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Profile Headline: Your Opium high with a real Poppy :)
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About Me
Username: PoppyBryers
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Weight: 116 pounds
Height: 157 centimeters
Age: 24
City: Somewhere in Canada
Country: Canada
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Experimented
Occupation/Major: Fine Arts Photography
Pets: hitachi, fleas, and mah minions
About Me:

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.....The only PlayGround for Adults......


Welcome to the PlayGround

I see you've accidentally stumbled onto my page. :) Don't worry; I'll try not to traumatize you too much.

So what do you get when you mix bewbs, discovering/listening to new tunes, poonani, and a Poppy into one place?----You get the playground.

When I say this room isn't your typical room, I hope I'm right. You can come here and chat. Chatting is always encouraged. Just keep it clean and in good taste. Don't bad mouth models by name, respect each other and we shouldn't have a problem. Also, from time to time, we will discuss controversial topics. (Intellectual Stimulation.) If you are easily angered, upset, and/or triggered, you may want to refrain from entering my room during these times. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to join in.

You will never be pressured to tip( though tips are appreciated ) there is no token minimum, and I don't ban people from my room for 'never tipping.' There are many others ways to contribute or show appreciation. :)

The playground has zero tolerance for dick pics, insults, racial slurs, and trollery, making it very tough to get back in.

Beware for models copying and stealing my ideas---this place is the original for Classic Tunes and Classic Rock only requiring a 35tkn tip to request a classic from a playlist I've compiled, as well as many addictions made by many other minions. <3

My Classic Rock Knowledge has become quite savvy and I enjoy talking about trivia and facts on this wonderful golden era of music!

Minion Gods (5000tkns in One Shot)

Minion Heros (3000tkns in One Shot)

Minion Patriot (1000tkns in One Shot)

Loyal Minions (Frequent Tippers)


What Can I Do With My Tokens?
You can Tip for a number of things as long as its in my topic:
-Towards my Countdown/Goal
-My SnapChat 4 life=500tkns
-Flash dem Bewbs = 50tkns
-Flash dat Kitty = 100tkns
-Song Request = 35tkns & less than 10 mins.

Only with certain members I've come to know and trust in my room. Otherwise no. Sorry. I really enjoy my time in the Public Chat, and Countdowns usually provide enough entertainment for all. :)

What do you do in your room?
Flirt, tease, jam to the classics, discover new songs, countdowns, cum-shows, dancing, singing (Very badly), and just trying to provide a nice atmosphere basically. Gotta join the room to see what it's all about. :) Judge for yourself. I've been told I have a very "addictive" voice. ;)

Your profile is a bit simple. Got anything else?
Life is complicated enough, and simplicity is my philosophy. (Seriously -_-) However if you want to see a bit more of me, photos, etc. you can always get my SnapChat (Which includes NSFW Snaps)

I don't have tokens. Is there any other way to gift you?
Amazon.CA is awesome for that. You can send gift cards electronically to my email account

Do you have TWITTER?
I do! Check the Twitter Logo Up top!

What is Model Bombing?
Model Bombing is a "RAK-Tivist" event.

Meaning, Random Act of Kindness event. Here is how it works:

1st) You come into my room and my count for beginning the Model Bombing Sequence has been, and shall remain, 3000tkns.

2nd) Once my count is over, I go on MFC on my Perv account, and find the perfect model (victims we like to call them) for the first tip bomb. (Before it was 15. I have lowered that to 10)

3rd) After I am satisfied that she accepts 1tkn tips, as well as other criteria, I take her broadcast link and paste it into my room.

4th) Once the link is in my room, you have 5 seconds to click that link, enter her room, and that's where the chaos begins. Her room fills with hundreds of my Minions of Chaos, and for 20 seconds, we start to 1-token-tip her in a crazy yellow wall of doom and awesome. *Insert evil Minion Queen laugh here.)

5th) Many models react to this sudden surge of members and tokens, and it's fun to watch their expressions. However, there are others that do not react at all. This is something you must accept while model bombing.

6th) After that, it starts all over again---I go and look for a 2nd model-er-victim, and the cycle starts once more until we are finished.

Also note that any negativity shown in my room or the model's room, is forbidden and my minions will rat you out to me, and you will be banned. What I mean by negativities are the following:
-Spamming/Telling the model to get naked for the token bomb. Big no no. Not what RAK-tivism is about.

-Posting and re-posting my name in the model's room like a spammy little twat. The less she knows about who I am and what we are doing to her--the better the reaction. Let's keep it our wee secret boys.

-No suggesting models please. This event has been taken advantage so many times in the past, that it's the reason I stopped doing it in the first place. However, things are going to be different. The reason I do not take Model Suggestions is because some models will create their own premium accounts, then message my model account, suggesting themselves. (These are assholes)

-I will no longer allow or open my room for models to enter while the event is going on, so please don't make this an issue. I have my reasons, and I'm only trying to make this event better by implementing these rules to ensure no more fuckery can take place.

You can help the Model Search process by donating tokens to my Perv Account. (You can Inbox me asking what that perv account's name is or you'll most likely see it on my Snapchat!) This way, I can tip the model 1 token to see if she accepts 1 token tips. Otherwise I'll have to get a member from the room to test the model out for me, and this can be very time consuming. -_-

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Poppy I love the way you suck marrow from my bone so good.
Comment something.
My cell phone reminder went off earlier this evening, ' PoppyBryers' Birfday! '
... so, to the Birfday Gurl, ' Happy birthday to you!! '
... and, a Happy birthday to you!! song <----Click this YouTube link
happy 4th popstar....I'll catch ya this wk if ya going to be on...I'm on vacation...xxxooo's
i keep missing my dose of poppy and am starting to get depressed. so sad sniffle
You are one of the best on here. Super fun. Absolutely Beautiful. Thanks for being awesome..
thought you were coming on at 9am eastern time??
if I sent you a guitar would you play it ? I could ship too you but would need a PO box or what ever you'd be comfortable with. think about'd prolly just want an acoustic at this time.I'll keep in touch since I'm recouping for a couple of weeks...later pop's
Missed you angel !
The friendliest, smiliest face on the internet!
I also donated 5 times to the fund and some of my co-workers also did...... Thank you Poppy for always being the sweet angel that you are
Hi Poppy. I donated to JR's surgery fund. Glad to have been of assistance. You are a good soul!!!!!
So far so good you're pretty cool
this was no accident
Beautiful, intelligent and proud to call my friend x
Very professional and keeps the conversation going.
Absolute class act, beautiful soul.
nice ass!
thank you so much for room raid))<3
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