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Username: Cleavage_Lover
Gender: Male
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 205 pounds
Height: 73 inches
Age: 53
City: Missouri
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
School: BS in Computer Science
Favorite Food: Spaghetti, Tuna, Salmon, Almonds, Walnuts
About Me:

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Click on the number for fantasy:

-01- Strip Club Contest

-02- Erotic Workout

-03- Night Nurse

-04- Witness Rehearsal

-05- Public Library

-06- Busty Lingerie Co. Interview

-07- Getting an "A"

-08- Swingers Club Contest

-09- All About The 8 Ball

-10- Yard Care Bet

-11- Last Minute Celibacy Trial

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About my Member Name Cleavage_Lover:

I am the guy who can get flustered in public and at work around women who show off their cleavage! It is very difficult to avert my eyes and keep my concentration and train of thought when you beautiful busty women decide to wear cleavage revealing clothing. However, on I can stare at your cleavage all I desire!

Favorite role play fantasies:

1.)I am at a strip club in a contest to win free tickets for one year to my favorite sports team! But to win the contest, I must be in a private booth with a beautiful, big breasted stripper who will dance, tease and be very naughty for 30 minutes! And I can not cum during that time! You know I'm vulnerable to breast play, including your breasts rubbing my penis and a blow job. The club owner has told you that you can do whatever you want to my pants, with your breasts and mouth to my cock and no questions will be asked on this dance. The owner also said you will win the tickets if you get me to ejaculate. You start with the normal lap dance and can see and feel me getting harder. You whisper in my ear that you think the tickets will be yours in a matter of a few minutes. You then get off my lap, unzip my slacks and pull my erect penis out. You start stroking the head and teasing it with your tongue and hear me moan. You salivate over the thought of all the money those tickets will get you when you sell them on the internet. You stroke a little faster and bring your beautiful breasts closer, and you feel me start to shake trying to keep control..Will you be that stripper and cause me to cum and lose the contest?

2.)You have been working me out for the first time, checking how good my strength and endurance is. You can see that my jogging and other cardio activities definitely need to be improved. You've also noticed that try as I might not to look, and you can tell I'm trying, the provocative workout attire you wore with the front zipper showing your breast cleavage is successfully drawing my eyes to your breasts. It is part of your training strategy to check out how focused I am on working out. The last workout activity you have me do is sit ups, and you take the position of holding down my feet with your knees, which causes my face to be right in your breasts when I curl up! It does have the effect you expect, I do many less sit ups than you expect, and my work out shorts have a bulge that appears vertical as I lie back to rest. You comment that you forgot, there is one more work out exercise you want to do before we call it an opening session. You start by massaging my inner thighs, then work your hands inside my shorts to start stroking my erect, very hard cock. You whisper with a big, sexy grin, "Remember, these exercises have been testing your endurance, so you need to go as long as you can before you can't take anymore!" You stroke for 3 minutes, and surprised that I have not cum yet, you take your off hand and slowly take the zipper down from your top until you show all of your breasts that you can without showing your nipples or having them fully exposed. "Let's try increasing the intensity of the work out!" You can tell that I am having increased difficulty enduring, as the head of my cock gets wet with precum. But after two minutes I still have not popped, so you get in closer so that you are stroking my cock with your hand as the head is between your breasts. I start to tremble and throb and you know now that you can make me cum when you want. You tease further, saying "How much more can you take? Can you feel the burn? Try to hold it a little longer!" You then reach into your work out tote, grab Vaseline and put it on my hard cock to stroke faster, then squeeze your breasts around it. How much longer do you think I can last in this fantasy?

3.) I am in the hospital overnight for observation and under light sedation. You are the very busty, sexy night nurse who has a fetish for collecting cum from handsome men. How far will you go to collect my cum, Nurse?

4.) I witnessed a crime, and you have been assigned to prepare my testimony in court. We have gone over it step by step, and now you are asking questions to test my composure. As you ask your questions, you work on distracting me by licking your lips, winking your eye at me, and taking your pen and sliding it along your sensual lips, neckline, and cleavage that is pouring out of your blouse. As you ask more questions, you get close enough to me that I smell the perfume on your neck and breasts. I try to hold my composure and not hold on to my manhood as I answer the questions. How uncomfortable will you make me on the stand?

5.) We are at our monthly outing at the public library, but a good novel is not at the front of our minds! We find our favorite corner and start to read, but my thoughts wander to your sweet, sexy perfume, soft skin and succulent breasts. I lean over and whisper in your ear how your presence is influencing me, and your response is to lower your hand to my inner thigh and start lightly brushing your fingers up and down the length of my thigh, suggesting that you would like to do that to my now bulging penis! I start nibbling on your earlobe and massaging your shoulders as your fingers continue to brush but start to stray. Finally I give in and move my hand down to start to rub your clit. Will we be able to continue and increase the pace but avoid being thrown out of the library?

6.) I have applied for the facilities manager position at the 'Busty Lingerie Company' that specializes in bras for large breasted women. My resume and phone interview impressed you enough that you have called me to the facility for a final interview. You gave me the tour of the facility and then we sit down in the interview room. You note that you are impressed with the management skills I have demonstrated, but are concerned with all the beautiful, busty women around that I will not be able to say no when they ask for the latest computer, ITouch, IPod, or other hot technology break through if the model shows her cleavage or even more to make her point. You noticed that my eyes keep drifting down to your breasts during the interview, so you propose to test me and see if I can keep saying no to a new computer for you while you use your breasts, mouth and other talents to get me to say yes! Will I be able to keep saying no to get the job?

7.) You are a troubled student in my advanced college class who has been unable to raise her grade in spite of obtaining free tutoring from graduate assistants and online. You have flirted with me as well to try and raise your grade, but I have remained professional and graded you based on your class work. You have managed to schedule a meeting in my office as the last meeting of my day, so you come up with a plan. You get to the meeting and manage to get me to pass out with a chloroform laced handkerchief. You tie my arms and feet to my chair and wait for me to get semi-conscious. As I start to awake I raise my head and see you sitting in front of me on the desk. I look from your stiletto high heels up to your crossed legs, seeing a bit of black lace stockings under the short skirt you are wearing. I don`t realize very well what happened; I remember foggily that you entered the office in a generous cleavage-revealing black top and jacket. I was looking frequently at your firm and yet soft big breasts and that distracted me, allowing you to approach with the chloroform and put me down. You were curious - you put your hand in my pants, as you wanted to feel and see how much of a man I was. You felt the softness of my cock and gave it a few strokes. Your mouth watered imagining how it would fit in your throat, and it caused you to feel warmth in your pussy, too. I don`t know if I'm dreaming or if it`s real, what I see now; a beautiful girl, sitting on my desk, showing generous, beautiful and hot cleavage and long crossed legs under a short skirt. I try to reach and touch you - oops, I realize I'm tied up and start to wake up from my dream. You stand and come closer, softly touching my face with one finger and telling me how much you want an A for my class. You also say that a sample of my DNA would provide you the security that I will, willingly, give it to you. You could have taken any sample, but you are a naughty one, wanting my sperm on your skin and clothes. "You don't want the ethics board to find out you are having sex with your students, do you?" Looking into my eyes you start massaging my cock through my pants. I'm resisting it - no erection yet. You step back and turn around, bending over the desk, your skirt revealing the stockings and panties you are wearing. You rise it up a bit more, showing me your ass, then start rubbing your clit over your panties. You watch me and you can see my breathing change. You start moaning as you like the feeling of rubbing your clit. Then you turn around and slowly, you undo your jacket buttons and reveal your breasts. You can almost hear my thoughts - "Ah, how I would suck your big hard nipples!" So you continue by sitting on the desk and moving your panties to the side and inserting one finger in your wet pussy. I can see how wet you are and hear it, too. You rubbing your clit with your juices makes my mouth water now. My throat gets heavy and I swallow. You can see from the desk that I already am hard, so you approach me, bend over me, put your nipple very close to my face and take my cock out and stroke it. I'm still trying to resist it, telling you that you won't be able to make me cum so no A for you. You need to silence me, so you get in my mouth the biggest breast I've had. I'm almost breathless from you pushing your breasts into my face. "Silence, Professor, I am in charge now! Suck some nipple, will you?" You find out I'm good at it, making you even wetter. You need to suck me, so you get down on your knees, rubbing your breasts on my hard cock. You can see some precum. You wipe it with your nipple and then lick it off. "You want me, dont you?" You stroke my hard dick and watch my eyes. "You want me to suck you so bad. Can you imagine how your cock would look and feel inside my mouth?" I wait for you to suck me as you stroke me faster. I am sweating and close my eyes, trying to think about something else, trying not to give in to you. And then I feel the warmth and wetness of your tongue. You lick my dick head and then suddenly you start sucking me deep, going all the way down, and taking all of me in your mouth. You push yourself and have me in your throat. You choke a bit, looking up at me. Then you start sucking my balls while stroking me with your hand. I lay my head back and close my eyes, biting my lip in pleasure. You suck me faster, as deep as you can go. "How does that feel, Professor? Will you give me an A or do I have to continue and force you to give the sample?"

8.) A variation on fantasy 1. I am at a swinger's club with my girlfriend and you are there with your boyfriend. The club is holding a male endurance contest, where the man who does not nut wins the door prize while his girlfriend talks, jerks, rubs, caresses and sucks the cum out of as many as she can to eliminate them. The contest is down to the final two couples, and you have me sitting down in front of you, shorts down and very horny from the attempts of several women before you. One of your friends has even relayed to you that she had me on the verge of losing control with a sloppy titty fuck when her loser boyfriend lost control to my girlfriend. You can see my eyes react to your smile and to the movement of your breasts. The whistle blows and the final round begins. You wrap your soft hands around my hard, sensitive cock and your confidence soars even higher that you will secure the prize. You see me clinch my butt cheeks to try and keep control, but you are encouraged by that, too! You can see that your boyfriend is doing better than I am. How erotic will you get before I lose control and nut all over to give you the win?

9.) We are having fun playing 8-ball billiards together and it has gotten down to the end of the game. I call my pocket for sinking the eight ball, and you decide to distract me so I scratch. You get in my line of site and start touching your breasts, exposing them, rubbing your nipples. Then you start licking your sexy lips, and verbally telling me to thing about your breasts, how great they feel and how you would allow my to play with them! All I have to do is sink the eight ball. Will I be able to sink it as the pressure continues to build in my pants, and the cue stick gets harder to grip as you distract more and more?

10.) I have known my sexually progressive neighbor for several years, and have swapped stories regularly about our sexual habits. I have also grown to know his dislike of yard work. So in an effort to avoid cleaning up his yard (leaf raking, grass mowing, etc.) he has bet me that I can't go 24 hours looking at beautiful, busty women who flaunt their breast cleavage at me and tease me without cumming. I am allowed to watch and touch myself, but no ejaculation, or else I am cleaning his yard for the next month. If I do manage to go 24 hours without cumming, not only will he clean his own yard, he will do mine as well. Will you be the model that seduces me and causes me to go to far, causing me a month of extra yard work?

11.) I have made a bet to stay celibate for 30 days, and I am down to the final 10 minutes. But my counterpart has called in his ace in the hole, his busty, beautiful friend to try and have me lose the bet. You will try to get me to cum by teasing me with your mouth, breasts, verbal skills, and toys. You will also instruct me on jerking my hard cock to try and make me cum with my camera on, from 1 (slowly) to 5 (very fast). If you should get me to cum before the 10 minute mark, I would tip you an extra 30 tokens for the minute at which I came. For example, if I cum in the 4 minute, I would tip 120 tokens; in the 8th minute, 240 tokens. However, if I make it through the 10th minute without cumming, I would win my bet and not tip you. Are you up for this fantasy and challenge?

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Interests & Hobbies
Five Things I Can't Live Without:

Love, Popcorn, St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, Computers, Home

2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals!

Ladies, if you tease in free chat like the lady in the green dress does in this video, you will have my rapt attention!

Benny Hill > Billard Big Boss (HQ) by beepbeep44

What I Like To Do For Fun: Read action adventure novels, play tennis, watch Sci-Fi, comedy moves, baseball, football on TV.

2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals!

Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Travel 6 hours to Milwaukee, WI to see my favorite porn star do her feature show, have dinner with her, watch her second feature show and then travel back 5.5 hours and go to the local gentlemen's club for 4 more hours of fun, then leave at sunrise.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Catalina Island, California, USA


1.  Baseball Cap Collecting

2.  My Free Cams Model Watching!
Perfect Mate: She would have:
1.  A sense of humor
2.  Beauty
3.  A willingness to exercise with me
4.  A talent to cook and willingness to teach me
5.  A love of sports both participating and attending
6.  A love of reading
7.  A desire to start a family
8. Of course, beautiful cleavage!
Perfect Date: Elegant Dinner and an adventure movie followed by a walk in the moonlight.
Turn Ons/Offs:
Turn Ons Cleavage and beautiful breasts (generally C - F cup size)
Breast Fondling
Finger tracing along shoulder straps or cleavage
Lotion or Oil Massage of Breasts
Titty Fucking with a Dildo
Lip or Nipple Licking
Brilliant Smile
Oral Sex on a Dildo
Jerk Off Instructions (JOI)
Sexy Voice
Confidence, self assurance
Shoulder Length or Longer Hair
Turn Offs Requiring a tip before going private with you. I'll have to find you really desirable to overcome this one.
Requiring a tip to stay in your room (Really? On MyFREEcams?)
Smoking on cam (please don't do it, lady smokers)
Tattoos on or close to a breast
Anal Sex
Double Penetration
Nose Rings
Drama in Real Life
Talk about illegal drug use
Most Reality Shows (enough Survivor already)
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I am a friendly person who tries to be a gentleman and I do tip when I can. Flaunting your cleavage and your smile will either get you a tip or give me that guilty feeling because I am not able to tip at the time.
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hi dear how are you
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Back online now that I have an ISP again. Looking forward to flirting and playing again!
Thank you Dear! You are always soo nice! Real gentleman!
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