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Profile Headline: Thank you for being my support crew. I LOVE YA
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About Me
Username: Deliciouskara
CamScore: 1887
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Weight: 135 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Age: 41
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Moderate
Drink: Moderate
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Online marketer of various sorts. Jack of all trades.
School: California State University
Favorite Food: Anything Rich or Spicy
Pets: Cute little white fluffy dog
Automobile: mini van (don't judge me)
About Me: You are love. I am too. Its hard to see it. Its awkward being known, felt, admired, but YOU are admired, at least by me because I'll take the time to see you. I am NOT the bell of the ball. I am the dirty sister who hung outside and had way more fun. We are all dumb and the story grows interesting when we drop our shit. ANYTHING can happen then, but be creative. Or at LEAST be tru blu. YOU CAN SUCK!!!! You can be broken, I will hear you, We ALL suck. Honestly, there is not a SINGLE person I've met who doesn't feel they have a demon.Something a little heavy or at least unresolved. I DO HAVE VIDEOs priced between 300 and 800 tokens, OR other payment may be established. I have about 10 and I'll give you details and pricing if you MFC mail me. Be warned, I may not sell them to you. Some of you don't deserve to have them because you are the sort who would sell them to others without permission. But most of you are good respectful dudes who may really enjoy them.

I am a series of contradictions or so it would seem. I'm Different every day, but consistently so. I'm tough but very compassionate. I Love sex but hate porn (the modern unimaginative versions of porn anyway). I love to laugh but don't get every joke. I compose and write songs but have a pathetic lack of familiarity with the names of other artists. This can be confusing to the casual observer, but for those who stay and get to know me, and many stay all day each day, it starts to make sense.

Most of what I do is chat with ya'll. The world is fascinating and there is nothing better than having a 'job' where I can learn from people who are actually THERE, what's happening. But I'm completely happy to chat naked (for tippage of course). That being said

I AM A TRUE EXHIBITIONIST. I take delight in the thought of being watched. It makes me feel WARM all over. I love performing whether g rated or XXX when that might happen.

That's all for now!View my wishlist

Tags: hairy, musician, Friend love advice, natural boobs, empathetic, pretty eyes, green eyes, freckles
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My Schedule
Sunday I'm Sometimes online from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm
Monday I'm Always online from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm
Tuesday I'm Always online from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm
Wednesday I'm Always online from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm
Thursday I'm Always online from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm
Friday I'm Sometimes online from 10:00 am until 3:30 pm
Saturday I'm Sometimes online from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm
Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: I'm not always sure there is one, but it sure feels better when life is full of love. I think it's an exercise in learning to find the beauty in the pain, the purpose of the rain. That's why wininess is my turn off...because it stands in the way of seeing the profoundness of life's duality and painful lessons.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Food, water, shelter, love, music
Favorite Books: I haven't read much honestly, Not lately. When I pick a book up again it will be fantasy.
What I Like To Do For Fun: Whatever looks like fun at the moment. If I could afford it I'd learn to snowboard for fun, learning how to hula-hoop with fire, pretending my friends are characters in a super hero comic book, talking with EVERYBODY! Life is just fun....I don't really even have to seek it. It's just there.
Favorite Songs: eels, Zero 7, Radiohead, Goldfrapp, Simian Mobile Disco, Gorillaz, Calvin Harris, Cat Power, Arcade Fire, Beruit, DJ Rapp, Simon and Garfunkel, Calexico, Spearhead, All my friends spontaneous porch music, and so much more...
Favorite Movies: My memory for the movies I've watched and loved kind of stinks but I was surprised by how much I like the movie 'Kick Ass'. I usually just rent TV series like Weeds, Deadwood, Dexter, True Blood, Carnival....I got into watching Spartacus for a
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: When I was 19 living in Hawaii, I drank a big wine cooler bottle and got pretty tipsy. Then my friends and I went to Waikiki to go to a club to hear some scratch artist named Q-bert. I decided to Jay walk directly to the club oblivious of moving traffic. A car hit me and I rolled up their hood, then flew 20 feet onto the pavement. From the ground I could see my friend's horrified faces. They though I was dead so to relieve their fears I jumped to my feet and assumed the posture of a gymnast landing a dismount with my arms up and back yelling 'I'M OKAY'. Then I ran away to hide from the cops and ambulance someone had called (didn't want to get busted for underage drinking).

Once the coast was clear I went to the club, took some E, and danced my butt off. Only damage was a scratch on my rib cage.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: RIGHT HERE
Hobbies: Reading, hiking, having conversations about life in general with my buddies, swimming, bouldering, dancing. Making music. Kissing. Loving.
Talents: Enduring people with love, hula hooping, rollerblading with style
Perfect Mate: Someone who doesn't get down easily. Someone strong enough inside to remain kind almost in all situations, but when force or sternness is required does only what's necessary. Someone who loves life and breathes it in deeply. A man who I'll actually submit to comfortably because I trust his judgment and motivations. Someone who shines bright with humor and intelligence....I could go on
Perfect Date: A perfect date with a new lover would be grabbing a sandwhich and a guitar and going to the river in our nearby foothills, soaking up the sun and skinny dipping. A perfect date with a long time partner would be going to a bar separately dressed super hot like and pretending to be strangers picking one another up for a one night stand.
Turn Ons/Offs: I'm turned on by kind eyes, Billy Idol smiles, teasing, massages, submitting, dominating, nuance, adventures, spontaneity, pushing limits, body hair and beards, cracking wise, intelligence, food, jealousy up to a point, the natural musky smell of men, curiosity... I'm turned off by wineiness, cruelty, shaved chests and nuts, jack hammerlike poundings (at least without a good work up), mental blind spots, cologne, jealousy beyond a point, non-thinkers, the (word) BB. People who beg me to add them as a friend because they NEED to PM me- and then just say are you.....UR my cam bb. Getting P'O's just thinking about it
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Because I'm smart and a smart-ass, I don't get easily offended, I listen well-better than most and I already know that you're beautiful. In my room you can expect to see a variety show. I might cook dinner wearing just an apron, do a hula hoop strip tease, put on stern glasses and read out loud, give love advice for small tips, paint a picture on just never know. But you will not ever see a cum show in public, and rarely in private.
Message Wall
Kara is the most honest, kind and real person I have ever met on MFC. She has eyes that you will get lost in, fantastic body, and personalty that will make you wanting more. Kara is unforgettable!!
I just wanted to let you know that your one of the coolest people that I know.
Yo back, whats goin down
Thank so much for this afternoon, I'm still trying to find what you gave me, but I'm sure I will ...
Hope you stay for a long time. If you want to write my E-Mail is Don't know how to post a good pic here. Hope to here from ya. Oh by the way I live at the very bottom of NJ near the Del. Bay No matter what the best of lick too you in what ever you do. P.S. Love the 60's look take care always
DINGOOOOOOOOO!!! I mean, oh hey.


FYE, Kara, here's Scottish songstress Kate ''KT'' Tunstell looping it up on her UK TV debut 

I wrote a haiku But then I erased it all And wrote this instead Thanks for being Dingo. You're groovy and fun and just right just the way you are.
LOL, session!
Nice, thanx love u
I LOVE YOU KARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite model on MFC by far. Always fun to talk to, easy on the eyes, and so talented, too.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY are so beautiful.xoxoxo
last night was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are my favorite! I love being in your room everyday.
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