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Profile Headline: Trying to be better
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About Me
Username: Tpiofmydickar
Gender: Male
Body Type: Ample
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 195 pounds
Height: 73 inches
Age: 44
City: small town usa
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Occasionally
Marital Status: Involved
Occupation/Major: making new friends and rekindling old friendships
School: chuckar u
Favorite Food: new potatoes
Pets: (***) 423-7279
About Me: yeah it's me we're all adults why are you acting so childish? I wouldn't harm a fly unless you count feelings and I judge people only by the standards they set for themselves. I must say it's getting more and more difficult to find anyone that has enough self respect to be honest with themselves not to mention me. I am me. Count on it.
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: u tell me, I have not concern as to what could have possibly motivated a creator I am concerned with the undeniable relevance that living has on life and that is exciting to me Isabellains- Horrible individual of absolutely no virtue Jessica_Tersi- Horrible selfish and unscrupulous
Five Things I Can't Live Without: I've done a lot of ranting and that has resulted in a lot of meaningless content on emotions. That was me being sorry. I do not wish to be sorry. I wish to grow enough so that if she does notice I am worthy.
Favorite Books: If I were a vicious animal quite a few of you would have a big bite on your assi tried to post a pic of a softy in an effort to humble myself and hopefully help some of you feel more comfortable but the site rejected it. Finally a woman has stepped forward to claim her prize of $100. There are still five $100 prizes available if they are still unclaimed by the end of March those have claimed there prize will split any that remain. In April I willpower names and true identities of the losers. Their names will also be displayed at random events and functions throughout the year while the winners will conti if torecieve honors and will have their anonymity and my respect .pleasant canning losers.
What I Like To Do For Fun: Troublesome, I consider you a friend on more levels than I thought existed. She is to be admired respected and if any u other bitches know whats good for you emulated. Thanks so much, my diamond in the rough.. Kinda creepy! Ok Well I'm a sensitive guy too and I stand by everything I say. I probably had a raging boner she gave me that day. That's probably where masturbation comes in and very likely could be my whole problem. Hmmmpff What do you think. Is that the problem? In a sense I'm masturbating just by writing this...
Favorite Songs: be aware that the sexieness that comes with confidence leaves with your dignity so keep it for both our sakes pls It seems that there is a strong detachment necessary that comes with this site. I am not capable of maintaining such detachment nor do I care to recognize it. I am however in need of honest open female companionship and believe it to be possible with the right individual. TTFN
Favorite Movies: Oh no! My anonymity Troublesome, He shoots OH!! BRICKED IT didn't I. I had to try and wouldn't ya know it went just as weird and creepy as one would've probably expected. I meant the things I said and perhaps they would have been more acceptable in a different setting. Either way I am still happy that I got to say them to you. I apologize that I made you feel uncomfortable. Please keep on smiling and one to be admired even if it's not by or with me.
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: totally explains why the only time I can understand when you talk is if my dick is in your mouth. It's all becoming clear now. You yourselves are no dought societal rejects that grew up without a positive male role model and now due to your nature... well you know the rest. It's not to late to stand up for something and why not yourself. What I should have said is, "suck my own dick". Yes I've done it. Yes I came in my mouth. No I didn't swallow and I never did it again.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: at the top of the last mountain with you Hey B.K. come talk with me for your daddy if you are not her but would like to suck on this, perfect m-f 8-3 no guys!
Hobbies: teaching aspiring felaciousts
Talents: I feel I have yet to find myself among peers. While I may seam talented to some I have yet to release a passion building inside me that could change everything. Oh!, and being the best man I can be even all odds are against me. I am not trying to do anything other than appeal to the partner that I have yet to meet. This is not one to replace all, but be a part of where we are both better off
Perfect Mate: How fitting the foul beasts that I met while searching for sincere compassionate female comradery in my adolescence run this place with some cumulative mass illusion of grandeur for my sexuality was shunned by these beasts disguised as women and here they reside waiting to exploit the abominations they have created. There exists no accountability nor responsibility for falsely dignified they rule this underworld with supreme self entitlement yet scurry like the vermin they are when the lights are turned on.
Perfect Date: mutually entertaining activity followed by wholesome compassionate and intimate conversation then disembarking on a pleasure cruise until we fade away
Turn Ons/Offs: Is there anyone of you that maintain the self respect to conduct yourselves honorably even for a moment? I was frustrated obviously. I have met some women that are undoubtedly empowered by this world. This is so wonderful and I am very happy for all of you. I must say though it has a funny smell and eerily resembles religion to me. Nevertheless these women score highly in the dignity dept. I've also observed them being hugely more successful in token procurement. FYI
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I'm just like any other guy here except: I do not live with my mom. I own my own house. I do not have my dick in my hand when I'm on. I very rarely will masterbate. And if you so me in a dark alley you would not feel in danger but comfort and more secure.
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I hope English is not your native language. It needs a lot of work!
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