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About Me
Name: CuteHerminie
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Weight: 45 kilos
Height: 153 centimeters
Age: 29
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Occupation/Major: CamGirl/ Comedian/ Tea Drinker
School/College: Univesity
Favorite Food: chinese food
Pets: One dog, my Bischy
About Me:

Welcome!I'm glad you've come to visit and learn more about me.

I'm 28 years old, brown eyes and hair 5 feet tall (tiny body hihi) and I weigh 99 pounds.My favorite food ever is chinese and I'd eat that every single day if I knew how to cook it.

In my free time I like to hang out with friends ,When I'm alone I like to read , listen good old music and watch TV shows.

As far of my sexual orientation,I'm straight but I have a soft spot for ladies,which I plan to explore more sometime...Edit:*done it, loved it*

I love being a camgirl and i love my MFC friends. They are big part of my life and very important to me. Someone once asked me what biggest motivation for choosing MFC as my work place and all I could think of was the amazing people I meet here and how special they made me feel.

Hang out in my room and get to know me! Also, on Twitter!

  • Dont be silent, I don't like feeling I'm being watched like a TV program! I am a real person so please feel free to talk to me or at least say Hello.
  • I like to keep my room stress free and enjoy myself. don't be rude with me or guys in my room and we will get along great.
  • In public i like to dress up, tease and sometimes do flashes, spanks ,count down, games & enjoy time with my fans.
  • If you have a request, tip for it or ask me the amount needed for your request.
  • I dont show my pussy in public or do cum show. I keep cum shows for Group & Private Shows.
  • I will watch your cam in public for 70 tokens (ask before tip).
  • I don't do Skype Shows.

I love group shows! In group I like to tease and play with myself. I play with fingers and toys. I like to chose positions I will play into - positions that feel best at the time. Please respect that. Sometimes I play with my ass with my buttplugs. Please tip me (with an appropriate amount) if you have any request. I apreciate any tips if you enjoy my show!

I like private shows very much! I go private for a minimum of 200 tokens. Don't take me away from public room for less. I love to please you and make you happy in private. I like to dress up and play with my toys and watch you cam-2-cam. Please pm me before initiating a private show to make sure I'm comfortable with what you wish to see. The more I know the more enjoyable I can make it for you.

Sexy Novel

Naughty Girl FULL HD
269 Tokens (219 offline)

Length 13:05

My golden buttplug makes orgasm so much more intense...Twice...

Sexy Novel

Cumming on the new couch FULL HD
220 Tokens (199 offline)

Length 09:32

Testing out my new soft and comfy...and it gives me a great cum.

*Evening Fun* 400 tokens 2 videos

Sexy Novel

Evening Fun Part 1 Full HD 249 Tokens (219 offline)
Length 18:20

I'm so very horny tonight.I'm gonna suck you good and let you fuck me

Sexy Novel

Evening Fun Part 2 Full HD 249 Tokens (219 offline)
Length 13:03

I just cant get enough.Im gonna ride and fuck you until I'm exausted...

Sexy Novel

Home Alone Full HD
320 Tokens (299 offline)

Length 23:21

I'm teasing striping of my sexy black lingerie and cum many times

*G/G Videos* 2350 tokens 3 videos

Sexy Novel

Bubble Bath Full HD 777 Tokens
Length 13:44

I join Eva in the bathtub and we tease and make each other cum.

Sexy Novel

Sexy time with EvalunaX Full HD 888 Tokens
Length 14:39

We undress each other and make out...She licks me and make me cum so good...

Sexy Novel

Morning Sex Full HD 999 Tokens
Length 18:15

I woke her up for breakfast but she's hungry for something else... and so I'm I. I lick and finger her and make her cum with vibrator. She's so beautiful when she cums...

Sexy Novel

Fishnet & Heels Cum Full HD
269 Tokens (219 offline)

Length 14:55

I'm slowly stripping of my black satin robe and I'm left wearing only fishnet stokings and a black broded colar.I'm already so so horny and i keep touching myself feeling waves of pleasure in my whole body.You get a view of my full body while my fingers go in and out until i explode in an orgasm.

Sexy Novel

Good Morning Full HD
269 Tokens (219 offline)

Length 14:50

There's no better waking up than with an amazing orgasm.Watching me help myself out of bed and start my day satisfied...

*Lingerie Tease Videos* 300 tokens 3 videos

Watch me tease in and out of my pretty lace lingerie Sexy Novel

Purple Lingerie Tease Full HD 120 Tokens
Length 8:27

Sexy Novel

Blue Tease Full HD 120 Tokens
Length 6:45

Sexy Novel

Green set Tease & Strip Full HD 120 Tokens
Length 6:02

Sexy Novel

Romantic Play Full HD 320 Tokens (299 offline)
Length 17:43

I'm slowly teasing you off my lingerie and start rubbing myself until i cum.I then turn towards you and get my glass toy shaped in a love sword and pound it until i explode.So good...

Sexy Novel

Getting naughty on the floor Full HD 320 Tokens (299 offline)
Length 18:43

I dont need a bed this time, let's just do it on the floor.I dont mind rug burns.I like to tease you taking my lingerie off, naked is the best and rub my pussy with fingers until i cum. You can hear how wet it is. I then get my realistic toy and have an amazing orgasm.I just wanna lay on the floor and relax afterward...

Sexy Novel

SchoolGirl gets horny watching porn Full HD
269 Tokens (219 offline)

Length 14:43

I'm coming home from school feeling frisky after teasing all boys with my mini skirt.I need some visual arousing and i look for a video that appeal.Watch me get all worked up and wet my panties.I finish in an amazing orgasm and lay satisfied and naked on the floor...

Sexy Novel

Playing with my CandyCane Full HD 320 Tokens (299 offline)
Length 18:58

Im gonna tease you in my pretty christmas outfit and make myself cum. Watch me cum twice with favorite toy of the season! Lots of moaning and "oh yes yes" in this video! Close up of my pussy after i cum and you will see my wet and creamy pussy...Is tasty...You're gonna love it.

Sexy Novel

Anal CandyCane Full HD 320 Tokens (299 offline)
Length 14:02

My ass is getting an early present in the form of a candycane. Teasing in my candycane outfit as i strip out of it. Watch my play and cum doggy style and moan of pleasure.Lots close up of my ass while fucking with my candycane dildo..

Sexy Novel

Mirror Play:Twice as good Full HD
499 Tokens (399 offline)

Length 19:14

No, you don't see double, there's two of us.Slow sexy teasing and undressing while we are making out and our tongues meet. We touch ourself and moan for an orgasm...We get competitive while licking and sucking.Tell me wich one does it better! Sucking always makes us so horny...We need more. We fuck with back to each other standing & doggy and have explosive orgasms.We kiss and maybe crave for more...

Sexy Novel

Maid gets naughty on the kitchen counter Full HD
320 Tokens ( 299 offline)

Length 20:32

Maid has finished cleaning the house for the day, but she's a dirty girl...Watch me play with myself on the kitchen counter. I'm so so horny and I wanna fuck my asshole.
I love leaving work satisfied...

Sexy Novel

Playing with my favorite dildo Full HD
439 Tokens (339 offline)

Length 21:00

I'm so crazy about my realistic dildo, no other dildo can fill me up so good and it gives me the most amazing orgasms.I'm starting by licking it which makes me so damn horny. Blowjob has this effect on me.I starting ridding it cowgirl and reverse and is so good.My clit is still horny so i get my viber and play with both. I just cant get enough....

Sexy Novel

Shower Show no.2 Full HD
220 Tokens (199 offline)

Length 17:25

New shower video! In this video I'm washing my body and playing with my newest blue glass toy. Perfect for shower! I start by washing and the shower head is making my clit so horny that i just have to release.I cum with my strong shower head and I just want more(I knew it!) I bring my glass toy and have an explosive orgasm that it makes my knee weak. Prepare for really loud moans.
I'm adding a bonus to this video, scenes from the shower that I'd normally delete, but this time I thought you might wanna see what a silly time I'm having singing in the shower.

Sexy Novel

Horny Girl Full HD
499 Tokens (399 offline)

Length 29:51

I'm so horny in the video...I just can't get enough.Watch me having orgasm after orgasm.I start by stripping off my sexy lingerie giving close you close ups. I get on my back and start rubbing my pussy with my viber until I feel the need to be filled up.I start ridding my huge dildo cowgirl and reverse, badly wanting to cum.I then lick my cum off it and i taste so good...As i turn to give you a close up of my wetness, I realize my asshole is so horny and hungry for touch so I starting fingering until I explode in an amazing orgasm...

Sexy Novel

Oil Show no.2 Full HD
220 Tokens (199 offline)


I'm oiling all my body giving you close ups. Oil feel so good on my skin and as i touch myself it gets me so hot and horny.I touch my pussy and get an amazing orgasm with my new glass dildo.

Sexy Novel

Glass Toy Play Full HD
320 Tokens (299 offline)

Length: 23:56

I got my first glass toy and I'm super excited to test it! I start by striping of my super sexy green lingerie and get horny while i touch my body.I start playing with my clit and rubbing it with my glass dildo.I get super horny and i put inside me.Ohh it fill me up so good, i cum faster then i had imagine it. I get my favorite viber and i continue playing with my glass toy while viber is massaging my clit. Amazing orgasms i have.I then try it on doggy style and is great...Glass toy approved!

Sexy Novel

Shower Show Full HD
220 Tokens (199 offline )

Length: 18:29

Watch me in the shower getting all wet and soapy. I know you're watching and I like to tease you...

Sexy Novel

Anal Play Full HD
369 Tokens (319 offline)

Length: 17:59

My asshole is so horny so i decide is time for ass play! I'm starting slowly with my fingers to get ready, then i get my buttplug.I feel like is not enough so i swap with my dildo and damn i have an amazing orgasm that my legs are shaking!! But few seconds later i realize i want more, so i challenge my asshole to my huge anal dildo...and is so good...

Sexy Novel

Oil Show Full HD
199 Tokens (169 offline )

Length: 14:38

Watch me fresh out of the shower pouring oil all over my body.Touching and oil is getting me incredible hot...

Sexy Novel

Nympho Play Full HD
439 Tokens (339 offline)

Length: 20:59

I'm so very horny in this video and already naked in black stockings. Watch me having 4 orgasms as i play with my my pussy and ass. I start with my butt-plug and viber playing slowly. You can actually see juice coming from inside my pussy. I cant get it enough so i start playing doggy with my huge realistic dildo, then i start ride it until i have explosive orgasms. I'm then licking my juice of the dildo as a good girl that I'm.I feel satisfied after that, but only for a short time...

Sexy Novel

***My First Video Ever***
Erotic Reading Full HD
169 Tokens (139 offline)

Length: 9:05

'm naked in my bed wearing nothing but pink knee socks. I'm reading an erotic novel and I get really into it. I start rubbing my pussy, fantasizing about my book until I have a great orgasm that relaxes my body.

Sexy Novel

French Pedicure & Oiling My Precius Feet Full HD 119 tokens(99 offline)
Length: 15:17

Watch me doing my french pedicure with a close up on my feet for your pleasure. I then start tease you with my feet pouring oil on them , making them shinny. I love tease you with my feet up close...

Sexy Novel

Morning Routine Full HD
220 Tokens (199 offline)

Length: 8:05

Ever wonder how a regular morning of
mine looks like?
Now you have the chance to find out!
You will see me having breakfast, do some silly work out( i work hard in the gym tho:P) shower, do my nails, toes, hair & make-up.
Don't miss it out!

Sexy Novel

Outfits Fun Full HD 119 Tokens( 99 offline )
Length: 3:46

While deciding what to wear for the day, watch me dance around in seveal outfits until i pick the final choice.

Sexy Novel

Bikini Tease Videos Full HD

Teasing in bikini before season starts.Can't wait to model these at the pool!

Tags: Cute, funny, smart, lovense, dildo, amazing eyes, sweet, hot chest stuff, videos for sale, ACF
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Will be more then 5,the most important are internet, phone, food, my mom, and friends
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I like to listen to music, go roller-blading, come to MFC
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I think the craziest is become a CamModel.I never think i will do that,but now i really like it :))))
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Beach, tanning my butt
Gym, Walk, Run ,Roller-blading, Read books, TV Shows
I can type fast with my left hand only
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nice guys/beggars
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I'm a cool cute chick
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Posted by Norway9235:
Had amaizing skype with u today thank u so so much dear
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definitely the hottest lady on mfc....and omg those pvts are intense
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Posted by konstantin:
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The sun came up again this morning. The Earth was still spinning. The sky was still blue. Water still ran in the rivers. Waves still crashed on the beach. Birds still sang. And you were still magnificently beautiful. Some things never change. Patrick. ))
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la multi ani,tot ce i mai bun,multa sanatate si sa nu uiti ca ma gindesc frumos la tine din orice colt de lume..te pup
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Posted by DJ_SHAWN:
she is the most beautiful girl on here , so much beauty and a great personality to match, she is so much fun and so friendly. she is the perfect girl. thank you for beeing who you and such wonderful blessing to this world
Posted by Norman_Nutt:
It has been great to see you again.You are all grown up now !! Your beauty and your popularity speak for themselves. You are one of the prettiest and most desirable women on MFC. Thanks for being a friend !! Kisses.....Norman
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soooooooooo sorry i missed your birthday--i am devastated that I couldn't share with you--I WILL make it up to you--I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA , Hope you have a wonderful day XX
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet angel
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24 on the 24th Happy Birthday sweetheart , hope you will havbea wunderfull and fantastic new year in everything that you do :mhug :mkiss
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Posted by fuckafric:
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HAPPY CHRISTMAS Paula i wish you health , love and happiness xxxx
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