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Profile Headline: I'll only marry you if there's no prenup!
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About Me
Name: Evvie
CamScore: 1787
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 99 pounds
Height: 60 inches
Age: 25
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
About Me:

My name is Evvie. You can pronounce it like the Pokemon (ee-vee) or with a soft E (ehv-ee). Both ways are correct.

I get on MFC to hang out. If hanging isn't your thing, I guess we probably can't be friends :(

I only do public shows. I do not take requests for tokens during my slut shows. Please do not tell other people that I do!!

My favorite things ever are naps, food, sex with men, and girl stuff, like ponies or whatever.

When I'm off cam
+ Twitter: Tweet with me bbs!
+ Chat with me on Skype (no cam!): 100 tokens for 1 week (interested? Send me a message! Get the details before you tip!)

When I'm on cam, you should always ask before you tip for something - unless it is in the room topic. I can't always do everything.
+ Flash dem tits! 8 tokens to see that sexy boobage!
+ Flash dat ass! 9 tokens to see my derriere!
+ Show pussy! No pussy flashes :( only pussy during the slut shows!
+ Shots! 200 tokens for a shot and a fancy dance! Two for one! Yay!
+ Spanks! 10 tokens for every spank! Limit of 10 at a time!
+ Using a toy during the slut show! 100 tokens for ten minutes! Choose whichever of my toys you like :) Only first-time tippers can get this!
+ PM me! I do not do PMs at all, for anyone. If you want to chat with me we can talk on Skype instead!

I have a blog filled with tons and tons of photos! I like photography but I don't really have a place to upload all my pictures. So I upload them all to this blog! There are currently 100+ photos and I update all the time.

If you are interested in access to all these photos, it is a 90 token tip for permanent access.

+ None of the photos are hardcore, but there are a lot of nudes
+ If the password ever changes, message me for the new one!
+ Access is only permanent so long as the blog exists (I will probably delete it if I quit camming, et cetera)

I want to come on MFC and have fun. I want to hang out with cool dudes and chicks and take my clothes off! And I want everyone else to have a good time, too. So I made this section so we can all be on the same page and chill out at the same frequency.

The most important thing to remember is that this is a happy place. It is not for sads! It is not for bitchfights or drama. Happy, good time, and relaxation are the buzz words. I am prone to booting people out if they make the chatroom a sad place.

In the chatroom:
+ If you don't like what any other member is saying or doing, put him on ignore. Do not start a fight in the public chat about it. You do not get to tell other members what they can and cannot do in the public room.
+ Please do not tell other members they should tip me!
+ Please do not share sad sob stories. This is a happy place! Happy! If you need to talk to someone I can help you find hotlines in your area.
+ Please do not speak for me! Please do not answer questions directed at me. I like to talk! It is okay to let me talk to other people.

If you do any of the following, you will be banned from my room forever, like srsly forever and ever:
+ Contact any people or websites on my behalf; for example, PMing another member and telling him to leave my room, or contacting a website because you see my videos there.
+ Advertise my room in other model's rooms

(If you see anyone doing these things, please tell me so I can take care of it.)

Tags: BDSM, young, petite, cute, intelligent, slave, masochist, red head, kinky
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Posted by DudeExtreme:
I heard you were back on MFC. I hope you enjoy it here.
Posted by coydog:
welcome back!!!!
Posted by punkin__:
Nice re-vamp to the profile! Does this mean you'll be on MFC more now? I'll catch you wherever, but would prefer to see you here.
Posted by Nordling:
Happy Easter! Love your profile!
Would you like me to show you on the doll where I'm touching myself?
Posted by Chuck4U_69_:
Hiya Doll Face ur the Best and u Know it Luvs Chuckie Muah
Posted by redrooster4:
Love ur look baby!! Very tasty!! Mmm
Posted by MiaraRiley:
Adorable. :3
Posted by VeronicaChaos:
ohmigod! I lovelovelovelovelove your babyhawk! Squeee!!!
Posted by MistressLux:
You are super cute.
Posted by BBW_SammiSins:
A wonderul and amazingly kind woman..
Posted by Gamerlana:
Sharing some admiration, I find you very attractive, you go girl, I hope to catch your feed.
Posted by WoundedSpirit:
evvive sweetie were you been i miss you i need my evvie fix am going crazy here
Posted by Alexas_Island:
Het Evvie! You rock lady! Hope to see you again soon. John
Posted by peytonlover18:
Hi girl it's lexi from the forum's , this is my perv account added u and i'd like to watch u in action sometime , u strike me to be very successful
Posted by Miss_Lollipop:
Thank you for stopping by my shows with DanaVixen (and being so generous!!!) YOu are one hell of a sexy sexy woman!! I hope to catch you online SOON!
Posted by SoTxBob:
Holas Chica! One of these days I will catch you online. ~D
Posted by DigitalSoul:
you got my bad ass poster right pulp fiction best movie ever from chris
Posted by IAmCowboyKim:
Thanks for the photoset, Evvie! You're wonderful!
Posted by ViewBuddy:
You're fun! I think it's great that you like to slap your ass until it turns the color of your hair. We need you in American politics. I'll bet you three fingers deep you could fix our country's problems. Your mind is as hot as your little body. Touching you would be like putting out a kitchen match with wet fingers. Sizzle. Thanks for the fun and your sense of humor. Life can be so horrid. You add wonderful sunshine to this moment. That's a very rare thing in the universe.

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