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Username: forumstarter
Gender: Male
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 190 pounds
Height: 71 inches
Age: 27
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Student
School: numerous
Favorite Food: pizza (but I'm very picky about it and rarely eat it)
Pets: a tiny Shih Tzu (temporarily)
About Me: My website- detailing my (slightly outdated) ideas for reforming undergraduate education: My youtube page- containing some music and athletics videos:
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Favorite Models: Sugalipsfairy
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Interests & Hobbies
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Something to study/discuss, someone to love, something to train for, a physiological state that allows me to do justice to the aforementioned three items, and something to laugh about
Favorite Books: too hard to choose
What I Like To Do For Fun: Write workout programs for people, serve as a sounding board for others' problems, impersonate anyone and everyone, talk in funny accents, read demography publications, volunteer, walk in trails, read blogs, jump and touch/hang on various objects, play basketball, chase after buses, give some thought to resuming Taekwondo, listen to many piano pieces that I hope to eventually study/play, dream about doing various gymnastics maneuvers, scavenge North America for the best slice of pizza, make people laugh, study for and take graduate school entrance exams for programs I'll never enter, ponder the nature of happiness, attempt to make cases for both sides of an issue/debate and (how could I forget?) MFC
Favorite Songs: too hard to choose
Favorite Movies: too hard to choose
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I've done too many crazy things; it's nearly impossible for me to choose a singular superlative. Ask me about all the crazy stuff I've done and I'll happily divulge!
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: I'd be in a state of bliss
Hobbies: demography, athletic performance training, volunteering, mathematical proofs, basketball, classical piano, writing restaurant reviews, planning other people's vacations, brightening someone's day, watching sappy dramas on netflix, urban planning, walking (aimlessly) around cities, anything related to pain management/physical rehabilitation/physical therapy, anything associated with physique transformation/nutritional concepts, postulating ways to improve healthcare, postulating exercise progressions for those with special circumstances, anything related to public transportation, postulating ways to improve higher education and much more
Perfect Mate: She who: is tactful yet transparent; is openly affectionate; is secure enough to be vulnerable (it is my opinion that vulnerability is a prerequisite for romantic love); is intellectually curious and often takes initiative to act on said curiosity; is virtuous but not too dogmatic; is able to make commitments and keep them; understands that 'love' the verb often precedes 'love' the noun; is open to new ideas; is prepared to stand up for those close to her; cares about the health and performance of her body and has the wherewithal to invest in both; shares my sense of humor; AND lastly (but probably most importantly), she who inspires me to be a better man and who I'm able to inspire to be a better woman
Perfect Date: Anything involving us working as a team toward achieving something (e.g. rowing across a lake, competing a relay race, playing instruments together, dancing together, singing together, building something together, etc.) and then sitting under the stars (assuming it's night out) and talking for hours on end (yet the hours feel as if they're seconds)
Turn Ons/Offs: ONS- open-mindedness, intellectual curiosity, initiative, transparency, ability to receive/give affection, empathy, social intuition, a warm smile, trust and a sense of humor; OFFS- tendency to jump to conclusions, lack of expression, unwillingness to follow through on a commitment, fear of making promises, excessive (this is of course, very subjective) materialism, and difficulty expressing emotion
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: If you have something on your mind or are going through a difficult time, I'm very good at listening and empathizing/sympathizing without any judgement. If you need someone to design a customized workout regimen with daily support, I'd be happy to do that as well. If you have a math question on topics up until multivariable calculus, I can probably answer it. If you have a chemistry (general, organic or physical) or physics (introductory) question, I may or may not be able to answer it because I'm a little rusty. If you like classical music, we'd have a lot to talk about. If you're a classical pianist and stuck on a technical portion of a piece, I can probably guide you past that roadblock. If you like discussing somewhat esoteric aspects of nutrition or alternative medicine, we'd definitely get along. If you have an interest in demography, we could talk all night. If you're an athlete looking to compete in a lifting sport, sprinting sport, endurance sport or basketball, we could probably talk for weeks on end.
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Hey! I have been good. My laptop actually had a harddrive failure sooner than I expected it would, and it's completey unusable now. That's why I have been gone. BUT I will have a new laptop very soon, so don't forget about me! I hope you are doing well.
Thank you! You're fantastic.
You are awesome. I thank you for being supportive and helping me out tonight.
You are on my radar. You have been warned.oxoxoxox

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