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Username: AbiGrey
CamScore: 1998
Gender: Female
Body Type: Little in the middle
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 63 inches
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Involved
Occupation/Major: Author and Sex Advocate
Tags: kinky, fetish, submissive, intelligent, naughty, dancer, fantasies, big toys, blowjob, shaved, bondage, glasses, BDSM, humiliation, degradation, hazel eyes, brunette, milf, dirty stories, dragon, good girl, nasty, filthy, smile, tasks, boobs, big tits
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Five Things I Can't Live Without: Mind-altering situations - naturally occurring, not chemically induced. Connectivity - whether by personal interaction or via messaging Chosen Family - The relationships that do actually support and feed emotional needs Words and Language - Sort of self-explanatory Opportunities for Improvement - Keep Moving Forward, Always.
Favorite Books: I have fallen in love with the erotic romance genre. I devour books by Maya Banks, Bronwyn Green, Megan Hart, and others. I have read the dreaded "Fifty Shades" series and can only love it for its effect on the world - people are talking about sex, exploring their fantasies, and it inspired my own "Something Real" (available on Amazon!). I am also a fan of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series.
Favorite Songs: I will always love the Rat Pack. Give me some Buble, Sinatra, Sammy, or Dean-o and I'm a happy girl. I listen mostly to pop music, but I've been known to like a country tune, some 90s-00s rock, classical, or showtunes. I will belt the hell out of Adele and Idina, then shake my ass for belly dance to Uskudara or Collide.
Favorite Movies: I'm a geek from multiple angles. I've always loved a good action flick and Marvel delivers. I haven't read the comics, but I'm enjoying the resurgence of good hero movies! I was raised on Star Wars and Streisand, Van Damme and the Von Trapps, musicals and Mad Max, Bond and Broadway. I can sit down with a Disney flick, romantic comedy, political drama or spy thriller. I have no one favorite, but I will remember the name of the actor from "that one movie we saw that one time".
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: This is probably pretty close, if not the craziest. I left my full-time 9-to-5 in order to be a full-time online figure, through cams, writing, and my personal site.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: I would choose London, I think. I'm sure it's an image projected by the media, but London and the surrounding areas in England have always seemed to me to be a destination that holds fashion, education, language, and poise to such a high standard. And the accents...
Hobbies: I love talking about sex. I'm fascinated by the psychology of it all, and have been labeled a leader in my local kink community for my tendency to talk about any of it with anyone. I teach and attend classes for that very purpose. I enjoy performing. Whether it's dance, theatre, or public speaking, I like getting up to put on a show. I read voraciously and write less often than I should. I'm a published author in the romance genre.
Talents: Vanilla talents, I dance, sing and write. I take pride in speaking well and have developed skill at it. The fun ones, though... I have a talent for pleasing others. I like fulfilling fantasies and letting someone try things they've never done before. I have found pleasure in large toy insertions and I blush very prettily, so I'm told.
Perfect Mate: It's difficult to name a perfect mix of traits that would make the ideal partner, but I'll try. My partners have to be okay with the idea of non-monogamy. As we evolve in a relationship, it's easy to become stagnate. Multiple partners, or relationships or outlets or whatever you choose to call them, make for a richer experience by allowing variety. I do identify as submissive, so my partners are better on the dominant end of the scale. I am one of those uber-independent people, so the 24/7 lifestyle isn't for me. The level of dominance in them should reflect that - I will not be anyone's slave. I like confident and pragmatic people. I'm not overly emotional nor do I get attached to people easily. I don't do flowers or the stereotypical "chick flick" style romance. I like humor and ambition, realism with a forward momentum, and hands... hands are my favorite.
Perfect Date: I've had so many that were so different, I don't know exactly how to describe a perfect one anymore. Something active - a walk, window shopping, a hike, a game, dancing Food - It's always good to do food, but moreover if its something new, unique, or particularly enjoyable. Let's go get pie. Or sushi. Or pancakes. Something to shine at - Are you impressive with karaoke? Do you bowl? Something for laughter
Turn Ons/Offs: My turn offs deal a lot with tolerance of others. If you are rude to waitstaff, impatient with the disadvantaged, or unwilling to empathize, I'm not interested. Turn ons... hmm. I feel like I'm giving out secrets here - I like people who know what they want and how to ask for it. I like courtesy and chivalry and self-assuredness. And words. Words are my weakness.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: You'll find something to love... whether it's physical or mental, there are so many ways to connect.
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She is lovely! Very kind , and out going!

u'v the BEST bod on MFC hon
I love you.
Truly a goddess! She'll make a mess in your pants.
No other MFC model is as genuine and specifically beautiful as Ali. She seems to love our attention as much as we love paying it. Her special little details keep us wrapt .
You guys are awesome! (I do read these, promise!)
Your amazing, sexy classy and a total mind fuck.xxxx
You are amazing! Hopefully I'll get to catch you tomorrow or soon. Everytime I find you you're in private.
Probably the sexiest and best woman on this site. By far.
I love your authorship. I write also. Your maturity appeals to mine.
Lovely Lady.
great to see you, interesting out look. Love to see more of you
come one came to the door! sorry!
welcome Abi,you are truly a very very sensual and seductive vixen. It just oozes from your essence. It is a joy to watch you and and I hope have much success here . You are Amazing!!!!
This girl is Incredible!

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