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About Me
Username: Pandeist
Gender: Male
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 170 pounds
Height: 75 inches
Age: 38
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Herb
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Constant gardener; graphic explainer.
Favorite Food: The humble artichoke.
Tags: Pandeist, Pacifist, Vegetarian, Nudist, Philosopher, Pandeism, Love machine, Love shack, Love toy, love love love and more love
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: Since we're all in this together, try to bring a balance of more pleasure and happiness than pain and suffering into the world!!
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Air, Water, Food, Spirituality, Love
Favorite Books: Rationalist Spirituality by Bernardo Kastrup, PhD; The God Theory by Bernard Haisch, PhD; The God Franchise by Alan Dawe; God's Debris by Scott Adams; The Mind of God by Paul Davies, PhD; The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley.... and, naturally, Pandeism: An Anthology
Favorite Songs: Almost all of them.
Favorite Movies: Arrival, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Fountain, Inception
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Surfing!!
Hobbies: Writing essays for the Everything2 Pandeism Index and making vids for the YouTube PanDeism Channel!!
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I am a love machine!!
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I would have popped your wall cherry... if you hadn't done it yourself first, lol! xo
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