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Username: zenstar
Gender: Male
Body Type: Ample
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 3 kilos
Height: 3 centimeters
Age: 107
City: Pyongyanus
Country: Korea, Democratic People'S Republic Of
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: astro physicist
School: Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
Favorite Food: whopper, bigmac,jumbo jack,spicy queen burger with cheese
Pets: classified
Automobile: classified
About Me: Sammeera: eww zen .... dont put that never ever again
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: SoYummyYana: zen burned his hands from to fast wanking SoYummyYana: he cant be online today Ookla: yana? Enamored: 1st degree burns? SoYummyYana: lol ookla thats truth JayBeardo: He can't type with his nose? SoYummyYana: he cant sit on mfc n not touch his lil pickle
Five Things I Can't Live Without: tokans, tokens, tokies, tokianos, topkans
Favorite Books: Shyutza: after today Shyutza: after today i start save tokens and workout Shyutza: thats what the pig said, this is the last day hes gonna eat his own shit
What I Like To Do For Fun: AlovelyYana: sweet dreams steve Enamored: night Steve AlovelyYana: zenny seems warm ur bed already AlovelyYana: lol BadAssZillion: later guys Ifiwzthr: night bad BadAssZillion: zenny is banned from my bed AlovelyYana: lol Enamored: why? AlovelyYana: he farted alot? BadAssZillion: he pees in sleep AlovelyYana: lol ok
Favorite Songs: Am sa scriu intr-o carte///////////////////Ram pa pa pula pum::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Unde-i dragostea####################Eu Sunt Bomba Nucleara***************Esti Bomba
Favorite Movies: Bizzare101: Do premature ejaculators get a discount of some sort? 1 hour is much too long***************************rodofdestiny: we need a new topic ... i suggest anal dilation for 75tkns************* dav1dking: can u spread those legs to expose your dirty saggy moist pussy?
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: AlovelyYana: possible one prem in my room have cock 2,54 cm fred_is_santa: whats the smallest you seen? AlovelyYana: one inch AlovelyYana: lol
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: LNGJONSILVR10: there u are!!!! LNGJONSILVR10: where have you been all this time LNGJONSILVR10: don't you ever leave me like this again LNGJONSILVR10: i was so worried for you LNGJONSILVR10: now i need to stick my cock in your ass
Hobbies: Tuttifruti: u go to macdonald and go to poo Tuttifruti: and jerk off Tuttifruti: u dont do anything else in ur fucking poor life
Perfect Mate: OoklaRawr: where are the 2 worms? AlovelyYana: tyy AlovelyYana: zen n steve? OoklaRawr: da AlovelyYana: suck each other in hidden room AlovelyYana: lol
Perfect Date: AlovelyYana: oh zen is very fast AlovelyYana: just he does 0,5 min privates AlovelyYana: on mfc AlovelyYana: lol
Turn Ons/Offs: Berrekk: I just got done jacking off with my finger up my butt, so I don't want sex, I just want to cuddle and talk about my feelings
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Shyutza: and its a hard work to read everyones crap everyday Shyutza: one day i will not read the chat unless i get tipped
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Zen you are the best thank you for being you
photo zenbdaypenis_zpsu8tizsgi.jpg
photo 5407dea9-9677-45ff-82ca-767386a51a36.jpg
That's more like it!
Favorite Models: Ekante
Zenny the guru master oh anal )
the biggest asshole ever on here
Favorite Models: Ekante
I'm picking you up in my scooter so that we can go for a high class meal. Please have your pink helmet ready. See you 6pm.
Zen=always change man....pffff he pula forget Denisse alot...
La multi ani Zenny! Muah
photo 863b1fbb-0d1e-44a8-b3a9-79be0b90850f.jpg
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