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About Me
Username: Kaileah
CamScore: 5747
Gender: Female
Body Type: Little in the middle
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 888 pounds
Height: 88 inches
Age: 88
City: Mothership
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Experimented
Occupation/Major: Captain of the Mothership, Spiritual Activist, Lover, Muse
School: Some University
Favorite Food: Vegetarian and SWEETS
Pets: Grampa Duke
Automobile: Saving up for my Tesla Model X {{dream big}}
About Me:
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Tags: sweet, intelligent, funny, friendly, curvy, tease, real, natural, exotic, black, ebony, latina, asian, thick, booty, brunette, Kaileah, beautiful, young, hot, witty, big tits, ass, roleplay, findom, dom, sub, hd, fetish, toys, feet, oral
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My Schedule
Sunday (drop in to find out!)
Monday I'm Usually online from 2:00 pm until 2:00 am
Tuesday I'm Usually online from 2:00 pm until 2:00 am
Wednesday I'm Usually online from 2:00 pm until 2:00 am
Thursday I'm Usually online from 2:00 pm until 2:00 am
Friday I'm Sometimes online from 2:00 pm until 7:00 pm
Saturday (drop in to find out!)
Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.
- Joseph Campbell
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Earth, Freedom, Love, GOALS, and a stable high-speed Internet connection.
Favorite Books: I like to keep it positive. So lately I've been buried in motivational/inspirational, spiritual, health, travel, cooking, erotica, economical, and lifestyle books. I love brain foods.
What I Like To Do For Fun: photo Num1_zps27a3baec.jpg
Favorite Songs: MUSIC IS EVERRRRYTHING. Ugh.. love it all. Electro, Soul, Blues, 60s, 70s, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Punk, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Trance, EDM, Trip Hop, D&B, Top 40, Country, Folk, Indie, Glam Rock, 80s, 90s, R&B, Hawaiian, World Music, Meditation Music, Binaural Beats, Whatever. I don't care as long as I can FEEL it pulsing through my body.
Favorite Movies: I'm a huge horror movie fan, even the crappy ones. Freddy Krueger & Candyman were my favorites as a kid. I love films with unique plots like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Vanilla Sky, and What Dreams May Come. Foreign and classic movies tickle my fancy because they usually have better dialogue. But I spend most my time watching scientific documentaries and reading books these days.
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Became a webcam model, went skydiving, swam with sharks, and flew halfway around the world with a perfect stranger and had the time of my life.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: The PNW, Maldives, or somewhere along the Mediterranean. Beautiful blue waters beckon to me.
Hobbies: Besides the things already listed in "What I Like To Do For Fun", my number one hobby would be design. I'm aesthetically inclined and I love to get my creative juices flowing. I'm constantly rearranging things in my house; interior design is my favorite. Hair and makeup are major passions of mine. Another is cooking. Recently I've been trying to avoid baking so much (cookies are my kryptonite) and explore healthier alternatives. Vegetarian food, ftw!
Talents: Talents are better displayed than described. Come to true private and I'll show you what makes me oh so special :)
Perfect Mate: Someone supportive who treats me well, tells the truth, turns me on, takes me out, gets along with my family & friends, has a great fam/friends of their own, makes me laugh, teaches me things, helps me grow, respects my hustle, and fucks me senseless. Yesssir Amen.
Perfect Date: Take me to eat amazing food, make me laugh lots and lots, and don't ask a zillion questions. That'd be great!
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn Ons -
Physically: Height 5'10+, nice teeth, strong build, broad shoulders, not chicken legs, clean-cut hairstyles, long hair on the few guys that pull it off, great HYGIENE, deliciously smelling/tasting, thick-dicked (length not as important), well-dressed, and a high sex drive.
Personality: HONESTY, honesty, um... honesty? A little fucking integrity goes a lonnnng way with me. The number one thing that will draw me in to a guy who is completely confidant about who he is, what he wants, what he'll do, what he won't do, and how he feels, regardless of the outcome. Just be you... because I can read people. And I have a super low tolerance for bullshit, so this is usually a deal-breaker for me (especially on the fuckin internet). I despise liars & mean-spirited people. If you're a shitty person you get insta-forever-banned from my room not just 60 days. Funny guys are so sexy. I love to laugh and crack jokes. I'm an animated person, so someone who can keep up with my banter and be playful. Life is too short to be taken seriously all the time. Intelligence. Kink. Mutual respect is key. Manners, chivalry, spoiling... all things that merit blowjobs. Anyone who so generously TIPS & CONTRIBUTES toward my goals are the sexiest mofos in the Universe! LOL -- but seriously -- dedication, honesty, and consistency are qualities that I tend to value most.

Turn Offs -
Physically: Poor hygiene (if you smell bad, have excessive plaque on your teeth, or especially long dick hair). Mustaches styles from the 1800s. Scrawniness (I'm thick so it just feels weird... pokey). IDK I don't like to get too negative or judgey on surface stuff. I'd never dismiss a person solely based on their looks. The REAL turn-offs are...
Personality: The selfish, dishonest, cocky, misogynistic, malicious, crass, homophobic, racist, obnoxious, apathetic, ignorant, disrespectful, cheap, recorders, thieves, bitches, beggars, and trolls. I'm so quick with the ban button; don't test! 100% GOOD VIBES ONLY. I won't waste a minute of my time on these creeps.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I have a unique perspective. You've never met anyone quite like me.

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