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Profile Headline: Real men make your panties wet not your eyes :)
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Username: rokkit
Gender: Male
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 170 pounds
Height: 183 centimeters
Age: 43
City: OZ
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: in the rubber business ....hehe
Favorite Food: italian, mexican, sushi, bbq, chinese
Pets: love all animals
Automobile: 2013 Black Diamond edition Cadillac CTS V coupe, 2008 suzuki GSXR thats my baby and need for speed
About Me: you wont know unless you ask. I keep it REAL
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: Sometimes in life you are given a choice. truth or lies.. LIES bring pain, tears, and anger to everyone. TRUTH IS ALWAYS THE BEST ANSWER. Good or Bad people respect the TRUTH. And people will respect you. enjoy life one day at a time and i hope its with someone special.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: HONESTY, Tea, vitamins, my job lol, and most important my friends
What I Like To Do For Fun: going to LAS VEGAS hehe :)) You can never get enough fun there
Favorite Songs: Tiesto, The Crystal Method, Akon, DJ Hyper, Enya, Enigma, good jazz, house, trance, classical, world music,
Favorite Movies: Avatar 3D, Star Wars, armegeddon, Fast and Furious, Ocean's Eleven, Righteous Kill, I am Legend, Most Wanted,
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: On a deserted island with SOMEONE special knowing that no one is around and love is in the air.
Hobbies: playstation 3 games, fallout 3, russian game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-clear sky,Movies, riding my zuki with my friends :)traveling seeing the world
Perfect Mate: A REAL woman who RESPECTS her man enough to tell other men that she is taken. treats him as #1 not #2. woman who gives the TRUTH and expects the TRUTH. SHE will never EVER compare a man to another... one who treats a man as an equal not a puppet
Perfect Date: somewhere that is great for both of us. doesnt matter where just that its special. She would have an OPEN MIND with no other man in her thoughts. having 2 men in the thoughts are dangerous for everyone.
Turn Ons/Offs: turn offs: lies LIES lies, fakes and mind players, gold diggers lol, rude people who think they are better than the rest turn ons: HONESTY its a hard trait to have and keep, when a woman shows her true heart, caring, giving massages with the midas touch, enjoying company with good people.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: i'm cool , to the point, and honest... oops almost forgot funny. love to make people laugh.
Message Wall
BabeAnita is a Banning machine.. if you tell her that video is slow loading she kicks you before you get to tell her. then when you do tell her she Bans you lol. wonder why her score is 147 lol not the most polite person here.
ShyAngie is NOT from bulgaria she is a Russian lier from Novosibirsk ,Russia. Dont trust a word from her. she will tell you anything to get your money from paypal. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE FROM THIS FAKE FULL OF LIES
Roses_are_red is as fake as her boobs. Lies only to get tokens and will tell you anything to get them including that she's single... SHE'S NOT SINGLE GUYS LOL as i was told by a little bird who knows her well. so becareful and keep your distance from her room
CherryRosse another tricky Romanian girl who likes the BAN button if she thinks your romanian lol... i've never seen a Cadillac CTS V in romania LOL. i guess maybe she has hahahaha ... keep your distance from this RO girl.
Squirtly_Alex is not from berlin or moscow.. she is a ukrainian who lies to get tokens.. dont trust her at all.. Another 1 star girl . Keep your distance she will tell you lies
PinkSexe Not exactly the most friendliest girl here. Very very rude. she didnt think we spoke before and i showed her we did lol. Careful with this one guys
Lucky_Sun is a tricky russian girl who will play games with you to get tokens... asking to see webcam then later when cam is on she says is 20 tokens lol.. i didnt ask she did lol. then when asked a question she bans hahahaha.. i see she will last long here. Not the friendliest girl here.. keep your distance guys.. 1 Star girl here and tricky... very tricky lol
GotPerfectTit is a lier for tokens .. she tells she will do if you give her tokens.. lies lies lies.. she smart girl too hahaha... dont waist time or tokens for this romanian girl who says she is in italy LOL. she is in bucharest.
Allessiaaa is a romanian girl who has idiot interpreters typing for her. they dont think we members are smart enough to see that when a girl is dancing and not even typing but words show up LOL. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE FROM THESE 2. CAUSE ONCE YOU TELL THEM THE GIRLS NOT TYPING YOU GET A BAN HAHAHAHA... TRY A GIRL WHO ACTUALLY TYPES NOT THIS GIRL. I DONT THINK SHE'S GONNA LAST LONG THANKS TO HER INTERPRETER LOL
StunnerGirl doesnt speak any english so she has a secretary who types for her.. if she doesnt like you she bans you for absolutely nothing. to bad the girl doesnt know english cause i'm sure she not ban VIP's who tip
NumberOne__ is the old Lelala girl account who lies about everything to get your tokens guys. She's as fake as her boobs so don't tip her ubless you wanna hear lies
Casey_Rowe newbie who doesn't know the word nice. AVOID her guys. Extremely RUDE and bitch. Mist be that time of the month :)
AnastasyaNova another Romanian girl full of lies. she tells she from bulgaria but i can see she's romanian. Since i mentioned romania to her she banned me lol .. keep away from this gypsy girl guys. not worth 1 token
lizaBarbie is a joke. enter her room she says hi then asked if you want her snapchat... you say no then your kicked lol. how so unique she is. NOT WORTH HALF A TOKEN GUYS. DONT EVEN BOTHER THIS GIRL. SHE ONLY FEELS THE NEED TO KICK. HAHAHAHA
You are very kind and sympathetic man) Thank you very much * Are you interested to talk and I like that my interests are aligned with yours*
Lelala is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. she will lie to get her tokens and then leave you hanging. then ban you afterwards. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS MODEL. SHE IS FULL OF LIES AND DOESNT DO WHAT SHE SAYS SHE WOULD DO.
horny_kitty69 is not worth the tokens guys.. you ask name and where then she bans. even after i tipped her LOL, KEEP AWAY DONT WASTE TOKENS WITH THIS GIRL
SinfullVenus says hi then will say your boring LOL. says from Greece but i know all who say this is from ROMANIA. nOT EVEN SURE WHY I WAS KICKED SINCE I DIDNT SAY ANYTHING HAHAHA. ROMANIAN ATTITUDE FOR SURE. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE FROM HER GUYS
xxxJesiccaxxx says she from ukraine but doesnt know anything there LOL. ROMANIAN GIRL IN HIDING .. bans cause she stupid and doesnt realize some guys are smarter than her LOL.. not worth 1 token guys STAY AWAY FROM THIS ROMANIAN WHO KNOWS NOTHING
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