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Profile Headline: I will make you laugh, hard, think... and wish.. hehe :)
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About Me
Username: Milf_Goddess
CamScore: 4524
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 120 pounds
Height: 63 inches
Age: 36
City: Fantasy Land
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Certified in Milf & Cougar Tactics
School: Does the Football team locker room count
Favorite Food: Chocolate Cake & Peanut Butter
Pets: A Dog
Automobile: Acura TL Loovvve it!!
About Me:


1800 tokens 15 minutes


700 for my Snatch, I mean Snap... :) Get vid clips of new videos Im editing and pics as well.


I dont do skype often. I will not leave mfc when busy to do them. If its slow and I mention Ill do a few. Here are the rules and amounts. NO EXCEPTIONS! I will not even answer being asked to do for less. 400 tokens for 5 minutes, ( spy tokens on privates add up a lot in an evening) If you want to pay other than tokens its 4.00 a minute. 5 minute minimal for skype. Rules in private apply to skype, such as phone is 200 tokens extra... see private rules. If you want to pay on my Event fund page add 5%. I will be settimg time on Skype for time bought.


3 Different Picture sets #1 #2 average 17 pictures. I call them "A glimpse into the life of a Cam Goddess" :) The sets include types of pics such as: screen shots while on cam, shots of videos, toy play, pics I have put up on Twitter.. etc etc...I had somebody get one already and he loved them and wants another... :) These will come just as vids do, in a link to open. 200 tokens each or 2 for 375


Topic tips will go toward goals only if not purchasing. Videos, Panties, Wheel Spins etc etc ...will go towards Videos Panties and Wheel Spins etc etc... Not both.


Pms are only friends list. This will get revised every 2 months or so. If I dont see you in my room. If you want to know what I do in private ask on my wall. I do hundreds of them a month. I'm sure you will be happy. I don't do mom role play, I will do step mom. I don't shit, piss, burp, fart, rape play ( maybe in jail u could play this one out) oh and todays newsest request....choke myself. Unreal. YES and imagine that I still do hundreds of privates a month. So happy for the normal classy guys out there. Oh and I will not show you pussy or ass before a private! That's why it's private...because it's just for u...


This album has lots of my video snap shots and a few other naughty random I snap here and there. Its 225 tokens. I dont want these on for the trolls :) This will be added to as I make more vids. I will also be adding some from the last couple I made.


Offline tips rock my off cam world :) I love knowing you are thinking about me when Im not on cam. Very Sweet. Offline tips help cam scores ( the numbers we are ranked by on the profile default screen) aint never seen a top model with low cam scores! Lol Raffles, Videos or a 'hey I was just thinking about you' are all good offline excuses. :) xoxo


20,000 NEW HI TIPPER. MrAnd. I had to look three times at this. I thought it was 2,000. Lol Then thought it looked a lil off for that. My throat hurt for while after from squeaking :). Made me cry after the shock wore off. The sweetest thing anybody has done for me in a long time. Thank You MrA. Xoxo

10,000 CapsFan. Wonderful BDAY Suprise. Hi Tip for Birthday month. THANK YOU THANK! Totally made my month. I so appreciate it. Such a sweet heart! xoxo

7,000 Krakhead. ( I was off cam a lot in the summer. Spent a lot of time with my family and tried to soak up as much as I could because my favorite time of year happens to be pretty short. I came back on Sept 1st and Krakhead blew me away with another surprise tip) MUCH LOVE!!!

7,000 MrAnd Does it again. Blew me away after being off a week and a half with that and 1,000 token tips the same night. Always spoiling me. :) Thank you MrAnd. xoxo

6,000 Krakhead.What an amazing way start birthday month! Flustered Tam once again. lol Quite a surprise from one of the sweetest of my sweetest mfc Bfs :) Thank you Bob xoxo


I do lots of Privates. I tend to stick to these vs doing public shows.I like the one on one. I will call you in TRUE Private after you tip 200 tokens. Not easy playing with a phone in your hand...and standing on your head. Lol You guys request positions n forget I'm holding a phone. I will watch cams in regular private. For me to watch your cam in Group its a 100 token tip. There is a minimal of 300 tokens for privates. I ban guys that are rude and go into private for under 300. 300 tokens prior in TRUE Private ONLY for you ass lovers. ( Anal) NO exceptions.

We have had some crazy fun Privates and there have been a few I have thought were too good not to share. I do my best to edit out anything you would not want in a vid. I dont let the name in either. I know most of you wouldnt care one bit. I just wanted to make a note of it here in case somebody does mind and is not ok with it. As I said, I edit it a lot to not have even the slighest thing about you in he vid. Thanks for all the fun we have on cam and in the privates! Love getting to know so man of you... in so many ways :)


Videos A-I nor do NV ( new videos ) go in package deals. 2/375 3/500 4/600. Get all 60 for 10,100 tkns. Thats 1,281 minutes of loud Tamara (21 hrs 21 min.) If you tip offline, don't forget to leave an email address unless you want it MFC mailed.

I have a wider range of Videos now. A few Boy/Girl and a lot of role play pov type. I promise if you get one you will want another. :)

1.) Pink Dress comes off and Hitachi turns on. All in my bed playing with toys. 23 Min. long HD 200 tokens

2.) Valentines Day Cum. Hitachi/Dildo 12 min. HD 200 tokens

3.) Upclose Playing with my Icicle Flower Toy. This one is super close and you can hear the wet 11 Min. long 200 tokens

4.) First Shower Vid. Lathering up and rinsing with my shower head :). Lil help from my Icicle friend. 23 Min. long. In HD 220 tokens

5.) Cowgirl. Yes, reverse included ;) Full body Vid complete with hat and lil music to go with. Wheres my Cowboy?! :) 13 min. long HD 220 tokens

6.) BJ. This one is fun... you will like. Oil, whip cream ... etc. 12 min. HD 175 tokens

7.) All Fingers. Lots of sexy finger play while I tell you how I wish you were close by. Im wearing one of my Hot Crotchless outfits while playing in my tight sweet spot. 22 Min. 220 tokens.

8.)My name is Nurse Cum, may I help you? My new Nurse costume came in handy when I needed to help with your swollen cock. One of my many talents riding your cock to relieve some stress and pressure :) 15 min. HD 220 Tokens

9.) Bathroom Vanity, NEW G Spot Toy Play. I enjoyed this toy the first time very much. I bet you will enjoy my first time with it as well. I added my mini wand Hitachi too. Course I added a lil dirty talk. 15 Min. HD 220 tokens.

10.)Naughty School Girl got sent home from school today. Ill explain to you why I got sent home from school and how I got a spanking for being bad. This one made me blush a lil after I reviewed it. Its HD and 250 tokens. 26

11.) Cant Sleep. Cum see how I would entertain myself (& you) if you were with me and I couldnt sleep. 26 min HD 220 tokens

12.) Mirror Cum Ride. Very close up at times, with a mix of bouncing and grinding. Help me make sure my riding skills havent gotten rusty. 23 min. HD 220 tkns

13.) Ab/Core Instructional Video. Me doing what I love. My passion is fitness. This Video has Ab Roller, Stability ball and foam roller incorporated into it. Today is the day to get started! Hlong have you been saying tomorrow?! 46 min. HD 250 tokens THIS IS NOT A SEX VIDEO

14.) Naughty Nurse #2. New Nurse outfit. So sexy! High White Stripper boots and POV gyno view. Full body the entire time, while doin it on my Dinning room table. 220 Tokens. 17 min.HD

15.) Sexy Oil Rub Down. I was asked to do an oil video so I did :) 12 min. 150 tokens

16.) Work me Out. You were late for our workout so I started without you. Help me finish my last set and see if you can talk me into getting naked as I do... Maybe Ill help you with that throbbing cock. POV 19 min. 220 tokens

17.) Foot Massage. For all you feet lovers. I really wanted a foot rub, but I saw that throbbing cock in your pants so decided I needed to take care of that for you. Naked and oiled up. 9 min. 150 tokens.

18.) Nascar Driver. Nascar outfit with a slow tease strip. Then I climb up on your stick and ride you like its my job :) MONKEY ROCKER. My first vid with the rocker.19 min. 220 tokens.

19.) Foot Rub Down. Let me greet you on the stairs and help you relax. My painted toes giving your muscle a good massage. 10 min. HD 150 tokens

20.) New Fishnet Dress and New Toy . I enjoy you watching me . I like showing You the sexy dresses and Shoes I bought for you. HD 22 min. 200 tokens

21.) More fun than TV. I'm wearing a Hella sex outfit and heels to see what it takes to side track you from watching TV. Ride and a pretty hot reverse Cowgirl on the couch...if I do say so myself. 23 min. HD. 220 tokens

22.) Sex Ed Teacher. You skipped out on Health class just so you could have me tutor you during the summer. Todays topic is Sex Ed. I see you have a lil problem with that....lets see if we can fix that. Naughty Naughty boy! Role Play 25 min. HD cam 200 tokens

23.) Naughty Sex Ed Teacher #2 Are you ready for lesson #2? If not you will be... Thigh highs, fishnet, titty fuck, ass, reverse cowgirl.... its all in there... A must have :) 25 min. 200 tokens.

24.) Repairman. Roleplay!! There is more than one way to pay the repairman. I need a lil help with a leak in my bathroom. Will you help me fix it?? Squirt toy... titty fuck. 24 min. 200 tokens. HD Cam

25.)Naughty Teacher #3. Nutrition. Bananas are a good source of protein and great to practice deep throat skills... Whip Cream is a tasty treat and great for licking. Cum Play in the kitchen and we will relieve some of that sexual tension. 28 min. long HD Cam 225 tokens.

26.)Naughty Sexretary . Tamara type this, Tamara type that. Tamara Fax this, Tamara Fax that. Im tired of all work and no play. I want some dick and I dont mean dictation. Makin excuses to meet you in the break room so I can unzip those pants and ride that massive bulge. BJ, Titty Fuck, Monkey Rocker for riding. 22 min long, HD cam 225 tokens.

27.) Naughty Teacher #4 NEEDS a RIDE. The only video I have done in my car ( so far ) :) Watch how I like to thank a previous student for helping me out by giving me a "ride" when my car breaks down. HD Cam 23 min. 225 tokens.

28.) Honey I have a Surprise-Swing. Keep your eyes covered till Im ready to show you our fun new toy. I got us a sex swing to play on. Sexy body stocking and thigh high boots. I think that was one of the longest Os I have had in... seriously idk how long. WOW!!! Its been and hour and my throat still hurts. Was hard to walk after lol LOVE IT!! HD Cam 24 min. 225 tokens

29.) Naughty Neighbor #1 After watching the neighbor Neighbor do his yard work I decided I needed to get him into my house. I asked to cum over and help me take down my sex swing stand. He was happy to help. Role play where you are the neighbor mmmMMmm 225 tokens HD cam

30.) The Making of the first pussy clones. Watch as I stir, get down in the cupboards, position my "stuff" to get it ready for a mold ... all while naked. 32 minutes. 150 tokens

31.) Naughty Sex Therapist. Everybody needs a lil therapy from time to time. In my bedroom on my chaise, Ill teach you how to stay hard a lil longer if you like :) Sexy, flirty, Bj with toy, and real dildo fuck, naughty talk, different positions, standing, bouncing all your fav positions to practice 31 min. 250 tokens

32.) Instructional Count Down for a Cumalicious New Year Used my hitachi stool and my favorite long dick colored dildo to tease you and make you wait to cum just when I do. I almost couldnt finish the count lol I love it when I know you are stroking your cock the way you would fuck my tight wet pussy. 20 min. 225 tokens

33.) LA convention Camming in public. Spanking, Boobies, Teasing, BJ play, Body Paint... and lots more.. 18 minutes HD Cam 200 tokens

34.) Step Mom #2 Cant Sleep, Playing in Bed. I know you love being off for Christmas Vacation. Cuming home for the holidays is always a treat isnt it? Naughty Naughty watching me when I cant sleep. 22 min. HD cam 225 tokens.

35.) Milf Takes on 2 in Hollywood. Naughty Neighbor. What else was I to do, These hot studs were ao sweet helping me move boxes into my apartment. I couldnt let them go home without a proper thank you, especially when they said they were cam fans. Sucking, Fucking, one from behind one keeping me quiet :) 1st mac recorded with HD cam. Looks great!! 22 min. 225 tokens No if my boy/Girl vids with one is 550 and 1000 this is probably not a vid with me fucking and sucking 2 for 225. :P Its role play and I did a damn good job with it hehe

36.) Taking Step Moms Panties Again. Lets do a little modeling of them so that you get satisfied and stop taking them out of the laundry. Panty modeling, flirting, teasing. 15 min. 100 tokens

37.) Give it to Tam 2 Cum Count down. On my Chaise teasing you making you wait to explode until Im good and ready. Love my toys and Hitachi too. I hate those cum faces. lol You guys love them... gezz :) 18 min. 225 tokens

NEWEST VIDEOS--- Not included in bundles

NV 1) DP Private Shower. 4 Different toys, including one on shower wall and lots of loud Tam. I really echo in a shower. Gezz Big Red makes and appearance as well. Lots of angels. 25 minutes 400 tokens

NV 2) Step Mom Gets a Shower. I know you have been watching me get my shower, play in my room and change my clothes. Im going to call you out this time and see what you do while you watch me, i want to watch you today. Big real like toy on shower wall, doggie, ride, lots of boobies and ass bouncing for you to watch. Dont Disappoint me ;) 22 min 250 tokens.

NV 3) Step mom likes her New Xmas Present. I find a gift with no tag on it, You naughty naughty boy. You have been watching me a lot, because you know exactly what I like. I like it so much I cam loud and hard 4 times using it. Felt so fkng Good. Rode my hitachi like it was your face I was cumming on. 350 tokens 21 minutes

NV 4) Making it last. Naughty Teacher #5 Sex Ed Class. Have you been practicing, doing your homework for todays lesson?? Really Hot, Sexy, Fun, Flirting Play. Instructional countdown as well. Todays lesson is about how to make it last and be sure she wants to cum back for more. Stripping, teasing, lots of angles, pov, bJ. 22 min. 225 tokens

NV 5) I love watching. I especially enjoyed watching this BBC stroke for me. I couldnt get off just once ( 3 times was needed) HItachi, feet, soles, painted toes, glass toy, multi cum, hot, sexy. I like watching this one myself. Super close up on the chaise in my bedroom, squirting on my toy. Hanging over the side so you can lick me on your knees and give me that cock the way I like it. My pussy looks damn fine in this vid haha Its a keeper .. the vid I mean.... 17 minutes. 325 tokens.

NV 6) 1st Squirt Video This was a private show. I had no idea it would turn into 3 squirts and multi Cum. Crazy. Glad I decided to let the recorder on. Its super close pov. Wet, sloppy, blanket soaker, curved glass toy, mini Hirachi and way too loud. Lol great ass view as well. Oh and Panty Stuffing. 13 minutes. 333 tokens

NV 7) Boobies Boobies. A little Tribute to MrA for his birthday. He sure likes boobies. lol So this one is just that. Whip Cream, Chocolate Syrup ( I liked that ), Ice, Wet Tee Shirt, Tearing it off, Oil, Squeezing, Bouncing, Lotion 17 min. HD 140 tokens

NV 8) Doggie Style from all Angles. Birthday Fun! I havent met a guy yet, that doesnt like Doggie, so this one is for .. all of you! :) Reverse, front, above, under, side... its all in there... Come Play on the couch with me and let me see whatcha got! Standing as well, leg up on couch. Glass toy. 190 Tokens 10 minutes

NV 9) Birthday Cum Drunk. One of my fans likes to take me for long special privates on my Bday and Camanniversary. This is how my Birthday Private went this year. Multi Cum, Squirt, Glass G Spot Toy, Loud, Booty, Face Down Ass Up, lots of positions as well. Have you heard of Cum Drunk? If not today is your lucky day. I lost count, think 5 but sure 4 time multi. 275 tokens 18 minutes

NV 10 ) Personal Assistants can be helpful in a lot of ways. On our way to the airport, but you decide you are goin to miss me and all the teasing I do during the week as I take notes and follow up on your schedule. So you want a little more before we leave the parking garage. I cant wait till you get back for round #2 being your naughty Assistant. Dirty Talk. 225 tokens 17 minutes

NV 11 ) Quickie but Goodie. Was having so much fun in a private I decided I needed to share the 4th cum with you. Wet, Loud, Super close up, like pussy eating close up. Glass Toy, Hitachi. 3.30min 95 tokens

NV 12) Your face right here! Great position for me to get you in a head lock and make you take care of me. Id love fucking your face getting my wet pussy all over it while I grind on your tongue. Mutli Cum (5) Great light and view You know it was good when you see the big smile at the end! Almost 10 min 225 tokens

NV 13) Tanning is Boring. I find just laying doing nothing to be quite boring, so I decided to mix it up a little and use my time wisely. Great views in this vid. Lighting is awesome and the flat hard surface made for some pretty sweet angles as well. Shhhhhhh we dont want the whole gym to hear Super POV 200 tokens 21 min.

NV14) Stepmom telling gf about you watching. I see you outside on the deck watching me while Im talking to my hot gf on the phone. While Im teasing you from inside you disappear and sneak inside... 17.32 min 200 tokens

LETTER SPECIALTY VIDS --Not included in bundles

A. ) 4 Times a Charm. Maybe you have heard of my multi cum privates, if not you are missing the fun :). Super Sexy outfit and stilettos. See how hot I get knowing You like watching me. WARNING I don't Cum Quiet! I have friends on here that put out a lot of tokens to see these multiples. This Won't go with the bundle deals. 23 Min. 300 tokens.

B. ) DP. I rarely do Anal and if I do its in True Private. Add the mini Hitachi too. Cum see what happens when my tight pussy gets off, seriously its pretty funny. All Ill say... HD 26 min. 400 tokens

C. ) Public show 4 Cum Video. First public show I ever taped. Was a good one. Riding, Titty Fuck, BJ, Dirty Talk, Lots of reverse and ass shots. I don't do many public shows so check this one out. 55 min. Show. 300 tokens

D. ) Naughty Secretary wants you to do her in the stairwell at work. Done on my stairs. DP/ANAL/POV my closest pov yet. Heels, cum, panty stuffing. I really love the lighting in this vid. Turned out quite nicely. :) 25 min. HD cam 400 tokens.

E. ) 10 Multi Cum Private. Yes 10! This is what happenes when I dont cam for almost 2 weeks, I need some Crazy Cum time. Mini Hitachi, big Red and a lil glass toy action as well. Some Crazy cum faces in this one as well as loud. I can hardly talk till we are done. :) Cut the vid down to just the good parts. 23 min. It was a 3,300 token private. 500 tokens for this one (50 tokens a cum)

F. ) REAL COCK PLZ :) First b/g Vid. #1. Be patient.. there will be more to cum. I do love giving oral. I didnt even realize how much till my panties got wet and my pussy was dripping... the smile on my face says it all. Lil ride in there too just cause I like it! Hair pulling, Titty Fuck, Glasses, Gagging of course... 17 min. 550 tokens

G. ) BG (boy/girl) Video #2. This Vid has a a lot of this and a lot of that. Doggy, Reverse, Cowgirl, BJ, Bouncing, Closeups, Different Angles, Pussy Eating :) and of course as always.. my loud love of sex. 32 min. HD Cam 1000 tokens.

H. ) Nympho Tams15 Cum Private . Was time to beat my 10 cum private, so we gave it a whirl. Used my brand new double headed cock like dildo. I love this new dildo. Its a lot like big red. Get up close and personal with this video, chatting and cummimg. Lots of cum faces...i hate those lol :) Its 55min. 650 tokens.

I. ) LA Porn Convention taped Private. Boobies, Multi Cums with HItachi, Glass Toy, Ride, Doggie, BJ, Teasing the crowd from under the table, Public, Squirt, Girl make out, licking, kissing, Probably lots more I cant even remember. First girl girl make out on cam for me. There will be more if you show me you want to see it with this video sales. Amazing lighting!! You will LOVE IT! HD cam. 38 minutes. 500 tokens

J.) Nympho on the Stairs. I use to like sex on the stairs. I wanted to refresh my memory a bit :) POV, 2 diff toys and my mini Hitachi as well as me cumming twice . 23 min 250 token


1800 Pussy clone, add a pair of panties for 2400 total


Vanilla, Tam scented panties. I send panties with my favorite perfumes/scents on them. I will wear them on cam so you can see me in them before mailing them if you like.

800 tokens in the USA and 1200 outside

Bras 2000 tokens out of USA 2400

Socks 800 tokens out of USA 1200

If interested in anything else just ask. These are the things I get asked about the most.


These are done jus like ordering a gift certificate on line, except you enter an email and its not mailed out... its send via Email. Pretty Cool. I use these a lot now. Better than gift cards you can lose. You always have that email as a receipt if needed. The Email for this is Some Examples of places that handle them now: Walmart, Texas Road House, Red Robin, Target, Ruby Tues., Victorias Secret


This is my Amazon wish list. Email for the Wish list as well as the Amazon Credit... is

Wish List via @amazon


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Meaning of Life: Love, Help, Support each other.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Guess we never know till we dont have it (what we can't live without) My family is a must... I am a bit of a cell phone addict...
Favorite Books: Right now it has to be my Nutrition Text book.
What I Like To Do For Fun: Make people laugh/smile and wanna pounce me.... LOL
Favorite Songs: Totally depends on my mood and what Im doing.
Favorite Movies: Watching Twilight while Im typing this. Not really my favorite, but its ok. Vampire movies rock... not so much a chick flick gal.
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: MFC
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: A Greek Isle would be super splendid though...
Hobbies: Things that make me sweat (Working out..caming) :)
Talents: Oh I have many! Stick around and find out
Perfect Mate: One that makes me laugh and that I wanna pounce
Perfect Date: One that makes me laugh and makes me wanna pounce lol :) I dont have a fantasy of perfect... jus want whats best for me.
Turn Ons/Offs: Kissing turn on Cocky turn off!
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: You tell me. Hang out, get to know me and see. You jus may enjoy it!

Message Wall
can't wait to have you back, miss you
hang in there, when are you coming back to cali?
and.... gezzzzz are you serious... thats been your life.. ugh As I always say, we all have a story, thats why its good to be kinda and respect others! You never know...
Thank you Seagul... I assume you mean song... Ill def check it out.
Tam, been reading your texts. There is a sng you should google and play occasionally, it has helped me survive a war in Vietnam, the death of two sons, the deathof a wife of 35 years, YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE. Hope it helps.
lol NO im still around. So many other things going on. Ugh Keep the love alive guys!! Keep the love alive
Have you quit after you made me faoll in love with you?
Haven't been on in a long time hope to run into when I have tokens love you
You totally Rule!!! Luvvvv da Milfy sweeeeeet!
i miss you
Such a super woman and super beauty. A true keeper!
Lol whatcha mean. I was on cam and watermarking photo sets all am and night
so where are you
A superb beauty, and sexy sweet. A keeper.
Remember me??
Yes the pussy clones are a success. See profile for info on them. Some get other things at the same time. Everybody has been pleased with them.
did the pussy clone work,how much to purchase
vous etes magnifique !!
hope things are working out)
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