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Profile Headline: Toda99: i wish i was rich like zenny moneypenny
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Username: zenstar
Gender: Male
Body Type: Muscular
Weight: 3 kilos
Height: 3 centimeters
Age: 107
City: Los Analgeles
Country: United Arab Emirates
Sexual Preference: Straight
Occupation/Major: theoretical physics/anal string theory
Favorite Food: Topic: I m horny! Need Zen s pula!
Pets: AlovelyYana: u fucking wanker zenny
Automobile: Kenworth
About Me: Topic: hello) 200 write name on my body)2 toks to write ur name on zen's ass
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: NathanRinger: 3 days? you need some of my healing sperm AlovelyYana: u seems need to get healing ban........................................... NathanRinger: i light a candle and use oil when i wank to you yana AlovelyYana: even if u put burning candle in urs own ass imnot care nat.............................................tastemycumxx: id like some of the models of here to taste it Intelligent1: lol AlovelyYana: just ur hand will be the one taster AlovelyYana: for life AlovelyYana: :los.....................................NathanRinger: i almost forgot how to write with a pen Victorrrrrrr: whats a pen NathanRinger: i mostly just sign my name AlovelyYana: n who need ur sig. ? lube store? AlovelyYana: lol
Five Things I Can't Live Without: sexxxy_BEAST: she just on her period. she is gorgeous either way but it obvious. i am proud she is at least trying to work at least AlovelyYana: u will be on urs period in ban group..................................................................................AlovelyYana: i tell last time i hate pimps who ask for all AlovelyYana: if u ask for all so tip for all too AlovelyYana: other wise get fucking ban n suck dicks in ban group AlovelyYana: lol
Favorite Books: sillverxx1: i cant smoke cigars sillverxx1: because i cant smoke without letting the smoke go into my lungs zenstar: yes zenstar: i have the same trouble with butt plugs
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Movies: Shyutza: after today Shyutza: after today i start save tokens and workout Shyutza: thats what the pig said, this is the last day hes gonna eat his own shit************* Shyutza: and its a hard work to read everyones crap everyday Shyutza: one day i will not read the chat unless i get tipped
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: AlovelyYana: n what u will show me on urs cam? 50 balls or 4 cocks?**************************************** TwoBrownTeeth: Yo Yana AlovelyYana: slam whats with ur teeth? AlovelyYana: ate poo?
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: SoYummyYana: zen burned his hands from to fast wanking SoYummyYana: he cant be online today Ookla: yana? Enamored: 1st degree burns? SoYummyYana: lol ookla thats truth JayBeardo: He can't type with his nose? SoYummyYana: he cant sit on mfc n not touch his lil pickle Enamored: zen needs voice recogniton program to typee for him SoYummyYana: haha da Enamored: Or pickle recognition SoYummyYana: and hands recogniton programm to wank for him JayBeardo: I don't think they make Ukranian voice recognition programs
Hobbies: Tuttifruti: squirt ofc Tuttifruti: 10 tokens bb Tuttifruti: im so fucking horny Tuttifruti: i think i fart now********************************************************************Tuttifruti: how??? Tuttifruti: u have dick at all? Tuttifruti: i think u dont have even dick Tuttifruti: u can just jerk off Tuttifruti: u go to macdonald and go to poo Tuttifruti: and jerk off Tuttifruti: u dont do anything else in ur fucking poor life
Talents: AlovelyYana: i had today queen dinner chicken spicy burger n fries AlovelyYana: but i had diarrhea after bbt4l: i was wondering about that brown spot KingSezut: i see the stains on ur panties AlovelyYana: i washed dirt mark off zenstar: big mac wont cause this AlovelyYana: u cant see it now AlovelyYana: lol zen KingSezut: big mac keep ur shit nice and solid KingSezut: spicy thai burger make u splash all over zenstar: only spicy sauces run through you like a puck through Russian defense AlovelyYana: loool bbt4l: zenny zenstar: i bet ovy has diarrhea now too AlovelyYana: lol AlovelyYana: bastard zen zenstar: RUSSIA VS UKRAINE FOR DIRTY GROUND MEDAL AlovelyYana: zenny went wash his pants AlovelyYana: so funny to laugh of russia AlovelyYana: zenny bastardo
Perfect Mate: hornypenis88: where are you? AlovelyYana: on the roof hornypenis88: where at? hornypenis88: your roof? AlovelyYana: at siberia hornypenis88: like at your house apartment or what? AlovelyYana: like why u care about? AlovelyYana: lol hornypenis88: because i am just wondering? is that a problem? AlovelyYana: yes AlovelyYana: too much questions AlovelyYana: from man with nick name penis hornypenis88: youre too much bitch...godbye...not wasting money on you AlovelyYana: bitch it is your daddy who born you through his dirty anus LegoPants: Looks like horny gets a free ban AlovelyYana: tinypenis88
Perfect Date: xweedstarx: do you like blowing dicks? Sillverxx: yes, thats why im blowing you off with a ban Sillverxx: dick*************************************************************Sillverxx: if i could, zen Sillverxx: i would settle my pvt price to 1 tkn per minute Sillverxx: and u would take me pvt Sillverxx: all day Sillverxx: [:yes] zenstar: [:eek] zenstar: [:woohoo] Sillverxx: id sleep zenstar: [:wtf]
Turn Ons/Offs:
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: California51: zen you cheap bastard.. **************************************************************Deni_Lover: ZEENNNN STAR YOU CHEEEEP FUCKER!! ************************Sellenna_: zenstart shut up i will make u a 2 hole next to ass
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Zenny the guru master oh anal )
My pleasure
the biggest asshole ever on here
Thanks so much Ekante. I wish next time you could put a bigger picture on my wall. Thanks. Love, Zen
Favorite Models: Ekante
I'm picking you up in my scooter so that we can go for a high class meal. Please have your pink helmet ready. See you 6pm.
Zen=always change man....pffff he pula forget Denisse alot...
La multi ani Zenny! Muah
photo 863b1fbb-0d1e-44a8-b3a9-79be0b90850f.jpg
Rated and Admired bb
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