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Username: NightRhythms
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
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Waldo has your nuts and is holding them hostage on CB. God speed in your recovery effort.
1990. It was a good year. I was ok. As a 10 yr old I found this hot woman.. And by woman I mean a 10 yr old fine ass. So I kind of let her walk by and I said nothing. Fast forward 4 years. She grew up. I did too.. Fine fine fine. She came around the corner and I knew this was my time. I was psyched. We're in the 90's remember? So I walked up. Licking my lips and making sure my dick was hanging out of my pants and I did nothing. Couldn't do it. Fast forward again.. 10 years later and I am still thinking about it.
Love your videos. super funny
Sorry night, I meant that for MJ but I DO love your vids, so funny!
You're hilarious, I completely enjoy your room.
Night another masterpiece....but some of those lines hit too close to home.....CamRoom bravo!!!
I can't remember who told me to come and check out your songs but THANK YOU for being you. This shit is gold.
Just wanted to say I am blown away, just wanted to state how great, your video creations are! :mindblown :mindreader :bow1 :tybow
U certainly are an interesting and eclectic soul....
I see said the blind man he thawt he thall a pudytat but I was putrdity270.....glad to know you are so creative maybe we need to compose a dub step.......lmao

philial greetings, fellow darlinger. rated and admired

Thanks for the 5 star rating BB =P

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