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Profile Headline: One Love - Passion For Life, Love and Music
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About Me
Username: OneLoverr
Gender: Male
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 68 kilos
Height: 170 centimeters
City: Intensity In Ten Cities
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Party
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Your One Love
School: High School Graduate
Favorite Food: Shrimp Scampi, Pasta
Pets: Cat Lover!
Automobile: Yamaha 750
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:
I adore all my friends ! ( and you all know who you are )
Look, you have an opportunity to make a life long friend
If you do not realise this, then why are you even here??? Breathing oxygen??
If money is your only friend, then I am not your friend, money is. Stupid bitch....oh....and...FUCK ~ YOU :P

However, If you believe in LOVE and the POWER of Love, WELCOME TO MY PROFILE, & MY LIFE,
please read on, and LISTEN below...

~~ Flautist Extraordinaire ~ Rock and Blues ~~

Running With A Cheetah
My fastest flute solo, with acoustic guitar

Live Music is the Best Experience !

I am searching for a Heart of Gold! Are You Worthy?
A small percentage, very few of you are deserving of my true passion and love.
God bless my friends! You know who you are! And I Love Each One of You!

I Make Tribute Videos! This is for Black Label Society - "Bridge To Cross" with over 21,000 views

Heres one i made for Megadeth - "Sleepwalker"
Favorite Songs:
Rainbow - Catch the Rainbow live in Munich 1977 HD
Favorite Movies:

My recent video project
Black Label Society ~ Angel Of Mercy / I Added On-Screen Lyrics
(the entirety of video content otherwise, is the BLS video unedited)
Message Wall
Paradisapples i have even given you tokens and you did not even have the heart to say "Thank You" ... OMG ... you think you deserve them?? FUCK YOU! ... YOU DO NOT DESERVE A GODAMM THING! do not go out of your way to even say hello when someone comes in your room... its too much trouble .... YOU ARE A FAILURE ... and all you care about is your stupid jasmin live account. "Boys did you vote for me today??"" .. FUCK YOU P.A. IM NOT VOTING FOR YOU. ( I'm just stupidly in love with you)
Paradisapples IS NOT on my Hide Model list, but she fucking should be ! She is not worthy to even be on my friends list...and yet..she still is.... I believe in the Hope Of Love. Because I am in LOVE. WITH. HER. FUCK ME. ( I KNOW) oh, and Timbocb you can go to hell, and fuck yourself you faggot.
Paradisapples - I love you til the end of time ok? but you feel like you dont have to talk to anyone uneless they tip you? THATS WRONG! I tried my heart out to get to you, and you are seemingly a worthy person but in reality in practice its EPIC FAILURE ! YOU have this attitude of YOU'RE NOT WORTHY TO TALK TO ME ..and I just dont understand you at all... I WANT TOKENS is what you say to me... THATS FUCKED UP!... I love you to death tho ....thats fucked up too.... because you do not deserve my love...altho im deeply in love with you. GODAMIT.
If you met me and became my friend then we are blessed with something that is rare and beautiful! If, however, you fell into my Hide Model list, then you are forsaken, sad, and evidently, not a very loyal person, and not worthy to be ANYONE'S friend. The most successful girls on this site are the ones who VALUE the relationships made over time, regardless of token tipping, because over time it will come anyway... all you girls who wanna hit-and-run taking tokens and playing games will never prosper over the course of your life, and if you think hitting and running will make you rich, you are sadly mistaken. Focus on love and passion and quit begging for, and DEMANDING tokens. You are not a vending machine, you are a human being. ACT LIKE ONE ! Thank You Drive Thru!
When I come into your room, its nice to hear "Hello how are you darling?" it is also nice to have conversation and get to know you and form a healthy friendly loving and perhaps horny relationship... if you cannot do any of that, then why do you think you deserve any of my life energy and time? nontheless, what makes you think you deserve tokens if all you do is sit there and do nothing?
and for you token whores i know how the HIDE MODEL button works as well... the home for all you worthless human beings...the dungeon of loneliness & despair.
and if any of you think youre gonna be a smartass, and post nasty shit to me, I know how the DELETE key works , got it?

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