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Profile Headline: My Penguin Army will rule the World!
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Name: AedanRayne
CamScore: 16780.4
Gender: Female
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 119 pounds
Height: 61 inches
Age: 23
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Occupation/Major: Professional Penguin Herder
Pets: Tommy, Brian (cats) & Lily (ferret)
Car: Mini Cooper totaled on 1/17/2014 :(
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March 2014


1st Ice God ghkne1 07/04/2013





Tags: Sexy,Anal,Dorky,Fun,Kinky,Penguin Army,ACF,Friendly,Orgasm Addict,Giggle,Penguin Lover
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Posted by ItsRaaaaandy:
I am so glad you on back and on the mend,
Posted by GenPenguin:
Great having you back! I think a LOT of people are glad to no longer have GIGGLE WITHDRAWALS!
Posted by VisJesse420:
Hey Aedan i hope that u r recovering ok, feel better soon from Jesse
Posted by justpete1984:
miss seeing you around aedan hope your ok xxx
Posted by AbAeterno_23:
Hey you! I hope you're recovering okay, thinking about you. Miss you. Get better soon!!! :
Posted by IslandAngel:
Hey babe. Love your page.You've put so much work into your graphics, and I love your penguin army! Very creative. I was stuck looking at your page for half an hour! Looking to do any more videos? You're beautiful! If so message me
Posted by jonsnow40:
Aedan, you are truly a free spirit, and you fill us with lusty joy. I'm another one who hasn't tipped yet, but I will fix that soon enough.
Posted by Orgasm_king:
<**** src="//" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="560" height="315" allowscriptaccess="never" allownetworking="internal">
Posted by ToriWV:
You are far too sexy....and you definitely are the most unique woman I have ever seen on here.. I am sorry I havent tipped yet, but I WILL.... You deserve nothing but the best!
Posted by P3nguinArmy:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIGGLEBUTT!!! I got my seat for the party!
Posted by ur_toy_boy:
thank u for alklowing me in ur chat Mistress, I hope I serve u well
Posted by GenPenguin:
REALLY loving the updated profile! GREAT JOB! Just wish I was watching you on cam & hearing the giggles. Can't wait for their return
Posted by Gir__:
photo 65254CIA62R9H_zpsbcfbfe27.gif
Posted by AdamAdamant1:
I became a premium while watching your show so that I could tip you.
You are the most amazing model on MFC you deserve all the good fortune you get and i feel priviledged to be apart of the Penguin army and the best people i could ever meet Aedan, Dave, Tommy, Jay, Wookie, Doug, Chaos, and all the other penguin there are sooo many. May you have the best yr and Penguin Army gets you and keeps you to the Top 10 you deserve it. I tip and show my appreciation when i can but know when i cant tip i always appreciate you and your sweet kindness towards me and be friends forever and you will always feel like a sister to me. Aedan you are the very best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by CoyCanadian:
you are my idol :p i watch you all the time i wish i could be as successful and have as many fans as u damn girl u are so original i love it
Posted by StarLove420:
Miss seeing your beautiful face!!! Hope to see you soon! ERMAHGERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Posted by fuzzy44bunny:
I suddenly realized my ferret cam remark sounded very wrong. I did NOT mean it THAT way...
Posted by LinuxLovah:
Aeden Marx. Enjoy.
Posted by Kreedence:
Hello Aedan! I had to leave a comment on your profile, I just saw your juicing vid! I always loved your energy and how REAL you are but now i like you even more being someone that actually knows what good nutrition and healthy diets are since im kind of a nutritional nut xP also love your music taste

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