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Profile Headline: You only live once? False,YOU live everyday,you only DIE ONCE
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About Me
Username: Xonnie
CamScore: 8758
Gender: Female
Body Type: Large
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Age: 22
City: mother poosy
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Moderate
Drink: Occasional
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: This and that
Favorite Food: pizzzaaaaaa and CHEEZYBORGERS!!!!
Automobile: tram yay
About Me:
About Me

Hello, I'm Xon, most of you know me already, or you can get to know me if you come and spend some time with me and my friends.I may not be pretty,I dont have a perfect body,but I have a good warm heart for those who care. I am not trying to give an image of a fairytale,perfect,everything else,I am just being myself.

People will say I am mean or bitchy in reality Im not,I act the way I do to protect myself from getting hurt. I actually care a lot about everyone.

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Stalkers apply here!
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Every girl loves stuff! I'm no exception. It doesn't have to be romantic stuff either, I'm a practical person too! A cook book with big pictures, a toaster that doesn't burn toast, an iphone 20, crayons, butt plugs, cuddly toys, I don't care. Just do it, ya know ya want to ;)

Note: At the moment I'm only able to accept gift cards, until I set up a wish list. PM me for my email address, if you're feeling generous.

Me love you long time
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Room Rules
  • Be nice to me and to everyone else. If I am nice to you I expect the same. Everyone deserves a certain level of respect, regardless of age, gender, nationality or chosen profession (except politicians lol).
  • Tip for requests and do not beg. I'm quite tolerant but eventually I will kick and ban you.
  • I understand that money doesn't grow on trees and that you will not always be able to tip, but you can at least say hello and interact, it is a chat room after all. I don't bite!
  • I only do privates with people that I know well.
  • Don't lurk in chat, interact, it doesn't cost anything. If you want to just jerk off, do it from the Lounge. Members who just sit in chat and say nothing are kinda creepy...for everyone!
  • Every tip is appreciated but don't expect me to put my ankles behind my ears and fuck myself silly for a couple of tokens.
  • I do not need a porn director.
  • I don't mind people PMing me, but when it's just to say hello it in free chat. PM is for sensitive subjects, the kind of things you wouldn't feel comfortable saying in free chat.
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    I say Hi like a good girl.
    It's a skill I learnt at Cam Girl Academy. Polished and perfected after many many hours of practice.
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    Personal Kiss

    A kiss like no other virtual kiss you have ever experienced, but no tongues (unless you're really hot!) You also get a Hi thrown in for free, but don't tell anyone!
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    Are you feeling lucky, punk? Well, are ya?!?
    You win, you choose. I win, you lose!
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    Make me spank my huge ass bb.
    Sometimes a naughty girl needs a good spanking.
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    Love me yet?

    Love me bishes!! I is special!
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    Hate me??

    Not nice, I sad now!
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    Watch your Cam (C2C)

    Open your web cam and I'll watch you.....
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    Let me unleash the beasts, feast your eyeses on the prizes.....mmmm
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    It's not all fun and games, a girl has to keep in shape too!
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    Dare me to do something....
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    Let me show you my ass-stounding Ass!
    90 Tokens
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    Make a Request

    Only when I'm naked and enjoying myself.
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    Mute me

    What do you mean I sing like a kitten in a blender?!? How dare you!
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    Unmute me

    Missing my Angelic voice already?
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    Finger pussy

    Go on! You wanna see it and I wanna do it!
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    Toy in

    Not a finger kinda guy? Well, let's try a toy then!
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    Ice Ice baby! After all that hotting up, time to cool me down again.
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    Buy me a shot. My singing improves significantly when I'm
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    Control my Lovense!
    I'm all yours for 5 minutes!
    Take me to heaven and back again
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    Naked Dance

    Strip and dance to 1 song....
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    Follow me on SnapChat, a glimpse into my real life and my panties.
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    5 G/G AND 2 SOLO vids for 999!.
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    You love me how much?!?! O M G!!
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    5555 Tokens
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    One single tip of 6969 and I'll use one of my buttplugs!
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Interests & Hobbies
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Phone,MFC,money,sex,food
Favorite Books: Erotic books :pervl
Favorite Songs: All kind of music,except hard rock,hell no!
Favorite Movies: Porn of course haha
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Jumped on the window when i was 16 to have sex with my boyfriend aaaand I also got caught when i was trying to sneak back inside (still on the window)
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Bora Bora
Hobbies: Singing at "your" microphone :perv
Talents: I am very talented,in bed! :loll
Perfect Mate: Handsome with brain,funny,and a big big wallet
Perfect Date: There's no such a thing! Except me,and I can't date myself :duhh
Turn Ons/Offs: Liars,fake people,ass kissers,beggers
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Because I'll make things complicated and your life, in a good way :D
Message Wall
Chad234567: iddd fuckk u till u cumm daaamn
umarss: I want to see your ass from behind to insert my penis in it I love smelling the smell of my armpit girl because it makes me sexy I want to see the hairy armpit
pointcare: Let us see your pinky Clith.
Xonnie: \ Xonnie: no ay Xonnie: net shot Xonnie: os gnna be Xonnie: 2222
AmigosWife is in public chat
mrtak3yogirl: can i give u anal ur ass is huge
Redbull1870: My woman loves pussy more than me
fNTASITIC YOU are just wonderful
THIS ONE IS ON FIRE! Yaknow, not like a little camp fire..I'm talking like full on the house is fucking coming down fire! Damn!
carekat123: you look like sasha grey
darksanke: make a noddy dance
newname_: since work at restaurant i learm how to make a better torukey
newname_: my little jr was hard
Lily_Snow: I'm going horse riding tomorrow, wat type of dildo should I attach to the horse saddle so I can fuck my gay ass while I ride?
Lily_Snow: I'm going horse riding tomorrow, wat type of dildo should I attach to the horse saddle so I can fuck my gay ass while I ride?
littldickguy: hey can you tell me if im small for tokens?
CrotchRegion: netflix and chillpussylicking
missed you today have a good evening see you later
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