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February~ My Birthday Month.

My Birthday is 25th Feb, my birthday wish is to get top 100. Mfc has been less than great this last year & i havn’t finished top 100 since last Feb.

I’m not sure if i will log in on my actual birthday, but will post on twitter if i decide to, i just want to go with the flow this year & not put any pressure on myself to cam on my bday if i don’t feel like it, as i am going out for dinner & drinks and don’t know when i’d back home. BUT i will for sure be online on the 26th.

It will take a lot of support and tokens & hard work, i will try my best by being online a lot, so come keep me company & support me if you would like to help! Finishing top 100 would also be an opportunity to help me boost my camscore which is currently at the lowest it has ever been *Sadface* Of course offline tips are the best way to boost camscore & are massively helpful & appreciated.

Let’s make this a magical month!


Highest tip of February.

The highest SINGLE tip of February (can be online or offline) will be my Birthday King or Queen. My birthday King or Queen will get the choice of a 7 minute custom video of me, an hour long phonecall, skype hangout sesh or a giftbasket from me!

Pls note tips for this are exclusively for this, any content/topic goals/T.pvts are completely seperate items from this, and are not included in this, However anyone who beats my current high tip will also automatically be a birthday hero too, even if someone beats your high tip.

Current H.T of Feb: Anon: 5435

Birthday Heros: Single tip of 2502.

Birthday Heros will receive a special and secret limited edition video that will not be available to buy after February. Birthday heros can expect to receive the video in March! Anyone who also beats my current birthday king will also automatically be a birthday hero.

Pls note tips for this are exclusively for this, any content/room topic goals are completely seperate items from this, and are not included in this.

Talon3000 Breaker__ ikrimzon Tt2002d JosFuckTruck LovelyClams HalyBurton


Tip 1515 to join my whore club, get any 3 videos of mine (that are priced under 600 tokens) and A Friend add! Your name will also be listed below on my profile (if you agree), so everyone can see what a slutty whore you are for me! <3

Pls note tips for this are exclusively for this, any content/room topic goals are completely seperate items from this, and are not included in this.




Me Me Me.

Welcome to my profile, my name is Joanna but you may call me Queen. I have a fondness for ambient lighting, candles, documentaries, rainbow drops, animals, cold weather, questioning everything and speaking my mind. And an intense dislike for boiling hot weather, coffee, fake people and overly positive pollys.

You will often find me being sarcastic in my room, you can expect the occasional rant if i am feeling argumentative. I am a true pisces and extremely changeable depending on my mood, i usually do like to talk but there will be times where i feel more quiet, don’t want to chat and will just want to tease and flow to some moody music, it really depends on my mood that day, but nothing is ever forced.

I am a semi-nude model, which means i don’t get fully naked and i never do any hardcore shows. If that isn’t for you i completely understand, but i don’t think you should underestimate the experience of a built up tease. I could carry on forever, sharing my thoughts & preferences, but that is what my chatroom is for!

p.s vanilla videos are listed below, fetish/femdom/findom videos you will find by clicking the clips4sale button above.

J x

Highest Ever tip.

44,444: mmmmmmmmm9

Room Rules.

How to not get banned:

Do not tell me why you can’t tip if you can’t, it makes it awkward for me

Do not just sit there and do nothing, are you a human or a sleeping potato? If you can’t tip then talk, and if you don’t want to talk then tip, if you can’t do either of those things don’t be surprised if you get banned bb.

Do not post sexual gifs in the room. cute and funny ones are fine.

If I’m trying to juggle a room and having to respond to beeping pm’s every minute it’s a sure way to piss me off. If you want to pm me all night then be prepared to tip for it, if i’m ignoring your pm’s it’s a sign you need to up your tip game and lower your pm game.

Don’t ever tell me what to do petal, or you will be banned for life faster than Usain Bolt

If you want to ask me a personal question, you may get an answer if you ask in a tip note attached to a 3 digit tip. However, overly personal or overly perverted questions will be ignored.

Lastly, respect me at all times, you do not have to bow down to me, but i do my best to accommodate you, so please do the same back for me, a little conversation, politeness and generosity will make my time and your time online so much more positive and fun.

If you get banned permanently it is 1500 tokens to be unbanned.

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