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Profile Headline: why the hell everyone is so quiet in my room ?
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Username: PinkyLove
Gender: Female
Body Type: Average
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 47 kilos
Height: 160 centimeters
Age: 100
Country: Romania
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: mfc
School: yes
Pets: 4 cats
Automobile: none
About Me: photo freakybest_zpsd7ac2e2b.jpg
Tags: long hair, brunette, natural boobs, shaved, toys, naughty, anal
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Favorite Models: PinkyLove
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:

Five Things I Can't Live Without: what if there are more than 5 ?
Favorite Books: people still read books ?:D
What I Like To Do For Fun: masturbate
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Movies: porn
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: became a cam model
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: on a wild island
Hobbies: now i know ... its gym
Perfect Mate: someone who knows how to treat a woman;)
Turn Ons/Offs: > a big turn on is to see your appreciation and love in tips :D

> beggars, idiots, rude guys, fights, liars are a big turn off... i hate being told what im allowed to do or not. im a big grl, i can take decissions by myself

Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Because you want to know me?:D

Message Wall
thank u guys
LA MULTI ANI my beautiful crazy girl...I hope all ur dreams come true whatever they may be...u know iwill help any way I can...u r a beautiful young woman who looks better every time I c u...I cant wait for our date...ur gonna b hotttttt...when ur a u forever and ever and ever after...u r my amazing Romanian gypsy princess...and u know how I mean it sweetheart...muahhh love u dia HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD LADY
Muahhh love u my princess...always have and always will...u r absolutely beautiful and sweet and really really bad...and I love when we play dress up lol. That's a big closet of clothes u got there lol...Ur hottttt girl...muahhh
Muahhhh miss u my beautiful angel/dirty girl...hope u have a nice day princess..,I didn't want he month to go without me writing u something nice...and I just wanted to tell u ur hottttt too in huh unhuh
Hey and while u off this week what u want me to tell all these other nice girls who keep talking to me??? Last time I told one her ass was too big for me she got mad...should I just tell them I'm taken by someone already...if they ask who can I tell them uuuuu lol. I don't know what to tell them lol haha muahhh I'm sure u can think of something
Hey sweetheart tell the truth...dont u like white sauce better than red? It's easier to make...and it's a lot better for us lol. Misss uuu princess hope u have a nice weekend...muahhh
Hi my beautiful Romanian princess...I just felt like telling u that I love u...and tyty for being my lucky charm and always being good to was a really tight squeeze but I got it in and omg it fits so nice lol stop thinking dirty girl unhuh unhuh u know what I'm talking about lol muahhh te iubesc mea fata frumoasa si nebune
No way my car is hotter than u...and u would look the back seat...breathing hard on the windows...just like when u used to hitch hike lol. Love u and miss u princess muaahhhh b back before u know it
Muahhh my beautiful princess...I'm gonna miss u like crazy my crazy girl...but I will be thinking of u...the whole I always think of u...I wish we could go would b so purrrfect...I dream of that...someday maybe??? U r purrrfect Dia...ur purrrfect for me...c u before u know I'm gone my dark u girl...and hey did I ever tell u....u look hotttttt...ur the most beautiful sexy thing I've ever seen...well except my new car. Lol I'm teasing...unhuh unhuh...miss u already muahhh
U r the most beautiful sweetest sexiest woman in the universe. I love u soooo much...and I'm sorry I write all over ur profile but it's ur fault...u make me do it...I can't do anything without u...muahhh tyty for not giving up on me...u know I love u...u know we r great together. One of these days I'm gonna get u girl....I know it muahhhh...I'm gonna misss uuuuu my beautiful crazy dee...oooops krazzy kitty lol but u know I b thinking about ur bomb ass always everyday all the's better than dreaming about big black u know what...ur my crazy girl...and I love u very much...miss u primcess
muahhhh love u my amazing beautiful crazy girl....and I hope u feel better real soon princess...ur the sexiest girl ever...and im gonna die if u don't get better sooooon...did I ever tell u I love u in that blue bikini....u look soooo fucking hotttttt my little monkey girl...muahhhh
That's not fish u smell. He kisses all the girls...some in other places lol . But I know u the prettiest girl he's ever kissed...I'm so jealous of what did he whisper in ur ear???? That he loves u and wants to do dirty things with u???? Did he ask u to play with his eel? Hey u feed me ur c food and I will do tricks for u too . Love u crazy girl
lol picasso's mouth smelled like fish
cute sexy and beautiful as always !!!
Yeaaaaa. I'm soooo glad ur back my amazing beautiful crazy girl...and im glad u had a great vacation. Picasso told me u smell wonderful...but u need to clean behind ur ears better... I missssssed uuuuuuu...can u tell???? Muahhh love u Dia...always have and always will...gata
Hey princess...I hope u r having a great time...and I hope wherever u go they don't have u can't the bad thing about vacation is u gonna have too work with everyone twice as HARD when u get back...u better b good girl and rest up lol...I just hope they lose ur bag on the plane so u got nothing to wear on the beach...that would make for great pics lol..I'm sure some lucky girl will stop and take ur pic for u lol...rolling around in sand...naked...baked by the I wonder how many guys will position themselves next to u on the beach so even if they don't talk to u...idiots...they will at least have some nice pics from vacation lol...can't wait to c ur tan lines beautiful and I hope u have a really nice time...brink me back a magnet to stick on fridge ok plz u crazzy girl and misss uuuuu morreeeeeee muahhhhhh
going vacation see u guys when im back
hey princessssssssss muahhhh....cant wait to b with u...I forget what its like...I tyhink my cock remembers though cause he's been up waiting all day lol love u baby

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