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Profile Headline: Maggie Nickels, #1 Camgirl New York Times. twitter @WhoreNickels
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About Me
Username: WhoreNickels
Gender: Female
Age: 25
City: North Whroea
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Occupation/Major: Fartist
About Me:
Tip Menu
My shows can vary wildly from day to day, but the following tip menu is generally available.

Slots 21 | Spank 30 | Song request (up to 5 min) 201 | POGO 350 | Bounce! 401 | NERF ANAL 450 | Snapchat forever 1001 | Signed art print 1337 | Insta-ice cream 5555 / 24-hr Ice cream DENIAL 6666 | INSTANT 12-hr camathon 42,000

Spank Machine 1 spank is 60 tokens. You can also tip in multiples of 60 for multiple spanks! The spank machine is powered by an air compressor, and has 3 levels! It is on level 1 by default. Turn it up to level 2 for 9,001tk. Turn it up to maximum impact level 3 for 27,001tk!

ANTI-SPANKS! Negate spanks for 66 tokens per spank or turn the spank machine off completely for 26,666tk per show.

Spank Bank You can tip 41tk on days when the spank machine is not on and get a discounted spank for your spank bank. You can redeem these spanks on spank machine days!

Combos are displayed on the bottom right corner while happening and disappear when not in use. Combos are made by tipping 2 or more times in rapid succession. You can tip any amount you want, as combos are cumulative. IE tip 2 tokens 5 times in a row = 10x combo. Tip 5 tokens 5 times in a row = 25x combo!

C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! To break a combo, you must tip a cumulatively larger amount.

SOUNDBOARD: You can automatically trigger sounds, songs, and videos to play by tipping from the menu below!
  • 2 Correct
  • 3 Incorrect
  • 10 NCIS: Yeaaaaah
  • 20 Righteous Hair Metal Woah!
  • 30 When Mama Isn't Home
  • 40 NEDM
  • 50 Look At Me Now
  • 61 Leek Spin
  • 70 Nyan Cat
  • 80 Baker Street
  • 90 Bacon Pancakes
  • 100 Keyboard Cat
  • 200 Shia the Tank Engine: Just Do It
  • 300 What's Going On
  • 400 Trolololol
  • 500 Never Gonna Give You Up
  • 600 Jurassic Park Theme Song
  • 700 Kazoo Song
  • 800 Don't Fear The Reaper
  • 1000 Free Bird
  • 1100 Stairway To Heaven
  • 1200 Let's Dance
  • 1300 Hurricane
  • 1400 Kashmir
  • 1500 Funk the Universe
  • 1600 A Glorious Dawn
  • 2000 Cotton Eye Joe Remix
  • 3000 Harlem Shake
  • 4000 Echoes
  • 5000 Free Fallin'
  • 10,000 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • 20,000 Ukulele Torture

SLOTS: Tip any multiple of 21 to trigger one or more slot spins. When the slot icons line up, you will win points towards exclusive WhoreNickels prizes. All slot points can be saved for later use!
  • 1 Level 1 spank machine spank - 600 Points
  • Add 5 songs to the playlist - 1000 Points
  • WhoreNickels T-shirt - 2500 Points
  • Video Collection - 5000 Points
  • Show Recordings Club - 10,000 Points
  • Panties - 20,000 Points
  • DJ Drop - 25,000 points
  • 1 dozen homemade cookies - 40,000 Points
  • Signed art print - 50,000 points
  • Ban a member (24hr, can be cancelled with equal points or 999 tokens) - 66,600 points
  • Naughty or silly polaroids (your choice!) - 75,000 points
  • Change my username to anything you'd like (24 hours) - 100,000 points
  • Join Maggie's farm - 175,000 Points
  • DJ for a day (free song requests all night *within reason*) - 250,000 points
  • 1 Hour Skype Date - 500,000 points
  • Original painted postcard - 750,000 points
  • Become one with the slots; I'll add any icon of your choosing to the slots reel permanently - 1,000,000 points
  • Dinner Date in Las Vegas - 2,000,000 points

ROULETTE: Played on Sundays during Casino Night. Place your bet for 25, 250, or 2500tk for the following and win the corresponding payout if you hit! Payout is currently in points which will be added to your slots account, and are redeemable for the same prizes.

Straight Up (1 number) 35:1 ||| Corner Bet (4 numbers) 8:1 ||| Line Bet (0,00,1,2,3) 6:1 ||| Red/Black 1:1 ||| Even/Odd 1:1

DJ Drops You can get your very own DJ drop as a prize from the slots game. Check out these DJ drops for an idea of what you're missing out on:

DJWallHack 69 | PenguinRobert71 | NickyL1313 73 | Wafer 77 | Hasbenbad 84 | Roman 666

WN Radio KOCK 106.9 Sirius FM Put a song on the official WN Camshow Playlist for 11tk per song. Playlist is played nightly on shuffle. Take a song off the playlist for 111tk. Put a song on the playlist permanently for 222tk. Take a song OFF the playlist permanently for 444tk.You can even see (and follow) the playlist on spotify when I'm offline!

Workout Wednesday Playlist:Add songs for 11tk as well, see the full list here!

Special Shows

Check out past show highlights and commercials on my vimeo channel!

Costume, Theme, and Variety shows! Costume and theme shows do not have a set schedule, but you can check the "Monthly Specials" section for a calendar of events!

If you have an idea for a costume or theme show, YOU can make it happen! Support me on Patreon!! Patreon is a platform where you can offer monthly, sustaining donations. ALL donations and patronage will go directly toward costume and character show developments. Support at any level comes with rewards and benefits, so check it out here!

Show Recordings Club! Get unlimited access to all past show recordings for just 1550tk! Or buy just your favorites for 150tk each. Ask me what shows are available!

Cool Guy
COOL GUYS get their name and title as COOL GUY displayed on my video feed.
The COOL GUY gets free song requests as well as the option to change the green screen background as much as they like.
How do you become the COOL GUY? By having the highest single tip of the day.

Ultimate Cool Guy Roman



Freddy & the Rockafire Explosion

You can make Freddy say whatever you want! Fred reads all PUBLIC tip notes. Fred does not read private or hidden tip notes (he respects privacy).

BUY ME A FREDDY: I work my frogs to the bone. As a result, Freddy tends to break and malfunction rather quickly. If you buy me a Freddy the Frog from my amazon wishlist, I'll send you the extra-special, exclusive Freddy Film pack, and you'll join the FROG ARMY.

Dr. Freddy & The Rock-A-Fire Explosion: Freddy also has a girlfriend (MeeMee the monkey) and a band. They are not currently touring right now, but check back to see when they'll be playing again!


No, I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more...

Join Maggie's Farm and get your own animal drawn by the amazingly talented artist, KingOfSorrows! You can use it as an avatar on MFC, and you'll be added to the Family Farm Picture below. NOTE Maggie's Farm is currently at capacity and will not be able to adopt any new animals during the month of May. Adoptions will re-open June 1st, 2017.

Bonus perks for the hardworking animals of Maggie's Farm: Get your very own WhoreNickels t-shirt! Sizes S-5XL, 4 styles available. See below in the picture gallery for examples of each design. Pick your favorite and send me an MFC mail with your choice and mailing address.

Maggie's Farm is looking for new hires! All positions are seasonal (membership for each club lasts 3 months). You must already be a member of Maggie's Farm to be promoted.

Maggie's Farm Hands

1,616tk to be promoted to a farm hand!
Farm Hands get all my gratitude for their blood, sweat and tears that help keep the farm running. Plus your name proudly displayed on my profile.
Farm Hands can also schedule private shows on MFC with me. Private shows for Farm Hands are 5,000 tokens to reserve and must be scheduled in advance.
Farm Hands can purchase custom videos. Custom videos for Farm Hands are 15,000 tokens for the first 20 minutes and 10,000 tokens for every additional 10 minutes. Please discuss the details in advance to be sure I can fulfill your custom video fantasy!
6,363tk to be promoted to from farm hand to rancher!
Ranchers get special Maggie's Farm stickers mailed to them. Includes stickers of Maggie, Fred, and your own farm animal.
Ranchers may schedule private shows on MFC with me. Private shows for Ranchers are 3,000 tokens to reserve and must be scheduled in advance.
Ranchers can purchase custom videos. Custom videos for Ranchers are 13,000 tokens for the first 20 minutes and 9,000 tokens for every additional 10 minutes. Please discuss the details in advance to be sure I can fulfill your custom video fantasy!
Animal Husband
Not to be confused with animal husbandry, this is the highest promotion you can earn!
16,969tk to be promoted from Rancher to Animal Husband. ;)
Husbands get a loaf of sweet or savory bread (such as banana bread, blueberry muffins, or rosemary bread) mailed to them each month, as well as XXX-rated polaroids of Farmer Maggie herself!
Animal Husbands may schedule private shows on MFC with me. Private shows for Husbands are 2,000 tokens if scheduled in advanced. Animal Husbands may also tip 8,016 tokens to interrupt a public show and get a private show right then and there!
Animal Husbands can purchase custom videos. Custom videos for Husbands are 11,000 tokens for the first 20 minutes and 8,000 tokens for every additional 10 minutes. Please discuss the details in advance to be sure I can fulfill your custom video fantasy!

Tags: shaved, freddy, fun, petite, bad babe, dorky, silly, costume, bob ross, toys, technology, nerd, geek, tech, american, tattoos, small tits, piercings, playful, green eyes, Number 1 Camgirl NY Times, videos, short hair, alternative, punk, frog, funniest camgirl, political, bernie sanders, donald trump, hillary clinton, satire
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