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Profile Headline: I'm probably drinking coffee and late for something
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About Me
Username: MeaFox
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Weight: 5000 pounds
Sexual Preference: Straight
Occupation/Major: Beezwax, Not Yours, Inc.
Favorite Food: The blood of my enemies
Automobile: My bike has a basket on the front, peasants
About Me: I'm just gonna ramble now
I am ridiculous and awkward. Pay attention to the room topic, tip at your own risk. I won't show you my feet, I won't flash vag, bb. No means no in all circumstances.
My name is whatever you like.
I'll ban you if you annoy me enough, albeit, it takes a lot. I'm cool to a fault.

I'm virtual only, MFC only. I don't Skype, I won't call you, you will not get my phone number.
I don't make videos, I don't sell clothing, I will not meet you.
You're not entitled to my personal information/life under any circumstance.
In the big scary real world, I date. I send selfies and I give lovely little cuddles and I say I Love You and I cry ugly little snotty cries on chests. If this bothers you terribly, you're in the wrong place. Try a dating site.

I've been on this site for like, 5 years or some crap. I have a close circle of jerks (not to be confused with a circle jerk, but may as well be tbh) of whom I adore, so needless to say, shit gets weird. Join us. It's mayhem. one of us... one of us...


Fuck with me (aka tip me because I have boobies)
3: perv tax (tbh I'll probably just grin like an idiot)
7: clip/add a clothespin on me, anywhere (this is gonna be so stupid :D)
10: pinwheel (boobs not included unless they're already out)
13: 2 one-handed pushups (limited time oddity for a member)
19: Silence me! 21: Unsilence me! (this could get disastrous)
22: red lipstick
23: request a song
31: air blast
37: One nipple sucker thingy
25: ponytail/pigtails
35: deep throat example (I ain't too bad, but come on)
50: flash boobies
77: roll the D30 for spanks
80: 15 pushups (top stays on)
99: lotion up
100: 3 minutes of clamps OR gag
111: throw my face at the mercy of squirtycock
123: try to cum, agony style for 2 minutes (if you want to deny me the cum, say in tip note)
150: try to cum, in view for 2 minutes (if you want to deny me the cum, say in tip note)
311: let me cum with toys, no time limit!

Sybian shows
20: turn it up
10: turn it down
88: add clamps
44: remove clamps
99: add gag
55: remove gag
13: use pinwheel
21: be ridiculous by spraying canned air (don't ask.)
77: 15 spanks
100: reset everything
500: cum now (nobody can turn it down, or up. no stop, no adding accessories, no spanks. just cum.)

Tags: girl, boobs, i dont shut up
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Favorite Models: Isabelle

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