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Profile Headline: CUM together... right now... over ME!
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About Me
Username: SummerSpark
CamScore: 1188
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Always Different
Eyes: Brown
Height: 68 inches
Age: 35
City: Portland, OR
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Herb
Occupation/Major: MY WISH LIST... MY EMAIL...
School: University of Art & Awesomeness.
Pets: My wonderful little dog, Teenie. I heart animals!
Automobile: I always drive too fast, and walking is good for my ass.
About Me: Twitter Icon
Tags: smart, beautiful, 420, american, sexy, sweet, funny, natural breasts, full lips, girl next door, real woman, scorpio, great laugh, curvy, friendly, perfect smile
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: To live, love, laugh, and leave the world a more positive place than I found it.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: In no particular order: #1 Pleasure. #2 Magick. #3 Love. #4 Nature. #5 Laughter.
Favorite Books: Horror, Science-Fiction, Fantasy. The complete works of Stephen King. I have always wanted 'word of the day' toilet paper, so BAD! =-p
What I Like To Do For Fun: ***MY WISH LIST IS HERE!*** .=>=>=>Now you can SHOW YOUR LOVE, LUST, & DEVOTION with Extra-Special GIFTS that are hand-picked by ME! .I LOVE PRESENTS! .Muwah! .Permalink below, paste into your browser to KNOW WHAT I WANT Right Now! .=>=>=>>
Favorite Songs: .Rock 'n Roll. .Blues. .Bluegrass. .Jazz. .Pop. I love ALL MUSIC... it all speaks to my soul.
Favorite Movies: Jaws. <- om nom nom. Jennifer's Body. <- double OM NOM NOM NOM NOM... NOM <- Megan Fox deserves all my NOMS. -) hehehe.... .Horror. .Comedy. .Porn.
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Being MYSELF is #1. As for other crazy things... Hmm... I think I'm doing it right now. Dooood, that's deep. LOL Having sex in lots of public places. Um yeah, I do this one as often as I can. It is definitely one of my kinks. The thrill of possibly getting caught with my skirt all hiked up over my ass, so erotic! :-) Oh yeah, and the foursome I was in. Can't wait to get an even bigger group together the next time.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: The stormy coast. Making love by the tide during a storm and feeling the rain steam off my skin. Being so salty hot with passion that the stinging cold feels refreshing. The sound of angry waves crashing against rocks, while blackening purple tempest clouds ink away the sunlight. Mmm.
Hobbies: .Smoking green sticky buds. Making up little songs about randomness. .LOTS of Masturbating. .LOTS of Sex. .Oral. I love to give, and I love to get. LOVE IT!!! .Drawing/Painting/Sculpting. All forms of art. .Cutting out little to-scale size paper models of my house furniture to play the 'rearrange my room for the millionth time game'. .Playing with my little dog, Teenie. .EATING. .SLEEPING. .FUCKING... until my legs don't work. .READING... until my eyes don't work. .Playing dress up. .Sillyness! .Playtime. .Did I mention Day Dreaming? .Cartoons. .Drooling over techie gadgets. .I am a closet nerd lover. Shhh... Teehee. #1 I swear like a sailor. #2 I giggle all the time. #3 I'm a technology junkie. #4 I am a student of life and love. #5 I'm a screamer. ;-)
Talents: .I am bendy and cute. .Very creative. .I can roll my tongue, too. .I do love to swallow. ...and now you know everything.
Perfect Mate: .Sense of HUMOR. .Horny 24/7. .Smarty-pants. .Polite. .Treats me like the lady I am. .Patient. .Likes watching me. .Has passion and cums deep INSIDE my pussy. .Feeds me chocolate NOT BULLSHIT.
Perfect Date: I AM A SUBMISSIVE AND I LOVE TO BE GENTLY DOMINATED! -I LOVE being swept off my feet! -I LOVE a Take-Charge partner -Let's listen to some live music -Cocktails -Dinner with grill marks. Grr Baby Grr! -Walking by the water and talking -Dessert fed to me in front of a crackling fire -a sensual hot oil massage -Fucking till we pass out -Regaining consciousness -Hot blueberry pancakes with strawberries on top -Eat -Continue fucking past sunrise and Sanity.
Turn Ons/Offs: .->->->TURN-ONs: .FUN! That's Why We Are Here, Right? Let's Play! .Polite Inquiries. .I LOVE COMPLIMENTS!!! .Sexually Mature Advances. .Asking Permission BEFORE PMing me. .->->GROUP SHOW = Dirty Talk, Role Play, Strip, NUDE, as Many ORGASMS as possible, Cum, Fingers, BLOWJOBs with Props, Lite S&M; SPANKINGS are special and worth it, Spankings can leave YOUR BIG BAD MARK on my sensitive skin for Hours or Days after even just one, but I REALLY ENJOY BEING SPANKED! .+++Token Tip with Specific TipNote prior to each Spanking. .+++100 = Bare Hand Spank. .+++200 = Paddle Spank. .=>=>PRIVATE SHOW = EXCLUSIVE CAM2CAM WITH ME IN PRIVATE CHAT SESSIONS ONLY! I Love To Watch Your Cam In Private Sessions Because It Gets Me Super Wet. .In Private Chat I ENJOY Everything in GROUP +++plus+++ ASS PLAY, TOYS, Vibrators, Dildos, Butt Plugs, Fetish Fun, YOUR PERSONAL FANTASY FULFILLMENT, >TIPS = I Happily Take SEXY REQUESTS ONLY When They Are Attached to SEXY TIPS. .Thanks For Enjoying Your Time With Me and Making Me Smile So Much! Muwah! .=>=>=>TURN-OFFS: .Demands, Pretending That You Are In My Neighborhood, Saying You've Seen me In Real Life, Asking To Meet Me In Real Life, PMing me without permission, Begging, Any Sexual Reference To Animals, Children, Family, Or Unsafe Situations. Asking Me If I Meet MFC Members In Person, Going Against Any Of The Rules Stated On The MFC Information Page, Rude Comments, Disrespect in any form toward me, or anyone in my room (including other models, members, and loved ones), Name Calling, and of course Mean People. =>=>=>No-No's: Toilet activities, Cock blocking, Buz Killing, Gross Comments, Provoking Negative Energy At All - I Am Good About Giving Warnings, But If You Get Too Pushy I WILL BAN YOU Sooner Than Later. Let's Not Play That Game. .We gotz tuh keep the room and theh erections elevated, my friend. :-)
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: ::I WILL ENTERTAIN YOU:: .I enjoy pleasuring people... Yes oh yes. .I'm HOT. Yup, I sure do like myself. I'm the best. Haha! .As a little girl I'd sneak and read the DIRTY CARTOON drawings in my Grandparents' PLAYBOY magazines. Hehehehehe!!! -um... Oh yeah, I have a brain too. Ha!
Message Wall
always my angel
hope you are well babe your teddy
where are you from Sweetie? Hit me up..... my email is I like your sexy ass!...mmmmmm
Thanks for a great return to MFC, you guys! There will be more fun & freaky free-bee days to come, starting next week. Muwah! I love you all! Thanks for all the orgasms in public chat today. You rock!
I will be making my GRAND RETURN to MFC very soon, lovers! This drought has hurt me as much as it's hurt you. I'm sorry I disappeared for so long... I was having health and emotional issues. Things are a little calmer now, so I'm gonna do my best to get on cam with you all ASAP. I love you! See you soon! Muwah! ~Summer Spark (Sparky)
you are adored ma'am
Figured I would take a break and say. Go Summer Go Summer Go Summer.p
Ok it is soooooo Awesome the Prettiest girl in the world is back on Myfreecams. I look forward to seeing you everyday and have you put a smile on my face. The only brightspot to my day. Your DA BEST!!!
Want to hear from me EVERY freakin' DAY? Follow me on Twitter! @Summer_Spark See you there! Muwah!
Happy Birthday Month AMERICA!
Hope you all like my new GIFT gallery. ;-) ~Muwah
My PC is leaving the land of the living. This means that I will be gifting personal Skype Cam2Cam time in exchange for offline tips. That is, until my Mac laptop gets some loving from my wish list in the form of 'Windows OS7' and 'Parallels Desktop'. Both come with juicy Skype time with me, as well. Let's cum out of hibernation together! Let's do this! Fuck yeah! Muwah! ~Summer
Thank you dbrice1967 for the beautiful makeup from my wish list! I can't wait to get it and put it on for you. I was so excited, I told my mom. Hahaha!
I have something I want to give you, but I keep missing you : I would like to see u when I give it to you Hope to see you soon. I hope to see you reeeeeeaaaaal soon.
I love you. I want to see you soon. My life is not the same without you.
Thanks for popping by sexy lady MUAH xoxoxxo -Amy
miss u gorgeous
Thank you for the comment I am off work and I dont see u :-( Sure missed the hell out of u today
It was my distinct pleasure seeing you today to be honest I really had a good day after seeing u. Just wish I could have been here with you the whole time. I look forward to visiting with you more in the future Hope you had a great day and I look forward to working with the others loyal summer spark viewers to get your cam score up to 2000 and higher from there (your deserve that). Goooooo SummerSparks!!!
So wonderful seeing you again today Sparky... hope your neck feels better soon!!! <3
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