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Profile Headline: these profile questions are lame and provide no imagination
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Username: Dave6061
Gender: TS/TV/TG
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Variable
Weight: 180 pounds
Height: 180 centimeters
Age: 110
City: now i am told i live in a cloud city
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Moderate
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: fix things, and then drink and do experimental drugs while smoke moderately with herbs i grow
School: school unit bored, college i think not, self employed yes,
Favorite Food: usually causes excessive weight gain if consumed too much of
Pets: cat had pet human called dave
Automobile: 01 firebird is really a transformer waiting to show me how to drive
About Me: life gives me what i need to understand and use the time given to me. my whole life has been about trying to figure out how i fit in to everything else and so far i still feel that i dont quite fit in and do my best at adapting to whats around me. maybe need to teach others that fitting in is a two way street and maybe tired of being a round object that tries to fit into a square hole
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: i think we spend to much time trying to figure out the meaning of life and it turns into cause and effect situation and we get lost, then we spend too much time figuring out why we ended up where we are instead of just dealing with the moment in the best way can and with enough courage and faith (leap of faith) we can find our way again, what that is will be always a one day at a time thing
Five Things I Can't Live Without: air, food, water, planet, people (still debating on the people thing)
Favorite Books: thea alexander 2150ad ,star trek novels, timothy ferris book on galaxies, war and peace (no not really) prefer i wait to see the shorter version called theatrical release mostly
What I Like To Do For Fun: answering questions like not really so far hanging out in chatrooms, maybe trying to learn how to have fun again after i forgot how to have fun at what i used to love doing
Favorite Songs: still revising my list of things i like to hear all the time
Favorite Movies: any movie i didnt walk out on after 15 minutes
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: figuring out the meaning of life, maybe crazy has variable meanings to some and me i dont rate anything i do with a undefinable word such as crazy, maybe stupid is more appropriate , the list of plausible stupidity i have done over the years can be listed as maybe life telling me a secret that i need to understand to help me overcome an internal struggle
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: being in the moment and nothing else matters, yesterday and tomorrow seem to not exist
Hobbies: annoying people in the lounge 1000 and when i am really bored i do that in the lounge and also lounge 10000, maybe also building things out of wood, designing better ways of doing things without getting over compulsive, also learning how to make people know that the universe doesnt revolve around me (joke) i might get into creative area that involves words and pages and maybe book making stuff, not sure if that is a joke or not yet.
Talents: fixing things and making people laugh in chat rooms about silly things people do and what people say, also improvising, good at annoying people with trivial facts that happen in a chat room, pretty good at getting most models to laugh at my silly comments, do know how to not get banned anymore, talented at thinking about so many things that i have no clue or the strength to do anything with it.......yet
Perfect Mate: not sure what perfect means in a place that lives for the occasional conflict and constant adapting to weird situations, to be able to love someone with unconditional love and never question it (maybe when she over does it when she goes shopping) to be able to share almost everything with that person (some secrets need to be left alone) or maybe you just find someone you really like and have no clue what is to come and you just deal with what life provides you and your partner and find the wisdom to have a special life with each other
Perfect Date: having a second date the next day
Turn Ons/Offs: naked women and almost naked women and women with clothes on that like to chat...i think a good answer for where i am now(there is more to the story and try to be less shallow as i grow more wiser and more wise ass aka smart ass) like chick flicks and i suppose there will be more moments in my life that will help me to remind me much i cherish what i have been given, i have disliked conflicts before, now i kinda like them when i dont apply any kind of hate or personnel feelings to any kind of chat, it makes it more fun in a chaotic chat room, turn offs is when my internet provider once again sucks at dsl.......wont say att name here
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: good things will happen to, maybe the best reason is that i can show you how to more open with yourself because i find myself being open and honest about certain things in life to be more full filling and am comfortable with myself mostly. anyone that says they are totally comfortable with self is full of shit i am still trying to figure out how to define best, i guess it depends on the person i am meeting and if i desire to know this person better, there is never a easy answer to this questions. the best reason to know me is i might just say something you have been waiting to hear from somebody, something simple, i always try to be as honest as i can before i get to know you,
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hi dave
You have a special place in my friends list in my profile page very few have this privilege .
now i wonder how many times i can do this before mfc bans me from my own profile
still wondering if i should leave a message to self knowing that what i say may or may not be completely accurate and knowing that i know this i might just call it a night and not bother anyway
God Bless, Dave. Hope all your endeavors are sweet. Love you bro, as always
i leave only this as a memory to what is always not clear on why i do what i do when i do it where i do it and always know that who is on first and whats on second and ida know is on third and that makes life worth living
Cool dude, Looked out for me. Much respect. Yo homie, Keyzus.
obscure bassud. Like him or hate him. :cheersbro
I hope u r ok, and i hope that someday u will visit my room again.Peace
Peace, my friend. Hope everything is well there
Hey dave, you're an interesting person. i admire your creativity. keep on rockin' in the free world ictory
to express all that i feel requires more than 2000 characters,i only can provide what words can say and is usually not enough so i live life as best i can with only the words given to me and the words fall short always when i want to share, it may take a life time to describe all the beauty and wisdom and pain, so i am glad that life gives us what we need if you have the wisdom to see it
Thank you hottie, kisses xoxo!

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