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Profile Headline: praiiiZe his holy Name, on the Sabbath and every other Day! @lavidalava
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About Me
Username: mixx_
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 314 pounds
Height: 67 inches
Age: 104
City: the Wired
Country: Yemen
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Untying Knots
School: Smorgkian Academy of d00mtheory
Favorite Food: sushi =^_^=
Pets: Molko, the amputee buddha cat.
Automobile: Left Eye, the legend. Next ride is yet to be determined.
About Me:



Hi =^_^=

My name is Mixx. You can call me Mixxie, Or Vi, or Ms. Meow if you like that, too.
I'm an internet-based cat-alien-robot hybrid being with bonus, female human body parts!
The camgirl formerly known as Vida Lava. And yes, i will still answer to that name. XD
Nice to meet you.


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  • A/S/L bb? - ban.
  • So skinny/eat more/gain some weight/cheeseburger bb? - ban.
  • Where is ur cat bb - my cat just died so please don't ask.
  • Boyfriend bb? - I have one. His name is Stereo. And no he doesn't want to fight you.
  • Wats ur highest teep bb? - So glad you asked. see below.


I HAVE A NEW HIGHEST TEEP! I shall not post it here until i am sure whethe my benefactor wishes to be named.


Visual Images of la Vi


i make videos of stuff! Generally 100tx each.
There's more hidden. If you are looking for something in particular just ask =)

Triple Dipped
This past summer i skinny dipped three times in glacial rivers. The days were hot, the currents were strong, the water was freezing and it felt completely glorious. This is a mashup of those dips with some strips and other bits in between.

Secret Swing
1280x720, 14min
I find a secret swing over the river, through a hole in the fence at shambhala. No one is on the farm anymore, so i take advantage of the mind blasting, refreshing water and the sun.

Broken Village (ver.1)
1280x720, 4min
Three transparent versions of me dance underneath a deserted, empty ewok Village stage. One has a smallish green hoop... one has a medium sized white hoop.. and one has both. The first of two versions.

Red Rinse
1280x720, 9min
An unedited shower clip of me wearing black gloves. I strip, rinse the red dye out of my hair and then lather up!

PingPong DingDong
1920x1080, 10min
Mr. Pong is my favourite new friend. Watch me lick him and ride him
forwards and backwards and all over the place.

Pretty Agonizing
1920x1080, 15min
Made in the style of Beautiful Agony. I do things to myself and half ignore the
camera. then i eat chips and play videogames at you.

~From my hotel room in Vegas...

Mansion Pre-Party

Sin City Sinful Shower Show
720x540, 9min

Strip over the Strip
720x540, 7min

~Boy/Girl BJ-a-ganza...

Facesmashing Cockmashing Part 1
720x540, 6min

Facesmashing Part 2
720x540, 28min

~Hoop Dance...

The Corporate Butcher
1280x720, 4min

Afterparty Hoop #3
720x540, 3min


This shit is my favourite. Generally 50tx each.

it's in a golden hotel room and involves different sexy black outfits, tights, lace, heels, windows, rosaries/cross bling, a singular large dick (Mr. Whoang), some lamps and some girl with dreads

24 high quality pixx of me on and off the pole at the old camhouse, wearing a Transformers shirt and some JD legwarmers =^_^= heheh.


Whoops, that is the end! Feel free to rate me a zillion stars & click admire while you're down here =^_^= gee thxx! And hoop moopty boo-hoo for all of you who know it!


Tags: kitten, dancer, natural, alt, skinny, dreadlocks, petite, small boobs, AAcup, tiny tits, techno, nerdy, pixy, socks, cosplay, 420, toys, glow, wax, artist, spanking, smoking, PLUR, graver, glasses, acf, future garage, doesnt get the joke, legs, legit, snap back, leggy
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: probably different for you than it is for me.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: food, water, oxygen, interwebs, dreamland
Favorite Books: I have stopped reading books for some reason, although i loved many hundreds of them up until now.
What I Like To Do For Fun: Scowl
Favorite Songs: This could be updated daily. Aesop Rock, Soul Clap, Led Zeppelin, TLC, Compuphonic, jOBOT, Men At Work, Pretty Lights, Snoop Dogg. Infected Mushroom, Dresden Dolls, PLASTIKMAN (big time), Alizee, the Birthday Massacre,
CAPSULE (big time), Hamasaki Ayumi, Force of Nature, Green Samurai Clan, Entheogenic, Fugazi, Underworld,
Prince, Morcheeba, Aphex Twin, the Pharcyde, Ani DiFranco, Egg,
Booka Shade, Bryce Kulak, DJ Food, DJ Shadow, Janis Joplin, GORILLAZ (big time), Lacuna Coil,
Midival Punditz, Photek, NIN, A Perfect Circle, TOOL (big time), Roxette, Radiohead, Finger Eleven,
Tipper, Fiona Apple, SLOAN (big time), Tokio Hotel!!!, Bespa Kumamero, pretty much all Happy Hardcore, lots of Psytrance
I dont know the names of, lots of other trance and progressive house i don't know the names of,
and I could pretty much go on forever with this, so i'll just stop now.
Favorite Movies: PIRATE RADIO. X FILES.

Currently watching: Gigolos, Seinfeld, MKR, Pokmon Indigo League
Just finished: OITNB, Mindy Project
Also love: Breaking Bad, Roswell, Heroes, Skins (UK), Fern Gully, the Stuff, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Party Monster, Samurai Champloo,
Serial Experiments, lots of other shit i cant remember, every film involving Bowie, Johnny Depp or Macauley Caulkin pretty much.
Dark Shadows. So good!
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Ate a wrench.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Back on my home planet. I miss my fellow smorgklings :(
Hobbies: eating, sleeping, pokmon go, life.
Talents: Making wontons. Dancing. MacGyvering stuff.
Perfect Mate: i am very unclear on this.
Perfect Date: sushi, raving, walking a long way home in the dark, curling up, snacks, weird movie.
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn ons: manual transmissions, audio equipment, stereo racks, large speakers, sitting on large speakers, knives, being cheeky, money. Turn offs: dirty talk. being banged too hard for too long. bitch boys who eat your chips and don't help you with your tarp.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: my butt has magical healing powers.
Message Wall
Mjawww Pity U are no longer online...
Miss you xx
<3 <3 <3 <3 meoowwwwwww
O.O been a while hope all is well!
Just met her today, she is lovely and can't wait to see her again.
Unfortunately I am not skinny, don't have long hair, dreadlocks or tattoos & I don't like sushi. Will you still love me?
oh Mixx! you are great in all ways! love you! xo xo
prr meow! How do I make you my friend?
wish i could have stay longer but had to get to work
cute profile. if i had more time id check out your cam, maybe next time. in the mean time, hoop moopty boo-hoo. lol
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!~~~~~~~~~~ I Jurst knowww Yarahhh flurrffY BurrnnY ommmI YurmmmY~ xx~~~ keepUP dare gooD work ?
Fun, Fun, Fun, . . . .talent, Talent, Talent, . . . .Took me about 2 minutes and I was enchanted, The dragons took me into the center of this Galaxy many lightyears before and after now . . . . .Perhaps from the land of Gor . . . .yes so Goriean. You have given me faith that the goddess is still free among us. Buckminster Fuller would have delighted in your light wand and light hoop show you shared from your cool dome room. . . . .my kind of cool chick
you are amazing charismatic beautiful intelligent and i adore u love muse
WoW - what a brilliant profile Delicious lass, as well
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