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Profile Headline: Man going through turnstyle sideways, going to Bangkok
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Name: KaterinaPryde
CamScore: 1676
Gender: Female
Body Type: Large
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 190 pounds
Height: 66 inches
Age: 36
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
About Me: 471-829-904-611-5340240.jpg 626-622-641-538-5340241.jpg 786-270-609-466-5306670.jpg 770-260-414-455-5187368.jpg 774-547-528-405-5189042.jpg 942-993-588-386-5187533.jpg
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Tags: smart, big tits, sweet, hot, bbw, smile, milf, blue eyes, natural tits, geek, curvy, fun, friendly, DT Deep Throat, brunette, sexy, ACF, thick, cute, smart, beautiful, tattoos, big boobs, nice, intelligent, nice smile, lovely, busty, white, pretty face, mom, xxx
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Meaning of Life:
The meaning of life to me is to be happy. If you aren't happy, sit down and figure out how you can change your current situation to make yourself happy. Not that you will never be sad or angry. Those times are important, because they make you enjoy the happy times.
Five Things I Can't Live Without:
Water, Food, a comfy bed, my computer with internet service, and TV
What I Like To Do For Fun:
I love TV and Movies, so I watch a lot of both for fun.On that same vein I enjoy watching cartoons.... anything from Batman the Animated series (Harley ROCKS!) to old Disney Afternoon cartoons (Rescue Rangers, Ducktales, Darkwing Duck ect...) I obviously like to go to Disney World, but I only get to do that a few times a year.
Favorite Movies:
Princess Bride, Star Wars IV,V, VI, Hellboy, Brave, Tangled, Rat Race, Airheads, Chasing Amy, Clerks, Dogma, Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mighty Ducks, Teen Wolf, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Raising Arizona, Four Rooms, and a WHOLE bunch more
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:
Disney. I would always choose a Disney park.
hmmmm well I use to play WoW, but then I realized it was taking over my life. I enjoy watching others play story driven video games... I am not very good at console video games - but I enjoy the stories of Final Fantasys (well not the recent ones as much), Uncharted, Assassin's Creed and Batman Arkham Asylum, Watching movies and TV, going to Disney and looking up Disney facts and funsies on the internet, Collecting Vinylmations.
The ability to state the obvious, Making up my own words to describe things, singing (well at least I use to be semi- talented singer), Baking, and I can 'crook' the ends of my fingers - which is not a talent as much as an oddity, oh and I can roll my tongue which until a few years ago I thought everyone could do.
Turn Ons/Offs:
Turn ons - Geekiness, Brains, Humor, Quietness/shyness Turn offs - Someone who judges others based on appearance, A constant huge ego, Bad Hygene
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
I am a friendly person who enjoys having a good time. My friends get to see my more goofy and untamed side, so if you get to know me better you get more of a peek behind the curtain.
Message Wall
Posted by rivasrick:
You look amazing. Look forward to catching you online sometime.
Posted by KaterinaPryde:
Awe thanks Jimbo! You rock
Posted by jimbojo35:
by far you are the cutest girl i ever seen such a great personality and just so fun to talk to
Posted by KaterinaPryde:
Awe Thanks for the compliment Annie! To even have my name anywhere near Aedan and Ginny is a HUGE compliment!
Posted by MissAnnie5555:
Katerina is the 3rd sweetest lady on MFC sorry AedanRayne#1, Ginny#2 and Kat #3 but she is a classic lady and wish her the best of luck Amazing sweet lady like a sister. so will stop in ur room when i can
Posted by KaterinaPryde:
Slappy you are too sweet!!!!!! Muah!
Posted by KaterinaPryde:
Slappy you are too sweet!!!!!! Muah!
Posted by SlappyDangler:
KaterinaPryde can be described as admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fine, foxy, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, nice, pleasing, pretty, pulchritudinous, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, shapely, sightly, splendid, statuesque, stunning. Exceeds expectations, Demonstrates a sense of humor, Is very thoughtful and considerate of others, Is highly enthusiastic, Shows great flexibility. Truly an amazing women, I had an fun filled magical night, she can defiantly make all your desires and dreams come true is many ways. She is an hidden gem on MFC like no other you will find. Regards
Posted by KaterinaPryde:
Thank you all so much for the wonderful well wishes and for joining me on my first night. I had a BLAST!
Posted by Gen_Pervin:
Not sure what kind of shenanigans will occur this evening but looking forward to the fun. Welcome to MFC, buckle up & hang on for the ride!
Posted by DjBrabo:
Welcome to MFC. I hope I can make to see you on your mfc debut. Any friend of Aedan is always welcomed.
Posted by AnnieTibbs:
Welcome to camming! Best of luck to you and I hope everything goes well!
Posted by MissAnnie5555:
Any friend of Aedan is always welcomed. Best of luck on your first day of camming friday March 15. You will be fantastic. You seem like a amazing person looking forward to getting to see you when u debut on MFC you will do fine.
Posted by BigDave550:
Look forward to seeing you best wishes. And I have a message for you by someone named Logan (The X jet is ready when you are haft pint)
Posted by fuzzy44bunny:
Best wishes for your debut!
Posted by ghkne1:
Katerina, or would you prefer 'Kat', I am really looking forward to getting to know you on MFC. Your profile looks very inviting, especially the singing part! I love music/singers. And I totally respect you for your wonderful comments about 'judging'. We should be here for each other, and I love people with that kind of inner beauty! (((A BIG welcome HUG)))
Posted by AedanRayne:
I am beyond excited to have my bestest friend in the whole wide world to be on MFC!! You are an amazing person, inside & out, and everyone will love you!!!!
Posted by mafus1981:
Looking forward to having you here and best of luck! Keep your chin up and work hard and you'll do just fine. Welcome to MFC.