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Profile Headline: Intentionally funny, accidentally nice, permanently aroused.
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Username: i_smokecrack
Gender: Female
Age: 41
City: Palm Beach
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Gay
Occupation/Major: Artist, Political Activist, VOTER.
School: AIU - London, UK
Pets: Cat named JoJo, Hamster named LuLu
About Me: 2018, KAROLYNN - a xenophobe... a really angry one. The conversation started casually & it developed into her distrusting muslims in canada. I asked her qualifying questions & challenged her. She's a racist and i didn't even tell her that before she banned me. She just got so fucking angry about muslims on her own that she banned me. I don't know if i've ever called any model on here this...but Karolynn is a full on piece of shit. Oct 21, 2017, banned by StefanieJoy. Everything was great, i participated positively in her chat. I tipped. I applauded tips. I made the simple remark, 'not enough appreciation is happening for tips'. Despite her knowing i was talking to members (who literally never applauded for tips) she banned me instantly without question as she said she 'doesn't like me telling her..''. So she didnt like me expressing to other members the importance of reward. She definitely couldve spoken to me rather than ban me. Models ban way too easy now. I wish i could take my fucking tip back.... Oct 7, 2017, banned by harley_raiyn: 7 days after 58 americans were murdered by a lone shooter & over 500 wounded, she decorated her body with a bullet strap. Disgusting. Tasteless. Vile. I dalled her on it, she banned me. She's the tasteless obscene one. July 18, 2017, Muted by Tesla: We had a great rapport, i was highly complimentary. She posted her tip game & nothing was appealing. I wrote " your tip game is uninspiring' and she muted me. What can i say? Everything was good but honestly her tips weren't promising anything obtainable for the evening. They were all long shot commitments, really obscure too. Very strange. Oct 10, 2016, "You have been kicked out of Tia_Bella's room" :::::::::::::::: what did i do? I just said 'hello'.... mind you she had only 1 other person in the room. She kicked me out for saying...'hello'? what.the.fuck? Sept 18 2016, PrincessCake_____ lol i stepped into her room and she was 'grinding' something and it appeared to me to be a marijuana grinder. i asked her if it was and she banned me. tread lightly folks, tread lightly, fore i only asked her that one thing and i got banned for it. BAN RAGE. Sept 4 2016, ConnerJay____ she banned me because i asked her if she'd like a different toy to play with AFTeR she said she didnt like the one she had out. Wtf ! Why would she ban me over that? Besides that, i kept her conversation going - with her and the people and not aggressive about it. She has a bulldog that runs the room for her..he has right to ban anyone at anytime for any reason. I forgot to grab his name but he's there. The reason i was banned is bullshit. Glad i didnt buy tokens. NevAmore, the model, just straight up banned me from her room for saying 2 words 'Color Purple'. Apparently her room plays a game of banning and if you aren't in on the rules you lose. Banning is fun to them, so fuck them...dont give her a nickle of your time. DakotaCox June 23, 2016 She just wants money and light flirting. Don't ask her any real questions. Dont try to get to know her or she'll kick you out of her room with no warning. LIterally the last thing i said to her was "you have a sense of humor, i can tell' and she kicked me out. Little did she know, i was seconds away from buying tokens for her. Glad i didn't. She''s moody and defensive. Fuck that. THOUGH -- she's hot as fuck. MissJade___ March 2016 Did nothing but insult me and discredit over 90% of what i said and did in her room. She was not only insulting but abusive. I was kind and honest. I tipped what i could. She is a high-strung girl that will make no apologies for what she says. She is unkind at times and is very business like. Be Ware. Posie is a complete fucking ..... posed camchick. she'll sit there and swirl her chair & her hair & get paid to do just that. She never shows tit nor hips or anything you'd ever want to see from a paid camchick. Don't waste your time or money on this chick. She might woo you with her southern accent IF YOU CAN HEAR IT over her music. her room is always dark and she always is overpaid by her loyal followers. you sit long enough you'll see what i'm talking about. I paid this chick a 75 token tip for just walking into her room. Showed appreciation for other tippers & even played cheerleader for more tips (modestly). I asked her " when's the last time you did something sexy on cam?" ... its a frank but honest question. Look around you. You that sensitive? You that self-righteous? You that overly-dignified to sit on a sex cam site and not have the fucking umf to handle an inquiry? You can have my $3.75. It was the best meal deal learning lesson. Seeya bitch. --- You read it here. Don't complain when you get taken.

I was banned by KellyHeart just wait for the disappointment... ...just wait... ...hang on... wait, how much time do you have? Yah! FUCKING exactly! That chick is as entertaining as a pet rock. Except pet rocks don't have that dumb ass giggle. I'll take rock over Kellyheart any day ya i said it.. says the crack-smoker.
Tags: fake tits, blonde, sweet, raffles, fun, games, anal, double penetration, phone, skype, view cams, sybian, hitachi, girl on girl, lesbian
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What I Like To Do For Fun: I love to flirt with hot sexy bitches and sometimes that's online with you. I'm a girl of the future. I know what's what.
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If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Always chicago... 2nd would be London. 3rd would be in Ibiza.

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why did KellyHeart ban you?? She seems sooo sweet!!;P How are yooou doing holllla the balllaaa. miss and thinkin bout you.............
u mean.. you don't hate me? i thought i lost you forever...
The post you left on my profile made me sad.. I'm sorry I will try to spend more time on there... but on a side note.. yyyyyeeeaaa! fuckin a #goheat. You were a majority of the reason I was rooting for them and I am so happy that you are so happy that it makes ecstatic. I feel like I am going to explode with glitter and rainbows.
I saw your comments in a room and your nickname, Entered me curious about you, my English is very bad but the first feeling is That You are good people, using the translator, i read ... you are intentionally funny, nice accidentally, permanently aroused ... and reading a little more and seeing your comments in the chat, that's true ,now i know also you are sincere ... take care and a kiss from a curious .. muuak
giiiirl let's get marrried!
hey)))how are you?just invite yuo in my room)))kiss!!!
I am really jealous that Aisha has 5 symbols. I am asking for maybe a re- evaluation or like we talked about maybe a new category? Like 'keeps you on the edge of your seat bc you never know if she's going to go private' I feel like you kind of proposed to me and I kind of want to say yes. I think it's cool and trendy to turn lesbian and I'm seriously thinking about it..
in response to my crazy fucking night last night...

you ROCK Holly
What are you babbling about Veronica, you have to stop taking those pills!!
And...I mean ANYTHING(; do u escort?
Ohmigosh. I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't mean that. Please. Forgive me. I'll do anything!
Why u no add me on myspace bb. I find u on myspace and u no comment back. Fuck you!!
oooh lala

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