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About Me
Name: SashaSin
CamScore: 5155
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Weight: 55 kilos
Height: 169 centimeters
Age: 31
Country: Australia
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Information Technology
School/College: Been There Done That
Favorite Food: This month my flavour is Cookies!
Pets: 1 Parrot
Car: Need a new car
About Me:

Thanks to everyone who joined in for my first ever COOKIE RAFFLE!!

Congratulations to the winners
1st Prize: Lars41
30 Minutes Skype Show & A batch of personalised SashaSin Home-baked Cookies straight from my oven.
2nd Prize: MarsRover
15 Minute Skype Show & A batch of SashaSin Home-baked Cookies straight from my oven.


Please do not beg! Beggars will be banned at my discretion. They tend to ruin the experience for everyone. If you have no tokens, please feel free to enjoy the room but do not request or suggest.

Talk! Feel free to chat to me, to each other... but not to yourself:) 'Show tits bb' does NOT count as 'talking':) Keep it friendly, we're all here for a good time so let's make it one.

I try to keep my room fun and entertaining as much as possible. To that end I play games, hold raffles, do unusual shows from time to time to keep it fresh. If you would like something a little different just organise a private with me and we can have fun with your idea.

No MFC rules will be broken in my room, so don't ask for anything that breaches them. Thank you.

Sasha's Sinners
My good friends are called my 'Sinners'. You cannot pay to get on this list. They are an awesome group of people that I'm always glad to see enter my room. They are people I would consider genuinely good people, so it's not just about how much you tip. If you want to become a 'Sinner', it's easy, just keep coming back and enjoying the room, interact, be friendly, be an asset to the room, tip what you can and in time I will get to know you. If you take care of me, generally, you're in :)


Do you watch cams?
No, I do not watch member's cams either on MFC or when I do Skype prizes. This is a personal choice, it won't be changing, don't ask!

Do you squirt?
No, I do not squirt. I've tried but it's just something my body won't do, and I'm not going to fake it with pee!

Do you do anal?
I do anal in private shows if requested. I have a couple of suitable toys for the occasion.

How do I take you private?
Ask in room for private or ask me to PM you. This is the only time I will PM a non-'Sinner', otherwise I'd be stuck in PM all day and no one would have any fun in public. If you take me private, it's a 5 minute minimum. Any less and I won't take you private in the future. (You need more than 5 minutes anyway, don't you boys?:)) Please be aware, I do not watch cams in private either. If this hurts your ego I'm sorry but it's not something I do. You can watch me all you like, though:)

Do you do fist?
No, I don't fist or use large objects. Where's the fun in a loosey poosey?

Will you marry me?
No, but thanks for asking:)

Will you meet me?
No, I don't and will never meet with members. Even the awesome ones:)


I'm a fun, free-spirited, life-loving girl. I'm pretty down to earth and easy to get along with but I'm no pushover either. I love to smile and laugh, it's good for you! If you make me laugh I'll probably remember you.

I'm Australian born and bred, hence the easy going attitude. Rude people tend to slide off my radar. I love the sun and the sea and have a special place in my heart for wildlife and the Australian countryside.

I like to work out, swim, read, play games once in awhile, dance and travel as much as possible.


Because I am from Australia, anything ordered from overseas will carry a very hefty shipping charge. This is why I have decided to only add things to my wishlist from Australia. Anything on my wishlist already includes the shipping charge. If any nice person would like to purchase me something from my wishlist please talk to me in room or ask to PM me and I will give you my PP Account details. See what I'd like to be spoiled with.

Tags: Australian, Brunette, Young, Small Breasts, Tanned, Anal, Toys, English speaking
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:
Do a lot more of what you love than what you have to do.
Five Things I Can't Live Without:
Music, Coffee, lingerie, baby oil and my Sinners :D
Favorite Books:
Lord of the Rings, Wilbur Smith Novels, oh and I'm a sucker for true crime Novels:)
What I Like To Do For Fun:
Swimming & Tanning, dancing around like a fool in my undies.
Favorite Songs:
Love all kinds of music, into Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Butler Trio, The Whitlams, The Killers, The Fratelli's just to name a very very few.
Favorite Movies:
Anything with Simon Pegg, Will Smith or Tom Hanks in it. I love a good comedy!!
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:
hmmm, probably leaving home to travel Australia with nothing but a car and the clothes on my back.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:
My Own Private Island, on the beach, naked, without a care in the world.
Excercising,reading,Swimming,Dancing, and watching raunchy vids from time to time ;) I wont watch yours! I don't view cams:P
I'm a human Satnav!:P it's true!...i also love to dance but I have many talents...why don't you tune in to find out;)
Perfect Mate:
A real man who will hold me close when I need to be held, gentle me when I'm vulnerable, and ravage me when I'm horny:D
Perfect Date:
You, me, a bottle of wine, an open fire and a deep fur rug! or a day's hiking through the Aussie bush with a nice picnic at the end.
Turn Ons/Offs:
Turn Ons: Politeness, Intelligence, a genuine personality...and g-strings:P Turn Offs: Beggers, rude people, intolerance and beggers (oh did i say that already?:P)
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
All my Sinners go to Heaven instead of Hell :)
Message Wall
Posted by Lars___:
Cake day, or B-day, last year i was deployed to Iraq but had lots of cake. Enjoy your day
Posted by chris02sinner:
hey sasha doubt you still check in but.. I hope you are well.. be good and enjoy your life xx
Posted by yonk_yonk:
Another year another cake!
Posted by Lars___:
Cake for sure, happy b-day Sasha
Posted by Lars___:
Another year and did i hear cake??
Posted by yonk_yonk:
There is cake today
Posted by Lars___:
Wish you an epic day with lots of gifts, joy, cake and of course laughter and giggle. Enjoy your day, i will -)
Posted by yonk_yonk:
Wherever you are I hope there is delicious cake today! Enjoy.
Posted by AnthonyKied:
Still missed!
Posted by TJ585:
please come back
Posted by chris02sinner:
hey sasha, have a great day, miss seeing you...xx
Posted by yonk_yonk:
Hey Sash, wherever you are I hope you got cake for your birthday! Lots and lots of cake, maybe some booze as well. Enjoy!
Posted by yonk_yonk:
Merry Christmas to Sasha and all of the Sinners across the globe! I hope you all were only a little naughty this year as to avoid lumps of coal in your stockings and that Santa brings you all something that you wanted. To that end Sasha, Santa should have dropped something off for you from me in the last week or's not coal HAHA.
Posted by Co_cO:
Just a wee post cos i know all ur sinners misses u me too. Hope u got ur gift take care n be safe where ever you maybe. X
Posted by Christoff76:
I kept logging on and you weren't here and now I've looked on your profile and just realised. Hope all goes well and thanks for the laughs. Mr Chupa Chup, Christoff xx
Posted by pupymonkybaby:
Hi Sasha, I know I was not in your room all the time, but when I was with you it was a lot of fun and laugh's and your a nice girl. Hope all is good for you and I hope to see you again one day, maybe buying the toilet paper at the store Love Jefftheripper
Posted by Paulsays:
Miss You Comments Pictures
Click Here to Get More Images @ Sasha....I only knew you for a short time...WAY TO SHORT..but you welcomed me and made me feel like we had known each other for years. Your bubbly personality, sharp wit, energy, laugh, smile and so many other things made you one of the most fascinating people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I cannot thank you enough for the joy you gave me just being you. You gave so much to so many here without even trying. I wish you the very best life has to offer in your new job and all that you have in front of you. You hold a special place in my heart. I am proud to call you friend. Be Safe and Be Well Paul
Posted by WasabiPizza:
You are missed.
Posted by chris02sinner:
well i am here again, glad you are enjoying your time off but miss your personality here.
Posted by yorks_glam:
Sasha, You are BY FAR the most unexpected encounter I have had online. The connection you made with all your Sinners was amazing to watch and on the few occasions I was able to join in, you made me feel part of the family. Your elegance, wit, beauty and intelligence are assets rarely found in one person. Bring that together with the raw emotion you have shown while demonstrating an openly sexual personality mean you have been and always will be a special part of many lives. I am honoured to have got to know you, even briefly. Good luck for the future, may your dreams come true. Love n hugs Si x

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