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About Me
Username: SxySindy
CamScore: 382
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 110 pounds
Height: 66 inches
Age: 22
City: None Yah
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Drink: Occasional
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Dancer, Model, Partier,
Favorite Food: Burgers especially on a English muffin, Spaghetti, Pizza, peanut butter and jelly
Pets: 1 Boy Pit Bull (Brian) - 1 Seal Point Siamese (Misty) - 1 Boy Australian Shepherd (Doobie)
Automobile: Cadillac,Pick up truck & a custom Tahoe & broke camper van & used to own a 1923 Roaster
About Me:
My Site free glitter text and family website at

The number above is the total amount earned for this pay period, and 20,000 Tokens ($1,000 Dollars to me) is what I need to help pay all my bills to live on, and with MFC being the only way i make real money, HOPING and BAGGING to PLEASE make the need amount by being on MFC hanging with you all, my Friends and fans who care.
And I want to thank you all for your help in everything I do from my dreams to my finances, thank you so much for being there for me and helping me out financially so I can hang and be with you on MFC.
All you who do help, you help to make my life what it is and I thank you so much, and I'm more grateful then you could even know. xoxo
I know things are slow in these days and age, so any and all helps even just hanging in my room too, for company and to keep me on the home page so people can find me,
So dont think your not helping me by being in my room when you cant tip, because you being there is a help, I would you rather you all in my room then someone else any day lol
And all I ask in return is when you have it and you can that you help me out too, cause then I can always have a place on MFC for every to get to hang and have as a place for fun and chilling,
Life ant always about sex, its friends and good times too and you can always find that in my room with a bit of naked fun included too and your welcome to join the fun any time & cant wait to see you there!!

*************************LEGAL PRIVACY DISCLAIMER*************************
The use of my profile or pictures in any form or forum now or in the future is not permissible without my expressed written consent. Any act to gain profit from the use of my profile or pictures is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action.


My MFC Chat Room will be the most one of a kind room on MFC, and why?!!
Because my room is not just a room for naked and cumming, although its not lacking in it. But its a home. Its my home and welcome you in to it. Were I love to dance and be sexy and I got to say cumming is a blast and sharing these things with you guys only makes it all the better.
I like to come out here and have fun with all my friends and I like making new ones. To share my days with. I want the mood in my room to be one of fun and a chilli environment, something for one. Its are chat room like any other not on sex site, a place to relax and catch with friends.

In My room you don't get only sexy, you will have and get a place to hang out when your bored, you get a friend that welcomes you back home from work when you log on, when life's got you down you can come here, when you have something to celebrate you have a friend in me to party with, and one to share and talk, your day to days with.
And your tips shows me how much its all worth to you. And helps me and keeps me to be able to be here for you and with you, and not some were else. And if you want to know your helping out someone how will greatly appreciate, then you found that in me. And your not just donating to charity you never get to see, you will be donating to a friend and I could not think you enough for that kindness, and I will be forever grateful to get to be your charity case, but most of all your friend.

You can watch and hang with me as I do things like, dancing, working out, watching TV, playing video games, cooking, baking, drawing, listening to music of all ages and even cleaning at times. When I can, I always try to learn more on the guitar. And I'm a strong believer in Wicca, and in the ways of helping people when I can, I do tarot readings, spells, and herb magic.
I'm always working on spreading magic to the world thru my life and at my site The Wicca Part Of The Site HERE and trying to spread the love around on at SxySindy's MFC Profile and my live chat room there at SxySindy's Live MFC ChatRoom You can find and follow any and all my post at SxySindy's Twitter and feel free to check out and bookmark my Web Site too HERE
free glitter text and family website at

Sunday:For 3-Hours between 3pm-7pm PST- Camming Night, Hofully Naked

Monday: NOT Working,-Cuz its Monday Me Day & Monday and Shipping my orders from Amazon and Wiccan

Tuesday: For 3-Hours between 3pm-7pm PST- Camming Night, Hopfully naked

Wednesday: NOT Working most Wednesdays-I'll be working on adding NEW stuff to my web site (SxySindy . ModelCentro . Com)

Thursday: For 3-Hours between 3pm-7pm PST- Camming Night, Hopfully naked

Friday: For 3-Hours between 3pm-7pm PST- FridayFun Day, Hopfully Naked

Saturday: For 3-Hours between 3pm-7pm PST- SxySaturday with TheJadeJustice (When Jade can make it LOL)


Wanted to let everyone know that Me and JadeJustice will do a "Sindy-Jade Double Cam Up MFC Show" so we made a Show set up contributation @ Sindy-Jade Double Cam Up MFC Show
After the funds are met it will put us together in the two day cam up event the following Friday and Saturday.

Want to play PS3 and Join the Courageous Crew and play with me!? If so then read below!!
The members that join the Courageous Crew league will get their league Name posted On the Group Board!

The link below is Info about DCUO and maybe you want to play with me too!!

Want to play!!!
Click HERE!!


2. This isn't a dating site. We should all be here to get off and have fun!.
3. Beggars will be banned. Begging in free chat is not going to get you to see anything or get you any were but gone
4. If I banned you for being a jerk or breaking the room rules,It takes a 500token tip to get unbanned. But if you got banned for attacking, harassing, lying and or threatening me in any way, At any of my sites or in my MFC chat room and at my MFC places, There is NO amount of Money or tokens that would buy back an unbanned from my room. Bottom line ones you showed your are my enemy, its over, no matter the tokens. Its time to find a new model.
5. If your sitting in my room please contribute to the conversation in public chat or the topic goal.
6. I will not be taking PVT's anymore... to many have been wasting my time taking me for less then 200 tokens & now do to a Bad Experience, If I were to do a PVT, I only do privates with a 500token Tip before it & send me a pm to tell me how long you would like to go for.
7. I'm happier When Im naked!!


Any and all tips even offline tips for the day, will and is always counted
towards my naked goal count and is appreciated very much!!

The Tipping Goal for the days I work: 2,500Tips

At EVERY 200Total Tips***A Dance
1,000Total Tips***Topless
2,000Total Tips***Full Naked
2,500Total Tips***Then Cum Show In Group


Here are the Total over all tipping goals for when Jade & Me are online over the day
At 1,000Tk Made over the day, We go Topless!!!
At 2,000Tk Made over the day, We're Naked!!!


If your looking to order a request, you can check the Menu below, other wise I just hope you all enjoy the show!!!
40Tip***Butt Flash
70Tip***Boobie Flash
100Tip***Muffy Flash
101Tip***1 Month-Wizard 101 game,DC Universe game,& WildStar game friend add
150Tip***Flash of Everything
200Tip***A Dance
300Tip***Song Pick & Dance
400Tip***Hand Made 25-inch Bead Necklace
1000Tip***For one of my Handmade beaded Necklaces dipped in my homemade genuine Dragons Blood Power MIX Charmed by me with an advanced spell for preventing anyone from using spells on you and reversing all and any evil done to you, and protecting you from any and all future Hexing, bad luck and more(Put with tip as note)

300Tokens***Periscope Follow Back & so you get to see my private Periscope shows when and if I do one!

150Tip***Will get my SnapChat User name & get Pics & Stuff of me and my day, throw out my day sent to your phone!!

300Tokens*** For my XXX Premium SnapChat User name and get XXX pics and shows sent to you when I do them!!
Get My Premium SnapChat Here by clicking on the SnapChat Ghost
Just Download the SnapChat App. on to your phone, and create a username to exchange!! Click SnapChat INFO for info about SnapChat:


Any and all tips even offline tips for the day, will and is always counted
towards my naked goal count and is appreciated very much!!

80Tokens I E-mail you a tarot reading!
300 A Dance Movie! (Not a Stripshow But sexy teaser)
500 Tokens A StripShow movie!
500 or more Tokens (Depending on complexity) For Costume Pics at lest 15 pics.

Protection or Hex/Curse removal Herb Spell....200TK For 1Bag or 300Tk For 2Bags (Same spell or 2 different ones) Mailed to You, with casting and using Instructions included.

Luck or Money Herb Spell.... 300TK For 1Bag or 400TK For 2Bags (Same Herb Spell or 2 different ones) Mailed to You, with casting and using Instructions included.

Healing Spell Or Herb Spell....... 400TK For 1Bag or 500 for 2Bags (Same Herb Spell or Different ones) Mailed to You, with casting and using Instructions included.

The Woohoo Crew My Friends and fans that are there with me thru the good and bad times, there on my day to days and always there to hang and play!
Heres to you guys The WOOHOO Crew!!

In no particular order:

Obee0124*** CuddleNaked

This are my top tippers for this month and although this is posted out, its not for a game or to win something, its just up for the proof that there are hero's out there and I just want to put this up so I can show off and brag about mine!
Thank you so much to all and everyone who is, has been and wants to be my hero, and with your support I can get to stay to hang and play with you all and I want to thank you for making this the best job ever.!!!!!

Top Members in September 2016

User.............Total Tokens

*************** Single Tip Heros Of 1,000Tk Or More ****************
********************* As Of April 2016 ********************** sundance83***E_nigmatic***Only_My***ThreeSleeps***Roadie***FieldChemist***

***10,000 or More Total Tokens Since We've Been Friends! (In no particular)***
****************************** As Of April 2016 *********************************

***adam75***BorisBadenov***E_nigmatic***(no name)***xXxanaxXx***


Click For Pic's OR Just tip the right amount of tokens when I'm online or when I'm offline and put the name of the gallery in your tip note and I will PM you the gallery password. You get some pics of all the parts of the photo shoot.I hope you like.

Timeless Tunes HERE Playing 24Hours, For Browser-MediaPlayer-Phone-iPad-Tablet on the FREE app @ TimelessTunes

SxySindy's Twitter **&** SxySindy's YouTube
My Site**Never Adding Junk
SxySindy Profile Page **&** SxySindy WishList Page Map
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Photo Galleries
My Schedule
Sunday I'm Usually online from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm
Monday (drop in to find out!)
Tuesday I'm Always online from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm
Wednesday I'm Sometimes online from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm
Thursday I'm Always online from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm
Friday I'm Always online from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm
Saturday I'm Always online from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm
Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: I think the meaning of life is so you can find your soul mate and experience true love. I think life is for the search of your one and forever love to spend life and the after life with.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Cant live with out my family, friends, love, Money, and I love good food.
Favorite Books: Dragon Lance Books, And fantasy Books, and I have like almost all the Steven king books.
What I Like To Do For Fun: I like to dance, cruising in the car, shopping, and acting sexy playing and making music.
Favorite Songs: 50's 60's 70's 80's I like buddy Holly, beach boys, the tokens, the coasters, Jerry lee Lewis,the platters, Paul revere and the raiders, Gene Chandler, Brook Benton, AC/DC, Avril Lavinie, Britney Spears, CCR, Eagles, Eddie Money, George Thorogood, Mellencamp, The who, Tom petty.
Favorite Movies: Water world, Joe Versus The Volcano, Super hero ones Like Bat man, super man, spider man, fantastic 4, X-man, and ones like transformers, GI Joe, and most vampire and werewolf movies, and of cores romantic movies I love romantic.
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: One time I gave 6 guys head on a camping trip for hours.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: I would love to be in a luxury hotel at Disney world
Hobbies: Sex, Dancing, Art, Guitar and learning the ukulele, Gardening, Beading, and working on all my sites and MFC!!
Talents: I've been told I give great head and I can fuck for hours and I can multi-orgasm, so I guess my best talent is sex, and I can dance.
Perfect Mate: My Perfect mate is my best friend someone who treats me with respect and takes the time to here whats on my mind. Someone who makes me feel safe and will protect me from harm, and after making love we snuggle and still stay closes.
Perfect Date: The perfect date to me is getting some like K.F.C. picnic food and a bottle of wine and going to the beach and eat, hang out and play together and talk and make love and watch the sunset and the sunrise again.
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn ons: Soul full eyes, respectful attitude, someone who looks at that good in life, some one who does not use the word never, won't and can't. And someone who lets me what there thing and how they feel, and some how never keeps secrets from me. Turn Offs: Lie, Braggers, One uppers, Bullies, and aggressiveness, or else rs, and bargainers.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I will try a make you smile and give you a good memory and a great time. *******************************************
Message Wall
What a Women
why leave vids don't know but in live..roses are red and friendships are true and the best part people like youthat are TRUE sounds corny but 5 years ago we said this and so so glad it's true
w Wanted to wish you a healthy and happy Beltane may it be a festive one filled with friends.....blessed be
for a good friend = enjoy always music with you ,ty
A Real Women Good Luck
Happy Easter to my favorite bunny
always love coming to see you your always fun welcoming a generaly awsome
Love the bush,and the sexy tush!
you are the best kisser ever luv ya mwa mwa !!!!!!!!!!!
AND she can COOK too
HAPPY NEW YEAR may 2016 be a great year
so coming up on the real u day going to try to make it great going on 4 or 5 years now.. and you have been the best friend all this time always the best for you and may the magicx always be strong
photo frame
just wanted to say hi and so looking forward to the sindy/jade show.and be seeing you soon hope your days are magical and your nights as bright as the full moon
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