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Profile Headline: Quote from inspired member: "A dork I wanna pound!"
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About Me
Username: KaylaElle
Gender: Female
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 155 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Age: 38
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Occupation/Major: Sex Toy Operator/Oral Enthusiast
About Me:
There are no strangers here...

only friends you havent met yet!

Hey you! Im Kayla but you may call me LeKumquat.or Kayla. Kayla is probably easiest but I really like the way LeKumquat sounds when you say it outloud (youre trying it now, arent you)!! I am just your typical milf/hot mess/total dork/kumquat/camgirl. I am undoubtedly awkward, too easily distracted and almost always LATE. But you will find that I am also genuine, love with my whole heart and have an anxiety-inducing desire to please!
Lets have some sexy/wiggly/cammy/giggly all-around fun! Lively conversation will always be encouraged in the chat room and if you need help, some welcome topics include: sex, music, the number 12, how you like your eggs cooked, your thoughts on deja-vu, kumquats, aliens in human suits, my MFCShare, the PINK BEAM, strangest places youve masturbated, how to earn Kumquat Points (KP), all the awesome ways to prepare potatoes, Kirk vs. Picard, upcoming events, my tittays and so much more.
The list is extensive.

Showing your support thru tips is! Please tip if you are enjoying the show!
Showing your support thru admiration is! If you can not tip please admire and provide a star-rating!
Showing your support by contributing to chat is! If you can not tip, please contribute to chat and have fun!
Showing your support through my Twitter is! Its the best way to know when Im on or if there are any fun things planned!

Viva LeKumquat!!

Special Events!

Check here often for updates!

This year, more than anything, I am celebrating growth! In doing so, I'm taking a bit of a hiatus for some much needed self care and work. If you happen to catch me online, then it is indeed a special occasion!

Check out my WHITEBOARD when LIVE!

Throughout my show, various songs on my current playlist will randomly trigger FREE room games or specials!

All participants earn Kumquat Points (KP).

Game Trigger Song Prizes/Wins
What do you Meme? What do you Mean by Justin Beiber KP
Double Your Pleasure Fitzpleasure by alt-J 5 min timer:
Double all KP earned
LeFuxx Pure Morning by
KP/Various other
Booty Roll Any song by Justin Timberlake My butt one way
or another
Halfsies! Varies per cam,
see WB
5 min timer:
1/2 price _______
Disturbed Friends Any song by

Hang out awhile & play them ALL!


Hanging from my apocryphal kumquat tree are my special KumQuests! Each one reveals an action item or event for both you and I to accomplish. Sometimes the actions are the same, sometimes they are different - either way, they are meant to be fun, interesting and interactive.

First time KumQuesters have a chance to earn a place in my Camquat Club, IF the Quest is fulfilled with creativity, style, and efforts that exceed my expectations!

NOTE: Most quests will require C2C to complete immediately OR you will need to have my Snapchat to complete at a later time.

Examples of KumQuests include:

Model Cheering

Nipple torture

Hide & sneak perv date

Daily dick pics

Sexy story wars

2-way custom vids

Each KumQuest is unique and something fun!
As you may expect, quests vary in degree of difficulty. It just sorta depends on who you are.

Are YOU feeling adventurous?

Kumquat Kollectors

Start kollecting KUMQUATS today!!

Whoever holds the most kumquats on the last day of the month wins an HOUR long private online date!
(Friendly and/or Sexy you choose)



# of Kumquats

VeniVidiVixi 3
big4papasmurf 3
Far_Ranger 3
Greybranch 3
Adrager 1

A huge THANK YOU to VeniVidiVixi for kollecting the most kumquats in 2018!!

Kayla's Camquat Clubs

Earn 1212 KP to become one of my special Camquats!

Earn 6000 KP to become a super special Camquat Keeper!

Earn 11282 KP to become an epic Camquat King!!

St3althy big4papasmurf VeniVidiVixi
Adrager Adrager Far_Ranger
MylittlThorn big4papasmurf
pinqushin GreyBranch

Ways to Earn Kumquat Points!!

Every token tipped . 1 KP per token
Every token tipped while offline . 2 KP per token
Drop in and say Hi!/with 12tk Tip! . 1 KP/24 KP
Complete KumQuest . min 240 KP upon completion; more awarded for exceptional efforts
Participate in room games . 1 KP to every participant; more awarded to game winners and as I see fit

Send me MFCMail if you are interested in knowing your individual KP count.

  • What is KP and how do I earn it?
    KP, or Kumquat Points, are a key aspect of my loyalty program that is aimed to reward members who stop by often, chat in the chatroom, play the games and tip when they can. KP is earned in a variety of ways (a complete table is in the works).
  • Why don't you answer my PM?
    I'm probably not answering your PM because you haven't tipped for it and I don't know you well. I like to give the majority of my attention to those who are contributing to the room so please, if you're interested in chit chat, help me get to know you better by chatting in the room and showing your support. If you'd like to discuss transaction details, be sure to tip so I know your inquiry is serious.
  • Do you do privates/groups?
    I open Groups on Saturday nights AFTER my total token count has reached 1212, and not any other time. Privates can be quite enjoyable, but are reserved for those special kumquats who show their love and support regularly. If you are new to my room and would like to take me private, I will consider it after a 400tkn tip.
  • Do you Skype?
    Skype dates are reserved for my Camquat Club members only and must be scheduled at least 24hrs ahead of time. If you are not a club member but would really like to meet with me, please see how you too can be one of Kayla's Camquats. Also, every month I offer a 60min date to the winning Kumquat Kollector (hint: collecting Kumquats is a really good way to earn KP and advance your Camquat status).
  • Do you accept PayPal or any other form of payment?
    I only accept MFC tokens at this time. I will not accept PayPal directly nor will I accept promises-to-pay later. However, if you're quite set on it, you can now purchase MFC tokens using PayPal! If you want to do something special or spoil me silly, I do have an Amazon wishlist that I'm constantly updating and I LOVE receiving gift cards for these things. You can find my wishlist here.
  • What IS a kumquat?
    A kumquat is a small oval-shaped citrus fruit native to south Asia/Asia Pacific regions. Where most citrus' have bitter peels that have to be removed before consuming, kumquats uniquely have a rind that is sweeter than the sour fruit inside.


This beautiful creature is one of my very sweetest pleasures! Shes the silliest, most sensually mesmerizing goofball youll ever have the pleasure to play with. See my Special Events for info on our next co-cam!

If you are a current MFC Model interested in collaborating, please shoot me a message via MFCMail or Twitter.
Id love to talk!

My Schedule

MFC Privates and Skypes will be scheduled outside of cam times.

Monday . 10pm to end
Thursday . 10pm to end
Friday . 10pm to end
Saturday . 10pm to end
Sunday . 8am (occasionally)

Pacific Time

In spite of constant efforts on my part, I am still almost always late. I do try to be online by 9pm but Im very often delayed for one reason or another. If you find yourself wondering when the hell Ill be online, please check my Twitter for recent updates. Thanks much!!

Tags: sexy, sweet, happy, milf, friendly, goofy, glasses, playful, funny, honest, submissive, new model, shy, smile, curvy, brunette
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Hey baby. Been a while since we seen you on here.. We love you Kayla
Almost set up and ready to administer those spankings
Very nice profile
A real cool girl
the kindness she shows is above and beyond any other cam model. she is a true natural beauty with a sweetness that will melt your heart every time while at the same time keep surprising you with just how sexy she can be. if you want a girl that will both make you smile and fill your heart with joy while at the same time giving you a hard on and making you cum better than any other, than this is your mfc model right here. in a word...amazing! so bring your tokens, shes worth it and will reward you 100x over for whatever you contribute. few models will do the same.
whn u comin bk???? want more of u!
Oh my

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