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About Me
Username: Hailey_Leah
CamScore: 2149
Gender: Female
City: Philadelphia
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
About Me: About My Room
About Me:
I'm a 24 year old free-thinker - It's incredibly difficult to describe myself in only a few words, but I would consider myself down to earth, kind-hearted, open minded (sexually and intellectually) and maybe a bit silly/weird. I love broadcasting and getting to know my members. But really, in my opinion what makes a great room (other than tips & tip requests of course) is great conversation and interaction, so please don't be shy to talk with me. Also not gonna lie - having a sexual outlet/release while broadcasting is pretty damn hot.
First Cammiversary: August 13, 2018. Birthday: June 15.

Room Rules:
Just don't be rude and maintain respect to both myself and to the other members in my room. You will get one warning before getting kicked and/or banned.

Special Note About Clubs:
You can only tip to join each club separately - unless there is a promotion - after all, what's the fun in leveling up by cheating? For example, you cannot tip the 4,500 tokies to join Level 100 Club and expect to be in all the other clubs such as Heart Club, Level 22 Club, and Leah's Club. But you can absolutely join any club at any time. Also note: if you're already in Leah's Club, then you can "join" every time you tip 1,200+ tokies. To be clear: You can most definitely be in every club! Please ask me about it in my room if you are confuzzled! Sorry for the confusion. But thanks for understanding, guys!  Also: ALL special club tip menu requests can occur at any time!

**THIS IS A WARNING: Will DEFINITELY cry from happiness if you join ANY CLUB while I'm broadcasting!**

Ultimate Tip Menu
Anytime Tips! (Even during shows)
Fap tax: 5 tokens
Song Choice: 7 tokens
If You Think I'm Cute: 10 tokens
Lab Coat On/Off: 13 tokens
Glasses On/Off: 15 tokens
Eye Fuck and Smooch: 20 tokens
4 QUALITY Spanks with Hand (pussy or ass): 33 tokens
4 QUALITY Spanks with Paddle (pussy or ass): 44 tokens
Spin Wheel App (Win Prizes!): 41 tokens
The Answer: 42 tokens
DoggyPose Flash: 45 tokens
Sloppy BJ w/ Realistic Dildo (POV): 48 tokens
C2C: 90 tokens
16 QUALITY Spanks with Hand (pussy or ass): 101 tokens
16 QUALITY Spanks with Paddle (pussy or ass): 112 tokens
24hr Cum Denial: 3000 tokens
Counter Denial - pls help: 3001 tokens
(Anyone who tips a Cumdenial or Counterdenial instantly is in Heart Club - check below for more information about the club!)

Pre-Cumshow Tips
Flash Feet: 23 tokens
Flash Tits: 25 tokens
Commission Live ArtWork: 35 tokens
Flash Ass and Pussy (DoggyPose): 45 tokens
Shirt&Bra-Less Jumping Jacks (10): 60 tokens
Shorts&Panties-Less POV Squats (10): 66 tokens
Name Written on me Anywhere 120 tokens
No Bra or No Undies for 5min: 150 tokens
Smoke Cig (On Cam): 323 tokens
INSTANT Shower Show: 1400 tokens
INSTANT Cumshow: 2000 tokens
(Anyone who tips for an INSTANT Shower Show or an INSTANT Cumshow immediately is in Leah's Club - check below for more information about the club!)

Cumshow Tips (help me edge pls?)
Turn Vibrator Lower: 22 tokens
Turn Vibrator Higher: 32 tokens
Mid-Cum Show Redlight: 50 tokens
Mid-Cum Show Greenlight: 55 tokens
Ride Dildo (POV if desired): 72 tokens
                     -Use Larger Dildo: 132 tokens **NEW!**
INSTA-CUM! (*No Redlights, Highest Vibe Setting, and Larger Dildo*): 1000 tokens **NEW!**
CUM-DENIAL! (*Immediately Ends Show*): 3000 tokens **NEW!**

("Anytime Tips" such as spanks (4spanks w/hand for 33 tokens, 4spanks w/paddle for 44 tokens, 16spanks w/hand for 101 tokens, 16spanks w/paddle for 112 tokens) , doggypose (45 tokens) , and bj w/dildo (48 tokens) also help the torture/edging!)

Social Tips
Friend Add (for PMs): 50 tokens
Snapchat Forever: 200 tokens
                     -Custom Snapchat Photo: 31 tokens
                     -Custom Snapchat Video: 51 tokens

Leah's Club
VrplSnkSnak       sexyafman69                           jo(e)taku    Smokeyrobi
sjtophat              MstrWarHawk           silfus
frosty_glowPugglesworth    gingerswitch
shygeek42   jainaolodecayed
naix101              oh_heybobby        verrrooommm

# of 's = # times joined

**NEW PROMOTION: SIXTEENTH TO TWENTIETH MEMBERS TO JOIN WILL GET TWO VIDEOS FOR FREE OF THEIR CHOOSING - ONLY FOUR SPOTS OPEN** Also please note: anyone who tips an Instant Shower Show (1400 tokens) or Instant Cumshow (2000 tokens) joins the club.

to join Leah's Club. Join multiple times to get multiple free "redlight"s/"greenlights"s, multiple free dances OR make-me-sing-a-songs, to get extra cooler, and make me even happier.

You will get:
- Friend Add (PMs)
- Snapchat Forever Add
- 10 Custom Photoset
- First Two Videos Two Videos for Free (Of Your Choice - If Next Four to Join!)
- Your Name on my Profile
- 1 Free "Redlight"
- 1 Free "Greenlight"
- 1 Free Sexy Dance OR Make Me Sing a Song (embarrassingly)
- 5 Free Song Choices!
- 33.333% cooler
- ALL the love and appreciation (seriously )
- And the Following Special Tip Menu (With Five Items & All Can Occur at Anytime!):
                     - All the White Boy Moves!: 40 tokens
                     - Vibrator on Clit for 5min: 55 tokens
                     - Sexy Dance (Song of your Choice): 250 tokens
                     - Make Me Sing a Song (embarrassingly): 300 tokens
                     - INSTANT Nakie: 700 tokens

Level 22 Club


to join Level 22 Club. This club is all about the number "two"; not only does the special tip menu have various selections of 2 minutes of both sexual and silly requests, but also joining will get you 2 and/or 22 of a lot free stuff!

You will get:
- Friend Add (PMs)
- Snapchat Forever Add Including:
                     - 2 Free Custom Snapchat Photos
                     - 2 Free Custom Snapchat Videos
- 22min Custom Video (If First Five to Join!)
- 22 Custom Photoset
- Two Videos for Free (Of Your Choosing!)
- 2 Free "Redlight"s
- 2 Free "Greenlight"s
- 222 Points
- 222% Cooler (Even if Not Mathematically Possible)
- Your Name on my Profile
- To Make Me EXTREMELY Happy!!
- And the Following Special Tip Menu (With Six Items & All Can Occur at Anytime!):
                     - 2min of Dirty Talk and/or Joi: 72 tokens
                     - 2min of Fingering: 82 tokens
                     - 2min of Fucking Dildo: 92 tokens
                     - 2min of Dancing Silly (Song of your Choice): 102 tokens
                     - 2min of NipplePlay
                                  - Gentle Style (massaging,etc.): 112 tokens
                                  - Torture Style (w/nipple clamps,etc.): 172 tokens**NEW!**
                     - 2min of Buttplug In: 202 tokens**NEW!**

Heart Club
(also known as "Gentlemen's Club")

frosty_glow                               MstrWarHark
donmega997                             Jo(e)taku
Pugglesworth                           Oh_heybobby
shygeek42                                 Silfus
jainaolo                                       Beolwin

Please note: Anyone who tips a Cumdenial (3000 tokens) or Counterdenial (3001 tokens) joins the club.

to join Heart Club and to become a real gentleman in my eyes. Want to win my heart literally and figuratively? Think you have what it takes to be a gentleman? Then Heart Club aka Gentlemen's Club is for you!

You will get:
- Friend Add (PMs)
- Snapchat Forever Add Including the Following:
                     - Chat Privileges
                     - 5 Free Custom Snapchat Photos
                     - 5 Free Custom Snapchat Videos
- A Heart With your Name on it (color of your choosing) in my "Cam Room"
- 30min Custom Video Showing my
- First Five Videos for Free Five Videos for Free (Of Your Choice!) **NEW!**
- To Become a Real Gentleman
- Your Name on my Profile
- To make me the HAPPIEST Cam Model Ever!!!
- My Love, Appreciation, & Attention (Online and Offline)
- And the Following Special Tip Menu (With Seven Items & All Can Occur at Anytime!):
                     - Lick Cum off Fingers and/or Toys: 33 tokens
                     - Spread Pussy: 43 tokens
                     - Sloppy BJ w/ Realistic Dildo for 7min: 77 tokens
                     - Fuck Dildo for 4min: 140 tokens
                     - Vibrator on Clit WHILE Reading for 5min (Passage of your Choosing): 155 tokens
                     - Crazy Dance to Song of your Choice (High Energy and Having Fun!): 251 tokens
                     - Outfit Change of your Choice: 333 tokens

Level 100 Club


to join Level 100 Club. This club is the ultimate club; if you're in this club, you've won the game - you've logged the hundreds of hours, played through all the quests (including the side ones), and beat the hardest, baddest boss. You've finally reached and capped at level 100. Congratulations! There is no leveling up from here, but you can continue playing the game; after all, it is your favorite one. So reap the rewards, grab your most badass weapon, and continue onwards!

You will get:
- Friend Add (PMs)
- Snapchat Forever Add Including:
                     - Chat Privileges
                     - 7 Free Custom Snapchat Photos
                     - 7 Free Custom Snapchat Videos
- To Join Leah's Club Too (If First Five to Join - If Not Already in It!)
- 45min Custom Video
- 7 Videos for Free (Of Your Choice!)
- 1 Free Shibari Style Tie Up On AND 1 Free Off
- 1,000,000 Points
- Your Name on my Profile
- To Make Me Cry From Joy! (THIS IS A WARNING!
Will definitely happen if you join while I'm broadcasting!)
- And the Following Special Tip Menu (With Eight Items & All Can Occur at Anytime!):
                     - Dirty Talk
                                  - Tell a Story of a Sexual Encounter or Fantasy: 26 tokens
                                  - Raunchy Dirty Talk and/or Joi for 3min: 61 tokens
                     - Wax Play (Pussy or Nipples): 116 tokens
                     - Buttplug In/Out: 166 tokens
                     - Electro Stimulation (Pussy or Nipples): 196 tokens
                     - Flogging/Whipping for 5min: 206 tokens**NEW!**
                     - Anal w/ Dildo: 306 tokens
                     - Nipple Clamps On/Off: 386 tokens **NEW!**
                     - Shibari Style (Tie Up Boobs and/or Ankles) On/Off: 406 tokens

King of my Heart
CONGRATULATIONS to the FIRST KING: Sir Pugglesworthington the III aka Pugglesworth!

To become The Fifth King then the tipper with the highest non-cumulative tip of all-time by February 28th (online or offline) receives all sorts of awesome things in the mail from me.

As The King, you will get:
- A literal king crown in the mail (only if the king two times in a row)
- Five used panties (if you'd like) or customized jewelry made by me such as a bracelet
- 30min+ skype date or a 30min+ custom video
- Hand-written thank you letter and card
- Baked goods (by me) such as cookies and/or brownies
- My personal phone number! (But only if you've proven to be trust-worthy)

Top Tips
Top Five Online Tips!                            Top Five Offline Tips!
    Jainaolo: 10,000 tokens                                     frosty_glow: 3,333 tokens
    Silfus: 5,800 tokens                                           frosty_glow: 1,200 tokens
    Pugglesworth: 5,000 tokens                              MstrWarHawk: 1,200 tokens
    Oh_heybobby: 4,500 tokens                              donmega997: 500 tokens
    Smokeyrobi: 4,500 tokens                                  Paterculi: 450 tokens
        THANK YOU SO MUCH! Really, I cannot thank you guys enough

February Calendar
Please Note: Every night when I'm online, I usually start broadcasting anytime between 9-11ish PM EST (but stay tuned for exact accuracy by following my Twitter, Snapchat, and/or, my MFC newsfeed) - Thanks!


                                                        Please click HERE for a larger image!

Videos for Sale
All my videos are in HD and can be purchased through MFC Share or through offline tokens (just click on the preview gif to tip offline!) and I'll send you the password(s) for access to the video(s). Videos are in the order in which they were made.

(Please note: if you join Leah's Club you get my first two videos for free; similarly, if you join Level 22 Club, then you can choose any two videos for free. If you're in Heart Club then you get ANY FIVE videos for free and if a member of Level 100 Club you can choose SEVEN videos. Also note, you get a lot of other free stuff in these clubs!)

Sexual Chemistry 101 with Professor Hailey (First Video!): 333 tokens

I roleplay as "Professor Hailey" and give you a silly but sexy lesson on Sexual Chemistry 101. I wear nothing but a lab coat and as I describe both an orgasm and cum, I slowly take off my lab coat; then I give a demonstration showing you myself having an orgasm and my own cum! This video is 19 minutes long.

Hailey's First Bath and Shower (Second Video!): 444 tokens

I start off in a cute outfit, then give a strip tease. Then it transitions into me cumming in the bath with my "toys"; after I am out of breath, the video cuts to me fucking my dildo doggystyle while showering until I cum again. This video is 20 minutes long and is definitely much more sexual than my first.

Afternoon Nap w/ Wet Dream: 333 tokens

During an afternoon nap, I wake up in the middle of a wet dream. I am already so horny and wet that I cannot help but bring out my toys (vibrator and dildo) to finally orgasm. I use different perspectives during this video; personally, I definitely think this is extremely erotic. The video is also about 14mins long!

Hailey's First Blow Job: 250 tokens

The title explains it all; I give you a virtual blowjob as I tease you up and down with some JOI involved - I also call myself your little slut and use various camera perspectives to ensure you are satisfied! The video is also about 10 minutes long.

Story Time! (Reading a Short Story w/Vibrator on Clit): 222 tokens

"Story Time" is just that - story time except with a very sexy twist. I read Ernest Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants" with a vibrator on my clit. But the plot twist isn't the vibrator; its that I cannot cum during the entire video and story. I get so flustered during some parts that I literally cannot breathe or accidentally skip a line and have to go back. If you like seeing me tortured, or just want to hear a good story, then this video is for you. (17mins long)

Haileys First Foot Job/Fetish Video: 200 tokens

As the title suggests, this really is my first foot-focused video! I start off in cute thigh-high socks, and tease you, not allowing you to see my feet just yet. I change into stockings and show off my feet in them, continuing to tease you. Then I slowly strip them off and put lotion on my cute feet before giving you a virtual foot job while calling myself your foot slut. Definitely lots of sexy fun. (13mins long)

Used Pair of Panties in Mail (including shipping): ~550-800 tokens
Must Message me to Discuss the Following:
                     -Price depends on how "soaked" you would like them
                     -Paypal and Tokens both accepted forms of payment
                     -Your address (where to send them)
                     -If multiple pairs are purchased, then better deal on overall price

Custom Video Rates and Skype Show Rates (usual costs):


Privates and Group Shows:
I usually do not accept group shows, but I do accept private shows whenever I am not in the middle of a countdown; however, if no one has contributed towards the countdown, then I will accept the private! Also, I would be more than happy to schedule a private show as well :)

Follow my twitter to get more updates on any new content!

Social Media Accounts
Quick Click Links:
Click on the images below to access my twitter, to look at my amazon wishlist, and/or to purchase my snapchat forever (200 tokens)!

        W3Schools                                      W3Schools                                      W3Schools

Follow my twitter for updates on new content, current deals, to know when I'm about to broadcast and more!

Amazon Wish-List:
ALL gifts are extremely appreciated no matter the quantity nor the price.

If you'd like to send me a gift card instead, please feel free to send it to

I use my Snapchat everyday, and if life gets in the way of me posting to my story for 24hours, I make up for it and even more some the next day. I never post nudes on twitter; but I post at least multiple nudes on snapchat everyday, along with snipbits of the happenings in my life including silly stuff, when about to broadcast and mostly sexual videos and photos. (Also please note a few things regarding my Snapchat: screenshots are welcome, and I always post to my story instead of sending each person individual snaps - unless I'm about to broadcast.)

If purchased, please send me your snapchat username so I can add you ASAP - thanks!

Tags: alternative, bisexual, skinny, open minded, 20s, intellectual, sensual, sexual, anime, nerd, nerdy, playful, gamer, submissive, friendly, positive, weird, silly, nature lover, nerdy, barista type, glasses, 420, anything goes, cute, kind, interactive, easygoing, girl next door, interesting, purple hair, live orgasm
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This Lady is so much Fun
A delicious escapade into the wonderful wilds. You are what your profile states.
shes my dads favorite girl.
You'll never find a room that is quite as entertaining, sexy, and just fun to hang out in as Hailey's. Spend any amount of time here and you'll find yourself just waiting for the next show.
Hailey is just a magical girl. She has a humility and charm that is hard to express in a comment. She is sexy, intelligent, flirty, sassy, and only mildly clumsy simultaneously. She really is worth taking a little bit of extra time to stop in and get to know her a little before/after her sexy shows and make a friend as well as a new favorite room.
dear hailey, take care and look after your self love brianx P.S you will be a good star
Really nice, friendly and horny girl. Love her!
cutest smart girl on mfc , beautiful little woman
Awesome model. You are gonna do great on mfc. Make sure you are good to this girl and buy her content's worth blowing your mfc token me on this
Hailey is a gorgeous girl with a great sense of humor. Her positive attitude is infectious and her room is a lot of fun, so be sure to join in the frivolity! You're going to do great on MFC Hailey
Beautiful hirl. Nice to see a girl from my neck of the woods.
Very sweet girl.

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