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Profile Headline: All your base are belong to us. You have no chance to survive. Make your time. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
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About Me
Username: LadyLuna
CamScore: 643
Gender: Female
Body Type: Ample
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Multi
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 150 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Age: 30
City: Under a Rock
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Involved
Occupation/Major: Camgirl since Nov 5th, 2009
School: I have a BA in Mathematics. I will not tell you where I went to school.
Favorite Food: Variety is good. Can't handle spicy.
Pets: Don't have any. Would love to get a cat, or a bearded dragon (it's a type of lizard, look it up)
Automobile: I miss my 2006 Kia Spectra
About Me:

In college, I had the following conversation with a friend:

Me: I don't fit any one stereotype exactly. You, you're a geek, mixed with a bit of tomboy. Easy! Me, I'm like this weird... nerd-geek-princess-tomboy.
Her: That's like three contradictions and one impossibility!
Me: But it's true!
Her: I never said it wasn't! You shouldn't exist!
Me: I'm a paradox!

The following year, I had this conversation with a different friend (completely unrelated to the previous conversation):

Me: Last year, I was reminded why I rarely make friends with other girls.
Him: Cause they're vindictive bitches?
Me: Yes, yes we are.
Him: Oh shit! I totally forgot!
Me: (surprised and laughing) You forgot that I'm a girl? But I'm on the phone with you!
Him: (wailing in mock-despair) I know.

Conclusion: I'm a paradox who shouldn't exist, and sometimes it's hard for someone to remember that I'm female, even when I'm right in front of them.

Room Rules

1. Be respectful of everyone, unless they are being disrespectful of me.
2. If there is no tip note, I will show tits, but nothing else.
3. Only the person who tipped can decide what happens with their tip.
4. Tips for content do not count towards the countdown (on the rare occasion that there is one.
5. Basics get three strikes. Certain things count for two strikes.
6. Basics are muted if I'm naked.
7. Use English. Not text talk, and not foreign languages.
8. I will not put anything in my pussy or ass in public chat. I will not cum in public chat.
9. I will not do a skype show.
10. I will not meet anyone from this site, even when I'm single.

Check out my preview pics! There's some nude ones to give you an idea of what I look like.

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My Blog
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My Vid Store (May purchase with tokens, pm to ask about pricing and download method)
The Other Profile (for tip pricing and show options)
Dice Rolls (a game we play in my room, always available)

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Please note: I do not do custom videos. I will take suggestions, please send them in an MFC mail with the subject line 'Video Suggestion'. Put the actual suggestion in the body. I will send you an MFC mail when it has been uploaded to my store, where you can buy it.

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Meaning of Life:


This profile has been revamped to better reflect the convoluted nature of the model. Relax. If you want to know something specific, it's probably best just to ask me. ^_^

City: Under a Rock- I tend to not pay much attention to the outside world. x.x

I currently live in the Northern Half of the US Eastern Time Zone. I have lived in many states both north and south of the Mason Dixxon line in this time zone. I have been to Canada, still in this time zone, and I have travelled to every state within the time zone at least once.

Until I was 14, I solely a New England Girl. My accent is mostly New England, with a bit of southern, a bit of Canada, and a bit of something inbetween south and north.

Birthdate: June 20th 1985. No, I will not tell you where I was born. What I will say is that under the Chinese Zodiac I am the bull, and under the European Zodiac I am on the Cusp of Gemini and Cancer. This means that I have a changeable personality, very little patience, a tendancy to overreact (wait, that's because I'm female...), and can be incredibly stubborn.

Sexual Preference: Bi-Curious. Okay, technically, I'm straight but find women attractive. But that option isn't there. More about my past sex-life later.

Marital Status: I live with a man. Off-cam, I belong to him. On cam, I'm free to please you. We are not married either legally or religiously.

Ethnicity: White. Fuck being PC. I'm not 'caucasian'. I'm WHITE. Geneology reveals that I'm mostly swiss (like 60%) with English, Scottish, Irish, Pensylvania Dutch, 'and a few others' mixed in (though they don't quite know what others). My skin is somewhere between transluscent and peach. I have freckles. In the summer, I burn real quick, but then darken to a tan and don't really burn the rest of the summer.

Eyes: A ring of gray around a ring of blue around a ring of yellow. Depending on which rings are currently the biggest, they can appear gray, blue, green, or purple.

Hair: Red, blonde, and brown highlights. Seriously, any one strand twirled in the sun will reveal all three colors all up and down it. Inside lighting makes it look brown with red highlights, outside lighting makes it look dirty-blonde with red highlights. The camera really likes it looking red.

Smoke/drugs/alcohol: I do not smoke. I do not do any drugs (no, there's no perscription meds either). I tried MJ a few times, don't much care for it. I drink on occasion. Don't much care for it. Used to be Catholic and took the wine every Sunday, so I used to have a pretty good tolerance, but that's disappeared. Mostly, my bouciness is sugar, with occasional caffiene.

Car: This post on my blog details what my dream car would be like.

- - To the top!- - - - Contents- - - - Message Wall
The Meaning of Life

To live, love, experience, and enjoy. (If you're a real Douglas Adams fan, you know that 42 is not the meaning of life the universe and everything, but the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.)

The ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything:
- - How many levels of complexity exist in the current universe?
- - or: How many dimensions are there really?
- - or: At what age is a person either a grown-up or a lost cause?
Truth- we don't really know it.

Favorite Books:

Not books, authors. Andre Norton. Anne McCaffrey. Robert Heinlein. Douglas Adams. Terry Pratchett. Robert Ludlum. Roger Zelazny. Piers Anthony. Jean M. Auel. Rex Stout.

What I Like To Do For Fun:

Read, play video games, and one creative hobby that keeps changing (coding, writing, cross- stitching, chain maille).

Favorite Songs:

My playlist is very very ecclectic. I realized that I don't really have a favorite genre in high school when beethoven was followed by barenaked ladies, fantasia 2000, celine dion, smash mouth, and gorillaz, in that order. There have been some pretty fun genre hops in my room. See if you can catch a few!

Favorite Movies:

A few movies I like are: Space Balls, Monty Python and Holy Grail, The Princess Bride, Love Comes Softly, Short Circuit.

A few shows I like are: Fringe, CSI (old ones), Dr Who, House, Lie to Me, Leverage, Star Trek, Star Gate, How I Met Your Mother.

Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:

Becoming a camgirl. Seriously, I'm really shy irl.

If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:

In a mountain retreat, someplace not too cold, but not really hot either. Wooded, with a river, waterfall, and pond (pond should be big enough for still waters, not too close to waterfall). Occasional boulders that are easy to climb. Mixed evergreen and deciduous forest, so it gets the leaves in the fall but is still green in the winter.


Usually reading and playing video games. Then one other that changes between programming, writing, chainmail items, cross stitching, dream-home designing, and watching anime.


Opening people's eyes to something different. Progressing to 'better than beginner' rather quickly. Making people happy when they tell me how to do so.

Perfect Mate:

I am not here to find a man. Below I describe what I have noticed I am attracted to as a long- term partner. However, online, all I really need is someone who can hold an intelligent conversation and treat me with respect even if he's dominating me.

Physical Appearance: I like my man to be taller than me. That's not that hard, most men are. I like him to have a lot of muscle, but a nice layer of fat over that muscle which makes people underestimate him.

Other: He's gotta be okay with me camming. I need to be able to trust him, and to hold intelligent conversations with him. I need to respect him, and he needs to respect me. I seem to prefer men who appear to be assholes to people, but aren't actually being assholes to anyone. Also, men who have an undeserved bad reputation, the type of man who people like to spread rumors about which have no basis in fact whatsoever.

Perfect Date:

I'm not much of a dater. I prefer to stay at home and cuddle. Hugs, kisses, petting, stroking, massages, that sort of thing.

Turn Ons/Offs:

- - intelligence
- - mild pain
- - petting/touching lighting
- - sincere compliments
- - being called good girl
- - knowing I'm pleasing someone who's turned me on

turn offs:
- - willful ignornance
- - childish behavior/grammar
- - text talk
- - begging
- - insults (in certain contexts, slut is not one, ie: good slut)
- - being called bad
- - intense pain
- - bathroom stuff
- - disrespect

I like to be dominated. Unfortunately, so few people know how to dominate without also either humiliate or hurt. I do not like major pain, physical or emotional. Oh, it makes me wet, and my body really likes it, but I don't. And like most females, if my mind is turned off I can't get into it, no matter how turned on my body is. NOTE: I love spanking myself, nipple clips are fun if I'm not too sensitive, and I have plenty of rope.

Best Reason to Get to Know Me:

The me you see online is the me you would see if I could trust people not to rape/beat/steal from/harass me. I'm full of surprises: the more people get to know me, the less they understand me. I am a bundle of contradictions, an enigma, a paradox.

- - To the top!- - - - Contents- - - - Message Wall
Sexual Exeperience:

In college, I lost my virginity to a fuckbuddy (about a month before my 20th birthday). After college, I met my master, and I'm still with him. Those are the only two men I've been with. One is cut, one is uncut. One is 1/4 black 3/4 white, the other is 1/4 native american 3/4 white. Both are roughly the same size, but I don't bring a ruler into the bedroom so I don't know exactly what size that is. Both are taller than me, one moreso than the other. (then again, 75% of adult humans are taller than me...) Both used to take martial arts before I met them. Both are nowhere near the condition they were in at the peak of their training. Both still have plenty of muscle hidden under a generous layer of fat. Both enjoy video games, though one gravitates more to the MMORPG's, the other to the solo games. Both of them my relationship is/was more about the mind and heart than about the physical stuff, I only list it because people always want to know.

Currently, I have sex randomly. Sometimes, that means twice a week, sometimes, that means once a month. My sex life is incredibly boring. Thus, I will not talk about it. However, you can tip for a fantasy or ask me to talk about a fantasy in private. Fantasies will be made up on the spot. If it's not the sort of thing most people will enjoy, I'll type it to you. If it's the sort of thing that many can enjoy, then I'll say it out loud.

Personality Check

Is this my real personality? Well, I don't act when I get on camera... But I also don't act the same on camera as I do in real life. Let's analyze the differences, cause I like doing those kinds of things.

Paranoia: in real life, I'm very paranoid. This is lessened on camera, because men would have to work rather hard to find out where I live. But it's not completely gone. I do not give out my real name, or the state I live in, because I still have to be kinda careful. Back when I used to roleplay on IRC, I had a stalker, without him ever seeing what I looked like. Hence, I'm incredibly careful about not encouraging stalkers.

Confidence: in real life, I don't think much of myself. Used to be, I barely believed that I deserved to live. That has changed, and I'm slowly getting more self-respect, but I still don't have quite as much as when I hop on camera. This is probably because anyone who is in my chatroom is there because they decided to be, not because they just happened to be there.

Shyness: On camera, I'm not as shy as in real life. I'm thinking this has to do with the previous two reasons, but there's more to it than that. I'm an introvert, so face-to-face interaction tires me out. But on camera, there's enough separation for it to not be quite so tiring.

So there you have it. On camera, I am myself, as I would be if I didn't have to worry about stalkers, foisting myself on people who don't necessarily want me there, and people making me tired.

About the glasses:

When I was five I was tripping over things on the ground because I couldn't see that they were there. That was the start of wearing glasses. I estimate my focusing point at the time was somewhere within an inch of half a foot away from my eyes. Now, my focusing point is about two inches away from my eyes. The technology for glasses has just barely stayed one step beyond my needs.

When I was a teenager, there was a lot of talk about lasic surgery when my eyes stabilized. When I was 20, I went to the mayo clinic. There, I found out that I couldn't get lasic because my eyes are the wrong shape. I also found out that I can't get soft contact lenses, because they will not get proper suction on my eyes. They fitted me for hard lenses and a new pair of glasses. I had 20/20 vision for the first time in my life!

However, now that my parents don't pay for my eyewear anymore, my two choices are: pay $300-$500 every two years for new glasses, or pay $1,000-$1,200 every two years (for new glasses AND new contacts), with another $600 on the years between for new contacts. If you want to tip the 16,000 tokens for me to get contacts for a year (that includes the price of the visit and taxes and such), then tip, and a few months later come back to see them.

About tips:

I prefer not to make this profile about money. Technically, I hate the whole have to earn money to live thing, but since I do, it would be stupid of me not to at least mention that you can tip for things. Here's how it works:

1. ask if I'm willing to do what you're looking for.
2. we agree on a price, or I let you know that you need private, or I say 'sorry, not today' (if it'd on the list of things I do, I will probably do it unless it's red week.)
3. you tip the agreed amount with the action in the tip note.
4. I do the action specified.

Please note: if you tip anonymously with no tip note, then I will not do the option. If you tip without the tip note but your name is on the tip, then I will do it.

For a list of prices, here you go.
or you can tip to roll the dice.

About Group:

I'm always willing to do a group. However, if you're not willing to keep trying for awhile, then don't try to start one unless there's like, 20 other premium members in my chatroom. If you manage to get a group going, what I do is going to depend on my mood.

About Private:

Private is all about what you want to see. So what I do depends on what you ask me to do. However, I'm only human. I have limitations, and lines I won't cross. Thus, if there is something you absolutely have to see in order to enjoy the private, please ask about it before you take me private. Thank you!

Show From a Hat ***This is a nightly background countdown. If you wish your tip or private to be excluded you must tell me this!

Every tip, every private, every group, every spy is counted towards this countdown. There is an option for a single person to tip 500 to get the show, but it will not be counted. It is possible for a person to exclude their tips. It is possible for a person to exclude their private session, but NOT the relevant spies.

This countdown is rarely talked about, unless we're getting close. Don't ask how close, I only check it when I think we're very close indeed.

How it works: when the goal is reached, I take my hat with the slips of paper in it. I take out the baggie with the previous show slips in it. I read off the shows it will not be, and then I pull a show from the hat. I do the show, and then get naked if I'm not already. Any removal of clothes before, during, or after is done in a teasing way. The countdown starts over after the show is done, but I do not get redressed for at least a half hour. Longer if there are more tips.

Possible Shows

-ball gag, nipple clips, collar, (optional cat ears)
-spanking (all bits)
-rope harness
-naked exercise (jumping jacks, pushups, situps, bouncing on feet)
-strip tease and dancing
-outfit tease, striptease
-lingerie and/or stockings tease
-riding the comforter roll

Custom Videos vs Suggestions

I am not a very reliable person. Oh, you can trust that when I say I'll do something, I really truly mean to do it. And you can trust that if I remember to do it and nothing else gets in the way, I'll actually do it. The problem is, I'm not all that great at remembering to do stuff. And life is constantly getting in the way of me doing custom content. One gentleman had to wait three months for his video! That's just not good business policy.

So, my policy is that I won't do a custom. If there's a video you'd like to see me sell, send me an MFC mail. Have the subject be 'Video Suggestion' and the actual suggestion put in the body of the message. That way, when I next go to do a video, I can look through my mail and easily find who sent what suggestion. Once it's uploaded, again, it'll be easier for me to find your message.

See, most people don't use this method. They tell me in public chat, and then come back three months later wanting to know why I've never gotten back to them about it. By that point, if I had actually done it, it's because I couldn't remember who gave me the suggestion, and I couldn't look it up because I also couldn't remember what day they gave it to me. So, send it to my inbox and put 'suggestion' in the title so I can actually find it. I want to let you know when it's done, really I do, but with how often I lose notes (whether digital or physical), it's really not going to happen if it's not in my mfc mail.

Money or Fun?

Something I get asked a lot is whether I do this for money or for fun. I've never understood why that had to be a distinction, as I grew up in a culture of 'figure out what you like to do, then figure out how to make money from it if necessary.' I mean, isn't that half the point of America? That you can do whatever you want, so long as you can pay for it?

If I wasn't making money at camming, I would have to get a job, and then I wouldn't have the energy left to cam. If I wasn't having fun at camming, I wouldn't keep exposing myself to the ridicule I invite simply by daring to put myself out there. Now, if I didn't need the money and I had plenty of time for it, then yes, I would still be a camgirl. So what does that say? On the other hand, if I hadn't needed money, I probably never would've tried camming in the first place. So you see, the answer really is both: I came for the money, stayed cause it's fun, and because I'm making enough at it to not need to seek employment elsewhere.

- - To the top!- - - - Contents- - - - Offline Tips

Below you find my wall. Thank you for not flaming it or trolling it.

Message Wall
please unblock me. i am extremely sorry if my childish comments irritated u
I haven't seen you in a long time! when are you on??
Hey LadyLuna, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I catch you on SM sometimes, and didn't know you had a cam here until recently. You are awesome! I love how honest you are, and just so carefree. Anyway, keep it up
I removed a reply that said I didn't give what was promised for a tip because I could find no record of any tip from the poster. Please be aware everyone- if it's not your tip, you might not know what was asked for it. If there is no tip note, I assume nothing is wanted for the tip. If I don't do anything for a tip, either there was no tip note, or the tip note indicated that nothing was necessary, or the tip was not big enough for the request within the tip note. If you feel I did not adequately compensate you for any tip, please send me an mfc mail with date and time of the tip, so I can verify it and see what the tip note was. Thank you.
Hi! I've been reading your comments on ACF and I totally wanted to meet you. I'm about as subtle as a hammer to the teeth so here I am, lol. You seem to share a lot of my geeky interests. I squeed at the genius of working a d20 into your shows. I only have 2 sets of die that I actually use when I play & the idea of bring them out and using them for something that mundane after a week of sexier RP makes me laugh (and blush!) Hope to have a chance to interact with you in the future!
where have you been I miss seeing you on cam please come back
i hope you will come back soon. miss you.
ugh i miss seeing you on here
come back i keep coming on her to see u but ur never here
Semi-new model on here. Stopping by to say hi! I was reading some of your comments on a forum. My cam score sucks right now and I am not doing so well:-(
I have been very bad about checking this, I apologize for that. I hope having added a link directly to the wall will encourage me to check it more often. Bookmarking that link now.
Glad to have found you!
You are awesome, great personality!
I love your board, it is honest. I love that in a woman.
Cute and nice girl be good to her guys/girls !
it is nice to meet a dirty lady like u but u r not real dirty i like it
welcome back! haven't seen you come back on cam yet though!
i didnt delete them ur the first to write on my page lol i dont know if i said this on my page u would know i said it im still dont know that much about this place but they did deny my pic of my dog i wanted to show people lol
so good to see you here are the reason i became a premium here...ok one of 42 reasons ... my towel is always ready to ride the Heart of Gold with you when you are here ... you are the best
you are always so cheerful and happy and i missed you a lot. just a great room
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