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About Me
Username: christian05
Gender: Male
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 210 pounds
Height: 76 inches
Age: 27
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Drink: Moderate
Drugs: Experimented
Occupation/Major: Student
School: College
Favorite Food: icecream, and pizza
Pets: 2 cat
Automobile: Audi
About Me: Dear Diary, Today is Thanksgiving. I want to take this time to thank my family, my friends, my mfc friends. I want to thank my daddys penis for spitting me out, and my mommys vagina for giving me a home for 9 months. I want to thank my brother for being wierd. I want to thank the fat turkey which we are going to eat in a efw hours. I want to thank my pula for giving me so much sloboz. I want to thank the english language for making Gross a hard word to spell * correction it is not hard it was just confusing. I want to thank dacia for giving the world such shitty cars * correction it is not a shitty car it is just bad design. I want to thank the gypsys for appreciating Pens so much *correction they dont like to write, they just like to borrow them. I want to thank scumpa mea for being so hot. I want to thank the archives so i can rewatch my 3 second privates. But most of all I want to thank Ray for having the sexiest cam in the world. ******************************************************************************************* Dear Diary, Today I had to go to the library for a few hours. While I was there i started to think about futting and I got so turned on that I started to get a boner. I didn't want it to show so I went up and asked the librarian for some Tape. I went to the bathroom and I taped my boner to my leg, then pulled up my jeans and went to study. It was going well till i got so hard that the tape started to give out. everyone could hear the ripping sound as my pula ripped the tape. Everyone stared and watched as my flag went up. I decided fut it and stood up and showed off like the :dong emote. Needless to say I was asked to leave the library. but before i left I asked the librarian if she wanted the tape back. She told me not to be grose. *******************************************************************************************Dear Diary, if you are reading this why are u looking at other dudes profiles??? **************************************************************************Dear Diary, I really want to get a muie, but i don't want to get one from anyone else but one girl. How can i get a muie without getting one from her? I could give myself one but (no homo) Instead I think i will take a pepsi can and cut off both ends, then fill the pepsi can with lube and use that. It will feel like a mouth, i can then turn on porn so i hear moaning. The only thing that will make it different from ones ive gotten in the past is,that this one i dont have to pay for (cry) *************************************************Dear Diary, I showed vishy my nipples and he seemed to like them. I really hope he asks me tomorrow where babies come from so i can show him. he just has the best tasting candy i can't resist. ************************************************************************Dear Diary, Last night I was asleep and had a dream that i was drinking a nice glass of lemonade on a warm summer day, when i woke up my cat was peeing in my mouth. That sucked, but what sucks even more, is last week I had a dream i was eating a warm chocolate cookie. ******************************************************************************************Dear Dairy, Today i looked at pictures of Traian. He is a very ugly man but in a cute way. He looks so loveable. I love the way that his eyes sort of droop and are all crazy. The video of him crying was amazing. I wonder what color his floci is. So many celebrities have sex videos coming out, I hope he takes advantage of this new trend and releases one of his own. :mlove.
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Favorite Models: Kikirirkki
Interests & Hobbies
Favorite Books: Robert Parker, Michael Connelly, Lee Child and many more
Favorite Songs: Russian girl, Club can't handle me (indian version)
Favorite Movies: The Sting, Mystic River, Gran Torino, Slumdog Millionaire, many more.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: a place that starts with R.
Hobbies: Sports, running, laba, headwave dancing.
Perfect Mate: Someone who is kind, smart, funny, likes to go out but also can just hang out at home. Can talk about everything and anything, brown hair, beautiful face, and the most important. Someone that can be sexy and also cute...
Turn Ons/Offs: :horny too many too list.
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Hi Christian ! have a Great summer dude !

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All I want for Xmas is the best starting rotation in baseball h Merry xmas mofo
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Dear Diary..christian its THE FUTTING gypsy !!!!!pupici
hey bb come to my woom when u are bored...i have smth nuice to show u
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Photobucket I know these 2 pulas will make your week a great one Chris 34....Jason....
ai cea mai frumoasa pula pe care am vazut-o in ultima vreme... h
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