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Profile Headline: All your base are belong to us. You have no chance to survive. Make your time. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
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About Me
Username: LadyLuna
CamScore: 683
Gender: Female
Body Type: Ample
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Multi
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 150 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Age: 33
City: Under a Rock
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Involved
Occupation/Major: Camgirl since Nov 5th, 2009
School: I have a BA in Mathematics. I will not tell you where I went to school.
Favorite Food: Variety is good. Can't handle spicy.
Pets: Don't have any. Would love to get a cat, or a bearded dragon (it's a type of lizard, look it up)
Automobile: I miss my 2006 Kia Spectra
About Me:

Hello hello! Welcome to my room!

What should I say about myself? Hm...

I'm a bit of a dork. I used to be a girl scout, and was a huge goody-two-shoes in my youth. Reading has to be hands-down my favorite hobby. I graduated with a BA in Mathematics. That's not a typo, I was trying to be a teacher, so I went for the Bachelor of Arts. But only a bit of one, I earned +5 social skills (bringing me up to a total of 5 x.x) when I discovered my geekiness and gained a group of friends in high school.

I'm a bit of a geek. I suck at trivia and I'm not an expert at anything. But, I enjoy sci-fi/fantasy books, sci fi shows and movies, (some fantasy stuff has been done well, but most of it... not so much), writing code, making chain mail accessories, video games, playing Magic the Gathering, and I used to play table top roleplay.

I'm a tiny bit of a princess. I enjoy getting dressed up on occasion. I'm always picking up tips on how to keep my hair and skin just right in softness, without getting dry or oily. I shave everything. I do enjoy sappy movies, and soft rock music (along with other genres, but more on that later). But just a tiny bit, more about that in the next paragraph ;P

I'm a bit of a tomboy. When I'm not specifically dressing up, I prefer my clothes comfortable and functional. My terrible eyesight means that I can't apply makeup around my eyes, so I'm left with lipstick and mascara, so I just... don't bother. The first purse I really liked, I was told by my friends that I looked like a tomboy on her period. I protested that it's exactly what I was. I like hiking, swimming, kayaking, and canoing. My favorite part of girl scouts was summer camp. I wished I could be a boy scout instead of a girl scout and learn the awesome things like rope tying and wilderness survival.

I'm a bit of a slut. I love dicks of all shapes and sizes. In real life, to stay unstressed, I have to do something sexual at least once a day, except during that one week a month about which we do not speak. However, I'm only a bit of a slut, because I've only had two partners, and not at the same time. Out of respect for them, I won't really talk about them much. You can find out about both of them on my blog though. Also, a single one-night-stand (with a friend of my partner by request from my partner) which I didn't enjoy much, but just because I'm not that kind of girl. (I didn't know him very well.)

Dork, geek, princess, tomboy, slut... I kind of fit all of them, but not really. And almost never all at once. In fact, I kinda rotate between them. Which one am I today? I never really think about it, I just do what feels right. Hence, the name "Luna". Like the moon, I have phases. Like the moon, my phases don't last very long. Like the moon, my phases come back around. As for the lady? Well, I try to act like a lady in public. My adoptive parents raised me to be a lady, and my biological parents showed me the importance of basic manners, which seem to be a lost art these days. Plus, Luna and LovelyLuna were taken. (Please note, this paragraph is going to be copy-pasted into the FAQ section on my blog.)

Are you intrigued and wanting to know more? Below the picture albums there's my standard profile answers, followed by a list of links. Or, you can skip all that and check out my blog, which has all those links on it in one place or another.

Link to my Blog
Link to the Links
Link to the Wall

Tags: Geek, Bondage, Trimmed, Toys, 36B, Glasses, Girl Next Door, ACF, Luna, Panty Fetish, Feet, Cloak, Costumes, Nylons, Swimsuits, Spanking, American, English, Classic, Nipple Clamps, Rope, Catgirl, Teddy, Hose, Pantyhose, Skirts, Dresses, Short Shorts, Heels
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:

To live, love, experience, and enjoy. (If you're a real Douglas Adams fan, you know that 42 is not the meaning of life the universe and everything, but the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.)

The ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything:
- - How many levels of complexity exist in the current universe?
- - or: How many dimensions are there really?
- - or: At what age is a person either a grown-up or a lost cause?
Truth- we don't really know it.

Favorite Books:

Not books, authors. Andre Norton. Anne McCaffrey. Robert Heinlein. Douglas Adams. Terry Pratchett. Robert Ludlum. Roger Zelazny. Piers Anthony. Jean M. Auel. Rex Stout.

Favorite Songs:

My playlist is very very ecclectic. I realized that I don't really have a favorite genre in high school when Beethoven was followed by Barenaked Ladies, Fantasia 2000, Celine Dion, Smash Mouth, and Gorillaz, in that order. There have been some pretty fun genre hops in my room. See if you can catch a few!

Favorite Movies:

A few movies I like are: Space Balls, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Princess Bride, Love Comes Softly, Short Circuit.

A few shows I like are: Fringe, CSI (old ones), Dr Who, House, Lie to Me, Leverage, Star Trek, Star Gate, How I Met Your Mother.

Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:

Becoming a camgirl. Seriously, I'm really shy irl.

If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:

In a mountain retreat, someplace not too cold, but not really hot either. Wooded, with a river, waterfall, and pond (pond should be big enough for still waters, not too close to waterfall). Occasional boulders that are easy to climb. Mixed evergreen and deciduous forest, so it gets the leaves in the fall but is still green in the winter.


Usually reading and playing video games. Then one other that changes between programming, writing, chainmail items, cross stitching, dream-home designing, and watching anime.


Opening people's eyes to something different. Progressing to 'better than beginner' rather quickly. Making people happy when they tell me how to do so.

Perfect Mate:

I am not here to find a man. Below I describe what I have noticed I am attracted to as a long- term partner. However, online, all I really need is someone who can hold an intelligent conversation and treat me with respect even if he's dominating me.

Physical Appearance: I like my man to be taller than me. That's not that hard, most men are. I like him to have a lot of muscle, but a nice layer of fat over that muscle which makes people underestimate him.

Other: He's gotta be okay with me camming. I need to be able to trust him, and to hold intelligent conversations with him. I need to respect him, and he needs to respect me. I seem to prefer men who appear to be assholes to people, but aren't actually being assholes to anyone. Also, men who have an undeserved bad reputation, the type of man who people like to spread rumors about which have no basis in fact whatsoever.

Perfect Date:

I'm not much of a dater. I prefer to stay at home and cuddle. Hugs, kisses, petting, stroking, massages, that sort of thing.

Turn Ons/Offs:

- - intelligence
- - mild pain
- - petting/touching lighting
- - sincere compliments
- - being called good girl
- - knowing I'm pleasing someone who's turned me on

turn offs:
- - willful ignornance
- - childish behavior/grammar
- - text talk
- - begging
- - insults (in certain contexts, slut is not one, ie: good slut)
- - being called bad
- - bathroom stuff
- - disrespect

I like to be dominated. Unfortunately, so few people know how to dominate without also either humiliating or major pain. I do not like major pain, physical or emotional. Oh, it makes me wet, and my body really likes it, but I don't. And like most females, if my mind is turned off I can't get into it, no matter how turned on my body is. NOTE: I love spanking myself, nipple clips are fun if I'm not too sensitive, and I have plenty of rope.

Best Reason to Get to Know Me:

The me you see online is the me you would see if I could trust people not to rape/beat/steal from/harass me. I'm full of surprises: the more people get to know me, the less they understand me. I am a bundle of contradictions, an enigma, a paradox. Main Pages:

Blog Main Page
        The Blog is the main hub, I post news occasionally, and you can find most of the links below somewhere on it.
        On twitter, you can find out whether or not I'll be on MFC.
Clips4Sale Store
        I try to do a new video every week, but sometimes I miss a week.
Pics4Sale Store
        Picture Sets are very sporadic, but the few that I have are here.
Public Google Drive
        In here, you can find some preview videos, as well as a list of the videos I have for sale. I had to redo the list recently, so I'm still working on tags, description, and pricing for a lot of the older ones.

Blog Pages:

MFC Info
        This has a lot of the information models usually put on their profiles. The different categories have their own links, you can see those below.
Toys & Such
        Toys, Props, and Costumes that I have available for Private shows.
        Info on purchasing content that I've already made. I do not do customs, but if you have a suggestion, feel free to message it to me with "Video Suggestion" as the subject. Please use either mfc mail or email for video suggestions, or they will get lost.
Video Ideas
        Ideas I've thought of and suggestions people have given me, with my thoughts on the suggestions.
        I am a submissive. This is a list of the limits my dominant has in regards to my camming. This is non-negotiable. I will not break these rules.

Within MFC Info:

These links are on the blog page called "MFC Info". I mentioned above that there was a list of categories, this is what I meant.
Quick Facts
In Depth Profile
Public Tip Options
Group Shows
Private Show Options

Thank you for your interest. I hope you enjoy what you see. Have a great day!

To the top!
Message Wall

please unblock me. i am extremely sorry if my childish comments irritated u
I haven't seen you in a long time! when are you on??
Hey LadyLuna, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I catch you on SM sometimes, and didn't know you had a cam here until recently. You are awesome! I love how honest you are, and just so carefree. Anyway, keep it up
I removed a reply that said I didn't give what was promised for a tip because I could find no record of any tip from the poster. Please be aware everyone- if it's not your tip, you might not know what was asked for it. If there is no tip note, I assume nothing is wanted for the tip. If I don't do anything for a tip, either there was no tip note, or the tip note indicated that nothing was necessary, or the tip was not big enough for the request within the tip note. If you feel I did not adequately compensate you for any tip, please send me an mfc mail with date and time of the tip, so I can verify it and see what the tip note was. Thank you.
Hi! I've been reading your comments on ACF and I totally wanted to meet you. I'm about as subtle as a hammer to the teeth so here I am, lol. You seem to share a lot of my geeky interests. I squeed at the genius of working a d20 into your shows. I only have 2 sets of die that I actually use when I play & the idea of bring them out and using them for something that mundane after a week of sexier RP makes me laugh (and blush!) Hope to have a chance to interact with you in the future!
where have you been I miss seeing you on cam please come back
i hope you will come back soon. miss you.
ugh i miss seeing you on here
come back i keep coming on her to see u but ur never here
Semi-new model on here. Stopping by to say hi! I was reading some of your comments on a forum. My cam score sucks right now and I am not doing so well:-(
I have been very bad about checking this, I apologize for that. I hope having added a link directly to the wall will encourage me to check it more often. Bookmarking that link now.
Glad to have found you!
You are awesome, great personality!
I love your board, it is honest. I love that in a woman.
Cute and nice girl be good to her guys/girls !
it is nice to meet a dirty lady like u but u r not real dirty i like it
welcome back! haven't seen you come back on cam yet though!
i didnt delete them ur the first to write on my page lol i dont know if i said this on my page u would know i said it im still dont know that much about this place but they did deny my pic of my dog i wanted to show people lol
so good to see you here are the reason i became a premium here...ok one of 42 reasons ... my towel is always ready to ride the Heart of Gold with you when you are here ... you are the best
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