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Profile Headline: Softer than snow, but twice as cold!
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About Me
Name: Revolushon
Gender: Male
Body Type: Ample
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Always Different
Eyes: Blue
Age: 35
City: Angel City
Country: Greece
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Moderate
Occupation/Major: Patron saint of scammers
School/College: No
Favorite Food: Chinese, Indian.. foods with flavour
Pets: If i wasn't so lazy i'd have a dog I think
Car: Yes
About Me: ROME

If you are willing to commit and make an effort to be a REAL friend then please PM me, but if you lack commitment or expect to get back more than you put in, then please don't waste your time, because i'll just move on eventually.

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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:
Sacrifice and appreciate those that would sacrifice for you. Realise that as sure as the sun rises every morning that a bad friend will always stay a bad friend. Find people that deserve you.
Five Things I Can't Live Without:
My family, coffee, pina colada's, football and hope
Favorite Books:
I bought a kindle about a year ago, and it's really got me back in to reading again..books I have enjoyed reading on it recently are 'Cell' by Stephen King, 'And then there were none' by Agatha Christie, 'The Hanging Shed' by Gordon Ferris and 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens
What I Like To Do For Fun:
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Favorite Songs:
Favorite Movies:
The Dark Knight Planes, Trains & Automobiles Casino
The Dark Knight Rises Planes, Trains & Automobiles Casino
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:
I helped someone finish their university studies, and in return they didn't even send me a photograph of their graduation. I believe is possible for every person to die two deaths, one the natural death of the body, the second is the death of the soul. There are some things that a person with a living soul knows are wrong, a person with a dead soul doesn't feel that empathy.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:
I love to be outdoors on a beautiful day walking in mountains or on coasts, I like to take pictures.. even if I'm not very good at it.. I love that you can capture a moment, I find when i look at the pictures I've taken I can recall the feelings I had in that moment, if it's standing on the peak of a mountain or in the company of friends and family.
Making tokens vanish.. :(
Perfect Mate:
Someone with loyalty, kindness with ideals that these days may seem old fashioned. Someone that would prefer spend an hour in my company than with anyone else.
Perfect Date:
To be with that person that wants to spend time with me for a few hours, only me. What else really matters..
Turn Ons/Offs:
Turn Ons

Good people who are true to their word, selfless people who care for others more than themselves, people who can say sorry. People that are there in good times and bad, and a minute or an hour of their time is never a problem but a pleasure on their part.

Turn Offs

Selfish, ignorant and ungrateful people. Unfortunately I met too many of these kind of people in my life. Models that ignore/ban rather than to talk things out, I assume such people don't have the intelligence to reason and engage in a discussion and something in there small brain tells them to hit the ignore button.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
Because I'm loyal and honest to the point of absurdity, and if I am your friend I will be a good friend in good times and an even better friend in bad times. If your a model that just wants to know me when your working then don't waste your time because eventually I will move on to someone new that values my time and friendship more.. If you don't value me when I'm there, don't miss me when i'm gone.
Message Wall
Posted by MeganKim:
I am really happy i found you..i will never let you are a nice person..lots of kissess for you
Posted by Sw33tDarkness:
Happy birthday shon! I hope you spend your time with your friends or family and have a great time ...because you deserve are a nice guy ,kind and lovely person that cares about the others,i wish there is a special person in your life that can understand you and be there with you in the right you are for me,a special person,even though you don t believe me ,at least i can tell you in words what do you mean to me as a true friend...many kisses to you and one more time HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
Posted by Sexy_Deea:
I missed you yesterday ! love u, kisses and hugs !
Posted by Sexy_Deea:
i wish sex with u very much
Posted by Sexy_Deea:
I love you Shon , you know I Do ! <3
Posted by TonyaGlow:
i m so hapy cuz i met u...u are so different..i like how u think about true friendship and i like u cuz u say to me that i m a honest girl...u are too...u have a biiiiiiigggggggggggggggggggg 'corazon' and u know that u have always a place in my heart!!!u are very nice and sincerely with me..and that s i like u that much..and u know if u leave mfc i ll miss u very much..on the clounds and back !!!! i m so lucky cuz i have u as a true friend..u are always for me here, on mfc or listen to me and give me good advices about this bad world in that live..u know i m always happy when i speak with u and tell u about my family, about my life, about the bad person in my life, about my 'tokens' haha...ty so much cuz u want to help me..i care so much about u and i ll be very sad if i lose my true and best friend..and alfy will be sad too..i wish u all the best in the world!! u are my special shon and i know that if u leave i never meet someone like u , with this beautiful soul that u have it..ty so much for who u are !! never change! u are a good person and i love u so much for who u are !!! never leave me !!! i ll send u a 'potocala' hehehe!! kisss u and love u my friend!! : with so much love from urs LEM !! u are the best for me!!!
Posted by TonyaGlow:
hey shon...ty for beeing my best friend..ty for ur beautiful soul and for be so nice to me !! u re my best friend ever !!! kiss from LEM !!!
Posted by abbiecat:
hey shonn cook something for me pls ..maybe a 'portocala' )) kiss
Posted by TonyaGlow:
i missed u already my shon ..have a good time with ur family !! *: kiss from ur lem !!
Posted by TonyaGlow:
heyyy my shonnnn..or my nohs..)..i missed u so much today and i ll wait for u to go online..ty for this profile,,,it means so much for me..ure a true friend and my best friend...i like u very much and luv u until the sky and back...i ll wait for u '800' sec ))..i hope u wake up at 30 pm like me ))))...hahahaha... and u know if u once said to me that u disturb i ll come to u and kick ur ass very bad....hahaha.... ty very much... love u my nohs !! i hope u luv me like i do..kisssssssssses from printesa portocala and also alfy !!
Posted by Chlloe:
kiss u my 108 years old friend and miss u a whole bunch believe me
Posted by Chlloe:
Thank you for what u are. Kiss u many many times and hope u will remain my dear friend forever from your Chlloe with love
Posted by HotPervertX:
Im so happy that I met real sorry that i doubted you, im sure you are not like other guys..u are special are an angel in this bad world..thank u for the fact you exist..cause you make me smile all the time when i talked to you..cause you always understanding me..thx cause u are perfect,my angel..!Thats why I love u..i really love u,sweety..Kisses and hugs from your little Elli. Muahhhh
Posted by sexyelle24:
You make me happy , I like you baby
Posted by TinkerBellee:
You are very special for glad I met you,hun..i real love u and i will proove this.just trust me,bb.looove yooo!kisss
Posted by Fabulous_JC:
You are the best friend anyone could ask for! Thank you Shon!
Posted by TheWhiteLilly:
Thank you for being a great friend. Many many hugs !!
Posted by JuicyCaroline:
Nice profile, Like
Posted by Anellye:
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuu
Posted by IKill4Tokens:
you are the most wonderfull guy of here for me andyou know that sweet kisses :X

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