, Loud, Moan, Orgasm

2. Street Fucker: Lightning Dick, 23:59 - 300 tokens - B/G

Chun Li defends her fathers honour against Ryu, but as more and more clothing is torn off it becomes less of a fight. Themes: POV, Fucking, Close up, Oral, Loud moan, Orgasm, Titty bouncing, Cosplay, Roleplay, Pantyhose ripping, Cum on tits

3. Moon Pie, 11:45 - 300 tokens - B/G

Sailor Moon has it all and she gives it all! If you've ever wanted to fuck Sailor Moon, this will answer all of the questions you've ever wondered! Sailor Moon shows her not-so-innocent side as she sucks a MEAN POV cock! Themes: Boy/Girl Fuck, Pinkerbell, Pussy eating, Cock Suck, POV, Cosplay, Orgasm

4. Bubble Bath Blast, 14:07 - 250 tokens - Solo

Sailor Mercury takes a soapy bubble bath and makes sure she gets every spot! Sailor Mercury straddles the cock on the side of the tub and has amazing orgasms with Pinkerbell! Themes: Pinkerbell, Boy Wonder, Close up, Soapy, Stripping, Cosplay, Orgasm

5. Pluto's Time Out!, 12:49 - 200 - Solo

Sailor Pluto takes time to smell the roses by freezing time and doing what she really enjoys! Using the We Vibe Sailor Plutos hands are free to caress her tits and rub herself all over. Themes: We Vibe, Knee High boots, Cosplay, Orgasm

6. Thunderbang, 9:49 - 200 tokens - Solo

Sailor Jupitor finds Pinkerbell in the woods, but how did it get there? Someone must be watching her! Is it you? Themes: Pinkerbell, Cosplay, Orgasm, Loud moaning

7. Star Trek: The Final Cunt-Here, 21:02 - 300 tokens - B/G

A young ensign awakens to find the Enterprise deserted! When the self destruct sequence starts up she has plans for her final moments! Somewhere along the way she finds a stranger wrestling to take control of the ship!!! Themes: POV, Fucking, Close up, Loud moan, Orgasm, Titty bouncing, Cosplay, Roleplay, Cum on pubis. Hitachi, interracial

8. Hinaughty: Thoughts of a Ninja, 10:54 - 200 tokens - Solo

Hinata is training outside, but when it gets too cold she decides to escape the fray and warm up inside, but her mind quickly wanders to thoughts of Naruto! Themes: Flutteryshy, Oil, Close up, Stripping, Cosplay, Orgasm

9. Voyeur Public Masturbation, 4:24 - 200 tokens - Public Voyeur video! I was masturbating on the Mission Space ride at Epcot in Disney world in December 2012! Themes: Voyeur, Public, Close up

10. Batman: Gotham City Celebrity Confessional part 2! 44:47 - 400 tokens - B/G

In this direct continuation, Batman confesses more of his various sexual exploits with the most notable ladies of Gotham city! 3 in 1 story with Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy! Themes: Close up, Domination, Submissive, Cosplay, Roleplay, Oral, Loud, Moan, Orgasm, Anal licking, Fetish.

Receive 50 tokens off if you already have the first Batman porno! 11. Pokmon: Misty Misty! 17:17 - 200 tokens - Solo Misty goes out looking for water pokmon in the rain but soon realizes that it doesn't work that way. She ends up in the tub to relax after a long day of useless hunting. Themes: Close up, underwater camera, cum shot, Cosplay, Roleplay, Moan, Orgasm, Wild G, fingers, dual split screen cams... facial (kinda?)


Bonus! Barbie Girl, 3:55 - 50 tokens, B/G, Bonus video! Send me a video review on another video you've purchased OR it's 50 tokens with the purchase of any other video

Below are video reviews! by YOU!
Star Trek: The Final Cunt-Here

''Wow, it was pretty hot. I enjoyed it a lot. Just love the pink wig on. Just a huge turn on. Lol. And good editing'' -Andrew Wuorinen

Batman - Gotham City Celebrity Confessionals Part 1

''OMG!! Make me more sexy!!! I'm lovin' it!!!'' - Yungteddy10

O...M...G... did you really just put that together??? i don't want to write you a novel so i'm just gonna tell ya that my favorite part was the close up when robin was cumming on batmans cock! best one yet keep it up - Nintendork

I just wanted to let you know that i was very impressed with your batman video... The final cut pro effects are top notch... You've created a life long fan Below is a amazon code for $50 (US) XXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX *also I know you are a gamer PSN - invictablake

i just got done watching the new batman vid! i must say that i loved it i like the harly quin part the best. kinda wish that the cream pie shot lasted long to see it running out but over all good. - timekiller1988

guys i just downloaded batman it is the most well done video i have ever seen done by a cam girl it is worth the purchase and much more just like everything she does she really went the extra mile putting this and every video together - John Miseo

Well ok. I liked it. It did felt a little silly at times. Lol. I do like how you did with Harley Quinn because felt a lot like her. Lol. The Robin one was the most hottest but most one that felt silly. Lol. For the last one, I enjoyed that a lot. So yea, it was all good. - Andrew Wuorinen

ok the first scene was kinda a bust. his cape and leg kept getting in the way but still ok. scene 2 harley was killer good only wish the outfit had a zipper on the crotch. scene 3 was ok to bad we didnt get to see the whole batgirl out fit. on a scale of 1-10 id give it a 6. but over great stuff!!! cant wait to see the next one. DannyJoe39

I just have to say, that this is worth the purchase. Keri's body is amazing - gorgeous shaved pussy - looks really tight too. She really know how to moan in this video. I barely make it past the first 10 minutes without cumming. Must See!!!! - Sara Miligan

Loved the video, it is very hot; there is lots of different action, variety is good in any movie; the acting was very good, the voices sounded a lot like the characters which made it more believable that it was the actual characters I really loved the part in the Robin scene when Batman gave Robin a cream pie. For anymore Robin scenes see if you can think of some lines like the ones that Robin used in the original series, like Holy hardon Batman! or Holy nipple twister Batmen as Batman plays with Robins tits. Holy blue balls batman Holy deepthroat Batman I could so see Harley knocking out batman and having her way with him, that is definitely something that Harley would do. The part about why do I have to do all the work is something Harley says a lot in the different Batman series cause Joker has her do everything, from work on his plans to doing his laundry. Even Harleys defence of Joker the whole time and her constant calling Joker Mr J is something she always does in the different series. As for the Batgirl scene, it is definitely something I could see happening because in the Batman Beyond series we meet Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) when shes older, through her we find out that she was with Batman for a while as more than partners, and more than BF/GF, thats in the episode A Touch of Curar This is one video that I am going to enjoy watching again and again. For Part 2, if I were you, I would see about finding another girl to work with you two. Then you can do some MFF and lesbian scenes too, dont forget a strapon. For the lesbian scenes you could do a Harley/poison Ivy scene, or Harley/Batgirl, Harley/Robin, dont forget about Catwoman, do a Catwoman/Batgirl scene. For MFF you could do Batman/Robin/Batgirl, or a scene where Batman and Robin interrogate Harley or Poison Ivy or Catwoman. I give it 10 boners out of 10 boners 8====D - Damien Mist

Street Fucker - Lightning Dick

heres my review!!! this one was superb too!!! i like the fights before the fucks too!!! i see why it took you so long to put this together it felt like i was watching a real street fighter prons... not sure what my fav part was either the POV BJ or maybe the POV cowgirl!!! 10/10! i always look forward to your videos their not like the others cuz their always in HD and you put effort into them!!! - Nintendork

Oh, I liked the Street Fucker video. Had some chuckles but loved it and it's pretty hot XD' -Andrew Wuorinen

Moon Pie

This girl is VASTLY overlooked! vid was fucking awesome right through and the opening skit made me lol this was the first vid i got and i'm getting another real soon! bought this vid with an amazon gift too so it was cheaper then tokens would have been... that cock suck scene was the best thing evar! lucky tuxedo... barbie girl was good too as a bonus music vid! Kosplay_Keri makes a hot barbie! - Nintendork

Bubble Bath Blast

best angles evar! give the cameralady a gold star cause that perfect! I like how you named the dildo IQ for this one lol when you say high def close up you MEAN it! - Nintendork

This video started off already promising, especially with the name. The emotion conveyed was that of jealousy and loneliness which absolutely made it sexy. THEN she got in the bath and started playing with herself. That enough was sexy, but then she 'found' pinky in the bath-tub and all hell broke loose. The camera angles were great, lighting was good, and the action...well...I'll let the video speak for itself. A must see and 5/5 - Veelix

Pluto's Time Out

this video is good and i'm not sure why you keep saying you could have done better with it because i thought it was really good! the music is soothing and the background video is fun lol the beginning reminded me just how much i want you to make a lesbian video! :p -Nintendork

Jupiter's Thunder Bang

Now dis 1 here was awesomely good!! -Yungteddy10

If you consider yourself a geek/nerd/dork, this is for you. Quality porn for nerds by nerds. ~ BobaFettish
Tags: sexy shaved bald cum wig voyeur, nerd gamer geek dork intelligent, smart funny nice smile cosplayer, cosplay cute costumes hot young, elf brunette blond redhead pale, toys pink hair pussy beautiful, natural real pink nipples Harley, Quinn Leia Trekkie funny super, dildo hitachi bright lights mask, heels feet toes tight wet yiff, anime video games hentai horny, sailor moon princess anal perky, crazy wild fun loud moan scream, tatoo piercings tease thighs ass, HD closeup canadian roleplay, bath shower queef humiliation
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: Eat then poop then eat then sex then poop then eat! Hopefully the last thing I do before I die isn't pooping!
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Aside from the ACTUAL things I can't live without. My dog tops my list! My costumes are my pride, my computer keeps me sane, my toys keep me from getting stressed, and surprises make me perpetually happy!
Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Zombie Survival Guide, Where's Waldo, Green Eggs and Ham, Pop Up Books
What I Like To Do For Fun: If you would like to contribute to my arsenal please take a look at my wishlist linked in the picture below!

Favorite Songs:
Favorite Movies: The movies that I control with a console controller!

First off, I don't play FPS games and I don't have any intention to start. I love RPGs and CRPGs, but I don't have as much time to play them anymore since I work this 2nd job. Back before real life kicked in after school was over I used to have time for multiple RPGs at the same time, but now that I only have a couple hours a day to devote to my games I try to avoid never ending games (I played WoW from 2004-2009)

I toggle between my systems all the time, I still have my old systems plugged in and ready to roll including my Sega Genesis, Nintendo and N64. My favourite system was my Super Nintendo before it was destroyed in a flood :( Since that happened I started using my Wii as a Super Nintendo with my Wii Points!

I have all the 7th generation consoles and a Wii U! My PS3 is AWESOME since I have the original version that came out and it's backwards compatible with my PS and PS2 games :D
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I've done some crazy things over the years. My first lesbian experience was a drunk experience in front of a crowd at a Halloween party, I've had sex in a dog park, and I've even taken off all my clothes and masturbated in front of a webcam while connected to the internet with up to a couple thousand people watching me all at once!

But the craziest thing I've ever done involved the Mission Space ride in Epcot at Walt Disney World! I had been looking for an opportunity and finally I had it! I got a pod all to myself and decided now was the time! I pulled up my dress, pulled my panties aside and fingered myself until the ride was over! ... Did I mention that I brought a video camera onto the ride with me and that video is available for sale on my profile? :D
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Inside a video game! Virtual boy was such a let down lol
Hobbies: DIRECT YOUR TOKENS! These tokens will NOT count towards my goal!!! Simply tip me with a note telling me what you want me to put the tokens towards!

2. 20/30'000 - Raising money to buy a Sybian! I'll order it the same day that this goal is reached!
Talents: How to conquer Kosplay_Keri

This will count towards the goal!

5 - Spank that ass once!

10 - A nice hard titty slap!

50 - Spank my ass until it's red!

75 - Queefing! I can queef with party blowers too!

Extra features :p This stuff will NOT count towards the goal!

20 - ''So you like donuts eh?''Buy me a donut, get access to my donut gallery and watch as I add a new photo with your tip!

200 - ''Down the hatch''Buy me an alcoholic drink! (Max 5 per night)

400 - ''Dance monkey!'' Choose a mascot for me to dance in! I will eventually emerge from the mascot sweaty and naked!

500 - ''Change bitch! I don't like this costume!'' I'll change into any of my costumes!

666 - ''Unholy shout!'' Tip me during a show and I will scream out any name you wish at climax!

800 - ''Join the 5 Inch high club!'' Heel fuck my Red or Black heels! (or both?)

1200 - ''You're doing it wrong!'' Anal lightsaber fuck show!

3000 - ''I'm all naked and wet!'' Time for me to get in the shower!

5000 - ''Low health! Quaff a potion!''Take a big shot of lube!

10'000 - ''The Colossus is real!'' I pull out a huge fucking dildo and experience reverse child birth! (never used it yet!)

15'005 - Make this cock yours! For the next half hour I will suck your cock (Gloryhole style) without a break!

25'000 - ''Cum bitch cum!'' For a solid hour I will go through my toys and see how many times I can cum in 60 minutes!
Perfect Mate:

These are the awesome gifts you guys bought for me <3

Axiom - Harley Quinn costume

BlewsAttack - Super Mario plush throw blanket

Bobafetish - Donatello costume

Crazytim1 - Wild G vibrator

Damien Mist - HUGE dildo aka the Beast!

Dex_Machina - Sailor Mercury Wig

Heelluver - Red Heels

Heelluver- Black Pumps

Heelluver - Orange Sailor Venus Shoes

Heelluver - Sailor Saturn shirt and Pillsbury frosting!

Heelluver - Count Chocula, Halloween Cake mix and frosting!

Heelluver - Christmas Cake mix and frosting and a T-Shirt!

Invictablake - $50.00 Amazon gift card (Gifted AFTER he bought the Batman porno!)

John Miseo - King size Pink Plush Playboy throw blanket!

Neednudegirls - Batman Special Edition DVDs!

Nintendork - 100% Silk hand painted Kimono

Nintendork - 100% Silk white Nightgown

Nintendork - Dr. Whooves plushy!

Nintendork - Flutteryshy plushy!

Nintendork - Joker snuggy!

Nintendork - Batman TAS - Volume 1!

Quazvizard - Ariel wig

Quaxvizard - Sailor Mercury costume

Quaxvizard - Sailor Saturn costume/boots

Quaxvizard - Futurama DVD collection bender head!

Quaxvizard - HD Video camera (This changed my life :D)

Quaxvizard - Ryu costume

Quaxvizard - Elton John in performance concert DVD

Quaxvizard - WeVibe

Skoll - Elton John/Billy Joel concert DVD

Veelix - Fatal Frame III for PS2

Veelix - Star Trek Uniform costume

Yourmom26 - Hinata Hyuga costume

Zardoom - Hitachi/Gonzo

Zardoom - Sailor Venus wig

Zardoom - Sailor Venus costume

Zardoom - Sailor Moon wig

Zardoom - Sailor Moon costume

Zardoom - Sailor Pluto costume

Zardoom - Sailor Pluto wig

Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Because I can defend your ass when the zombie apocalypse starts! Oh! And I like snusnu!
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hi my friend, miss you so much xoxo
I just want to say happy bday again! I am a huge fan and can't wait to see u again!
love meeting you
Happy New Year!
Black eyes? Sounds evil, lol
Looked to me like they randomly changed every of aspect of me. I was 160KG and 180+cm tall. I also smoked/drank/did drug. Black eyes, black hair. They just jumbled all the options and wiped my profile clean.
Well it had the location set in the Netherlands, do you know anyone from there?
I wonder who the fuck it was! At least I had a lot of my profile done up as pictures, so those are easy to replace! Why not target someone who makes a lot of money though?
Hey, saw what happened. Guys like that are dickless jerks, don't let them get you down, you've got a bunch of fans that think you rock

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