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Profile Headline: Naughty, redheaded and fit... come play with me...
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About Me
Username: RealRedhead
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 98 pounds
Height: 63 inches
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
About Me:
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    Welcome to my room!

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    I'm Heather

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    and I love being naked

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    I'm All Natural with a Red Bush

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    My very long, thick hair is all natural too!



Hi! I'm Heather.

Welcome to my MFC profile! I hope you join me in my live chat room as well!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I joined MFC. I was very nervous. I completely understand if you are too.

Please feel free to hang out and get to know my room. Join the conversations when you feel comfortable.

I often have fun deals and games to play in my room, as well as great shows!

Please tip if you enjoy my shows or if I have put a smile on your face. It's always nice to return the smile! If you really can't tip please participate in conversation and supporting those that do.

A big wall of clapping and cheer for tippers is always something that puts a smile on my face.

To those of you that do tip please know how grateful I am that you make it possible for us to have this wonderful experience and time together.

I hope you enjoy the relaxed vibe in my room! Pull up a keyboard, kick off your shoes(and pants! lol) and relax. This room is where I come to take a break from thinking about all of life's stresses. I hope that you can find the same peace here that I do. The key to taking a break from your stresses may just be the right distraction, wink wink! :)
Tip 99 tokens for 35 Cum Vids!


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Tip Menu

Want 1 on 1 Time? Privates
Want 1 on 1 time? Be on my TOP FRIENDS LIST for Priority by joining this month's club (you also get newest videos). If I am accepting privates you still must tip 420 tokens to take me true private. Be prepared to spend at least 400 tokens more once there. I won't accept a private if we're really close to meeting a goal or if you haven't asked first (UNLESS I have "Privates ON or TruePVT ON" in topic).
What I enjoy:
What I don't enjoy:
No weird role-play or anything remotely illegal. No fisting or huge toys. No anal EXCEPT for my I Love Anal CLUB, see below.

My Clubs
I Love Anal Club
Tip 420 to enter. More tips of 420 get you higher and higher!Spacer

420 x 1 - High as a Balloon - Club entry +Balloons ONLY HD Cum Vid (riding HUGE workout ball with built in dildo) + name on wall/profile!

420 x 25 - High as a Kite - 40 Snapchat Vid Clips Just4U OR 10min Custom Quickie Cum Vid (HD w your name) + Kites Only Video UNLOCKED + 50 Spanks in your Spank Bank (to be used at your pleasure), name on profile/wall.

420 x 50 - High as an Eagle - 2 months FREE Videos + 50 Snapchat Vid Clips Just4U OR 15min Custom Cum Vid (HD w your name) +add 50 spanks to your spank bank + 1 WEEK Mute only 6 tokens and Unmute only 7 tokens (Reg 66 & 67) * name on profile/wall.

420 x 75 - High as a Drone - 2 more months FREE videos + 60 Snapchat Vid Clips Just4U OR 20 min Custom Cum Vid (HD w your name) + Drones Only Video UNLOCKED + add 50 spanks to your spank bank & name on profile/wall.

420 x 100 - High as a Helicopter- Helicopters Only Video UNLOCKED + add 50 spanks to your spank bank + 70 Snapchat Vid Clips Just4U OR 25 min Custom Cum Vid (HD w your name) + 2 months FREE Videos + 1 Month Mute 6 tokens, Unmute 7 tokens! Reg 66 & 67t & name on profile/wall.

420 x 150 - High as a Jet Plane- Custom engraved paddle with YOUR NAME or approved word for JUST YOU to spank me with + 50 spanks for your spank bank + 1 month Mute 6 tokens & Unmute 7 tokens +TWO FREE Instant Live CUM SHOWS for only one tip of 420 each. Tip WILL count toward this club still! & name on profile/wall.

420 x 200 - High as a Satellite- 30 minutes MFC PVT(w/o anal) or 15 min Custom Cum Vid WITH VERY, SUPER< INCREDIBLY, no really, VERY RARE anal finger fucking! (HD w your name) + 50 spanks for your spank bank + 1 Instant Live CUM SHOW for a single 420 tip! Tip still counts toward this game! &name on profile/wall.

420 x 300 - High as a Space Shuttle- 80 Snapchat Vid Clips Just4U OR 20 min BUTTPLUG HD Custom Cum Vid!! You'll get to pick one of my three for your custom! SUPER DUPER RARE!! + 2 months FREE Videos + 1 Instant LIVE CUM SHOW for a single 420t tip (tip counts for this club still!)

420 x 420 - High as the MOON- 100 Snapchat Vid Clips Just4U OR 25 min Custom Anal HD Video w/ small dildo enjoyed!! + 100 Spanks in your spank bank + 500 raffle tickets in any raffle of your choice (except HT's only raffles) & name on profile/wall.

Make it to the MOON 5x to PARACHUTE to PARADISE! You'll become a STAR, FOREVER in my sky!! Stars receive:
-One FUCK MACHINE ANAL Custom Orgasm Video with my smaller dildo attached to the machine!!(20+ minutes)
- a VIRTUAL DAY with me, via several one of a kind Hawaii adventure videos shot ONLY for your eyes (kayaking, swimming/snorkeling, and hiking),
-PLUS a VERY Special Anal Custom Video shot in a special hotel room, ALL JUST FOR YOU! We can even do a MFC PVT in the hotel room if you like! Your hotel room video will have multiple scenes, including bath or shower and bed and will OF COURSE feature anal play!
-Two real stars, together in the sky, will be named after you and I!
-Custom STAR pillow for my bed with your name
-Custom STAR t-shirt in YOUR SIZE with special message sent to you after I sleep in it so it will smell like me
-Custom STAR tank top w your name in MY size for me to wear in YOUR special adventure or hotel video, just for you. One for me to keep & wear or send to you!
Special gift pack from Hawaii shipped to you at home filled with gifts, goodies and more
A one of a kind book made from my adventure day's video stills!
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The FIRST to EVER make it to the MOON!! Thank You BigYin!!! XOXOXO
R9R9AYou'll be a true STAR and sitting pretty in PARADISE when you reach this level!! Badge on your profile and MINE!! + SO MUCH MORE, see above!
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555 CLUB

coming soon...
Adventure Club
coming soon!!
Good luck!!

10KClub members = huge love & support!! XOXO
20KClub Spacer
THANK YOU SO MUCH to anyone who joins my 20K Club!!!! It's like giving a giant hug that helps in so many ways!!
2018's Top Monthly Tippers
Bremen - January Bremen - February Bremen - March Bremen - April Your Name Here! - May Your Name Here! - June Your Name Here! - July (4 years on MFC!) Your Name Here! - August (my birthday month!) ......
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... coming soon... coming soon... coming soon...
Highest SIngle Tip of the Month 2018
Jan - 5555 Bremen February- 30,000 -offline ninja (for 45 minute custom video, want one?) March- 11,111 - Tide!!! :) April- ??? you?
Thank you to Bremen, my #1 in 2017! :)
Videos & Pics in some packs!

NEW! Floating/Sinking O 400t

My GoPro was placed on my floatie as I float and play w my dildo, the start sinking...!!! MP4 format
9min46sec HD 400t
NEW! BTS Floating O 400t

The Behind the Scenes view of my floating/sinking O video in HD! With full sound and ocean view!
13min58sec HD 400t
NEW! Hitachi Cum W A View 400t

Listen to the birds chirp as I strip and cum for you in paradise with my hitachi! MP4 format
13min58sec HD 400t
NEW! Tranquil Underwater Vid 400t

My artistic, underwater video designed to provide serenity to your busy life. W nudity! :)
5min27sec HD 400t
NEW! Bunny Day Bob Ball Ride & BONUS Hitachi! 199t

Bunny Day's LIVE Bob Ball Hop(Bob Ball is a workout ball with dildo, you'll need to see this one!)! Plus BONUS hitachi cum too!
17+min HD 199t
NEW! Nurse Heather Security Cum 166t

She's the new nurse. You are security. Today she's been staring at the cameras, she knew you were watching. Then this happened, fingers.. hitachi..
11+min HD 166t
NEW! Nurse Heather Blue Dildo 199t

You are feeling under the weather, your friends ask me to visit you in a nurse costume. It DEFINITELY turns into something more...
16+min HD 199t
NEW! Bikini Shower Blue Dildo 188t
After getting wet in the shower in my bikini, even my long hair, I strip, get soapy, then naughty and creamy w my blue dildo.
13min HD 188t
NEW! Hair Wash & Condition 122t
After cumming in the shower I wash my VERY LONG red hair twice, then condition! Long hair lovers vid!
10+min HD 122t
Red Bush Redhead Strokes & Rides Pink Dildo 155t

Over 13 minutes of HOT HD Video. Red BUSH & pink dildo meet for a creamy orgasm that left me satisfied!
13min HD 155t
Stockings & "Moguls" Glass Toy
I cum so hard while enjoying my bumpy glass toy named Moguls with my hitachi plus attachment focused on my clit! White stockings & red bush!!
17min HD 155t
Red Blue & Black

Red bush, blue glass dildo and black stockings.
18min HD 155t
Dildo BJ In Close While Using hitachi!! 155t

I lick and suck my dildo close to the camera while my powerful hitachi buzzes my clit.
14min HD 155t
Mirror Suction Cup Dildo Ride 155t

Many angles, close-ups, bouncing boobs, red bush and more in this fun and hot cum video!!
17min HD 155t
Red Stockings Glass Dildo Ride & Cum

I cum hard on my glass dildo while wearing a pretty red garter belt and stockings to match my red hair and red bush
13min HD 155t
My 1st video with my hitachi cushion & attachment! 199t

A 30 minute HD video of the first time I used my hitachi holding cushion with the attachment on it!! SO FUN! I got into lots of positions, hands free of course!
30min HD 199t
10 Oct2015 Videos (2hrs45minHD!)
10 videos from October 2015! Poison Ivy, Officer69 rides hard, bride lingerie POV, genie POV, maid dildo BJ POV, Flight Attendant JOI, The Chair, 200spanks, Bad Kitty, Black Widow Roleplay
2hrs45min total. HD 999t
Selfie Stash 4600+ PICS!
Over 8 months of selfies from my cell phone & webcam! 4600+ pics, Nudity, shaved pink pussy AND red bush! LOTS of sexy lingerie, silly faces and fun!!
4600+pics 888t
130+ Videos & tons of Pic Galls!!!
Every video from my videos sections on my profile!! Over 130 total PLUS tons of photo galleries too!! SUPER DEAL!
130+vids! 2999t
130+ Videos & Selfie Stash! 3555t
Over 130 videos (every video in my videos sections & more!), tons of pro pic galls PLUS Selfie Stash of 4600+ pics!!
HUGE DEAL! 3555t
Foor Fetish 3 pk 599t
3 HOT Foot Fetish Videos! Licking and sucking toes, dildo foot job, multiple angles & more! 300t each alone!
26+min HD 599t
7pk Location Videos 699t
Very wet&creamy shower, Dildo ride on vanity, Mirror dildo bj, With the water,Lingerie bath, Holiday reds, Fishnets & dildo.
1hr+ HD 699t
36 archive cum videos
Orgasm in every video! Dildos, finger fucking, awesome locations and more! LOTS of variety & fun. Hours of video!
36vids 599t
3 Naked Nature Vids 255T
The peaceful sounds of nature surround as you watch naked fishing, naked dancing and naked yoga!
26+minHD 255t
3 Army Nurse Vids 244t
red stockings, tease vid, flesh dildo and glass dildo w hitachi edging!
44+minHD 244t
9 video sampler 499t
9 hot videos hand picked by me to give you a well rounded look at my video styles!
9vids HD 499t
3 GG Vids & 2 PicG 266T
3 redhead on redhead girl girl videos and two gg photo galleries
24+ Min 266t
2 Valent. Vids & 2 PicG 255T
Two beautiful cameraman shot hd videos with accompanying photo galleries. Red dress & pink lingerie.
24+min 255t
4 Live Valent. Vids 255T
bodysuit tease, choc strawberries, boa & gloves striptease, pink shiny dildo
28min HD 255t
4 Genie Vids 155T
Genie loves to please her masters! tease, pussy rubbing, hitachi, glass dildo.
37+min HD 155t
4 Mirror Videos 222T
suction cup dildo suck, fingering, glass dildo and suction cup toy fuck
41+min HD 222t
In Close Creamy Hitachi Cum 111t
In close and creamy, my hitachi and fingers make me cum hard for you.
21+min HD 111t
Suction Cup Dildo BJ in the Mirror 111t

You get two views as I pleasure my suction cup dildo stuck to the mirror. I love looking at you so this is a win-win!
6+min HD 111t
Dildo Ride on Vanity 111t
I ride my suction cup dildo stuck to the vanity with a mirror background until I cum for you. My abs doing all of the work!
12+min HD 111t
Officer69 Rides Hard 111t

Officer 69 isn't pleased and gives you a HARD RIDE to show it! Riding my dildo and "frenchy" hands free mount.
13+min HD 111t
Beach Bikini Change 50T
You're sitting in the perfect spot to peek as I pull a quick bikini change at the beach!
1920 HD 1:27 Min
Cute Dress Tease 50T
I show you that I have no panties under my sexy dress & tease you!
Full HD 1:49 Min
Country Glass Dildo Vid 155T
Cowgirl boots, a hat and cutoffs are stripped off in a field before bending over to enjoy a glass dildo!
1440 HD 9:38 Min
New Tipper Shower Vid GIFT!
Your New Tipper FREE Welcome gift! given upon your first tip, any amt!
1440 HD 11+ Min
Socks On Dildo Doggystyle 99T
Thigh high socks on, riding my flesh colored dildo toy to orgasm!
1440 HD 15+ Min
JOI Scarf w dildo cum -99T
Cum with me dildo JOI, you are encouraged to cum with me and we play in numerous positions!
1440 HD 9+ Min
Lovers Sex Doll 1st Ride -333T
I strip out of my sexy lingerie with stockings and without panties before I lick and ride lovers. Multi camera angles & in close shots
1440 HD 16+ Min
Lovers 2nd Ride -333T
my second video with lovers, my torso with a dildo, sex doll!
1440 HD 10+ Min
Doggystyle Mirror Toy 99T
With my suction cup dildo stuck to my mirror, I ride in doggystyle until I cum!
1440 HD 5+ Min
Watching Porn 99T
While watching a hot porn video I decide to masturbate with my dildo.
1440 HD 6+ Min
Dildo Workout 99T
After working out in a sexy outfit I decide to cum with my dildo for you.
1440 HD 12+ Min
Wall of Fame
Words cannot describe what you mean to me
My King

The race for the Next King has started! Be highest

cumulative tipper two out of three of the following

months: November, December & January to win

the title & the perks!!

Special Appreciation to:
This is an area to thank some very special people who make my room a better place for everyone.

WOW Bremen, I cannot thank you enough for being the Most generous MFC member by far these past few months! YOU are now my new King and I love every minute of it! It's been an incredibly fun year knowing you and it only gets better as time goes on. Cheers to many more fun memories!

With so many special days behind us I want to thank you all so much. MFC couldn't be the special place that it has become without the great people in my room. Thank you ALL! new members and friends and trusted ones alike.

Foetwain, thank you SO MUCH for being the WISHLIST KING! Your gifts bring me smiles at some of my most frustrated moments, right out of the blue, a box showing you care. Thank you so much Foet. I hope I can brighten your days just as much!
The King's 6 Rules
  • 1. Heathers room her rules.
  • 2. Be respectful of her and everyone in the room. Be disrespectful to Heather in any way, you will be banned.
  • 3. Be friendly to all room members even though you might not always agree with them.
  • 4. Breaking a Yellow Wall will get you kicked ( 1st time ) and banned ( 2nd time ). This does not exclude The King. All time frames for being banned will be decided by Heather. Breaking a yellow wall is defined as talking without tipping. Use tip note to safely talk during wall.
  • 5. The King has the ability to take Heather private any time the room is slow (decided by Heather). Where as The King will tip Heather excessively for the privilege. Tips in private by The King will not count for room topic.
  • 6. Heather has the right to demote The King to Court Jester at any time were as The King loses the ability to take her private. Heather decides when/if they are worthy of being The King once again.
  • 6. Heather has the right to demote The King to Court Jester at any time were as The King loses the ability to take her private. Heather decides when/if they are worthy of being The King once again.
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  • Vault3 red/redhead gg videos & 2 pic galls!
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Second Highest Tip Ever: o_nerz 30,240

Highest Offline Tip Ever: 30000 & 18000 NinjaG

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ossteve248 x5 EclecticMeow RexMundle Greenup sammy21021 dpw64 mikelanglow9 horny_fatboy Frenchlikker
More About Me
Favorite Movies:
I love action and funny movies. Most of my favorites are 90's movies. If you get a chance
you must see the new documentary "Happy." It's online & it will make you smile.
Favorite Music:
I love classic rock, some 90's rock, country, hawaiian and some classical.
I love all animals, big and small. Dogs, cats, even snakes and farm animals! They always seem to sense my good vibes :)
How do I stay in great shape? ! I do at-home workouts that you'll see live on MFC, as well as eating responsibly. Please don't get me wrong. My definition of "responsibly" is a bit different than most people's! I consume meat/dairy products from small farms where animals are treated with respect, fed no gmo's, hormones or anitbitotics and have access to open pastures prettier than any park in the city. After seeing some of the horrific videos online I decided to make a change. I went to small farms and found people that shared my vision for animal care standards. I do also try to eat organic when possible. I do my own baking and I am quite the cook these days! The responsible part isn't just the type of food I consume. It's intake vs. output and having a good balance is always my key. This means more extra bacon = extra workout .
Favorite Foods:
Chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and bacon gravy... mmmm....... I love bacon of all kinds (lamb bacon, pork cottage bacon & jowl bacon, and more!). I also love baked goods and I can whip up some truly spectacular choices :) My angel food cake is almost as fluffy as cotton candy. Mmmm angel food cake with strawberries and fresh whipped cream.... drool....
Born & Raised:
I spend ages 0-9 in Los Angeles enjoying the beautiful sunshine and amazing sand at Manhattan and Hermosa beaches. From ages 9 to 18 I lived in the coutry in northern California in a tiny town no one's ever heard of. This mixed childhood gave me a strong appreciation for nature and the ability to see what is truly important in life. These qualities have helped me to remain the down to earth, truly appreciative person I am today. True, I am a California girl, born and raised, but not your typical one.
Favorite Car:
My favorite car isn't a car at all! I am in love with classic 50's pickup trucks! I'd love one with a sexy step side and split windows! I just don't want it in the city. Every vehicle seems to incur damage quickly in a city. Someday I'll move to a quieter place and maybe I'll get my dream truck. They are pretty affordable as far as dream trucks go (wink). My previous favorite was a 1967 Chevy Camaro SS with a 4 speed. I wanted a black one. I never got one figuring I would just get myself into trouble. How would one drive that car slowly? I still just don't know. :)

Now that you know a bit more about me, don't be afraid to come and hang out! My room is always open to fans and new friends. xoxo Love, Heather
FAQ & Rules
  • Leave any worries at the door and just enjoy the room.
  • No PayPal, only tokens.
  • Skype is ONLY available through Fly High With Me Club, 10k and 20k club or if you win in a raffle!
  • Yes, I am a 100% NATURAL redhead! Real boobs, this is all my hair & real hair color, real blue eyes, freckles, pink nipples and of course RED pubic hair! Come see! I even have real fingernails, lol!
  • Yes, I accept privates, tip 420 tokens before requesting and spend 200 tokens minimum in private or tip the difference. Failure to do so will get you banned from taking privates. See WHAT I DO IN PRIVATE here
  • Yes, full nudity and orgasms happen here. I do consider the female form and orgasms to be an artistic, beautiful, natural expression. My orgasms are loud, amazing ones that leave me glistening and flushed!
  • I DO have a hitachi, and an assortment of dildos.Yes I have a cowboy hat and boots to go with this upon request, yee haw! No anal, no fisting, no weird RP, no B/G.
  • Yes, I will watch your cam for a 150 token tip in public. FREE in private and skype!
  • My raffles are paperless and better for the environment. Every ticket is assigned a number. I show you your numbers before we start (this way you can be 100% sure you are in indeed in the raffle). I add all numbers into a random sequence generator and winning numbers are randomly selected from that list, LIVE on camera. Raffle winners are notified via mfc mail and need not be present to win.
  • Be respectful to me and those in my room. I ban & ignore without saying a word if you're rude. 1000 tkens tip to unban, and in serious cases no tip amount will unban you, ever.
  • Being a total asshole and making me cry in a live chat (which is VERY hard to do) may mean you forfeit all items to be received, as making videos for assholes does not turn me on.
  • Tip for requests, especially if you're new. It's not polite to make any demands before saying hello.
  • I DO NOT meet in person, EVER. Please DO NOT ASK. It only makes it awkward for us to enjoy the wonderful experience we have on MFC after you do so.
  • If I've already politely declined please do not ask over and over again. Harassment = ban & ignore.
  • Yes, I am 35. Find out how I stay in shape in my more about section (big smile)
  • Friendly MFC models who want to participate in the chat are always welcome in my room. I'm a lover not a hater.
  • Promotion of other models or yourself as a model and/or posting offers for other's/your content in my room is not welcomed or respectable and will = ban. Most models feel this way.
  • Group shows can happen if 20 people minimum want to go and each will tip 100 tokens. We can go less but the # of people wanting to go must tip a total of 2000 tokens together to start the group.
  • If you are a total a-hole expect to get banned with NO possibility of return. This means an ignore and ban. No sending me mail, no tipping to return. You WILL be removed from my profile if you are on it and blocked on my twitter/IG as well in this case. Please make a mental note... don't be a total a-hole!
Help me meet my goal every 2 weeks!
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where ALL SHOWS have ZERO token goals!

This goal ends May 15th @ midnight pacific time. Free Chat would be 4 hours with multiple free cum shows on May 16th, time TBD by you all!
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Last Updated On May1st @ 2:30pm pacific
What's New

July 8 - I've updated the profile a bit for now. I'll make a few more adjustments soon. I'm working on getting a new profile done as well!See you on cam soon!

July 7 - Another Pink Starfish Society video is here! This one is a DOUBLE PENETRATION with my stainless steel buttplug!

July 6 - I just released a VERY NAUGHTY video for the Pink Starfish Society! Anal dildo riding with mounted dildo is sure to be your new favorite!

Click above to
Join My Room
Next chat: 7/8
See my twitter @playmateheather for times!

Tags: redhead, red hair, freckles, playboy playmate, ginger, red bush, all natural, natural redhead, tight, abs, pubic hair, JOI, toys, high heels, pale, long hair, big pussy lips, femdom, pink pussy, petite, foot fetish, stockings and garters, pink asshole, long hair, Heather Carolin, videos, pink nipples, blue eyes, pegging, findomme, financial domination, findom
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