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Profile Headline: Just riding the wave and occasional face
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Sunday I'm Sometimes online from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm
Monday I'm Always online from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm
Tuesday I'm Always online from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm
Wednesday I'm Always online from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm
Thursday I'm Always online from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm
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Username: Ivy__
CamScore: 3478
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Various
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 120 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Age: 27
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Herb
Occupation/Major: Yoga Teacher
Favorite Food: Baba ganoush, spanakopita, baklava, sushi, dark chocolate
Pets: Tosha (pup) Raj & Jazz (tigers)
Automobile: One day
About Me: Hi! If you're reading this I like you already. I go by Ivy on this lovely site and have been camming for five years. At first I was shocked how much I adapted to spending all of my time here and building friendships. I feel it influenced a significant shift in my personal development. On one hand, it empowered me in that I was able to rely on myself. There was a lot of power gained in those first few years. As they passed however, the environment began to exist as only a shallow perception. I then, began to feel as though I only existed in this shallow perception. The last 2-3 years I have attempted to define myself by something else. Those attempts have been lessons and often painful ones. I'm learning that my attempts trying to redefine myself by changing my career field or any sort of status, only seeks the approval of the outside world. This is why I believe I've had a lot of confusion and doubt. In the mindset of new beginnings and change I moved to SoCal about a year ago. I'm having a hard time adjusting, have never been so homesick and I'm not even that far from home. It's a feeling I had never experienced and it continued to become more extreme. I sought out the support of doctors who immediately prescribed me anti-anxiety drugs. I was open to what the professionals said I should do and took them all while attending therapy and group therapy. While the therapy was rewarding, I really wasn't adjusting to my meds well. I had just began my training to become a yoga instructor and noticed I was more depressed and anxious if anything. A few months later things were even worse in the spring. My doctor recommended an antidepressant. Six weeks into taking both the anti-anxiety and antidepressant, I was sleeping 12-16 hours a day and no longer felt interested in anything. I was so scared of the side effects I tapered off of the antidepressant in just a week and a half. I couldn't afford to fill the prescription anyway (in debt from therapy) so I saw it as a must. While I guess it's good to start tapering off as soon as possible, I have severe withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety attacks, nightmares, excessive crying, fatigue (the depersonalization and suicidal thoughts are the worst). This process has been scary and very isolating. Especially going through it after moving away from so many people who supported the light I felt in my life. I share this with you so that my behavior might make more sense, so maybe you can connect with me on an unspoken level. Just in the know. I have devoted the majority of my 20's to the connections that have stemmed from here. Which kinda blows my mind when I sit with that knowledge. Right now I'm trying to rededicated myself, to myself. Trying to build abundance and fulfillment. I'm a registered yoga teacher, but I'm finding that for now my practice needs to be sacred to myself before I can teach. Much more needs to healed within. I'd really like to go back to school in the end of July if I can afford the payments. The program would only be five months and I could have job security by the end of the year. I want this with everything in me. An enriching work environment where more peace and contentment is accessible to me. Much of this is up to my mindset, but over the years I have learned that I am very sensitive to my surroundings. I have to trust to go in a direction that seems the brightest. I hope that I am met with compassion and support here and I have every intention in trying my hardest to project the love I feel deep down, regardless if I'm struggling to acknowledge it for myself.
Tags: beautiful, curly hair, lingerie, funny, tease, witty, tan, no tattoos
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: You spend the first half of your life building your ego and the second half of your life learning to let it go
Five Things I Can't Live Without:
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Laying on crisp white sheets in a comfy bed with an amazing view
Hobbies: Yoga practitioner, painting, running, writing, reading
Talents: This, Impressive, right?
Perfect Date: Sipping warm beverages over good conversation
Turn Ons/Offs: On: Freedom, worn-in cologne, consideration, a clean house, the smell of cider, security, freshly peeled oranges, holding hands, airports, confidence, tasteful flattery Off: Laziness, stubbornness, haggling, pork, shaved chest, peas
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I'd like to think I might make you question everything you used to swear yourself to
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My Day 1. Love for u always!
Ivy has a class to her that I have not seen anywhere else on this site, there is both sexiness and depth, a truly rear combination.
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