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Profile Headline: Life is a NightmarE !!
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About Me
Username: NightmarEnMFC
Gender: Male
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 34
City: City of Death , Mexico
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Occasional
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Occasionally
Marital Status: Involved
Occupation/Major: Demolition
School: University of Stalking and Perv Arts
Favorite Food: Mexican and chinese food
Pets: dogs
Automobile: Firebird Trans Am
About Me: A romantic, mysterious, crazy, shy, perverted dark soul, hidden in the world of shadows ..shielding his heart of the pain of 'LOVE' and a world full of lies .........only trusting friends that are worthy & loyal ,having a fun time in any room i go and hang out.. I don't like to give advise of any kind but if i do, you better have an open mind and not get offended and if you feel like it ,do them at your own risk ..hahaha .. by the way don't believe anything you hear about me from strangers,haters and specially some emotes.
photo abNightmare_banner_zps333656e7.gif
Tags: crazy, funny, annoying, pervert, evil, scary looking, stalker, talkative, rude, womanizer, pick fights in chat, romantic, metal rocker, mfc most hated, best friend to many, likes pretty women, name changer, analizer, ugly, lounger
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: photo d57988d7-0cad-467a-9917-3a7416a254b3_zpsd98aa753.jpg
I think it involves enjoying life with your loved ones... and accepting life's daily gifts no matter how big or small...
many of them will surprise you and make your life happy .
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Family, internet, health, true love and money
Favorite Books: photo 9fac06e8-169a-4d8a-a314-5172b8f71b82_zpsace780cc.gif
What I Like To Do For Fun: Drinking, shopping, watch movies, walks in the park and lake, cruising downtown, picking fights with people,
play pool (billiards), and going to clubs mostly.
Favorite Songs: photo a7dbb9e6-0074-4291-a927-634b02890a3b_zps144bf4bd.jpg
I like all kinds of music.. underground and mainstream rap, rock/ metal, gothic, techno, house, dance music, reggaeton
but from some of them i just the music ( some got stupid lyrics ) lol ..on my playlist are some i like ..
enjoy and beware of the noisy ones :P
Favorite Movies: photo fe2f5b7c-651f-4b7c-8cbf-81c6551e5009_zps44a63fb3.gif
nightmare on elm st, friday the 13th, halloween, saw, blood in blood out, underworld, resident evil, hostel, blade, superbad, role models,
harold and kumar, jay and silent bob, 13 game of death, death race, dawn of the death, final destination, van helsin, hell boy,
47 ronin , in the name of the king, zombieland, legion, etc .. too many more
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I'm not telling, i'll take them to my grave
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: photo oie_rMlznhnv9Zxo_zps62282602.gif
photo oie_oie_overlay15.gif
Anywhere with her would be like heaven <3 ... Russia is where i wish to be at the moment
Hobbies: photo 520136b4-06bf-4e4f-a11b-dff9ab46c0e4_zps6684ea98.jpg
Writing poems and does spending lots of time on my computer count as one??
Talents: Well i cant think of any... but being friendly could be one :P
Perfect Mate: photo 3fbcff50-ce6f-4152-99e2-0d25b0012a34_zps3ffc46b2.jpg
Beautiful beyond words to keep faithful to her everyday of my life.... Just like Ira <3
Perfect Date: photo 3bc2cb64-2eb4-4169-a44a-05b2354e2309_zps5b38e9f6.jpg
Somewhere that she wouldnt just like that :)
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn ons:
photo aa_irabear222_zps1e1fd520.gif

A pretty, wild, funny, rocker, sexy teaser and shy girl with that special charm that makes her attractive....
( with her hair down and that likes to wear many outfits and dances so incredibly amazing that takes my breath away )
Turn offs:
Liers, cheaters, braggers & disrespectful people
photo abgun_zps3613eb9b.gif
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Flag counter added Oct 24,2013 and just for bragging reasons lol
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wow nice profile kisses
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these chicks wanted to know where you lived i told them the lounge but...they followed me here!! happy new year! from LNL.

Wish you a wonderful year with your loved ones, Nescio.

Feliz Ano Nuevo! Que se la pase muy bien. Cuidese
Happy new yeAR
Happy New Year to you to Mon Amour
happy new year bro que sigamos viendo cosas lindas que es lo que tenemos en comun jajajaaa !!!!
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Hi, nice profile. Cheers and good health.
Merry Xmas
merry christmas old friend hope you have a great day and i hope all is well with you
Hello, rock man!!!!
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